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  1. The first 2 weeks of FairFight were pure bliss.
  2. It was an issue with the RBG software for my RAM. It affected multiple games, just not enough to crash everything I played.
  3. Is there a Discord for testers? I'm in the good ol' APB community one. https://discord.gg/uU7xQmdd EDIT: Installing OTW build atm, will report here once testing is over. /*Crickets noise*/ Pretty empty in here, hopefully the devs won't have to test-drive in the live environment. 1st try: 10007 - Login failed - Servers unavailable 2nd try: Error code 4 : Steam Login failed - Check your user & password
  4. I'd like to help test but my PC doesn't want me to play APB anymore. I think the cache cleaning algorithm on respawn/death is incompatible with my 4090. Anyone else with recent hardware in the same predicament?
  5. Things I learned over the years on the ELO formula: Score is the single factor determining if you will rank up or down. Winning or losing doesn't matter. In a match, players above the median score gain threat, the others lose some. If the opposite team average threat rating is significantly higher than your own, and you score above the 50% mark, you'll get more threat. MVP gains the most threat. If you get called as backup at the last minute & gain the required minimal score (like 100), then you are considered as a match participant for the purpose of threat calculation. Back in the day, the ELO was calculated upon your last 50 missions. You needed to fight gold opponents to reach the highest value possible. You gain little threat for gaining MVP against lower threat players (Ex: 1 Gold vs 2 Bronzes). When a fight club mission starts, the player with the highest threat is assigned as team leader.
  6. What Is Dead May Never Die I've heard Bjorn Laarson (Ex-G1 CEO) talk about End of Life on video game cycles. But it is the first time I hear about mercy killing a game How old is APB on console?
  7. We've had the same playerbase for a decade. Pretty hard for veterans not to know/befriend each other after playing for so long. I log in on dead NA server (Jericho) and still recognize a few names in there, even after years without playing.
  8. Anyone still crashing / freeze locking while using recent NVIDIA GPUs (RTX 2xxx or higher) ? From previous posts on the forums, the problem used to occur on all NVIDIA cards using GDDR6. When I start playing APB, it usually takes 1 or 2 death/respawn screens until a system-wide freeze locks up everything to a crawl. Killing the APB process doesn't get rid of the freeze. The only fix is a manual restart. I'm just trying to gather some data, see how many are still affected by this. Please share if you managed to find a way to play reliably with your RTX card. My PC specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7800X3D Motherboard: AsRock X670E Taichi RAM: 2x16 GB DDR5-6000 CL30 GPU: GeForce-RTX-4090-SUPRIM-LIQUID-X-24G OS: Windows 11 Pro
  9. Many would quit if you enforced it. Gamers play this game to have fun. You cannot have maximum control (fair game) AND maximum player freedom, A few rules for optimal matchmaking: 1. Do not allow players to group outside of Social District 2. Only allow district map selection, not direct connection to an instance. 3. If there are enough players, dynamically phase them in-between missions according to their group ELO 4. Depending on server population, modulate the maximum group size between 2 and 4+ 5. Until the current mission stage has less than 3 minutes, always allow to call backup.
  10. Just tested it and it worked on my end. Thanks!
  11. I played the fr0g last week, and its crazy OP in the 0-20m range. It doesn't need that buff. Now Clotting Agent III will be useless against it.
  12. One more step forward. Thanks LO!
  13. Financial district while driving around 04:28:40 - DevGarbage: 73.994200 ms for realtime GC 04:29:40 - DevGarbage: 76.961700 ms for realtime GC 04:30:40 - DevGarbage: 76.709200 ms for realtime GC 04:31:40 - DevGarbage: 75.383800 ms for realtime GC 04:32:40 - DevGarbage: 74.667600 ms for realtime GC 04:33:40 - DevGarbage: 74.614200 ms for realtime GC 04:34:40 - DevGarbage: 76.476800 ms for realtime GC 04:35:01 - DevGarbage: 75.839800 ms for realtime GC
  14. Motherboard: AsRock x670E Taichi CPU: AMD 7800X3D (No OC yet) RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR5 6000 CL30 (No OC yet) GPU: RTX 4090 Screen: LG 32GQ850-b I played this weekend, and despite the APB 64-bit update, I can still experience the garbage collection FPS dip.
  15. Greetings, I just finished building a new PC and I wanted to see how APB performance improved over the years. As outlined in the update 1.3 blogpost, I edited the MaxClientFrameRate variable to both 240 and 0. https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2023/2/8/apb-130-patch-notes I doesn't work on my end. Anyone managed to make this work properly as of the current patch?
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