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  1. https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2020/6/22/legendary-beta http://apb.patch.beta.gamersfirst.com/APB_Beta_Installerprogram
  2. Same issue here, 11004 How fast/parallel is the process of copying user profiles from Live servers?
  3. The first 2 months were bliss indeed.
  4. Just clicked on the original thread link to see what it looks like. Is there bump mapping on it, or is this a preset Devil Dog / hockey mask? From the original thread :
  5. FTFY Not sure if the (Cheaters / Total players) ratio is higher when the game is new & highly popular, or when the game is in a EOL phase, where most of the playerbase are at least 5 years veterans. I'm pretty sure it's relatively constant & low, but exaggerated. Only need a few rotten apples to spoil the whole pie.
  6. @MattScott If, by chance, you're going for a in-house solution, do you think it will require hiring dedicated developers? That kind of project gets me massively interested.
  7. FairFight was pretty effective for the first 2 years, until cheat-makers perfected settings to imitate human-like performance. In the end though, it resulted in cheaters adopting closet practices & wrongly culling some of the best players. It did not prevent cheaters to reroll within minutes. It did not prevent esp hacks. On the spotter mod topic, it isn't a wallhack, but a mod to easily share your perception with your teammates. Spotter doesn't give unattainable information like wallhacking does.
  8. That would be saying the current mission / weapon balance is "intended"...
  9. A non-profit organization in charge of centralized authentication of people on the internet will be needed in the future. Besides an internet 'licence', gamedevs need to design their game in a way where cheating wouldn't give an advantage (i.e. because the ability is already in the game), add consistency checks to prevent cheats by client reverse-engineering, & send information to the client only when the server judges it should be sent. Those kinds of check would make lag more apparent & require more CPU-time on the server, but we're at a point were parallel computation & widespread fiber optic Internet access are good enough to make it viable.
  10. Probably linked... EDIT: Mods seem to have locked access to the warning thread I created. In any case, friendly reminder to activate 2FA & change password at least every 6 months. Stay safe all
  11. Share your literally unplayable moment! That will help clean up the game before 2.1 release. Keep it civil plz no comments like "Haha whole game broke"
  12. When you choose your in-game shoes not because of aesthetics, but based on how much noise they generate. (Yep, that's what I totally did. )
  13. EDIT: Seems like APBDB is out of date, but recent enough to be accurate (March 7, 2020) Let's get some math, see if the PMG is objectively matched to the OCA EW-626. Numbers here assume using of Reflex Sight III & Cooling Jacket III (i.e. the norm). Kills per mag PMG : 4.2 (21x200 dmg / 1000 HP ) (Winner) OCA : 3.75 (30x125 dmg / 1000 HP) Minimum TTK PMG : 0.650 sec OCA : 0.650 sec Firing Interval PMG : 0.163 sec OCA : 0.093 sec (Winner) DPS Formula : Damage / Firing Interval PMG : 200/ 0.163 = 1227 OCA : 125/ 0.093 = 1344 (Winner) Reload Time PMG : 1.80 sec (Winner) OCA : 1.90 sec Equip Time PMG : 1.00 sec OCA : 0.80 sec (Winner) Firing time yield Formula : Magazine Capacity * Firing Interval / Reload Time PMG : 21 * 0.163 / 0.180 = 19.02 (Winner) OCA : 30 * 0.093 / 0.190 = 14.68 Damage over distance plot area PMG : (200*35) + (60*65) + (200-60)*20/2 = 12300 (Winner) OCA : (125*30) + (70*37) + (125-37)*20/2 = 7220 Sustained accuracy index Formula : Shot Modifier Cap * (Recovery Per Shot - Modifier Per Shot) Formula : Shot Modifier Cap * ( Min( Firing Interval - Recovery Delay, 0) * Recovery Per Second - Modifier Per Shot) PMG : 1 * (0.063 * 7.2 - 0.5) = -0.046 OCA : 1.28 * (0.093 * 5.15 - 0.5) = -0.027 (Winner) Reference: https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_SMG_OCA_Slot3_Armas https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_SMG_PMG_Slot3 Armas The OCA is more forgiving if you miss a few shots, has a slightly higher DPS & has better sustained accuracy. The PMG is better for melees (encountering multiple opponents), has time-efficient reloading & has a more versatile range. Sustained accuracy is, arguably, not as important in CQC (<25m). If both guns had slightly worse initial accuracy, or if Kevlar finally becomes viable, the OCA benefits could have a chance to shine more often.
  14. Being able to dynamically "turncoat" would solve team balancing problems. A lot. Characters keep their main allegiance, but can change team as required. For lore purposes, label those who turncoat as double agents or mercenaries.
  15. The main reason I play APB is the weapon variety. Virtually unlimited loadout combinations to try! But now I can't test new weapons because I'm out of locker space. Please consider selling (or gifting) weapon locker extenders. Some players create hoarding accounts to store their legendary weapons, but that's a hassle. The problem could be circumvented by making permanent ARMAS purchases unlocks at contacts (w/ free purchase) instead of objects added to the locker. Thank you for considering this. Keep up your good work!
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