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  1. @MattScott I'd like to contribute. Apart from testers (SPCT), what kind of volunteer work can be done for APB?
  2. Did someone just say GARAND?! *Clip eject sound*1 Thank God that wasn't part of the lineup back when Joker boxes existed.
  3. In the long standing history of APB:Reloaded, I learned one important thing. Ideas, while important, are cheap. Execution is key.
  4. Thanks alot for the response. Do you know how long would it take to run out of memory? I'm wondering if the length of time before the crash depends on the memory capacity of the card. Could just be a bad garbage collection reporting of the available/cleared memory, and a misrepresented integer overflow. A question for someone who read all the engine blog posts : How many existing redistributable libraries were able to be updated to 64-bit? vs. Which parts of the custom game code has to be entirely rewritten?
  5. A while ago, I read the new RTX cards weren't able to effectively render in APB. With a new AMD GPU release on the horizon, could anyone provide feedback on the performance of AMD GPUs, RT 5000 or newer. Cheers!
  6. Will parts of the codebase ever become source-available? Let us help you! We all want to achieve the APB endgame vision. Contributing a few pull requests would be better than refreshing the admin tracker on a daily basis, waiting for things to happen.
  7. Fairfight was good when it came out. Nowadays, it would be nearly useless. EAC isn't bad but it isn't groundbreaking either. Pretty invasive & signature-based, which means indefinite cat/mouse detection cycle. If I were an anti cheat developer, I'd just give up at this point. Cheats are too far ahead nowadays. How the hell would you even detect computer vision auto-aim? Anti-cheats need to be designed INTO games during development, not integrated as a "one size fits all" add-on...
  8. .45 with Chambered round mod is a blast. Easily a top 10 gun in terms of gameplay.
  9. Hey at least the lights are still on.
  10. Here I was expecting a highly experimental, potentially revolutionnary idea. Received highly experimental, potentially revolutionnary shitposting instead. I'm happy with that answer. Thanks for sharing
  11. Welcome back, I'd like to understand your line of thought in detail. Please explain.
  12. Yes, but actually no. https://unitgame.com/about_us.html Still, making a pull request on APB's public repo would definitely be somewhere on my life's bucket list.
  13. A monument for all devs to remember, despite the tremendous talent of the team, there is no such thing as "Too big to fail".
  14. Former employee analyzing how Realtime Worlds went bankrupt. https://web.archive.org/web/20200814025847/https://lukehalliwell.wordpress.com/category/realtime-worlds/
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