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  1. I thought new laws on virtual gambling would have shut down Joker boxes by now. Still, I'm eager to see the new gun in action. It's been years I wanted something like this.
  2. You know you're a vet when you spend more time on the forums than playing the actual game.
  3. A mix between lmg & smg, try the norseman hoenir. Try the tyr variant if you really cant handle the already low recoil. With the mag capacity and firerate, you are garanteed to hit them at least once before dying in cqc.
  4. I long for the day where there will be only 2 types of Armas content purchase : Account-wide, untradeable unlocks & tradeable, inventory-bound items.
  5. I think he means boosting a car with another car is exploiting. He'd be right on that one. I wouldn't want a patch to make the escape car impervious to collisions though.
  6. Nothing in the tutorials tells you each weapon has different stats for health damage AND physical damage. How about adding in-game links to APBDB?
  7. Jumping with a shotgun breaks that perfect accuracy, right? Having perfect accuracy while jumping was one of the best advantages of shotguns back in the days. If they have less DPS over time than submachine guns, they got to have a counterbalance to make them viable. Instant-DPS was the advantage, but it seems LO is not too fond of corner-camping meta. EDIT: To add to @Genobee's point, get rid of consumables. I'd add those to the utility slot (like the supply box), in case some want that content to stay in-game.
  8. An exploit means there is a bug abuse. It isn't an exploit, but it's a very unfair mechanic, especially for new players who have almost no means to counter it. Can you still "Run, Drop, Jump, Grab" (a.k.a. jump-running) with a medium sized item? That one is what I'd call an exploit. Some missions finale should trigger a 300m radius "designated fight zone" around the objective initial location. Going outside of it would hurt -100hp/sec.
  9. Biggest news since the addition of EasyAntiCheat. GG Matt & Team, you just made me log into the game. Still held back by the 125 slots in the weapon locker though. For ARMAS purchases, would it be possible to get unlocks (to purchase from contacts with APB$) instead of the item? That would bypass the locker limitation.
  10. Someone should make a thread: "What would make you consider playing APB missions once again?" For me : - Player pop trending back up - Effective anticheat - New content - Improving scoring, mission & loadout balance - Good & reliable server performance Are we there yet?
  11. The need for fair & balanced gameplay supplants the need to uphold customer expectations. You don't want to disgust potential new players away. Plus, that'd make the game stale quicker ( less loadout diversity, everyone using the same wespons, mods, cars).
  12. Hopefully, we'll reach a point where characters can move freely between servers at some point. That, or Jericho magically recovers some attendance somehow.
  13. Indeed. New contacts would have been a safe bet. Still, APB is starving for fixes & new content of any kind, so I can't really complain they try to salvage G1's project while 3.5 integration is getting done. Really bad analogy: Let's say you buy someone's house while they're in the middle of making a carrot cake. The cake is almost done, just need to add the icing. Everybody coming to your housewarming party said they dislike carrot cake. Do you: Throw away the cake? Try to tweak the cake so it looks like a chocolate cake? Everybody likes chocolate cake these days! Complete the carrot cake and hope that someone will want to eat it? Put the half-done cake in the fridge and try to finish it someday, hopefully? (It might not be edible when you come back)
  14. This new mode isn't the main dish we were waiting for. Everybody seems to agree on that. Still, from a developer perspective, making a new feature with the tools already available at your disposal is a great way to get familiar with the codebase. This is a necessary step that will increase the pace of meaningful updates. Now, let's just hope the focus will align with the community needs.
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