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  1. Imagine patchnotes in wednesday being: - Addressed all problems within game by changing name of game from "APB Reloaded" to "APB Reloaded Reloaded"
  2. So in the end people will still join one server which is full because that's the way this game is played rn. due to low population. This merge is more in favour of NA than EU. We gonna suffer from latency problems when we gonna fight NA players. They gonna enjoy normal (kinda) population when it comes to districts.
  3. This is gonna be nightmare when it comes to latency.
  4. I mean... if you meet like 5 people daily, it's easy to befriend entire server population.
  5. How did I deserved it when I did brag about it once and then went on with my life? It's kinda like you make business, brag about making succesful business and come back to see it destroyed just out of spite. Yeah fun. Also this problem is not reserved just to me, a lot of enforcers got 5 roles in same state as me. And even criminals now have one bugged role as well... It all depends on how far you are into role, max ranks with their completed roles are mainly affected. Not gonna. They broke it. They have to fix it. We have only Day of Dead in 1st November. Halloween is considered "invasive" western holiday here and not popular among conservative part of population. But you can see some "celebrate" it - still it never was any offical holiday, like in every catholic country. This candy wrapper says it's expired 5 years ago.
  6. Actually, why not? You made me interested.
  7. Yeah I'm known for whining but every time G1 held or LO holds event, everyone are like "Wow, G1/LO you are so great!" while destroying said event or G1/LO fucking up. There is need for balance in universe.
  8. Mitne


    APB 2022 ladies and gentlemens.
  9. Mitne


    Holy hell, you guys really need to focus on game falling apart... You guys cover with EU all the time and wonder why population wanders off from this game.
  10. I didn't ask for it. Especially not for repetitive content. Generic MMOs have less repetition than this game.
  11. That and also you can't use car equipment of teammates from opposite faction.
  12. You made it look like noble and meaningful job - reality is LO don't even use SPCTs properly - it would be like homeless shelter going to volunteers and saying that "sorry, no work today" for entire year straight, every day.
  13. Sometimes I wonder if people who make this threads aren't positing in it on multi-accounts. And detection of multiple accounts my patootie... VPN can easily hide that kind of activity unless LO illegally takes off info about machine accessing forums.
  14. Yeah pretty sure it got something to do with resetting achievements to zero. Probably by accident they also overwrite roles that way... You technically do. Something good came from that?
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