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  1. I think that's only way I could do it without falling asleep on keyboard. Thanks.
  2. I just started cleanup of my mail since I completed APB and i'm just stumped. 133 pages of mail full of consumables from events, missions etc. Is there any fast way to get rid of them or am I doomed to slave hours waiting for cooldown to wear down and then grabbing consumable from mail when I use them up?
  3. I don't have ALIG or any skins and I had ways to deal with car runners anyway. DMR for example. Which is one of options as perm weapon too.
  4. There a lot of examples of one-use rocket launchers irl. I think they would be good as consumables (as permanent mods they would be way too dangerous in my opinion). I approve - this playtime curve (the more you play, the easier access to better equipement) really needs some drop in some way.
  5. Drop-off range of ISSR-B is now 70 meters so from 4 shot sniper rifle turns into more at that range (last time I checked some shots didn't even hit at range so I dunno if even effective range didn't get dropped). Not even gonna talk that N-HVR and DMR can be used as peak and hide while ISSR-B semi-auto nature forces you to be peaked all the time during shooting. At that point you are better off picking up DMR, the only downside is mobility debuff.
  6. Ever since the nerf, gun is hardly competitive against other options and is more of rifle.
  7. I can understand P5/N5 being phased out when either bounty or chaser is in missions but outside missions? Saw already shitton of looters going P5/N5 which don't care that they are N5 at all. I as well didn't felt threatened when I dropped off stolen cars and got pretty fat cash stack. I don't think that was intention of this change?
  8. Maybe you make indecent sounds yourself while playing APB? That would explain.
  9. That's why if you got Corsair the best course of action was to sell it and buy yourself Ursus. That's what I did.
  10. I got trade locked when I changed GPU drivers. If you change something in hardware it also will force trade lock on you. Kinda spywareish but hey, January of 2018 wasn't fun.
  11. Meanwhile serfdom in Europe was still much alive. For this who don't know what serfdom is... I explain. It's slavery just in nice words. Tie peasant to land and lord for life and force him to serve in his armies - nobles cared little about peasants lives. Poland-Lithuania flags should be categorized by hate symbols like that (serfdom was extreme there until it all finally ended). Historywise it don't stick. Modern movements using it okey... but every movement is based on history so even "racist" "xenophobes" etc. etc. gonna use symbols, especially if their ideology is found in extreme conservatism. We ban confederate flag, they find something else. That ain't it, boss.
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