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  1. How does this relate to what you said previously and what I said? So what if long term they don't give some mythical skill advancement? Same goes for usage of aimbot and wallhack. Going back to what I said... cheat is cheat and shouldn't be ignored because they are not as benefical as aimbot for example.
  2. It's not borderline plagiarism. First of all and most important there is name tag over creator of said symbol which is always advert in itself and link to fact that you created said symbol. Second - you have option to copy symbols, over and over - in case of symbols and music it's even free. You sound like you just made them one-time and don't save copies which is idiotic and beyond me. Third and last. Going back to copies - you can flood market with copies of your symbols and sell them at much lower price and honestly, what gonna that investor do? He will have to lower prices below yours to sell anything. I mean c'mon, it doesn't take MENSA memebership to figure that out. You could even ask veterans in-game about that problem, pretty sure everyone would explain it in the same manner.
  3. Month without moan about PMG would be month lost.
  4. In some way, yeah. They allow abuse of every weapon which isn't automatic by making firerate impossibly perfect for anyone with human hand. And the fact that they might be unhandy to use for macroer at certain times, honestly? Flies right over me. Cheat is cheat.
  5. My less aggressive responses got removed because other might be offended and meanwhile...
  6. I want to remind you all that this game is in every aspect technically MMO. Hence why it has RNG mechanics and simplifed combat - of course it's made in such way to not be bullshoot as this game still is shooter but also MMO. For it to be fully skill-based, there would need to be put major changes and all careful to not break already fragile balance of weapons which is clearly put in favour of RNG mechanics. Not like i'm against skill-based game of course, I often get fucked by RNG myself.
  7. Sure but I love to treat it as unexpected FC with objectives. Also hillarity during that kind of matches is gigantic. It litteraly turns in street war.
  8. Summary: Hardware not fully utilized by APBprogram Game Version: APB Beta 08/01/2020 Description: Windows indicate that hardware is not fully used, even if FPS are chopped by game. Steps to Reproduce: Normal game usage, please check reports from Windows view. Reproduceability: Dependant, lower performance rigs suspectible. Possible that it's GPU-related issue (AMD)? Issue is on laptop - dedicated and desktop GPU (not tested on desktop GPU) too. CPU is also underperforming. RAM always not affected. Results: Even when hardware is not working to it's full capacity, games freezes and works worse than expected. Expected Results: Hardware should work to it's fully capacity (100%) and game should only meet physical barriers of hardware.
  9. If they aren't even live, how can I play them? Question mark is there for a reason. It's all theory for now. And warning. Hey but what do I know. OBT Veteran who play this game from OBT minus 2 years of break, so I can surely say we didn't had big nerfs and "fixes" which broke balance in-game, right? Right?
  10. Huh, well there goes all this threads with sceptism toward LO. Here's my review: Final review: ? (Needs way more testing, might cause long-term problems and might greatly affect car play negatively.)
  11. Alright. I give it a chance. Although this time if you guys really don't feel ready, don't fire it up - you saw what happened last time. Less disappointment that way than firing it up and crashing and burning.
  12. Imagine LO making zero-RNG weapons rn. - just like that, no other counterbalance. It would be chaos and forums would be flooded with "pls nerf" threads for months to come. Not like i'm in favour of this RNG mechanism but APB proved to be delicate game for changes and even subtle change in one weapon or car can create great problematic landslide.
  13. Players. Remove players. All problems solved.
  14. Your friendly neighbourhood enforcer advice: Ramriding to 6-digits numbers in gold district is great way to increase your rewards. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  15. Shredder. Don't get me wrong, I really would want to love that weapon but it's bad on all ranges. It technically got "middle" range (5m-10m) niche but fighting on that specific range with shotgun is rare.
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