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  1. I would be happy even if there won't be anything new. Event itself seem fun.
  2. And then again chance is spiked up to be even more unlikely by the fact that chance of getting not banned hardware is more likely than hitting that one chance of banned hardware. Even then, support could work something out I guess. Permanent hardware ban IS useful and "two week ban" will mean cheaters using spare hardware to swap it back and forth to evase ban. If they want to cheat sure - but that will cost them.
  3. Each hardware got ID number in various forms. Banning one of kind hardware in world and it landing in hands of other APB player is unlikely. Taking that it's at max 1k people against 8-9bil. people on this planet. Odds are 1:800 000 000 at best.
  4. Yeah. That's why I always commandeer car from passanger side. Cause it's way more faster PLUS you are safe inside when you do that.
  5. Honestly, what are odds of that. Population of APB is uber small.
  6. I wonder then what you are doing here. There are thousand communites and games out there.
  7. You must be fun at parties.
  8. Mitne

    [GUIDE] Mitne Basic Newbie APB Guide

    Sadly I don't own any of consoles so I might be wrong but... I think that APB on consoles is pretty much same gameplay-wise minus threat said in here. Dunno if servers are divided in districts and if you have much control over which you join. So probably first 2 questions for PS4 players should be taken with huge grind of salt (maybe districts can be changed in some other way, in worst case via rejoining district from auto screen) - rest still apply. Correct me anyone if I am wrong. Sadly that is not entirely true. Each mission you get unpledged will temporary pledge you for mission with ANY random contact - completed or not. That way you progression can be significantly lowered due to fact that you will do mission to maxed out contacts, wasting eventually earned standing to 0. When I was newbie back then - it happened a lot to me, until it pissed me off so much that I discovered that I can pledge by exploring contacts screen. Still tons of standing from mission was lost back then. Also as you mentioned pledging gives you control over what you gonna unlock in succession. Very useful when you start you adventure with APB (since you gonna unlock what you want then - like clothing, weapons, cars etc.)
  9. Yes. It is. You all know LO is small company with very limited resources and you freaking expect miracles. Let's say LO is company of 50 people (I can't find data on how many people there is in LO but taking current actions and resources I assumed that). Alright. Immediatly in your mind you think: "Hey so 50 people can take of all of this". Shit no. You don't know how company works then. People are delegated to different function SOME of it are not entirely related to any of games. And then they need to take care of not only APB, but also Fallen Earth or their new game Descent. That reduces LO manpower absorbed into APB roughly to maybe 10... 12 people? APB Support takes some people too. Others are responsible to pushing APB forward. How many people you think LO got to spare? Infinite? Also money do talking. If there is no money - how the hell are you supposed to do anything. Now you all want shit which much bigger and more focused on APB company (or more on ways to make money of it) couldn't do for YEARS. Who is there to blame. LO? Or maybe you are too self-centered to understand that every "major" issue here is within playerbase itself? And that maybe LO don't give damn cause they don't have resources to spare and prefer to push on things which they can have control over (unlike cheaters, dethreaters and idiots).
  10. It's not. But even in such small group as we are now, we still got cheaters, dethreaters and various type of scum which should quit by now. So now what LO gonna do? Kick out everyone remaining and kill it all? Group of people is so small that enforcing any bans litteraly kills PERCENT of player from game (we are under 1000 players for god sake) and people who still remain here (this people I described, not overall population of course) kill game for this new one, who would fill normally blanks. So yeah i'm telling that currently playerbase gonna kill the game. Not LO.
  11. Blaming the players for not wanting to play.... priceless. No, blaming the company for things caused by other players (cheating, dethreating, toxicity). Especially since that company litteraly barely joined us. Feel lucky, I guess if smaller company bought bigger then things were looking grim for G1 and G1 was probably going under auction hammer for bankruptcy. For many games it's end of the line.
  12. Mitne

    APB:R ... R?

    You think upgrade to UE 3.5 isn't already that? They need to rebuild game there... and then further to UE 4.
  13. Excuse me. They do "nothing"? Trade system, weapon rebalance and right now they are working on UE 3.5. Not even telling about Matt actually addressing PEOPLE NEEDS. Current stop is probably dictated by mess which weapon balance caused and incoming Halloween. While G1 had time for YEARS, not MONTHS and was obviously slacking off in every area possible. No bugs were patched despite a lot of posts about them, no actions were taken about cheaters, weapon were not balanced for YEARS, trade system? Forget it. On top of their controversal withdrawal support for middleman after that. This guys actually done more in months than G1 done in last 4 YEARS. And LO is much smaller company than G1 was. I seriously doubt this game will be success sure, but that will be mainly playerbase fault now. You guys probably remember me as G1 huge critic. There were multiple reasons for that. With LO I see some progress. Sure it's not instant and in all areas you want - but you need to get used that small company have less resources to spare.
  14. Mitne

    question about gay porn

    Your mom said the same about your dad. Mazdas for the win.