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  1. Correction: Everything will become Nekrova 2 or Nekrova 3. I was on Nekrova for month for laughs. If anyone wonder why russians return to Citadel, just play there. Cheaters gonna drive everyone out and when it will be only them left, they gonna abandon game cause "cheaters". I mean it's golden rule of cheating to have advantage over normal player! Otherwise it's not fun for cheater!
  2. My lowest PC can play APB very stable at low settings. Can even run GTA V after tweaking a bit. Quad Socket 775 processor, 1 GB graphic card and 4 GB of Ram. Seriously you have no excuse to run this game slow. Just use APB Advanced Launcher OP... (Also replacing processor especially if you got socket 775 or AMD comparsion processor is recommended if your clock speed is low on it (Anything 3.0 Ghz< does miracles), also it would be good if it's multi-core...) If you got setup weaker than this... I consider upgrading if possible CPU, GPU or adding more RAM (If motherboard allows) Otherwise it's time for full upgrade. @EDDYWRECKER That's maybe because your GPU started to carry CPU in terms of power. Do full upgrade, you will notice even better difference.
  3. I think I need to create black list of players for myself... for which I will have allowed my most terrible and unfair tactics. But whatever. As you see, this is our community. That's why I say... suprise action is the best against such excuse me... but just human trash.
  4. Yeah. And most of time they don't even cover up their names...
  5. This event was a big slap in face of everyone. Half of time I was at top ranks I wasn't able to get skin cause there was several or at least one person better than me non-stop at top winning the same reward non-stop. Effectively reducing my chances to win that event ever from "100" to maybe 2. Then as if not enough this people had nerve to treat GMs requests as reason to brag. Not everyone would had skin, THIS WHO WANTED would had. That was whole premise of this event. - not everyone desired it or desire it right now but it was frustrating to repeat match after match to get not what you want despite giving 200%. It turned into bragging contest about how much in row someone won and prevented others from getting skin which was only avaliable in that event.
  6. Yeah I meant that. Still basic point stands. It's more of our community problem. And this people should find get a grip of themselves. It's not normal.
  7. As i said many times... cheater problems is more of community problem than LO/G1 fault. People cheat because other people cheat - there's always excuse to cheat, to cover up that you destroy APB for others. It's like with some other games, some people just simply shouldn't be playing anything. That's why I support newbies coming to us all the way. Fresh faces maybe will normalize this community over long period of time.
  8. I'm ok with title selector or special flavored title for them. Maybe some selector of titles from other events? (Like that Forever Alone title) Joke titles are the best too. (Just don't call it "It's all Mitne fault" or you know what... Do whatever. )
  9. YEAH WHY THEY DIDN'T RELEASE EU AFTER NEXT DAY OF TAKEOVER?! THEY OBVIOUSLY DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING! Or you simply don't know how hard it is for small team to meet various demands during months. Everything so fine from my eyesight so far with LO expect maybe support response time but I dunno... I prefer that one downside than various from G1 with nothing positive to add. Especially taking that meanwhile LO rebuilt site, made some events on their own and fixed Developer-Client communication all meanwhile making EU slowly but surely and patching up game (and APB is such game that where you put patch, 3 other holes appear).
  10. Mitne

    Global Battleye Bans

    Were you ever banned from any of games which are supported by Battleye? Or did you cheat in them? Or it was only when you were banned in APB and after coming back from 3 day ban, you got instant banned by service?
  11. Mitne

    Global Battleye Bans

    Since it states it's "Battleye Global Ban", I think you should go to Battleye as this ban doesn't only apply to APB... (Global ban usually means ban by service)
  12. There a lot of social-based games out there. Most prominent is Second Life. Try these. And return to us when you build will to play
  13. Did you tried advanced APB Launcher? Try minimal settings in it and go from there, increasaing them until you find good FPS compromise. Be aware that explosion effect stop being visible in total minimum!
  14. Sorry salt piles are not people so no.