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  1. Server phasing should fix problem of dethreating... mostly. And about weapons, I agree. Been there recently on side account to help out with cop rank to one of my friends. That wasn't pleasant experince as we were basically moped down by constant waves of PMG, ATAC, HVR teams. Volcanos are just cherry on top. ^
  2. I wish that was thing but sometimes it appears server loves to fuck up too and bullets disappear. Honestly I don't think what is going in APB was intended in design...
  3. Which is why it's better to inform beforehand. Do you imagine how many threads would pop up if this was sudden change without info?
  4. Agreed. But being silent about it would had repercussions. Someone would find out that we back to BattlEye, make thread and then it would be community shitstorm... Better safe than sorry.
  5. I knew something was off when playing certain players... In my personal opinion - Both EAC and BattlEye are problematic solutions (in my opinion) which don't really tackle problem APB have. As long as cheaters are simply able to integrate cheats into game, that long we will have problems. And then this pathetic lowlives will still find solution to cheat system, there is always loose code.
  6. Taking that APB got little to no advertising in overall internet I assume it's only good move. Sudden increase in playerbase might cover toxic part of it and bring this people which abandoned this game under G1 reign. I just fear for one thing. If there will be increase in playerbase... is LO prepared to take new players on servers?
  7. Trailer for each factions and faction lore pretty much explains from where might members of each faction hail from: "Like the other recruits, you are as likely to have come from the military or law enforcement as from the general citizenry." - Ex-military, ex-cop, do-gooders and concerned citizens for enforcers. https://apbdb.com/factions/Enforcer/ "Like the other members of your august fraternity, you've likely come highly recommended as a gang member, career criminal, civil activist, or similar." - Gangs, criminals, activists or members of any freedom-loving movements for criminals https://apbdb.com/factions/Criminal/ Take baddies and neutrals out and you can get that right is with enforcers and left is with criminals. Also current party in rule of San Paro is called "The Conservative Unionists" and represent pretty much conservative values (CSA act, aka. formation of militia after police collapse is great and only example we sadly have in lore). So go figure which citizens are likely to go with what mayor office represent and against it. In the end though, it's left as open question as to not influence anyone choice other than personal preference. Wanna be enforcer? Be enforcer. Wanna be criminal? Be criminal.
  8. You still going at it? I should be the most offended as Pole and grandchild of nazies victims toward any nazi symbols but what evolved (or more like devolved) from legit issue several centuries ago, grown into scapegoat for all world evils. I can give big list of such goverments which were treating some citizens better or worse and I guarantee you, there is one from your scale of ideology - from ancient times to modern. If you wanna know which goverment did more evil to me as modern Pole, I would say that of USSR. German (<- that is important part) nazies probably would do gigantic damage at that time too (especially taking their "racial cleansing" policy) but USSR basically twisted thinking of modern Poles. People still think that under PPR (Polish People's Republic) everything was so freaking great, forgetting that there was lack of even basic stuff such as toilet paper or food, that you could be taken under cover of night to be killed while interviewed because of your political views being snitched by people you trusted, that you could been driven out to our "allies" to Syberia, that everything was of shitty quality, where at some point you needed to not only pay with currency in shop but also with special stamps dedicated to certain basic stuff and where you worked and was pretty guaranteed to work the worst jobs you can imagine - university was after all luxury, mainly reserved to party and few specialists. And even today as we talk... Poland is about to become totalitarian state as police fights with opposition on streets and propaganda in TV spews lies. So talk about issues of game such as APB... go ahead. I don't know if I will be there with you all in year or two to play it even, as we might get cut off from Internet cause "imperialists" from UE "spew lies" but the real issue is nazi running around in APB. Many of Poles westernized but some still are buried in PPR reality thinking. Imagine how we are feeling right now and that's real issue... In what kind of reality I'm living in?...
  9. or make human burgers and sell them to your local market. Humans after all taste a bit like chicken.
  10. Welcome to APB Reloaded. Duo Core from 2010 or newest i9 or Ryzen, your game will work poorly in the same manner.
  11. LO in my opinion right now should ignore all this comments full of spite. We entering open beta of engine long awaited, can't be any more happy for this game. It might not turn around what is going inside game (again pointing out that what is going on is right now, full fault of it playerbase, no matter how manipulative and hypocrite you are - the only fault of LO is having staff so little, they can't take care of everything within game) but it shows that LO as developer is trustworthy. Can't wait to test beta. Hope my shit of laptop will run it.
  12. SHHH. UNPOPULAR OPINION! (at least according to him) I think I already showed APB DB info on both nades. If you study range to damage, grenades are the most balanced out of three weapons we got at disposal. ( https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_Grenade_Frag , https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_Grenade_Concussion ) There is also problem that frag nade is first nade unlocked to newbies. Even worst, additional nades (other than such as half-brick or 8 ball (ph....)) are locked behind grenadier role progression (one which you level up with... grenade kills, oh irony). So you nerf the most basic nade and basically prevent new players from gaining access to other options. He is next to people who would want for STAR to be nerfed in my opinion. I was for a lot of nerfs but never in my life as OBT Veteran I though of grenades nerfs other than low yields... fuck that.
  13. There is way to damage it. Use car and smash it against wall or other vehicles. It will take environmental damage only but that strategy is not that rare from what I saw. That's why I treat spawn system like some kind of punishment. Unjust but punishment. It should be fixed and spawns should be way more flexible... This one where you drive from checkpoint to checkpoint? Yeah, it should. Way too easy to complete for crims.
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