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  1. That aside, what fun is there if I have to sit on edge of my seat cause some people do play like that at least and at worst on software helping them? Reason why I recently can't even bring myself to touching APB.
  2. Entirely no. But playerbase is just part of all of this mess.
  3. Yeah, I tried several time to play but damn ain't I love hostile community full of try-hards with no purpose other to ruin your game. And also in some cases also cheating. just for ego boost cause despite playing for hours they are still trash. Makes you wonder how pop dropped to merely 300 and easter event was all-time empty.
  4. Yeah so... if I will be banned in-game. I know how. There are already reports of not only bans in other EAC games but also virus injections. And I know LO will do absolutely nothing with that. And they will assume it's correct ban. Am I suprised? No. Maybe this game deserves this death. Toxic playerbase is at it's core and developer which refuses to do anything meaningful with it. Wish I knew that would be end of this game, I wouldn't join in first place. At least early APB:R was good times...
  5. Every single year you guys erupt into the same argument over politics, flags, symbolism which boils pretty much to "I feel offended over this symbol". That's why term "snowflake" was invented in first place for people solely focused on "what offends them most". You know how much I care that all negative, totalitarian or "evil" symbolism is in virtual video game? You know how much people care about it? Better question is how many don't. The only problem is when you put this "for real" in real life.
  6. Mitne

    Steam account link

    Multiple other topics suggest that deletion of account which is linked is only way to link other one without contacting (dead) support. If there is nothing worth of value on it, why not?
  7. Mitne

    Steam account link

    Then only support can help you.
  8. I'm not gonna even tell you how familiar this sight of APB is to me. ...and people talk about next gen graphics here... PFF...
  9. About archive... The only thing which anger me is that there's nothing indexed to the fullest. Tried to look there for threads I made or wrote in but archive don't reach that far. Can't blame people tho. since I'm suprised SOMEBODY did index this forum.
  10. Ah, here we go again. Why people can't just not give a f. about what others do? "OH I'M NOT BOTHERED." "But yeah, can you implement way so I can fully block people?" Somehow people humping me didn't trigger aggresive reaction from me. Despite me being male character and said "relationships" being gay. But if we talk about me putting my head between people crotches... I'm sorry. I always found it extremely funny in this game for some reason.
  11. So I guess Mirage issues were not addresed other than "icon"? Broken distance low-res image of it, lack of support for police sirens (game-changer for me... you saying pseudo Dodge Charger can't be cop car? LAME), zero customization (3 types of wheels as "customization feature" are joke, not a customization)? Also why it's suddenly city car? And had to replace Morai to that?
  12. Mitne

    Steam account link

    I changed my password twice for Gamersfirst account and never had error, only prompt to type new password when I tried to login through Steam. This is bizzare. If you have time to kill, I would recommend clean reinstall of APB first. Doesn't hurt to try.
  13. 2 better silvers vs 2 worse silvers and 1 gold. There's much more behind threat than just four colors my man. It goes back to old threats where you had 15 ranks instead. And fact that it's still broken beyond belief in 2024 is well-known here.
  14. I still have problem ever since F2A broken that I can't save F2A authorization to not be forced later to do it. Basically "Remember me" choice is broken and it ask me for F2A code each time I log in. Cool but it's hassle to use phone for codes every time I got disconnected to lobby. It's still active issue or just something "on my end" again?
  15. Mitne

    Steam account link

    That's strange. Last time I was linking Steam account it basically just ask you for e-mail and password to link. And that's it. F2A is checked upon login. Unless you need to first unlink account. In this case you need support because not a single dev though of such simple feature in-game...
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