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  1. While I totally hate idea to favor any special characters for each language (or in that case russian alphabet which i can't even write in)... Well I guess it's fair if I would be able to write in polish letters my nickname.
  2. Ugh. Dunno why they didn't do that from get-go. It gonna be mess if they give name changes with G1C for lost items, that is unless everybody from Nekrova receive one-time name change.
  3. Pretty sure some of them were unhappy about how merge gonna go and were vocal about it. I would say that pop increase would be at 20% of Nekrova population, many of Nekrovians already had some Citadelian characters after all.
  4. First of all you need more than 2 people who want to play RIOT... that include me.
  5. So yeah that wasn't self promotion. Seems Chrome related then. Edit: On Steam it cuts off very bottom section where reactions are tho.
  6. That is at least on my side. This is the only site (gamersfirst forums that is) which totally struggles with loading. To highlight that problem here, my own thread: Check if my first post loads up fully for you or just cut off somewhere along way. So far checked with few people (and tried it myself with few of my other devices) and they face the same issue.
  7. And here I am just hoping it won't be the same disaster like RIOT.
  8. This time I jump in defense of LO - company is too small to handle game fast hence why illusion of "we don't do anything" You can search online. I found like 23 offical employees and some sites at best estimate number of overall employees to be 50. Good luck maintaining regularly such game with such numbers.
  9. Male still says "OH GOD" and i'm pretty sure litteraly nothing changed in that kind from OBT when I started to play.
  10. They do to this day. Try being shot or dropping from height.
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