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  1. If your kind would play in action, there would be something to do in-game. Told you guys already. Want to play "social life" activities... go to Second Life or VRChat.
  2. I used Kevlar 3 before nerf and even then I considered it rubbish. And yet we got this person in 2022. Veteran no less.
  3. You are aware people gonna input their own name like they are such big game? I'm 100% sure I will not know myself 99% of names listed there.
  4. Well. I got the best teachers here, which i want to thank.
  5. It's obvious that the most difficult player I faced was Mitne. He keep giving me anxiety and fill me with depression, even in my personal life
  6. I went on server and played on some reroll. Ragequitted after 3 matches. Nah man. I play something different... FIX YOUR SHIT LO
  7. I'm all for this idea. With this idea or not - cheaters will be still there. Game hitted stale point right now. The same thing as NotTheEnforcer mentioned happened with DayZ few years ago. Now you see DayZ as flourishing community despite it's obvious flaws.
  8. What wasn't conspiracy theory was G1 milking game out of cash and letting it die. LO just tries to gather scraps and build something out of it.
  9. I'm still around. Just out of energy for any game, even APB.
  10. ATAC. Cause this weapon still gets a lot of hate.
  11. Condor. If you are good at aiming, it rewards you greatly. Sadly not very useful outside 1vs1 situations hence why usage it competitively is rare.
  12. Don't get me wrong but last week I was thinking deeply about what G1 even planned with APB. They had people, resources, money and time to drag out engine update. But they didn't. Why? Because I wasn't planned to be carried like that out from beginning. If somebody will review GamersFirst history they will discover it's not company which produced any games, it taken games which other deemed non-profitable and milked them out of cash while maintaing image of benevolence. Would you play if G1 was all out for money and just shown it blatantly? Of course not, so image had to be made. At 2019 they absolutely didn't care about APB or Fallen Earth and had this cash cows milked out as population crumbled apart. Hence why complete silence. They just waited for reason to close this games up when they were not paying themselves up. I don't understand why they sold to LO tho. - possible LO dropped fat stack of money on them and that was enough or there was something other going in background. Nevertheless I believe LO doesn't say full truth about what state engine upgrade was at when they taken over game... I'm pretty sure it was at state of almost zero things done and a lot said. Anyone who follows Matt Scott engine upgrade topic can get such impression as LO doing everything from scratch. So now LO which I see they know what they doing work on the game puts me in full hope. Engine is code spaghetti and this is small team so it might take even more than year yet but I still wait and I will wait. I will only give up when they do - and that becomes clear. Give them for once credit, they taken over dying company - that takes guts.
  13. Really menaces of this community were always unbanned. Don't think for a moment FairFight was anything more than glorifed ban tool. Almost nothing to do with anti-cheat - at least not in form it was here. The fact I GOT banned by it while blatants roamed on districts was good example of how useful it really was. Sure it banned one blatant there and there - but closets? Nah. One get banned? Got unbanned for "russians hacking accounts". It was easier to just put everything as "cheating detected by FairFight" no matter offense than explaining each manual ban on forums. That kind of usage FF saw for me fallen under corruption. Wouldn't be slightly suprised if even paid. I don't want this time to ever come back, they were even worse than current ones. The only plus was that we still had some portion of normal population.
  14. Late for party I guess (I work 6 days a week so I'm quite busy) but.... I see you guys hit point in which I was back with FairFight and G1. I still remember how back then you laughed at me - that it isn't that bad, that there are cheaters there and there but not everywhere. Ha, ha, ha. No. It was always like that - at least since we quit OBT. If you still don't see problem I want you to note names of (CERTAIN) players and ask yourself this questions while just observing them through day. 1. How the same person can maintain the same accuracy, response time and especially focus playing all day APB? I mean my record of peak focus was 2 hours - I want to know they secret, don't you? 2. How you KEEP the same level of focus through all the years?! I got worse moods, better moods - and there was days where I was so trash feeling that even high silver was problem to me. This (CERTAIN) players as far as I noted never had worse moods. They always were in peak condition. My reason to believe there is large cheating community within the game was not based on any software... more on psychology of human. I REALLY doubt we got superhumans in APB which break every possible stat out there. Or do you?
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