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  1. Sounds good to me. I always enjoyed district devolving into pretty much fight club. Make it less more problematic if cheaters are playing and win/loss is way more less predictable. Although that can be damning for win spree activity... still...
  2. So, when it comes to FFA R&D3... ain't that a rare gem in game right now? Almost nobody owns it and almost nobody is able to afford one even if they wanted (prices are ridiciolous because whoever has it, can dictate prices pretty much unchallenged...). But I don't see anyone having problem with that. And when they do, they are silenced for being silver and wanting to take only worth thing away from people blah, blah. So here it is. I'm owner of FFA R&D3. I could afford maybe two more if I really wanted (with such prices...). They are unscoped OBIRs with 3 mods slots, agreed. But question is why they aren't at Anne yet? I think since we want all legendaries to lose they unavaliability status, that's only way to do it. Put it on Anne. Maybe make it so each lease is 10k JT so people don't whine. I don't care. For me it can be 2,5k JT. Nothing justifes fact that this weapon is somewhere in shadows and only owned by few. I don't even use it. For me it's symbol status. So make it avaliable.
  3. How I never saw it? This is comedy gold.
  4. I remember back then when people were shitting on me for cheating when I never did cheated. It was like that back then with FairFight. I did glitch on other account (which was mysteriously not banned unlike my main) into one spot during Halloween but without context it's idiotic (entire team tried to get to glitcher to kill him - And suprisingly glitcher DIDN'T get banned for that) and then I was banned for cheating on my main few days later (I assume that was reason? Although it's shady.). So yeah, I just decided to shut it after unban, complete what I had... now I'm just here more like shadow. Lurking between, soaking misery of others and hoping maybe there's gonna be wind of change. Noooooope.
  5. We just arrived to this conclusion now? If this is how they want to "develop" this game, might as well shut it down before buying it. Seems my fears about LO being repainted G1 were justifed.
  6. Mitne

    I'm hyped! APB 2024!

    Entirely no. But playerbase is just part of all of this mess.
  7. Yeah so... if I will be banned in-game. I know how. There are already reports of not only bans in other EAC games but also virus injections. And I know LO will do absolutely nothing with that. And they will assume it's correct ban. Am I suprised? No. Maybe this game deserves this death. Toxic playerbase is at it's core and developer which refuses to do anything meaningful with it. Wish I knew that would be end of this game, I wouldn't join in first place. At least early APB:R was good times...
  8. Every single year you guys erupt into the same argument over politics, flags, symbolism which boils pretty much to "I feel offended over this symbol". That's why term "snowflake" was invented in first place for people solely focused on "what offends them most". You know how much I care that all negative, totalitarian or "evil" symbolism is in virtual video game? You know how much people care about it? Better question is how many don't. The only problem is when you put this "for real" in real life.
  9. Mitne

    Steam account link

    Multiple other topics suggest that deletion of account which is linked is only way to link other one without contacting (dead) support. If there is nothing worth of value on it, why not?
  10. Mitne

    Steam account link

    Then only support can help you.
  11. I'm not gonna even tell you how familiar this sight of APB is to me. ...and people talk about next gen graphics here... PFF...
  12. About archive... The only thing which anger me is that there's nothing indexed to the fullest. Tried to look there for threads I made or wrote in but archive don't reach that far. Can't blame people tho. since I'm suprised SOMEBODY did index this forum.
  13. Ah, here we go again. Why people can't just not give a f. about what others do? "OH I'M NOT BOTHERED." "But yeah, can you implement way so I can fully block people?" Somehow people humping me didn't trigger aggresive reaction from me. Despite me being male character and said "relationships" being gay. But if we talk about me putting my head between people crotches... I'm sorry. I always found it extremely funny in this game for some reason.
  14. So I guess Mirage issues were not addresed other than "icon"? Broken distance low-res image of it, lack of support for police sirens (game-changer for me... you saying pseudo Dodge Charger can't be cop car? LAME), zero customization (3 types of wheels as "customization feature" are joke, not a customization)? Also why it's suddenly city car? And had to replace Morai to that?
  15. Mitne

    Steam account link

    I changed my password twice for Gamersfirst account and never had error, only prompt to type new password when I tried to login through Steam. This is bizzare. If you have time to kill, I would recommend clean reinstall of APB first. Doesn't hurt to try.
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