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  1. I tested it alone on the wall in different ranges - sadly have no one for test in match... I own CSG, JG and Shredder and this three will be point of my opinion. Statwise i'm worried about DOW, but everything else look solid. Even N-FAS seems to get nerfed (at fucking last). CSG seems to be back in track but stats tell me that it will be JG which will still dominate. CSG though seems to get it's own ranged niche. Shredder seems to be fixed. It seems to be the most distance-aimed shotgun out of all and seems it not gonna be competitive against pump action ones nor N-FAS up close. So basically my opinion: Double-check DOW, implement Shredder as it is now, I dunno what to think about CSG and JG but I like them rn. - wouldn't mind though to try it out on real players first...
  2. Well I got them for years but it keeps getting worse and worse each patch. Soon you all will be playing like me if this goes on...
  3. I though I was right about open districts but like with every utopia it don't work. Bring back threat servers. Open Conflict was empty for a reason it seems. It would work with bigger population but... eh, times bygone. I'm so sad about this.
  4. I assume you talk about weapon type vs weapon type here. One of problems rn. is weapon balance actually. We got guns which lie in lockers cause they are useless and we got guns which are used by everyone cause there is no counterweapons to them. I think you answered yourself. This 'lowlife noobs with no skills" left for better handled games. The only redeeming quality of this game is litteraly customization and when frustration hits the fan you leave it eventually. Hostile and toxic community adds up to that. Yeah they win 1000% scenarios. There is still problem that you need to aim at target to even hit them and there is also firerate which you can't choke. Therefore. yes you need some "skill" at using it. So well... Well so everyone are noobs who hacks? Here you go: Maybe check if that's not self-description? Forums, Discord, Twitter. All available to you. Maybe nobody would be confused but your rant is all over place and even I'm not 100% sure what you talk about. Are you 7 year old vet who vents his frustration or newbie? I don't know who even liked this rant. It's hard to read, yet alone comprehend.
  5. Shredder needs overall rework. In my opinion this weapon is so broken that you either can make it too op or heavily nerfed compared to others.
  6. Yeah i'm so entitled by fact that I was forced to work in friday instead of spending it with my family cause I had to rush to work after Christmas was over. But hey at least my two bosses weren't so entitled. They still have free days. Yeah I'm aware of them. According to business holiday calendar for USA they had in December only one business holiday - 25th December - Christmas and while i'm aware some of them might taken days off because of Christmas - in any job I worked 100% worker absence in normal business day was unacceptable, hell in most even 80% was enough for us having meetings about free days.
  7. Bro, its spring break Bro, its summer break Bro, its autumn break Excuse good as any. Maybe they should take year off? I worked in Friday.
  8. ...I'm still waiting for reaction to rewards not being given out properly, LO.
  9. You can do it in one day (I did) but... you really need to no-life this achievement and at least be decent player... Or farm it. That's what you get if you mindlessly copy pasta event.
  10. They don't. Confirming that one @Selali.
  11. You are not only one. Rewards are not gived out for this two at all. This should be fixed asap @Selali
  12. I love how they showcase fairy with elf ears but prevent people from getting them. Top tier event.
  13. If you got whole server which agrees to avoid nutcracker prince, then it's way easier. Then I even survived while doing Naughty List (where I didn't focused about surviving but more on kills). But yeah, I hate achievements based on randomness of situation - we already got this shit with Assault Autumn too and in Halloween (which we all know Christmas event is copy-pasta off). Plus i'm pretty sure I'm in upper 50% of playerbase when it comes to handling snowballs - so what about that lower 50%?...
  14. Lmao. I just turned game off - I got survivor achievement after 3rd try. Although on big chunk of luck since I was in like 8 fights but neverthless I survived.
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