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  1. That does sound like very functional BR, yes. /s Dunno why this devices don't activate on their own after some time...
  2. I want to play RIOT tomorrow. Does it drop JTs? If yeah... then I don't care. If it don't. Then... But honestly... I don't think RIOT gonna be ever alive if requirements to even start game are so high in it. FC should stay, despite it's cancer. (I just showed my own self-interest and focus - which is JT tickets. I agree about "FC remaining" points tho. - FC got more sense than RIOT. Out of blue some company does battle royale with APB factions. Yeah. No.)
  3. Shhh don't give them ideas or we gonna be back in OBT.
  4. Mitne

    :smh: UPDATE

    I hope so. Since 2017 I had to tamper with priority in task manager and disabling Vivox to get decent 60 FPS. Funny fact: Back in 2013 (hardware didn't even changed from what I have) - I had 100 FPS on high.
  5. That doesn't sound like it's intended as it didn't happen before patch... Of course i'm against it.
  6. Mitne

    :smh: UPDATE

    You mean in task manager? Great. That really won't help FPS in my case. 30-40 FPS, here we go again.
  7. I try it casually on some different character. Might drop in next week if it's more fun than FC at it current state.
  8. Just to clarify before I vote. We talk about legendary boxes which you drop as consumables or some unintended bug I'm not aware of yet?
  9. It's still better than what was happening in Christmas and snowstorms respawns.
  10. I guess idea for hazmat suits is to give chance of getting out from contaminated zone and that alone. In Christmas event at the end you often spawned in zones with no possible way to get out, I remember back then earning several free deaths. And that was with cars. Where in RIOT unless you find car you are on foot. Second idea why would be possibility of abusing hazmat suits. I already imagine some players would stay in contaminated zone with a lot of hazmat suits, wait it up until finale, drop into zone and claim win on weakened remaining team. In APB if you give players finger, they bite whole hand. I guess LO figured out this two things might be the case (or maybe it was unintentional side-effect since hazmat suits occupy deployables spot).
  11. No That's not how threat system works. Noticed we get points for a while? They count the most in whatever you are gold or bronze. Pretty known fact for all dethreaters out there. Threat system needs rework and adding additional "colors" further problems left by old G1. They had chance back in few years. What changed? I leave it to imagination but I always pointed this problems out... cheaters, furthering gap between F2P and paying players, try-hard population + toxic, dethreaters. Oh also. If gold premades really want, they can mess up with silver and "lower tier golds" anyway by just dethreating... Bah if they really want they can even mess with greens and still be on "even terms". What's stopping them? Oh great. So reward for being in diamond is... punishment! That won't push dethreating problem further, isn't it? Let's not talk about trash streamers because honestly. My blood boils since many of them clearly dethreats before hand, gets back into gold and then streams with their friends. I mean no other way to have that many silvers in one matches if you aren't in bronze server.
  12. I foresee it's either become as populated as FC (5 hour high pop, rest of day empty) or become total flop (empty, dead, occasional players... maybe) aka. second Open Conflict.
  13. At least LO is DelayTM company, unlike G1 with it SoonTM.
  14. Most of unbans were related to FairFight bans. Neverthless, good luck. And either don't do that stupidity again... or quit lying.
  15. You didn't really read what I wrote, did you? I praise the old times which gave me opportunity to learn. But people hated being teamed up with anyone weaker than them. So we got threat segregation. And what this high-threat pissers do now? Dethreat, because they can't stand heat in their own class and make miserable live of people who are in their own threat. That's what I despise - it makes this game insufferable for anyone new. And "skill" - nobody start with understanding of game which learning curve is pretty high and not very well explained in tutorial plus you don't start with peak performance playing some random patootie games. Most of newbies approach are "for fun", not "for grind".
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