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  1. So somebody in LO decided that "Prime" should be implemented into APB. Nice. We don't even have playerbase to support it. And it won't help in any way, other than pretty much destroying any chances for new player to play. This isn't CS:GO, it's too small for new player to even consider starting adventure with this game from buying premium. Hell. If I would start now (as new player), I would consider it as red flag when starting this game.
  2. 1 - Did FairFight work? a) Right until ban. Decent. Well... Until getting banned for "cheating". b) There weren't that many cheaters I saw although I clearly saw cracks. c) Yep. HELL you could go to damn artificalaiming site and get free ones there. Now it's a bit of defunct site. d) Sorry but since ban I have trust issues with it. So terrible. Optional: Sure. Link removed. - Azukii 2 - Did EasyAC work? a) At beginning it was fine but as the time gone it became increasingly worse. b) It was like scale - which I assume was cheaters adjusting to it. At begin I didn't had any brow rising moments but later on everything was clear to see. c) I don't play with stuff I don't use - but fact that I was invited to Discord with cheats bypassing it shows that yeah - even lazy me could get cheat. d) ...In work Optional: - 3 - Did BattlEye work? a) First days were alright but after that cheater started to appear everywhere with even bigger intensity than previously. b) Question is... if it even behaved at all? Seemed more like "trigger" based anti-cheat. "Oh you do that incorrect, bam. Ban" Problem is - it appears to not be updated properly like it is in other games. c) Nowadays? Technically harder - as in, this communities became pretty closed due to fear of being exposed. But I'm aware of existence of Discord groups around APB cheats, usually paid ones - even now. d) Why even bother with new anti-cheat if you don't plan to update it either? Optional: Eh. 4 - Fairfight is worst. EasyAC was best, in my opinion. a) There is no ideal anti-cheat. But what would make each of these better is proper oversight and update. In all fields of anti-cheat maintaince both G1 and LO fail miserably. b) ... OBT ... But there was major difference in defence - there wasn't that little players so few cheaters running around wouldn't make much difference to anybody. *Optional: Why would I? I already produced myself over this. Look at banned profiles and deduce why bans shouldn't be broadcasted.
  3. Can I be honest? And I don't care if I get warn for that. Most of people playing this game rn. are bottom feeders. Trash. Huge majority of APB population either quit or decided not to play and watch for any major change - what remains are people who feed on entire situation and either use cheats or group up in team of four. What you just witnessed is the normal shittalk you gonna get from person who doesn't even recognize you as human. Just prey to feed his ego on. The best you can is don't respond, /ignore and don't engage. With such population there is, this kiddo gonna be bored.\ I already written APB off as OBT Veteran. You should do the same in current situation. Or just grab what you need and get out.
  4. Like clothing buying options aren't already bad enough. In this game you either a creator or you stuck with default look with some good decals put on.
  5. At peak hours Jericho has 200 players. There's more debate to shut down Jericho than to keep it and you would want even seperate asian server to segregate population even more and gain empty servers? If there's nobody on Jericho (or Citadel) at hours you play then it means less people play from your region than from other regions. Simple conclusion.
  6. "Visual" only? Well then. Hard to tell when you had roles MAXED OUT. I check it on side character but hey, nice game looks even more of turd and SCPT being as douche as ever. Keep up the bad image.
  7. And so far. Thanks LO. For nothing. 2 years of active serious bug,
  8. Most of weapons are reskins of weapons you can get for free in-game. CR-5 and N-TEC 5 is such case.
  9. #14. Get rid of premium so leveling up contacts get even more tedious. Boy, I do love challenge of "when I finally level up, I'm so fed up with this game I'm gonna ragequit any moment.". Don't do that though. Game is unplayable as it is already.
  10. I disagree. System was disabled (or more like "castrated") for no little to zero reasons. It's funny how people were fuming over being bounty for one life because it "might" affected mission. Like in normal gameplay it would change anything. People fuming over sandbox part of APB will always have my laugh because that was the charm of this game.
  11. So yeah. There it is. "EU". 1.30 is out. And still this problem didn't get addressed and I see a lot of returning players as confused as me about their roles. It's not only my problem anymore. LO...
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