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  1. You showing example of matchmaking working correctly. You are gold veteran and game gives you chance to fight for gold, that's what you are doing there.
  2. There's always whisper. Don't do it kids.
  3. You got me there, fam. But honestly there was no good enough content for years, that some people litteraly search salvation in shit one...
  4. Alright. That's enough. I'm out for this weekend. I'm not gonna let you ruin my freaking weekend yet again. P.S. You owe me 1600 JTs for 2 weeks of FC, LO.
  5. Em... Is that part of plan that there is weapon prototype financial (variant B) and asylum server up on Citadel... only? I just came back from making myself something to eat to see this.
  6. That don't stop you to shit on everyone else thoughs. Simply hypocrite. We all know old servers were holding on rubber band. Give it few months and we would had fucking meltdown, like every few months. Then you would also raise the same argument "i was right, i was right". Good... now propose some constructive fucking solution to that shit. And one which small 50 people company can afford for game across globe. I'm not very supportive to LO but what you just fucking post is simply ignorant.
  7. Thanks for reminding me. Yeah it wasn't good year.
  8. But we have it already. It's called two-way verification. Unless somehow you got stolen/compromised Android/iOS then I don't see how you can even lose that account. Chance of guessing code is 1 to 531441 and after each attempt verificiation code auto-reset on failed attempt (to prevent brute-force attack).
  9. I grind kills for about 6 years. 10,5 hours lost? Phi. If only! Whole grind translates to about half year in play time (half of my fucking year... lost - grinding roles...). You can grind car steals way more easily... One afternoon, some active background VoIP with friends or some background music and you will be done if you just turn off brain for that time. ... Taking what kind of person you are... it shouldn't be THAT hard, isn't it? You just moan rn.
  10. Mitne

    APB Steam achievements

    I got almost all roles, Steam didn't count all of them anyway. Steam part of APB overall don't get much love in my opinion.
  11. Yeah. I heard about it but I never experinced it. I don't know anyone who even got any knowledge how it would exactly work. Hence why I relegated it as minor bug over major. If there are shitbags who somehow get it always though - do report them. In that case we need to find way to reproduce it to know how to prevent that.
  12. SHIT I MISSED IT AGAIN. I yet to have rise shitstorm but I wait after new year. Cause i'm in Christmasy mood anyway.
  13. Future giveaways without announcement you wanted to say. On unknown rules. In unknown times. Whenever LO feels like it. Being rewarded because you are lucky. Whoever came up with this - if they suffer, they brought it on themselves. I said already i'm not against giveaways - just the way it was done was awful to me and this community. It looks and feel arbitrary at best.
  14. I don't lie. I was banned by FF I was gone. Simple as that. If I say it will happen, it will. People who keep coming back just can't find better game in my opinion. I already have several with which I'm getting stressed less and enjoy them more.
  15. Only crims have that ability, enforcers can only uplift their prestige to level 2 (prestige 0 reward multiplier is terrible).
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