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  1. Problem is the other best alternative is FAR. Weapon which you can get from lease at least versus weapon which the most free option is to accumulate JTs. Whatever the case may be I will always oppose changes to weapon classes which make new top gun in category anything paid or not unlocked from start.
  2. As OBT Veteran - I don't like direction this game keeps taking. I understand need for new blood (oh I really do as previous threads suggested) but issues aren't within guns. Actually touching most of them (like N-TEC, especially after this heavy nerfs) might bring results opposite from expected - there are clearly no other guns taken into account. G1 walked this road, don't walk it LO.
  3. Jericho worked for that many years. I remember comments about Jericho from year or two ago how there is "elite no cheating veterans only" there. Look to what it brought. Not like I'm defending Citadel - it's heading straight into exactly the same direction and I'm scared of that.
  4. While I'm necroposting a bit to bump this thread up again (hope expection can be made for that one) I guess this thread is still revelant, especially now - with Halloween being back - as I saw many questions arise in-game about devil wings.
  5. Premium only partially speed up grind. But still is great help long-term. Sadly no way to bypass that. But I can say that from personal perspective... Being lone wolf and grinding is more tiresome than doing it with good friends.
  6. I mean you can affect skill curve but each kind of this change is revolutionary to say at least. I don't want APB to go in different direction about how guns work as this is both problematic to do properly and also won't help long-term. Skill curve will get flattened but especially veterans such like me will eventually pick up ropes pretty quickly. Skill curve can remain as it is. It is it's correlation with knowledge which is problematic - it usually don't correspond to what we see. New player with only few hints how to move gets thrown into game against veterans who played this game since OBT, CBT or even RTW. Hardly fair for first party.
  7. Gosh, I watched this train derail at my work. It's like explaining basic things to flat-earthers. It was funny. Defintely upvote. Todesklinge represent perfect example of Dunning-Kruger effect.
  8. That is so wrong, there many games with even older population than ours. Tibia, Runescape or WoW from top of my head are first to come. And while both Runescape and WoW got major change in engine, Tibia for example didn't. If game is unique, it will hold itself up - as long as it can be played. This game which died during APB lifetime? They either one of thousand games of the same generic theme of MMORPG, simply bad in every aspect or are EA title ( ).
  9. While it might sound good from brand point of view (brand loyality and all of that), stagnant population in game isn't anything good. Most of mechanics in APB are based on promise that there will be always new players filling up void of constantly increasing more experinced playerbase to create "skill tiers". With APB it don't work - bah... it's outright abused by experinced playerbase - and in some twisted way playerbase balance itself out by this... as long as we getting fresh blood that is. We talk about dethreating of course. Dethreating is effectively vampirism. Each time new player joins the game during his first 5 matches is pretty guaranteed to land match against several year veterans playing this game. Veterans prey on unexperinced fresh players and you don't have to look much around - it's commonplace situation even now on all bronze districts in both Jericho and Citadel. Ever tried some unknown MMORPG from depth of internet? Never could get into it and all content locked behind PvP is impossible to reach because of entrenched veterans in PvP? That's how newbie in APB feels. In APB it's 10 times worse though as APB is 100% PvP game. So new player after several matches most likely having negative opinion being litteraly steamrolled at first matches by top tiers, give up and never comes back. And funny thing is... there is karma in APB with stagnant population. Ever felt like there is shitton of cheaters around? Well... that's disease of low populated games in stagnancy. In normal working games with dynamic populations - meeting cheater is rarity, mainly due high population of overall players, to that there is big rotation of them causing cheaters to be mostly flushed out by sheer numbers of all other players. Anyone wondering how this is correlated should ask themselves this basic question: Where 1 cheater makes big difference? In population of 700 players or in population of 70000 players? So wanna fix problem of cheaters and dethreaters? Well there are several ways for that - and to understand problems we need to know about two things - skill curve and learning curve. Here's how they represent themselves right now in my personal opinion: Skill curve: Learning curve: This images were required for me to represent solutions, which are: 1. Flatten skill curve - which is impossible as each player is unique on it's own and skilled less or more. 2. Lock people in corresponding sections of knowledge and skill curves - newbie for greens, basic for bronze, seasoned for silver, veteran for gold - quick solution which might create problem of creating new characters just to dethreat and kill off veteran population (due to insanely high skill in group which some might not meet). In positive (but unlikely case) it can create it's own curves within each population (newbies, basic, seasoned, veterans) and prevent intermixing in battles newbies and veterans so the first group can really learn and have fun and other have proper challenge matching their knowledge. 3. Flatten knowledge curve - while you can't make newbie posses veteran knowledge, you can make them posses at least basic one. Proper and interactive tutorial (not current wall of text) - something like we had in past during first years of G1 reign - just learning you to do everything you need to know about APB. That way we at least lift up newbies to basic status - which would help them already a lot. PVE interactivity can also help less skilled players (or this who look for other activities than constant PvP) to enjoy themselves despite PvP competiveness and toxicity - although I imagine brining such action to reality would need total redesign of game. 4. Open discussion? - Democracy is not bad but we as community really need to think of action, not just leave it as it is and say "it's alright" - it ain't. I see LO doing something in regard to players being pushed away by veterans (actions like bringing ARMAs to Joker Distribution are great) but it seems that this actions are not enough. What do you guys think?
  10. Yeah but I want also to play other games than APB. As many people said here before building anything over 500 $ up for one game is idiotic unless you are proffesional esporter or streamer. Plus powerful build will last for at least 5 years with current tendency of technology advancement. Everything budget won't. I prefer to spend once 2500-3000$ than 700$ every year.
  11. Actually, RTX 3000 series is cheaper than RTX 2000 series with expection of RTX 3090 which is somehow priced like RTX 2080 was at launch but sporting performance of RTX Titan. Seems like good deal for me. New games still got good games among them and also with such powerful GPU, VR is easily supported so... I think it's worth it. To OP: Well and here I am planing to build my PC on RTX 3090 rip.
  12. I know this are newbies. I know they might not know. But still... Seeing your personal car being driven somewhere far, far away by new player. I swear there is some circle of Hell down there for this.
  13. You all see "realism". I see potential to make silly characters look even more silly.
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