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  1. BubbaJ

    Steam account link

    Oh my god I think I figured it out! It looks like I have 2 accounts for some reason - one of those is original that I created when I first bought the game (before reloaded) and it got migrated into gamersfirst and doesn't have link to steam, and the other one - is when APB Reloaded went to steam and I played on it too. So now I guess the question is - how to make the original account linked to the Steam? Should I delete the other account and change the email on my original one to the email I use for steam? Would it work?
  2. BubbaJ

    Steam account link

    Didn't help. After reinstalling I get the same 11002 error about my password being expired.
  3. BubbaJ

    Steam account link

    Umm... I've got a steam version of the game and when I start it there is a steam login button but when I press it, it gives me an error "PASSWORD EXPIRED." (error code 11002). It says to change my password for gamersfirst account, but after I changed it it didn't do anything, the error is still there.
  4. BubbaJ

    Steam account link

    No, unfortunately I used different emails for my account here and Steam.
  5. BubbaJ

    Steam account link

    Hello. I want to link my steam account to my gamersfirst account. Created a ticket 3 days ago but didn't receive any answer. Anyone knows how long does this procedure takes?
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