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  1. ArturiaTheSaber

    Gun Balance

    I have been sitting on this post for at least 5 years and probably well over a thousand hours of game play. I remember specifically making an account to post on the forums way, way back in 2014, but for whatever reason, this post never saw the light of day. I know it is a veritable monster wall of text and I tried to organize it as cleanly and succinctly as possible. But, after all, it is the product of 5 years of off and on critical thought and discussion on the matter. For those who do not have the time or cannot be bothered with the details, a compact summary is available in the section labelled "Conclusion". Foreword The crux is as follows: despite a plethora of gun options, only a tiny fraction dominate the game in terms of usage (which seems to be indicative of power). While I wholly recognize there will never be an absolute perfect balance in this sense, some of these offenders not only dissuade people from using a great many different kinds of weapons, but also seem to directly contradict the game's own combat design. I believe some kind of re-balance and/or redesign is needed. Game Play & Gun Play Although at first this aspect of the game can be bit complicated, it really boils down very simply. Guns are meant to be chosen in reaction to 1.) an enemy's load out & 2.) to a very specific situation. For example, an OCA is great at stuffing a sniper (with the help of a vehicle) and excels in close quarters areas. This game play loop of reactions can certainly be navigated around to a certain degree with player skill. An exceptional sniper, for example, could still probably defeat a mediocre OCA user, even at the OCA's preferential range. However, if all things are equal, one would expect success for the sniper to be in the negative at worst and wildly inconsistent at best in the aforementioned encounter. Given that this "mini game" of rock-paper-scissors and reaction to environment/needs is so central to game play, it only makes sense that the game try to offer us various different options for each range and role to best suit our individual play styles. Shotguns and OCAs, for instance, fulfill the same role of being close-range killers while the OSMAW and Alig are vehicle-slayers. The issue is that in many of these roles are dominated by only one or two weapons that are used almost without fail despite there being many, many more options. In the close range niche, the OCA (and its associated re-skins) as well as the Colby Shotgun and NFAS (specifically the True Ogre) more or less dominate weapon picks. All things considered, this role is actually probably among the best balanced as people still do often pick PMGs. However, shotguns like the Strife, Agrotech series, and Tommy Guns are all left in limbo. Tommy Guns, arguably, also could fit into mid-range niches, leaving its precise design intention a bit ambiguous. Long range is also in the same decently-balanced realm. Generally, players will pick a heavy sniper or a Scout. Obeya and OBIRs are not bad, but generally lack of the flexibility of the Scout series in particular. This said, it still does leave a range of snipers wanting. While the Agrotech snipers can do good vehicle damage, I find they really need another team member to be coordinated with the sniper to really be useful (which begs the question, why not just run an ALIG or OSMAW/Volcano). Both the N-ISSR-B series and DMR-SD series are a mystery to me in terms of what niche they are supposed to fill. Finally, the Anubis, a legendary weapon of significant rarity is just utterly out performed. There are other weapons I can talk about, such as the SHAW and Euryale/Medusa basically dominating the LMG niche (barring the ALIG, which has it own sub-designation as a vehicle counter). Vehicle-destroying weapons seem varied enough to me, though as mentioned previously, some weapons appear to want to be an option in that niche, but simply are not. There will be a section a little later on truly vague weapons. For now, onto the meat and potatoes; the reason I felt this post was necessary at all. The Tyranny of the N-TEC I feel that this needs its own section because that is just how prominent it is. Earlier I mentioned that some weapons seem to deliberately contradict the aforementioned system of situational weapon niches and reactionary weapon swaps. This is the poster child of that supposition. The N-TEC (and its associated skins) is good at everything and downright absurdly great at what its really supposed to do -- which is mid-range combat. I have seen this weapon dominate at all ranges and completely eclipse basically every other weapon in its niche for years and years on end. While it certainly is not unbeatable, I do not think it is an overstatement to declare it the best weapon in the game. It is so solid in its hegemony that using a STAR, Vanguard, Misery, or even ATTAC (though those do sometimes crop up) seems like a willful downgrade. I would be comfortable placing bets that this weapon alone is the majority of players' "go-to" weapon and I generally expect to see 1-2 every time I get opposition. Although I unfortunately cannot prove these claims without a whole lot a data collected from a whole lot of screen shots as proof, I do not think any honest player would seriously argue how common the N-TEC is. To me, this overwhelming presence is indicative of a weapon that is too powerful and, by relation, kills gun diversity and the strategic design of the game. Not to mention, its free nature dissuades players from interacting with the ARMAS Marketplace (barring, perhaps, getting the Ursus N-TEC which is an even greater offender of everything mentioned prior). Specifically what is wrong with the N-TEC? I would say it is a jack-of-all-trades gone much too far. In a game that appears to value weapon niches (sometimes valuing them so much, in fact, the niches are too ambiguous to understand) the N-TEC is a viable if not the singular forerunner pick in almost every niche. To a lesser degree, but still a behemoth, the carbine (and its associated skins) does the exact same thing -- which is pretty much everything barring blowing up vehicles. Vague Weapons This is a section for weapons that just sit in very odd places. I mentioned a few of these before, but they still make me scratch my head. A weapon I like a lot, although using it is often an exercise in masochism, is the ISSR. It kills in 4 shots and does solid vehicle damage. Cool at first glance, but its rate of fire is far too slow to compete with basically anything at any range and more or less requires you to either ambush or cover-pop to survive any sustained gunfight. Moreover, its clip is too small to blow up almost any vehicle without needing to reload. This totally shoots the gun design in the foot because it tends to get vehicles down to their "burning" phase which cues the drivers to hop out -- meanwhile you are reloading while the opposition is abandoning ship. This is a fun weapon, but what, exactly, is it for? It seems to be an oddball, pale reflection of the jack-of-all-trades idea, but in this case does everything just up to the most crucial point, then peters out. The Agrotech and DMR-SD weapons are much the same. While the former can support better car-destroying weapons, the latter is just bizarre. It basically does the same thing as Obeya and OBIR, which are generally already secondary picks to the Scout and N-HVR. The N-ISSR series of sniper is very similar. Also everything from the Horseman line of weapons is weird except maybe the Curse which is not too bad (though basically boils down to being an OCA). The Strife was clearly meant to be the N-HVR of shotguns, but because you have to be right in someone's face to use it, you frequently die waiting to shoot one more time or while switching to a secondary. The Misery shoots slow and just gets mauled in any honest gunfight. And, frankly, I do not even remember the name of the sniper off hand. Probably Suffering because that is how it feels to use it. Acknowledging Skill Gaps & Gun Favoritism & Metagaming I absolutely recognize that skill goes a long way in defining weapons. Perhaps the most iconic demonstration of that in APB or otherwise, is close-quarters sniping; an instance in which overwhelming skill completely overrides a weapon's intended purpose. I also recognize that APB is a very, very strange beast. On average, there are very few "average" players. This means it can be difficult to gauge if designs are either fundamentally breaking down or, as with the sniper example, are simply being stretched to their absolute limits. While this skill gap poses another, separate problem, I still believe that if the game's internal logic for gun play is as I theorize -- a system of reactions to situations -- then that logic needs to be preserved in gun design. Not only should this system be clear (perhaps explicitly mentioned in the tutorial), but niches should be clear and understandable. Obviously, no one gun should rule over any one niche and certainly not over multiple niches. Without the formula for success being clearly defined, new players will only be further lost as they get picked off and, eventually, quit. This is a circumstance that would only serve to preserve the skill gap, not close it. Second, I realize some readers might think I am poo pooing their favorite weapon here. I am definitely poo pooing the N-TEC, but that aside, I use plenty of "off-brand" weapons. Its fine to have fun, but my point is that right now the "competitive" weapons make up a fairly insignificant slice of all that is available in the game. Additionally, some of the weapons I have mentioned are locked behind price tags. While trials are available, it often is not clear to particularly new players what a gun's niche is and whether or not it excels in it or even suits them as an individual over the course of these trials. I am not saying make everything free as APB is absolutely a business, but I am saying weapon niches need to be more clearly defined and, as much as possible, especially for ARMAS guns, people should feel the value of their purchase. The ISSR is a great example. I did a trial and then paid for the gun and still did not really know what I had until a good week of fiddling with it. In short, I am not trying to degrade how you play the game. Rather, I am simply advocating for clarifications, balances, and more viable player choice. Finally, metagaming is always going to happen. I mentioned in passing before that expecting every weapon in the game to be perfectly viable is ideal, but unrealistic. Players will always optimize for success in any game and therefore core weapons, strategies, and so on will arise. To presume otherwise would be naive. This said, I do not believe there is ever any harm in expanding a meta as much as possible. Our current "rock-paper-scissors" could be "rock-paper-scissors-shotgun" and even that could go on and on. Although I admit doing this in a game requires a delicate hand and attention to detail -- it is not as easy as just slapping on new stuff. Suggestions I know I have covered a broad sphere of topics in this post. Yet, I have not clearly suggested anything yet. I need to first say that I am not in the least a game developer, just a passionate player. I do not know or have all the right answers. However, my first suggestion would be making it explicitly clear what every weapon is supposed to do; in the tutorial, in the weapon descriptions, and certainly in ARMAS. Is it for killing people or destroying vehicles? What separates it from other weapons in its niche? Where should I use it? My second, and probably less reasonable suggestion, is a call for localized nerfs or near-universal buffs. I think at this point my ire for the N-TEC is starkly clear and it would be my first choice for re-balancing. Or, take a hard look at other assault rifles and try to make them more competitive. Though, naturally, these buffs would have to extend beyond just assault rifles. Make vague weapons less so (give the ISSR more shooting speed or a bigger clip; doing one or the other will really help define it as a weapon for killing people or ruining vehicles). There are so many ways to do this and all of them are very dependent on individual weapons. I would be happy to elaborate in the future, but this post is already a monster in size. Another option, although probably far too great an undertaking, would be to somehow integrate a new way to practically customize weapons. Conclusion Finally, I will just briefly reiterate my points. There seems to be an internal logic to combat that the game pushes: weapon swap in reaction to environments and opposing load outs/play styles (this logic can be somewhat overridden with skill, something APB is highly saturated with). Despite this system of reactions which relies on clear weapon niches, a very small portion of available weapons currently dominate their niches. Some, such as the N-TEC and Carbine, even are extremely viable in niches they are technically far removed from (particularly long and close ranges). My suggested solutions include better clarity in the ARMAS, on weapon descriptions, and in the tutorial as to this reactionary system and the niches of weapons. Further, my solutions include either specific, localized nerfs to weapons such as the N-TEC or broad buffs to currently less viable weapons. Additionally, vague weapons such as the ISSR or Strife could use tweaks to better make clear what their niche actually is. The specifics of these changes I opted not to suggest citing both my own inexperience as a game developer and that it would require another long post given each change would be on a case by case basis. Now I would like to thank any readers who have gotten to the end. I know it was probably a hassle, but I am passionate about the game and really want nothing other than for it to succeed. While much of my input is subjective, it is also based on extensive time across almost 7 years of APB. This is my honest take on one of the greatest issues with the game right now, comparable to the issue of the skill gap -- which, for the record, I believe to be the largest problem facing Little Orbit. If anyone from Little Orbit puts eyes on this post, I want to personally thank you for giving it the time. I recognize that what you all must have on the table right now is a tall order and by extension recognize that suggestions such as my own are probably logistical impossibilities at the moment. Regardless, I appreciate the time and effort. I am hopeful that Little Orbit can breath life into APB and claim a bit of the glory the game has always deserved.
  2. I am aware there is another topic for buffing the anubis, however I thought I would create my own as the other does not seem to offer an actual solution or explain what is wrong The NCR-762 'Anubis' Adeen is a 3-shot-to-kill sniper rifle type weapon. It features a unique sight as part of its legendary gimmick. The original version of the anubis was, in my opinion, quite good. It has a good rate of fire, and the bloom was very manageable as you vould easily time your shots a little slower to maintain accuracy or try to fire at max rate for shorter ranges. This, coupled with the anubis's good mobility and great 'aiming time' (a term I will use to describe the time it takes for the retivule to reach macimum accuracy after entering marksmanship mode) meant that it could provide quick, mobile, precision damage without being overbearing like an N-HVR. It was a fun weapon to both use and play against. It could be compared to a DMR, with the movement penalty removed, but with reduced damage and lacking the reverse damage dropoff that the DMR features. Some players had an issue with the gun's legendary sight, saying that it was too intrusive and made the gun too hard to use. To fix this, Gamersfirst issued a change to it in the large amounts of weapon rebalances a few years ago. They made the sight slightly translucent to allow players to see better. This was fine. However, they also made major changes to how the gun performed: The 'aim time' was increased significantly, meaning that you have to wait a significant amount of time before being able to shoot accurately. The bloom was increased massively, meaning the shot fired after the first will almost always miss unless you wait the even longer time for the reticule to shrink back to sensible levels. The bloom decreases with each shot fired, meaning you have to fire 3-4 shots before you can fire at a similar rate to the old accurate firerate. These changes made the anubis an extremely cumbersome and unintuitive weapon. It now has a long setup time, slow effective rate of fire and makes the user waste ammo if you want both accuracy and a decent time-to-kill. I suggest the reversion of the bloom mechanic to something like what it had before. This would allow the anubis to be a quick responsive sniper again and not feel punishing to the user. Thank you for your time and I hope you consider my suggestion. edit: I revisted the other thread and saw the user Kewlin brought up the issues I have discussed here. Apparently the excessive delay of bloom recovery is a bug, as it was only supposed to be applied to the N-HVR 762 (Where it makes a lot of sense!). I believe that reverting the mechanics would be the best and simplest fix, if this is possible for LO. I do not know if the old mechanics would have been stored.
  3. Can kill's by blowing up a vehicle PLEASE count toward role progression? For the longest time it has made no sense that APB would have dedicated anti vehicle weaponry like rockets and AV machineguns or even AV Snipers and then force people to instead injure cars and hope to kill the enemy once there out of it just to get kill's toward there role. It just makes no sense, why it wouldnt, get a kill with that sweet as hell long range conc throw blowing up someones fleeing vehicle? Why should you not be rewarded for your efforts? calculate your enemy vehicle route and spawn in to intercept blowing up there car with a Volcano, why should you not get credit for that? Surf around on your buddies car chasing down players that are relocating with your dedicated AV gun, why should APB deny you just cus your killing a player by using there vehicle against them? Please Little Orbit, common, make it happen.
  4. Yes, i play on bronze servers. And i'm a silver player ( even if i have 700hours on this game) but i have a reason, i only run the game at 13fps max. The issue is that i see so many golds or R255 on bronze servers, where there is new players, and so much of them abuse this system. And i just would like to know why in the world does so many golds rather have easy kills and bully new players than playing against people of their level and getting better at this game ? I mean, now silver servers are the equivalent of golden servers back in the days. We realy need to fix this issue.
  5. I want to apologize in advance for my knowledge of the English language, there will be many errors in text... Sorry. I rly not know why devs don't added it's system yet for single shot weapons. But in the end - most players feel pain. I told about normal user and macro user (or fetishist with mouse wheel). It's a realy big trouble: 1) No one can tap five times in a row with the same interval! 2) The declared rate of fire of the weapon does not always work! 3) Macro-players and fetishist have the advantage! ____________________ Each number (with examples on Colby 45 200ms ROF): 1) Every your tap be with statistic errors +-N ms on each tap. If u tap earlier than ROF is end (like 198ms after shot) - u not shot and next tap be after long time (~100-200ms) - in the end your TTK suck greatly. If u tap later than ROF is end (like 220 ms) - your TTK sucks, but not strong as first example. But it's does not matter. Your TTK suck without macro. 2) Declared fire rate - it's problem for players with 50+ ping. Even macros can't shot with 200ms without empty shot, because it's be place for signal latency (200 +0 to +15 latency statistic error). For me with ping 90 it's be 212ms. My TTK suck on ~48ms with macro, how about ordinary people? FULL AUTO WEAPONS shot in another firing system(react to holding tap, when fast taping each tap u hold lkm ~10ms), it's problem only for single shot weapons. 3) After all that has been said, it is clear why they have an advantage. They won in TTK. ______________ To at least somehow equalize all the players (macro players and ordinary people and people with high ping) i suggest add "Buffer shooting system"! Buffer shooting system: It's system save your click if u tap earlier than ROF is end and shot interval be in declared time and it's countermeasure versus macroplayers. How it works(for example Colby 45): ROF 200ms; Buffer time 50ms; 0ms -first tap => shot => start fire interval time! 150ms -start Buffer time! 177ms -second tap, buffer save its tap! Merged. OR Second Buffer system. How it works(for example Colby 45): ROF 200ms; 0ms -first lkm click => shot => start fire interval time! ~170ms -second click, but with hold lkm! 200ms -shot! ~230ms -unhold lkm! ~340ms - third click with hold lkm! 400ms - shot! ~410 - unhold etc. Without Buffer time, but with the need to press(and hold) lkm every time after firing (something like Trigger in fullauto fire mode). 200ms -shot! (Value of buffer time only for example, its value should be calibrate) P.S. I know some player have a pro-macros with anti vertical recoil, but i say only about fire interval macros.
  6. You people didn’t take me serious but whatever im glad the same people who disagreed with me are now unhappy. I told all of you so and this topic is about why a lot of people are complaining about the new patch
  7. I specifically said the first time to leave auto shotguns alone but noo you people just had to whine about them and now i am seeing posts of people claiming some automatic shotguns are broken or over op or less op g1 may screwed up on a lot of things but they sure knew how to keep the shotguns right I’m just glad i see the same people who disagreed with me in the first place now disagreeing against the new changes im glad you’re upset you deserve to be upset. and the topic is about why the new shotgun changes is unnecessary
  8. Hello I read in the news to the patch of 2 October 2019 that the developers added NTEC-5 to the experimental area, and one of the fixes was -5 meters to the range. And I wonder this fix NTEC-5 affect for Raptor 'Condor' Why am I asking? 1. Fix NTEC-5 refers to all NTEC-5-like rifles. Atac and Raptors, albeit others, but their range is the same. (50 meters) 2. And yet, in APB-DB at the Raptor 'Condor', a range of 45 meters is written. Is she true? And if it drops 40, then this weapon can be thrown out. Write your thoughts, and if possible, the developer can comment on this somehow, thank you. (here there are 100% errors, I apologize in advance for them, English is not my native language)
  9. Hello folks! As i said in the N-TEC thread, my intention was to research and find what does the community wanted in terms of the N-TEC balance. The results have been quite impressive. As of now.. from 159 people, 59 want the other ARS to be balanced and 59 want everything as it is right now. Here is my opinion. Like most people i think the N-TEC is quite balanced and versatile and doesnt need touch. The REAL problem is that you have no other option in the AR department that can be as effective as the N-TEC. And thats a HUGE issue. Now we could talk about all ARs all day.. but why do that when we can focus on the only other AR everybody can get that doesnt ARMAS and the only other option you have in F2P. Here is where the STAR 556 comes in. This is gonna be a little long, but please take the time to read. WHY BUFF THE STAR 556? The Problem The STAR 556 is known for everybody as the starter weapon. The rifle with newbies start to get acustomed to the game. However, everybody switches to the N-TEC or other guns sooner or later and next to no one uses the star on high demanding matches. You wanna know why? Thats why i asked about the N-TEC in the first place. The N-TEC is a balanced and versatile rifle that has a learning curve but when you know how to use it is a power house yet is still counterable. Most important, its very good at Long, excelent at medium ranges and somewhat decent at short range. The STAR 556 is a decent rifle... with is decent at long, medium and short ranges. See a problem here? All guns in the game, no matter how are balanced now, are designed to Excel in at least one type of range. EXCEPT THE STAR!! IT DOES NOT FIT IN THE BALANCE!! Your enemy has an HVR? then you get another HVR or obeya/obir to counter. CQC? an OCA or Shotgun. Against a STAR?? ... EVERYTHING WILL DO! Even worse.. the delicate balance of the STAR cannot be touched by mods. Cooling jacket? gives to much bloom. Improved rifling? Also too much bloom on mid ranges. Hunting sight? Breaks your cqc capabilities. Reflex sight?. Barely works. Name me ONE mod setting you can use on a STAR thats is more effective than "decent" or works better than on the N-TEC. I DARE YA!! "but zea, the star is the starter rifle... is build so newbies can learn the ropes of the game." NO. WHAT IT DOES IS GIVING EM A FALSE SENSE OF A BALANCED GUN, AND THEN THEY HAVE TO JUMP TO THE N-TEC OR OTHER GUNS WITH A REAL LEARNING CURVE AND SUFFER FOR IT. All weapons have a learning curve.. you cant learn to play the game with a gun made to be "just good at all ranges" when all the rest of weapons have better odds against it in their respective ranges. (except the snub maybe ?? [Click and drag to move] ) What does this have to do with the N-TEC? The N-TEC is the REAL most balanced and versatile AR of the game. Yes, it takes time to master, but makes you learn the most about ranges, shoot discipline, cover, ttk and more. So now.. knowing that the N-TEC is the most balanced AR in the game.. WE CAN USE IT AS THE BEST FOUNDATION TO BUFF THE STAR (and maybe the other rifles... but more on that later) The Stats STAR 556 / N-TEC (Source APBdb) The Solution As you can see in the stats the star is pretty similar to the ntec in terms of damage drop and having notable differences in the accuracy and bloom recovery. So what do i propose for the STAR? to make it as the lore says: "A jack-of-all-trades in its class, the Somatic Tactical Assault Rifle works best at short to middle ranges. While not the most accurate of rifles, the STAR 556 can fire fully-automatic without extreme loss of precision, making it a useful training weapon. " In other words.. instead of how the N-TEC works.. (Very good long range/excel mid range/good close range). Make it the close range alternative (good long range/excel mid range/very good close range). How? Here are some ideas for me. - Change the ttk to 0.70 sec by giving 7% more base firerate. - Change the bloom recovery so it recovers the same way and same speed as the N-TEC, but with less per shot modifier, so it can burst at mid ranges properly and mantain cqc capabilities. - Reduce the bloom modifier for shooting on the move so you can reflex it properly and meaningfully if you want to. And there you go, you got 2 balanced rifles instead of one with fairly good leraning curve and versatility and arent OP. Conclusion Finally.. if they really do changes on the star... Make it a choice of the starter weapon between the STAR and the N-TEC. That way you can have legitimate good learning curves and you will have a good rifle either way in the long run. If some of my data is wrong please tell me and ill correct it as soon as possible. Any support, idea or opinion would be greately appreciated. Thanks for reading, hope this very little proposal can help to make a more balanced game with everyone can enjoy. PSD: We could make comparition with other rifles... but i think the STAR is the most comparable (and insulting) case.
  10. Is the ogre any better or did they nerf it? And if so what changed serious replies only
  11. https://apbreloaded.gamersfirst.com/2018/09/mid-september-update.html?m=1 what do they mean by 4 shots from 7 meters?
  12. It was nice to see and spend time with the Devs and GM's in-game, so thank you for taking the time to do so! I noticed there was no thread at least in social for feedback yet so here's one. --------------------------------- Open PVP didn't work out too well, it was somewhat enjoyable but definitely nerve wracking trying to figure out if the out of mission guy next to you is going to kill you or not. Luckily this is being addressed. Gm presence was great to see, though I do agree it would be cool to see them as split between ENF and Crim so that more people get to play against the GM team during events/testing. Testing: For testing I only used a few guns during the testing time (shredder pr3 preset with ir3) and strife. So I'll mention my experience with them and opinion. 1. Shredder got a much needed decrease in effectiveness, at least that would be for the base variants, the IR3 (pr3) version which has now only a partial gain in range in comparison to before sadly got hit with the extended rof decrease giving it a roughly 1s ttk for a weapon with ~25m range. The weapon no longer effectively 3 hits as easily, which can be seen as a positive however, that often leaves it severely lacking in most situations in the closer range ranges even against ARs with its now very high ttk. The base variants without ir3, should however be much more balanced than before the changes and won't have the same issue as the pr3. But I cannot give a full review of them as I didn't use them. Next 2. Strife, I'm unsure what to make of the change I didn't notice too much of a difference, however, it wasn't exactly too strong before imo, especially since it's high ttk kept it in check. So while I'm not against the rework it's not something I feel was needed. The strife itself isn't used very often in general because most other shotguns are better choices in most, if not all situations due to its ttk, so having a high Overkill for it isn't something I'm against. Didn't get to play around too much with the ar changes, but a test beforehand showed ntec could 7/8 hit at 52m which seems to have the desired effect for AR's. So that's a plus. Further observations: IR3 Ir3 as a as a mod or even as a preset on shotguns seem to hurt them with very little to no benefit now. Before it was used as a way to improve the weapon with no downside, now that the mod has a downside, any shotguns with it often become worse for little gain due to the rof changes and at most ~4 to 6m average to gain. If you account for spread on shotguns it may not be a very good trade. This difference forces them to lose out against their peers due to ttk differences. The mod at one point being preset made sense. With the new changes I am unsure whether it can holds true for so little to gain with the current downside. On smgs IR3 has a little better effect, however, most times they aren't effective in reaching and taking out enemies at their max ranges in the first place so it isn't likely going to see much if any use on many smgs if any. Due to losing out in cqc and unable to make use of the extra range.
  13. APB Reloaded is broken even worse after the balance patch. I feel it should be reverted until finalization on OTW test has been done. (after the patch was rushed) IR3 +9m to +7.5m instant change was not notified that it was live. I got confused of the change. Supposedly it was suppose to be only live on test servers + the shotgun range nerf. IR3 preslotted mods have ruined my preslotted weapons.
  14. i don't even know how to start this, that's how bad these changes are, holy crap. im just gonna get straight into it, ill start with positives since that's a much shorter list Positives: N-TEC 7 'Ursus' Delay before bloom begins to recover: 0.075 -> 0.085 (Nerf) Maximum Bloom: 2.4 -> 2.8 (Nerf) Marksman accuracy while moving: 1.2 -> 1.6 (Nerf) Minimal changes that make the gun handicapped enough to not be as big of an issue before. thanks. why can't you do this for other guns? N-TEC 5 Maximum Bloom: 2.4 -> 2.0 (Buff) Allows the gun to be viable enough to spray in close quarters again. thanks, it's not terribly accurate but its enough to not lose every fight because you have your ntec out. Stabba PIG Stamina damage: 950 -> 675 (Nerf) i mean, it doesn't fix pig perc, which was ultimately the issue, but it does lower the strength of combos like JG pig or CCG pig. so im ok with this change, it's not awful. N-HVR 243 'Scout' Damage per shot: 550 -> 600 (Buff) Equip time: 0.6 -> 0.8 (Nerf) small change, noticeable enough to make the gun seen a little more commonly, while keeping it balanced. im ok with this Obeya CAP40 'Sergeant' Recovery per second: 4.44 -> 4.5 (Buff) Radius at 10m: 37 -> 36 (Buff) nice FAR Maximum Bloom: 1.45 -> 1.65 (Nerf) nice Colby PMG 28 Accuracy when crouched: 0.8 -> 1.0 (Nerf) Accuracy at 10m: 33 -> 34 (Nerf) Effective Range: 35 -> 20 (Nerf) Min damage Range: 50 -> 35 (Nerf) Recovery per second: 7.2 -> 6.9 (Nerf) It's a little overkill, but the gun's still useable, so props. onto the negatives we GO OBIR Bolt timer: false -> true (Nerf) Reserve ammo: 240 -> 144 (Nerf) this was by no means the way to fix the OBIR's strength. lowering the damage so that the gun didn't have literally insane overdamage(as it still does) would have allowed the gun to keep its place in the meta. now there's no reason to play the gun because the Obeya CR762 exists. please for the love of god do NOT touch the cr762 and just revert this change and lower the obir's damage. N-HVR 762 Damage per shot: 850 -> 800 (Nerf) can't you just revert the stupid crosshair thing and then lower the damage to 750? S1-NA 'Manic' Accuracy while jumping: 2.2 -> 4.4 (Nerf) Damage per shot: 115 -> 110 (Nerf) Maximum Bloom: 0.6 -> 0.725 (Nerf) a great way to completely destroy a $50 gun and completely remove it from the meta. Joker SR15 Carbine "We decided to bring the Carbine back into the spotlight again" Bloom per shot: 0.23 -> 0.20 (Buff) Reserve ammo: 100 -> 140 (Buff) first of all, the carbine was never not in the spotlight, second of all, now you have people lasering with the carbine at ranges they shouldn't be. ACT-44 Effective range: 70 -> 60 (Nerf) Equip time: 0.6 -> 0.9 (Nerf) im ok with the range change, but why would you nerf the equip time? like, yeah dude, the #1 thing I want to do is switch to my ACT44 in close quarters because my close range primary is totally not a viable option. if a player needs to switch to this gun as fast as 0.6, it's because they're in a deep situation. now their secondary is no longer viable to get them out of the situation. by the time anyone pulls out their ACT44 they're gonna get melted by literally every gun that isnt a sniper/ marksman rifle. Colby RSA Fire interval: 0.85 -> 0.9 (Nerf) Delay before bloom begins to recover: 0.5 -> 0.3 (Buff) Accuracy while walking: 1.2 -> 1.75 (Nerf) Accuracy while running (not sprint): 2 -> 2.5 (Nerf) YOU NERFED THE RSA? THE ENTIRELY OFF META GUN THAT NOBODY EXCEPT ACORN AND SHERIFF ROLEPLAY DUDES USE BECAUSE IT WAS ALREADY BAD. I needn't say anymore about this. OCA-EW 626 Fire interval: 0.1 -> 0.096 (Buff) Recovery per second: 5.15 -> 5.35 (Buff) Maximum Bloom: 0.7 -> 0.66 (Buff) Accuracy when crouched: 1.0 -> 0.8 (Buff) OCA-EW 626 'Whisper' Effective Range: 50 -> 30 (Nerf) Min damage Range: 55 -> 35 (Nerf) Accuracy at 10m: 36 -> 33 (Buff) dude, wHAT? who thought this was okay? If you're nerfing the pmg you can't buff the OCA as well, ESPECIALLY NOT THIS STRONG. Now there's absolutely no reason to use a PMG, and no reason to use a shotgun unless you're holding a corner. You nerfed the range on the whisper but with the accuracy buff, it might as well not have even happened. Ridiculous. Colby SNR 850 Equip time: 0.1 -> 0.5 (Nerf) so the only benefit to an otherwise dead gun is gone now, nice this is entirely opinionated, you're free to disagree with it, just, y'know, be civilized.
  15. As the title suggests this thread will contain all Vehicle related suggestions so keep the ideas flowing in. I will start off that since LO's CEO mattscott has decided to add new content into the game, with one of them being a new release of a vehicle, I would suggest a slight modification to that new car if possible. SCISSOR DOORS. It's about damn time we got a vehicle that opens up with a scissor door (meaning upwards like a Lamborghini). Anyhow, that was just a suggestion to get this going, but feel free to mention more suggestions related to vehicle please post them in here, have fun and thanks! :D - Kush Patel 7/24/18 (Fluidify/LDnB) Twitch.tv/FluidifyAPB
  16. Sure sure, its 'tAcTiCs' But it needs a legitimate balance instead of 'gIt GuD' or changing your load out. With LO changing how ammo boxes work it just increases the time it takes to adapt to people nabbing the item and running. My only idea for fixing this issue would be to either increase the time you have for these objective holds or force the item to respawn if it leaves a specific radius of where the item is spawned. The latter could help decrease teams placing the item in an 'ez spot' along with preventing running with the item. Hell, why not just remove the timer and require them to hold the item until it's gotten the required points. It would still be a lot better than how it is now. I get people will fuzzy bunny about any form of change, but unless the end mission time is increased, there is no real reason to chase after people who run away with items when you have held the item for say 4 minutes of the 6 and suddenly the enemy kills you and is running away with the item in a vehicle. You have 2 minutes to change your weapon or find a vehicle to hunt down the enemy that is now 600 meters away and you have a 1:30 minutes left depending on if you find a vehicle in time or change your weapons. Some mission end stages have a decent amount of time, however a lot of them don't and there currently is no real way to fight against those who will nab the item in the last minute or two and run away.
  17. please revert changes made to weapons and repair torch because it ruined alot of unique setups and strats Merged. and revert grenade resupply nerf please
  18. Especially the bloody mary at least some reduced recoil or something to improve them a little bit more?
  19. First of all, let us compare the S1-FA 'Frenzy' stats with both the Ntec and FAR. NTEC stats: Time to Kill 0.70 sec Shots to Kill 6 Health Damage 190 Stamina Damage 20 Hard Damage 19.00 Drop off Range 50m FAR stats: Time to Kill 0.70 sec Shots to Kill 6 Time to Stun 6.86 sec Shots to Stun 50 Health Damage 175 Stamina Damage 20 Hard Damage 19.3 Drop off Range 50 m S1-FA 'Frenzy' stats: Time to Kill 0.69 sec Shots to Kill 7 Time to Stun 5.64 sec Shots to Stun 50 Health Damage 143 Stamina Damage 20 Hard Damage 14.3 Drop off Range 50 m ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conclusion: As you can see, the S1-FA 'Frenzy' clearly does NOT FIT in its category, it requires 7 STK, which is extremely unreliable, it may be the same TTK at very close range, however at medium range, trying to land that last hit is quite difficult and often frustrating, if you are in a fire fight, you mostly just end up dying anyway. the S1-FA Brothers are quite competitive and well in their place inside their category, while the Frenzy is clearly outmatched in 90% of the situations compared to his brothers, since LO is working so hard in the balance department , I highly suggest you consider a buff to this gun.
  20. Power creep refers to the practice of applying a higher-than-normal power level to new content over time. It basically means if you drew a graph of the average power level of everything in the game over time, it would be sloping upward. The opposite of sloping upward is sloping downward. While there is no term for power 'regression' it is mainly due to the overwhelming opinion that it would, by and large, only anger and frustrate the players. In this game, the answer to what was becoming a steady trend of power creep, was the bullet curves system and when it was implemented seemed to be received highly negatively. Although everyone seems to agree that balance is an issue that needs addressing, nobody seems to agree on how it ought to be done on a weapon by weapon basis. Multiple discussions (read: arguments, fights, and other volatile interactions, as this topic is HIGHLY debated and leads to more than a few people become extremely heated) recently have made it apparent that there is a large portion of players that find more than 'just a few' weapons have no place in the game as their purpose is filled more capably by the current META, thus leaving many to already feel as though their $ was wasted, or their time/effort spent to earn the JT and buy the weapon in game was wasted, leaving a bitter taste in their mouth and furthering the discontent that seems to be rife within the playerbase among both new players and veterans. This poll is simple: The idea is that balance is achieved when the power levels of all implemented weapons are more or less 'standardized' across the whole of the game and are made competitive and fair for F2P and Premium players, veterans and new players -- that 'balance' has been achieved when the only advantage in the game is had on an experience level, skill level, map knowledge level etc. and is not dependent upon the gun you are using, bringing ALL guns to a place where they are competitive, enjoyable to use, and capable of standing against the current META (most effective tactic available.)... TL;DR people are unhappy with how guns are currently, but also seem unhappy with how the guns are being adjusted, so instead of having LO waste their time which could be better spent on more important content development/game fixes and updates (like the engine) by implementing changes, and then repeatedly rolling them back, let's help them figure out what kind of changes OVERALL we, as the playerbase, want to see in the guns. There are two straightforward options that will most effectively achieve balance across the board and should (conceivably, fingers crossed) satisfactorily apply a literal baseline to build towards in the future, as trying to adjust each weapon individually with no 'baseline' to compare to, no standard to measure against, is simply that -- adjustment, not balance. 1: Buff the sub-meta to be comparable and competitive with the current meta. 2: Nerf the current meta to be comparable and competitive with the sub-meta. Important Edit!: Buffing/nerfing is by no means generalizing all the guns. It is intended to mean adjusting the guns niches, and their balancing factors, to be more competetive with each other in relation to the environment. The meta is currently capable of reaching well beyond/extending far beyond its intended niche, while the sub-meta is far too specialized/has too strong of balancing factors for the niche it fills. This is something I likely should have stated, but for some reason to me it felt it should have been taken as a given that this was the intention and not that I was suggesting we generalize all the guns/remove the rock-paper-scissors style of gameplay that APB has always enjoyed. Balance is only achieved when one of these two is achieved, and fiddling with all of the guns weapon by weapon has so far only served to polarize (to the extreme) the community and damage the game's longevity. Please stick to the topic at hand -- this thread is not intended to discuss what the current META is, or anything at all beyond how to most effectively achieve weapon balance across all weapons and make the game fairer, more playable, and more enjoyable across the board. This thread is not to discuss individual weapons and how to balance them either. It is very specifically to get the playerbase's thoughts and feelings on whether or not balance should be scaled upwards, or downwards, so that the dev team can have a goal to aim for that will be represented as the desires and preference of the playerbase. If you do not vote you are opting out of your chance to be heard and make a difference and thereby cannot blame anyone but yourself if changes are implemented you do not like. In the spirit of maintaining the constructive intention and purpose of this thread, I would ask that any forum moderators please delete any posts that they feel are solely inflammatory and do not lend towards a civil, useful discourse.
  21. I'm releasing this post a bit early due to the weapon balancing that seems to be going on in APB. This post isn't a suggestion but a collaboration among veterans to reach an equilibrium with weapon balancing. This document is no where near complete and still needs a lot of work but i feel it can serve as a justification what can be changed to benefit all of the community. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1E6xMggGRngFFBTetuZQ7-e9cmWTRgSiX54BxO4gVGr8/edit?usp=sharing
  22. Hi, i don't know if this thread has been discussed before or not. Please add this to the road map, weapons are not balanced. we have seen it there, for example PMG ! dat OP range.
  23. i thought the weapon balance like you said in the video was going to be very minor changes if anything now i feel like the best choice would be to stop the nerfs in general and to stop this new weapon balance because i feel like it will further make apb lose players everyone is so used to quick scoping or whatever you call it and many people out there cash out on a lot of money on the yukon because of the way it performs i know this game is very fast paced but that's what makes apb very nice and very different and diverse compared to other games a lot of games out there have very repetitive weapon balances but what i liked about apb the most is the weapons on here were very different from one another which makes it diverse i don't like the improved rifling nerf and i am sure a lot of people out there don't like it either also i can speak for the people who don't like the yukon nerf and the nhvr nerf im going to be very realistic about this if this weapon balance does come a lot of fast paced players like me will just leave apb i like the weapon system the way it is now if anything the registry system and the servers just need a fix since when did people become so bad that they want this game to be slow paced and the weapons to be nerfed if i wanted such a weak weapon balance i would just go back on gta v honestly and people most of the time just stick around here because of social district due to customization my last proposal is to keep the current weapons the same and bring out new weapons that you want to implement the nerfs on to because in all honesty i would not be surprised if i still see a majority of people using the old weapons compared to the new ones i just don't see why as individuals we can't learn to coexist and coplay with and against each other than that the reason im typing all of this is because im trying to save my ogre and i learned how to go up against quick switchers with snipers and yukons and i still won a lot of times why can't everyone do the same instead why not just buff other weapons that aren't mainly used as much instead of just adding downgrades to current weapons and mods that are being used and that are actually good. and just because this post get's a lot of dislikes doesn't mean that of all i just mentioned wont happen because it will probably happen not everyone gets on the forums and when they find out what happended to their beloved weapons it's just going to end up being a dispute these changes are too much if people whine so much about not getting access to a joker weapon or if they feel that it's so overpowering why can't you little orbit just take off the joker boxes concept and start selling those legendarys for double the profit which guarantees that you will get the weapon instead of just gambling for them which will give less excuses for people to whine about just think about it.
  24. Revert all changes to the game from 2013 onwards and go from there. Gamersfirst really, really fucked the game up over the past few years, and trying to balance around their terrible decisions is unlikely to yield positive results.
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