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  1. Easy concept but I don't know how it would/if it could be implemented--- On launch of the program (so regardless of launching directly, with launcher, with Advanced Launcher, with or without anything at all) the game makes a runtime check of the current SDK to see if it's ever been dumped, and if it has, that PC is instantly HWID banned. The people who know what this does, will be one of two kinds of people ... the ones who need banning, and the dev staff or those with Unreal Engine game development experience. It can also be said without any doubt in my mind that anybody who is against this idea, is one of the people who need banning. Theoretically running a check to see if the SDK has ever been dumped shouldn't increase launch time (too much anyway) and wouldn't have the drag on the CPU that data monitoring would (I think? I'm not certain.) Edit: THis would also take care of the fact that there are workarounds for HWID bans, as the ban would be reapplied every time the game launches.
  2. ....we get to take our NA characters to EU....
  3. Oh and for the record, I am seeing an immense number of people currently testing to see if these changes affected the ursus or new glory, and someone is spamming /d chat for an ursus in what I feel is fear of the district B changes being accepted as the ones to keep.
  4. So, while I am contending that one tenth of a second is (again at maximum, a tenth) an aount of time that is indistinguishable by perception, you would likely tell me that the Frenzy being a 0.69ttk versus the ntec's 0.7 ttk makes a noticeable, important difference? There may sound like there is snark in this question, but there isn't -- I am genuinely asking if you feel that those 'barely-quantifiable-as-time-having-passed' measurements of time, make an amount of difference in the game in anything beynd a 1v1 where youre both shooting each other at the same time ... (... which is playing the game wrong, because 1v1s aren't supposed to happen, the whole game mechanics are based around 2v1, 3v2, 4v3, and 4v4 -- thus making your squad most efficient and have the highest chances of winning when coordinated EDIT: and firing on the same target at once in order to compound your ttk) I am not asking you to tell me the answer based on a 1v1 where you shoot each other simultaneously at the explosion of a grenade.... everyone knows if you get the first bullet off on someone in the NTEC 'territory' you have killed them full stop, unless they pop a shield or have nearby cover.
  5. So, you havent' encountered anybody being able to land all 6 shots tapfiring from 57m at no more than 0.8 of a second? Cause it feels like to me, most people I fight who USE NTEC, do it with consistency. EDIT: in fact I'm about to sit down and test this now. While landing a perfect 0.7 on a moving target only happens in fight clubs vs. the closets, I'm about to see the realism of landing those shots at that range in that time frame against someone who is crouched and firing back at you.
  6. I have never been someone who 'complains' about the NTEC, first of all -- lemme clarify that. I do however find it silly that a gun exists that can effectively beat any gun it faces, without having to change at least mod loadouts. When I say silly, what I mean is boring. As far as I am concerned, the reason I dislike jumpshooting scouts, QSing hvrs, NTECs hitting 0.7 perfect ttks at max effective range even with IR3 but losing 0% cqc capability... is that it reduces the usefulness of other guns that were made with niche purpose in mind. ... Why have any other gun at all when NTEC can fill their role/purpose at least equally as effectively as the gun it's filling in for? Edit: RFP Fang is a case-in-point here. Why have/use any other secondary if you have the RFP Fang? Maybe in CQC now, the FBW/.45 goes back to the standard but, why have any other magnum at all, let alone renting a PDW/NFA-9 for cqc when the RFP/FBW/.45 can do it all, but better? .45 and FBW reach easily into mid-range, and RFP Fang is a pocket obir that lands shots equally as accurately hipfiring in close quarters so.... why do other secondaries even exist beyond those?
  7. CJ 3 obeya rifle? Oh, you mean an Ursus.... except you can still put IR3 on an Ursus.... NTEC should never beat obeya rifle at range. That kinda makes the gun, IDK, pointless.
  8. The reduced bloom settle speed DOES reduce the TTK at range. It literally does exactly that, while leaving it untouched when in a situation where you can full-auto the gun and land all 6 shots.
  9. How is it bad to have to learn a skill instead of relying on the gun to do the work for you..... lazy.... I agree with PowderdJedi420 Edit: Disregard entirely. I compared, and i 100000% support the district b nerf.
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