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    APB:R - Queue system

    Hi APB Community & Administration, The suggestion is simple and was probably asked many times before ... Since population has arise at a substantial level! Please for the love of god add a queue system with sound notification when you are tabbed out of the game so we can be notified that we are entering a district of any sort. Hope it was clear! Thank you for your assistance on this matter! Have a good day! AND may i say I DO LOVE APB RELOADED A LOT!
  2. No way you are still on the forums long time no see...
  3. Hi, I just want all my equipment slots. I'd be very happy and fluffy :3 Dwanks!~
  4. Love the changes can't wait to see how its going to affect some peoples. Next patch : Stabba - PIG nerf. Stamina Damage 950 ??? Remote Detonator : Detonates your Deployed Vehicle after 2s + 0.05s per meter ??? Colby PMG 28 & any variant similar to it ex: CBMP-45 'Dart' : Either drop the health damage 200>150 or rise up the fire interval a little...? PMG and its variant models are the only one in the sub-machine guns category that are doing 200 health damage.. the distance in health damage with the others is quite significant. Just those 3 are massively abused in different encounters. Thanks
  5. FYI I don't know why its relevant to have HUD notification of an Heat 5 in every districts in general when you've disabled the possibility to interact outside of mission with it while those Heat 5 are being within a mission(Financial/Waterfront). Minimize the irritation of the HUD by minimizing anything awfully too big. I wish there was an option to just simply resize anything in the HUD to our liking. Take Black Desert Online by default not the same type of game but yeah you get the point.. Regards,
  6. Not login thro steam and i still get the error code 9.
  7. I bow down to my king! Much appreciated good sir!
  8. I would just wish that the threat limitation wouldn't even be a thing on PC as well were not in a state where we have the luxury to have a threat limitation in the moment being. Why not testify it for a week and see for yourself if its gonna be a burden or a revelation. Regards,
  9. I killed this man. B) Can we have a preview in game of the title..what it looks like? Pretty please? Otherwise i'll just wait for next Thursday like mention. I had great fun looking at all this chaos. Lovely event! Cheers!
  10. It wasn't for me 10min ago restarted my game rejoined and it was fine. Try again.
  11. I'm glad finnaly someone as brought this up because from that i can realise a little too late that i haven't elaborated my opinion on the matter and just made it look really drastic. If i would of elaborated by the same opponent time my opinion..this topic would of probably then be moved to " Suggestions & Ideas " which would of broken the spirit of having a discussion. I'm glad and not at the same time of what i've seen in this topic but as i mention you can't please everyone and you never will be capable of... I've been reading every posts that were valuables.. i was just hoping someone would of just ask these specific questions earlier. 1. A : What i define as loitering is someone that is not having any apparent purpose. By the contrary racing as Kempington does once in a while is an event with a purpose. I've seen multiple events with cars and i'm not against them. Its actually an event that promote a certain type of activity that entertain an audience. Smashing stores and stealing from pedestrians is a purpose since its a mechanism that was introduced by the developers. Hunting bounties sure is too but yet it isn't as frequent as it can be so.. is it valuable to standby and do nothing while you could probably catch a bounty while being on a mission since of the frequency of it? Your next point, one of them is an achievement so yes obviously its not considering loitering since you are reaching for a specific goal. If the other one would exist then yes obviously since your GOAL is to GAIN a specific kind of currency in game to ACQUIRE something you're wishing to possess. 2.A : I certainly don't want any automated mechanism to be involved with this because i doubt that such a thing could judge in a fair way what isn't considered loitering and what is. I think that reporting is quite enough and that it will be investigated by a person with common sense. 3.A : There is no guarantees obviously and only time and statistic could tell but i doubt that we have that luxury. I'm really thankful for your post honestly, Hopefully this clarify even further my opinion once again, Regards,
  12. From the first post i made it sure did sound selfish to ruins everyone fun for my own opinion upon a certain situation. We all have different opinions and not everyone will be happy over it. You can't satisfy everyone. I'm just trying to find an alternative to a problem that could possibly have a sudden impact due to the fact that our playerbase isn't what it was back when the game was released. As some of you said " i don't know why its a problem now when it wasn't a few years ago " We just aren't in the same timeframe and need to realize that. Since we aren't probably having the same luxury with our population. You might not see it now but it might be inevitable & then what will it be.. what will we do..? Finding a solution now instead of when it will be too late is better isn't? Have a nice day
  13. It could simply be revamped and enlarge to be capable of selecting a Non-PVP instance from a PVP instance ... I doubt that there would be a struggle here..
  14. So be it if it has to be so. I doubt that the game by itself was made for this specific type of entertainment tho.. I've been addressing the matter in a neutral way. You're the one judging this as an insult. Sorry to hear it.
  15. You're clearly not in favor & it's ok i'm not trying to dictate how it must be.. ense why it is a poll and why this is a discussion to elaborate on a possible solution to reduce the inevitable that will probably happens if someone induce this to a specific district. You can decide to not vote and to establish your approval or unapproval by commenting like you just did.. sorry if the way i created the poll is bothering you. "would be applied to all instances regardless of their playercount " Obviously it would be unless they would clearly decide to generate one instance of each as a Non-pvp session. By the same opponent time this would solve your inquiries about the community-organised events & ect. " stop policing the entertainment of other people." I'm just trying to establish " THE " perfect solution for the playerbase that were having in the moment. You might not see it at the moment but if this is something that grows over the months you won't be able to enjoy the other half of what the district is meant to be made for.. #PVP. Think about the bigger picture... Hope this clarify my point of view a little more.
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