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  1. There's many situations and you're correct. I assume that raising the detonation a little would be adequate. I'm not sure where you're going there but it seems really simple to understand... You want to basically get rid of the cooldown without premium that certain items are affected by to generalize it with one single cooldown?
  2. - Detonates your Deployed Vehicle after 2s + 0.05s per meter. The audio warning and the lights flashing and the fact that you are anticipating the car of this specific person from looking at the scoreboard before attempting to engage in a fight next to his car.. i think that 2sec are quite enough as a warning tho but its my opinion.
  3. I've always wondered why remote detonator is given a cooldown of 1sec but the firebomb is given a cooldown of... 90sec with premium 180sec without premium. Its being abused quite a lot lately and it just is unconquerable to dodge this modification in certain situations. Thoughts?
  4. Good lord this has been reported since a little while...are they in need of more evidences?! It's quite a major bug imo. @Selali@Lixil Notice this pls!
  5. The illusion that something is bannable makes you think that you're more likely to be banned for such a sin but if you don't try you won't know. I'm not saying to take a risk but...yeah Been seeing many peoples using it with no suspension or what so ever. Whenever they will be encrypting the game's folder they won't have a necessity to worry about those things. They won't lose their playerbase and they won't be asked such a question on the forums anymore. Simply.
  6. /report Deliberately not playing the mission without being necessarily away. Check Now everyone will play their missions! xD! Really thankful for the 2FA by the way***
  7. https://gyazo.com/deaa0345cbc727d7614b2de87d30f609 Reference: 2018-11-07_11.52.11.146_Launcher_error Do i need to reinstall the game completely to verify if it's not on my end..?!
  8. There's no need for a limitation. What would occur if there wouldn't be one? I would like to spend my joker tickets freely on this article. Located in the Joker Store via the contact Wilde. Thank you
  9. BXNNXD made quite a good observation there. More likely zombie's post resume quite well why the population is as it is. The only thing that i would presume to bring back a few players is...the engine upgrade, new contacts, new map for mission district & a completely seperated.........Battle Royale mode B) just to be cool like everyone else and follow the hype train haha....
  10. Are you trying to harass someone bud...sus... Never seen that error message. 100 mods, it seems the limit is 100 mail per day. 100 mails... I think i've never exceeded 90 when i had to swap symbols, themes, mods, cars & legendaries to my next reroll.
  11. Assault Rifles ATAC & FAR 'Spearhead' are in need of a tweak still since the recovery delay doesn't seem to be an handicap during a fight within 35 meters. NTEC <<It makes the choice of blue mod more interesting, / It also decreases jumping accuracy to 18 (from 12) to see if we can reduce jumping spray at close ranges a little. / We also reduced ammo in the weapon to 28. >> Instead of 32/128 we will be decreased at 30/120 for a slightly increase in the fire-interval i honestly prefer this one overall the idea of Test B. Even tho the jumping accuracy seems to be limiting the attempt to jumping spray as mentionned but the con that i don't like is the fact that you're reducing the capacity to 28/112 instead of giving in Test B another alternative as a consequence. Unless the idea is to have more variant then i'd say throw Test B inbound and see how many peoples will variate their weapon's choice while deciding for a assault rifle. Rifles Increased the effective range of non-carbine Rifles by 5m, The obir wasn't satisfying enough as it was now its gonna gain a buff of 5m in effective range? Seems like this ain't gonna fit. << This is also important as a lot of rifles were relying on Rifling to make them valid for long distance engagements, and we're moving Rifling to be more of a trade-off than it was. >> Why not just block the capacity to equip improved rifling on these specific weapons instead..? Shotguns Well done nothing to complain about that is perfectly fine. OCA Its barely noticeable and not needed. Make the Dropoff Range 20m Min Damage Range 45m Max Range 50m Keep the same percentage for min damage. Like period the oca needs to be potato above 50m. This is noticeable tho..
  12. Glad to see those 2. Good job Already done.
  13. It's more likely to slow down any attempt from trade bots or whatever their name is.
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