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Found 37 results

  1. I'm aware of console coming to a end and I've made a video for PlayStation and Xbox players. to inform them they can save the characters and migration there characters to pc. I've submitted a ticket but no response. my main topic is when we try to log in through PlayStation ps4 button all we see is forms and customer services not the migration button. if this is a bug or still being added the please get back to me as soo as you can. thanks for reading this topic.
  2. So being on the console version of this game for many years( since launch of it back in june 2016 ) the community is out of control with billboards calling people pedophiles and putting explicit pictures of people ,haming them, and the toxic behavior cause we know LO doesn't have reach ( we honestly believe) or interferes with the console side. I was thinking can we have any GM's to monitor? I think you said something in the past or it was probably the last company but they said theres more of us than you but compared to PC its a fraction. I was thinking can you hire ingame players to watch over and put strict rules so they dont abuse their authority? of course they would consult with what they do and etc. i think i may not be sure but something like this was on the PC side and it didn't go well or im just thinking all together but yeah heres the suggestion
  3. Someone told me IT was working on the bugs, but it's been down since 10 pm EST and it's really annoying that its not up and you can't socialize on APB on the XBOX ONE with your friends. Does anyone know how long this is going to take??????? Like Jesus Christ, guys.
  4. So i heard how people lose weapons from their mailbox's but didn't want to believe cause it never happened to me or my friends till 1 month ago it happened. i lost my new legendary weapon that i traded with a friend. It was the Jersy Devil part of the EL3 series ( i think that's is what the series is called but its JMB 17) and i used it for a day till it disappeared the next day when i got on to use it in another character. The mailbox is safe in my opinion but after this who knows if the mailbox might do it to me again . I looked around all my 6 characters and nothing, i looked for hours literally, i put in a ticket with proof i had it and that was a month ago here's my new ticket and old (old then new) #85242 and #86670 more info in the ticket leading up to the event. Has anyone have this happen to you?
  5. do you happen to know what the tuning of weapons is called? like coloring, body kit, etc... I tried to find it, but I couldn't. there are all sorts of fan coloring pages for showing, with and without a body kit, windings, accessories, and like that.. I would like to find something like that. this kind of creativity, so to speak. maybe something similar to the phrases "custom weapons" "weapons with street style", etc. I just thought that people playing APB should know something about it, because in this game I like the customization of all things. in general, the more information you give, the better. I beg you very much... (it is possible not only with weapons, but also with tattoos, car coloring and other things) why do I need this? to search for content and enjoy it (I don't play APB myself. previously, I only had a chance to play a little). thank you in advance.
  6. Silencer Role Pack is permanent !? i really need to know this, if i will buy or not
  7. Okay, so can someone in charge tell me why on the launcher LO doesn't have up to date information. Just like this extended time of servers being down. Some people don't know to come to forums for information. Latest news and updates it 'says'. Last listing was from August Would make more sense if you had it listed in launcher messages. You probably have a large % of players that think the game is shutdown even. I and everyone else in APB appreciates your efforts, but lets take it a step further and do as I am suggesting. It only makes sense. I have had to tell at least a dozen people it isn't shutdown, that you guys are doing some kind of updates. Lixil I expect you will be where I will get an answer for this or excuse/reason. Have a great day APBers. Much love to all and Happy Thanksgiving
  8. - Update with better explanation just a comment below on this thread. I honestly need help here and I would appreciate it a lot if someone like @Majiik could help me out here or someone else too who has knowledge of this forum. I'll try to explain it as good as possible. I tried to post the "Clan Progression" thread on this forum. However, I've experienced three critical forum issues which prevents me from posting it. I've tried several work arounds for hours to skip those issues (...) and even asked @Kevkof to help me out with a thread in the Off-Topic where he also experienced the same issues, yet a work around worked at the beginning but not anymore for the second bug which I will explain here. Those issues put me into a loop which I can't leave neither get it solved without help. 1. Double Line Break: First of all, I've no idea if it's called "line break" in english, sorry! After writing the whole thread, clicking on the preview button then I saw that the whole Forum made a DOUBLE forced line break. Whenever I press "enter" I would like to have ONE line break and not a double one, neither could I see the double line break while I wrote the thread. I simply wanted to write in the next line and not skip an entire one. Following the preview window showed me this: I forgot to take a screenshot of my written text but the normal window didn't show me any double line breaks neither do I wanted to have a space between. However, I could solve this issues when I removed ALL line breaks of my text and made the line breaks with Word 2018. Yet it was annoying and a lot of work again. I've certainly no clue how it occurred but it for sure wasn't in my intention to do. 2. Manual bullet lists move to the end of the spoiler tag after I tried to solve those two issues above and below (this is actually issue 3): After I completely re-wrote the thread from scratch again for the second time in Word 2018 and Notepad++ trying to solve the issue number 1. and number 3 I found out that the forum thought it needs to move my bullet lists to the end of the spoiler box. Not much to explain here since I've 2 really good screenshots where you can actually see the problem. All of my bullet lists a moved to the end of the spoiler box, doesn't matter at which spoiler box I looked at. 3. Issue with [.spoiler] [./spoiler] combined with a bullet list button: Whenever you create a spoiler, add a bullet list with the button in your spoiler tag and after that you would like to keep writing outside of the spoiler tag - the spoiler goes beyond his [./spoiler] and hides the entire text of your thread in the spoiler. To recreate this issue, you simply need to write a text, hide it in spoiler and add a bullet list WITH the button on top. To solve this issue, I had to manual type ALL of my bullet lists and enumerations which was a lot of work with [.list][.*][/list] Manual typing to solve the issue: This sentence should be outside of the spoiler tag and hopefully is ^ As we can see here, the double line break came again. Example with the issue is at the end otherwise the whole thread would be one spoiler:
  9. cxbfdhb

    My trade lock error

    Hi my friends i am a player of a enforcer in citadel. My account name is stangel. İ didnt play for 6-7 months. Then i online four days ago and i i spend some dollars ANd i took some kits ext i was very happy ANd i went online in social district but system says you have wait three days because lock . İ waited three days and today system again says you haber Trade lock pls friends help me i cant sell i cant buy anything i am so sad about this i text to support morning but some friends support is look the calls in 1-2 months and i am shocked Please friends i am so sad and anxious help me
  10. Hello all, mostly users because devs don’t look at forums and don’t give a crap about making this game work for 80% of people that most likely had the same issue but gave up. I have been playing this game for a long time, for me at home it works (not gonna talk about performance). Anyhow, got the game on my laptop, tried it at home both on wi-fi and cable connection, worked like a charm, so I pack it up, go to my friends for a lan-party night (like a real boi) and when I got to his place, magically I can’t connect to the district server (from my laptop) nor can he from his pc. note: tried with my laptop both through wifi and cable. Filed a ticket from my friends account, two weeks passed and no reply. (There was a text file with ”tracert” from CMD included) Does anyone have a solution for these kinds of problems? p.s. when connected with the same pc to mobile data/hotspot/tether from a smartphone it is possible to connect. let me know if you need some additional information.
  11. I changed my email ID which i linked to gamersfirst and now forgot my email ID which i linked to gamersfirst i still retain the original one prior to this one and have all the purchase bills and transactions email ID, I wanted to contact support regarding this issue, but for some reason, submit ticket option isn't working
  12. jarko

    APB:R - Queue system

    Hi APB Community & Administration, The suggestion is simple and was probably asked many times before ... Since population has arise at a substantial level! Please for the love of god add a queue system with sound notification when you are tabbed out of the game so we can be notified that we are entering a district of any sort. Hope it was clear! Thank you for your assistance on this matter! Have a good day! AND may i say I DO LOVE APB RELOADED A LOT!
  13. I just returned from my nearly a year without (somewhat) beloved APB. And the only reason for this is this hype around the new 'second chance' for APB. And the very first day I arrived I saw dozens of people doing nothing except aimboting, wallhacking and even speadhacking. Doing it explicitly and without any shame. Like there is nothing wrong with it and this game we are playing was created to be played that way. Some of them even advertized resources on which they took their soft on. Is that a new reality of APB right now? Like, what can players do about it if creators do not care that much? (yet?) I do have screenshots of this nonsense (AND BY SCREENSHOTS OF NONSENSE I MEAN PUBLICLY ADVERTISING RESOURCES WITH CHEAT PROGRAMS WHILE PRESUMABLY CHEATING AND ADMITTING THAT) but I miserably fail to figure out how to attach pictures at this high-tech forum :C
  14. Hi how's it going, this thread is more focused on players that arent as skilled as the big veterans in this game. But I'm also very happy to know their opinion on this subject. Basically, I've got 360 hours in this game. And for some games that is a lot! And you should have some form of skill in the game, and I'm not wrong I do, It's very noticeable when I join a bronze district. But because I play so good in a bronze district I eventually become gold threated and I'm forced to play in a silver district. And this is basically where my hate for this game grows. It is hardly possible for me To make my way through these districts because I am being teamed up with these crazy ninja dudes and dudettes, I do not feel like I'm making any progress skill wise because I do not get the chance to actually do something. It's hardly possible for me to get even near these people, it only takes them 1,5 seconds to kill me with ex. an NTEC but when I do the same. I just can't manage to pull it of. Not because I can't get in control of the recoil but they always get me first. It doesn't matter who started the firefight. When I play in a bronze district I can literally play this game all day long, but when I'm forced to play in the silver districts, I usually leave the game immediately after getting anal fisted without any lube. I just want to know what type of changes are going to be made to make a difference in this. And what you guys think about it, how you deal with this. and if you have any tips for me. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, Gardenias.
  15. There always will be cheaters is no excuse on this big scale ? can some one give me any information how long this will take ? im out. not coming back before Little orbit did something about those cheaters, its way to easy to bypass Battleeye on the moment. how longer it takes how more people will go and losing trust in little orbit. SO PLEASE, Find a solution!. Edit : WHY are we using Battleeye if its not support any 64 bits, ( Bron somewhere) Don't listen to retards who tell you that WinAPI is detected/detectable. They just don't want you to own them or trying to sell their "undetected" copy-pasted crapware with "unique" "bypass". APB version of BattlEye is pure garbage and does nothing anticheat related. Bastian might scan your favorite porn folder or steal your pornhub account credentials tho xD'
  16. I just got my new laptop and APB in a normal fighting district always crash on me this is the 6th time! in the social district and 12deaths of Christmas, it worked just fine but not in financial. I run it at Maxumium setteings, it gives me 90fps solid I have the log file for the last second : 16:15:28 - Error: FMallocWindows: direct allocation failed. LastError = 8 16:15:28 - Error: Allocating from OS (aligned): 4194304 16:15:28 - Error: User-requested size (non-aligned): 4194304 16:15:28 - Critical: appError called: Out of memory! 16:15:28 - Critical: Windows GetLastError: Not enough memory resources are available to process this command. (8) 16:15:28 - Log: Exception handler starts. 16:15:28 - Log: Main thread is suspended. 16:15:28 - Log: UE3 memory allocator is unlocked. 16:15:28 - Log: Memory freed for exception handler. 16:15:28 - Log: ErrorCode : 0x76011812 16:15:28 - Log: Create minidump. 16:15:28 - Log: Create internal minidump: C:\Program Files (x86)\GamersFirst\APB Reloaded\Binaries\..\APBGame\Logs\2018.12.22-19.00.58-11076.dmp 16:15:28 - Log: Create an empty file for the internal minidump. 16:15:28 - Log: Generate internal minidump with MiniDumpWriteDump. 16:15:28 - Log: MiniDumpWriteDump for internal minidump failed! GetLastError: -2147024865 16:15:28 - Log: Generate external dump file name. 16:15:28 - Log: Create external minidump: C:\Program Files (x86)\GamersFirst\APB Reloaded\Binaries\..\APBGame\Logs\2018.12.22-19.00.58-11076_Catcher.dmp 16:15:28 - Log: Copy the exception info to shared memory 16:15:28 - Log: Wake up APB_Catcher. 16:15:28 - Log: Wait for APB_Catcher to finish. 16:15:28 - Log: APB_Catcher failed! 16:15:28 - Log: Creating external mini-dump failed! 16:15:28 - Log: Process mindump file: C:\Program Files (x86)\GamersFirst\APB Reloaded\Binaries\..\APBGame\Logs\2018.12.22-19.00.58-11076.dmp 16:15:28 - Log: kdprogram -z C:\Program Files (x86)\GamersFirst\APB Reloaded\Binaries\..\APBGame\Logs\2018.12.22-19.00.58-11076.dmp -y "Lib/Release_USER;Symbols/Release_USER" -c ".ecxr;.lines -e;k 50;q" 16:15:28 - Log: Executable not found! 16:15:28 - Log: RunAppProc failed! 16:15:28 - Log: ProcessMiniDump failed! 16:15:28 - Log: Search for callstack text. 16:15:28 - Log: Callstack text not found. 16:15:28 - Log: 16:15:28 - Log: Exception: Sending CrashReport callback event... 16:15:28 - Log: Client crash report 16:15:28 - Log: Map financialdistrict_master 16:15:28 - Log: Pawn location 126751.6 145924.5 83.7 16:15:28 - Log: Exception: Calling HandleError()... 16:15:28 - Log: === Critical error: === Out of memory! History: 16:15:28 - Log: Log file closed, 22/12/18 19:15:28 can someone help me? I can't play the game! log file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f99hl28d7u6iexs/2018.12.22-19.00.59-11076.log?dl=0 Specs: Msi GL63 8RE-636 CPU: i7-8750H GPU: GTX-1060m 6GB SSD: Kingston RBUSNS8180S3128GJ 128GB HDD: Seagate ST1000LM049-2GH172 1TB Ram: Hynix HMA81GS6CJR8N-VK 2x8GB
  17. hello, i've recently started playing this game again, however since the last log in was a few years ago a password reset is now appearing. but i have no idea what email or password i was using as i believed that i used to log in through steam every time i played. is there anyway i can get my account recovered maybe?
  18. Every hour or less during missions i crash when i die as soon as i hit the respawn screen to select a spawn point i crash. Ive never had this error before until RIOT update. my computer parts are 8 gig ram (looking at getitng 4 more gig) i5 6600k skylake oc at 4000 mghz | gtx 1660 ti | Ive installed the game on hardrive crashes and both my ssds still crash. I cant install the normal game because the installer crashes on installing C++ which apparently no one gets. I have to run it through steam which i dont really want to because they could be causing the crash but i dont really know. The logs say its a d3d9 error which im assuming that means direct x 9 error. No one in game has this problem and none of my friends do. Please Help
  19. So i spend 2 Days getting the pumpkings, and this happen. The game say '' The last pumpking is nowhere '' In both districts Financial and Waterfront but i dont get them all yet. Please help me file:///C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/userdata/86436515/760/remote/113400/screenshots/20191024160909_1.jpg file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Steam/userdata/86436515/760/remote/113400/screenshots/20191024161633_1.jpg file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Steam/userdata/86436515/760/remote/113400/screenshots/20191024163815_1.jpg
  20. So I have angry whenever I die by something that's unrandom like lag, fps, or rng Like I call it bullshoot and I get instantly mad and punch staff. Here are several pictures of my damage. Be advised that I'm only [REDACTED] https://gyazo.com/467d932d5ea4078e5fdd4138c8db89d7 https://gyazo.com/f84d9c4197fedb87820625322d18afea https://gyazo.com/e987e0078832f0bc647c230a99f8cba9 https://gyazo.com/b2e9b51dff9569a8225e2e382160d36b https://gyazo.com/c8b7cb5f3b52836be46735b6eab0a156 https://gyazo.com/bb47b58cf70e66d4b67e0e2232a18d77 https://gyazo.com/852e5507754c9a22e76f727f24c402e4 https://gyazo.com/9b7496d13ae6e12486019e4eda98b045 https://gyazo.com/467d932d5ea4078e5fdd4138c8db89d7 I even took a butcher knife and cut my broken bed as of angry. I really was fucking mad at fortnite. And today at APB ON console as a fucking enforcer. Fucking ATAC and perc Removed Inappropriate Language ~@mayii. I even punched a wall so hard I fucked my left hand up and my mom wouldn't do anything it saying it's my fault. It might be from all the times I been bullied or fucked within school and never did anything back. I could be mental or bipolar. Please help. I'm only [REDACTED] You'll have to check my profile for my age.
  21. so uh i am screwed basically. i factory reset my phone and now don't have access to my google authenticator. and yes there have been multiple threads like this but hear me out. I tried to contact support but I can't log in since g1 requires my 2FA code (which obviously i don't have access to) miraculously i still have access to the forums but that's about it. so uh wyd? must i contact google? should've used authy tbh
  22. Hi i know this its too late to write this but before i actually did not know i can write a form and tell my situation to everyone so i just let it pass, by now i saw a lots of update and a new company who runs APB, my twin brother always play APB and i just have to watch him play it, because i got banned for using a bug in APB 3 years ago, which i could go inside of buildings and shoot people throw walls . i know it considered for cheating , but honestly it was a bug which got fix later on. i just wonder if i could get my account back by any chance? since many other people who got banned because of the same situation got their accounts back.
  23. Im a crim on EU Citedal, and i wanna team up whit people, preferbly new players and you must be able to voice talk ingame or on discord ! Easyer to teach if you can speak right ? anyways its just and offer, hit me up if you wanna do this! Regards Scentia Ingame.
  24. Hey everybody! My friends and I have been playing for several years and have noticed a lot of new players lately. Several of you have had questions about some of the basics of the game. We decided to start a youtube channel dedicated to answering your questions in short, easy to understand videos. Broken up into individual topics to A) Keep video length short and B) Give you exactly what you were looking for, instead of finding the info buried in the middle of a 37 minute video. We invite you to leave us your questions either here, on the youtube ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4hS7YX3adb54PB_zFYZslg ), or on twitter for the questions that don't need a video to explain (@tipsAPB). We hope to see this community continue to grow, and to all you new players, welcome!
  25. hi, I just got this thing when I tried to join a district I want to get to level 195 and buy a car surfer note: I left my laptop running before the update and it was on the main menu ( if that changed things ) - update: day 3 no admin have solved my s*** , I CAN'T F***ING PLAY MY BELOVED GAME !!!!
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