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  1. huh? I don't get what you're trying to say. You want them to stop focusing on the newer engine and keep working on the older I don't know what version of unreal engine this game is running? Even if they do that what do you think they can add to stop the population from further decreasing? It would also just delay the engine upgrade further which I think is needed as the current engine is quite old and it makes adding shit harder or something. My opinion is that it's their game (and money/investment) I'm sure they know what they're doing. I'm more surprised by the fact that this game is still somewhat alive now. Sure, I would like APB to get more players and become popular again but at this point it's been years and I frankly I don't care if the game dies or not. If it becomes great and popular again, great I'll come back and play it. If not, that's fine for me.
  2. soon^tm hopefully all goes well. gl
  3. cool, i missed the last one, will join this one.
  4. nothing much we can do. game's dying and pretty much most of the players playing now are veterans/have hours under their belt which will absolutely destroy any new players like you. I barely play nowadays but when I do even I get destroyed, so I can't imagine how much harder it is for a new player. Just find a better game and/or wait for the engine update to come out in hopes that it will bring more players.
  5. maybe I just need to keep tweaking the advance settings to find what is good and my pc is not powerful but even on the default low setting I can't get a constant 50-60fps heck it was better for me to play on high/ultra setting because although I do get a lower average fps, it still would drop frames and the experience was pretty much the same. between the two live is currently better for me.
  6. nice, hopefully it goes smoothly won't be joining though, it'll be like 2 am here in asia
  7. vbr temptress, as it's probably the first weapon that I didn't suck at using. and I guess vbr huntress too since they're practically similar but I'd still prefer the temptress given the two
  8. nah fam the engine update wasn't the worst thing to happen to apb. it was GamersFirst. Your whole argument would be invalid if they kept their promise/actually worked on the engine update (I doubt they did very much when they were here as GamersFirst kept quiet on the progress on engine update and there was way more progress when LO took over). It didn't help that they didn't even communicate with the community very well or the fact that instead of working on the engine update, they went and release a half baked console version which no one really asked for. Now it can't really be helped as UE3 is vastly outdated and it is in the best interest to upgrade it to UE3.5 which will aid development in the game as it's easier to work with(something along those lines I don't know the specifics) Besides, we've been waiting like years for it anyway, if you're still here you obviously can wait. Beta 2.1 is around the corner, I doubt the miraculous engine update will take years more to come.
  9. wait it's only 10 years old? felt older
  10. Would answer but I don't play the game enough/know enough about most of the legendaries to make an informed decision.
  11. I still have no idea how to do it and I look dumber trying to do it and failing so I just carry it normally
  12. 200iq solution shouldn't be that hard either to send laptops to all 20 people playing the game /s
  13. oh? I just assumed they were going to be a new level or something since that would make sense. Good to know.
  14. Then there's me who hasn't even played enough to max out a character so I can't even make use of these new contracts. But I do look forward to the engine update whenever it comes. It'd definitely make me play APB more often (as from then on I'm sure the team can focus more on content). Besides I've already waited long enough for it it'd be a shame not to play it.
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