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  1. bump i need help. i have no idea who to contact. sure maybe google but like google has 10 billion addresses. everything i googled about google authenticator is about 2FA on their google account and not about some third party things like a game or something.
  2. the thing is i dont remember getting a code. all i remember was scanning a qr code or something. maybe i didn't see it. oh well rip edit: i think i took a screenshot of it. but yea uhh i factory reset my phone so uh
  3. so uh i am screwed basically. i factory reset my phone and now don't have access to my google authenticator. and yes there have been multiple threads like this but hear me out. I tried to contact support but I can't log in since g1 requires my 2FA code (which obviously i don't have access to) miraculously i still have access to the forums but that's about it. so uh wyd? must i contact google? should've used authy tbh
  4. I agree with you. They barely even gave any information with this new mode anyway. It's just a "hey we're doing this now get hyped bois" kind of post. and the only thing which will bring players back is a long awaited engine update since 2014. have no idea why they're doing this unless it's alongside the engine update but i don't think so anyway. (plot twist; apb riot is a battle royale mode and gets released but then april 1st comes by and its all a joke and the actual update is engine update) anyway matt did say that it's not REALLY a battle royale game but that doesn't deny that it isn't. so i mean, yea it's something to do with battle royales probably. i guess ill wait and try it out. (even if it is a battle royale)
  5. sounds like a waste of time for something only a few people (those who memorized every fence and ladder in the game) would notice.
  6. I read your suggestion about the ability of getting into enemy's cars but i really don't see the point of it. Sure it would make more sense to be able to do so and maybe it might be fun or whatever but I don't think thats what LO should focus on especially right now. I think it's fine the way it is imo. Looking at a bigger picture, a better issue to fix is how when u enter a car u are basically invincible unless the whole car is destroyed. (like how people just enter cars just to prevent themselves from getting killed) Your suggestions are probably not taken in because ; a) they are not that important right now, and not necessary b) people don't like it because the suggestion only suits you not others
  7. but why? why would it be enforcers(cops) vs criminals? it would just be players vs players at this point considering now there's literally no difference between the 2 factions.
  8. lmao guys i keep seeing the same threat every week, can't y'all just wait it's not like posting this will make them suddenly change their minds and put out screenshots (because they probably already decided they don't want to) also what happened to that 1 video by GamersFirst showing the new engine showcase in asylum 3 years ago, nothing happened did it. so why don't you wait,maybe because they do not want to disappoint players. tldr: just wait, the worst thing that could happen is it goes back to before where nothing happened which i mean isn't so bad. kept the game running for years somehow anyway
  9. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to it (who wouldn't),
  10. I dont like this idea simply because if i go gold, theres a chance i cant play because only bronze server is populated. Forcing me to play on the weekends or when Jericho is active which is early morning/late night here. Maybe in Citadel it would be different since there is more people but im not sure by much since i dont play on Citadel. tldr; great idea but wont work cause game player base is small.
  11. i mean i dont think they're gonna do that.and i'm pretty sure it will come out with very little bugs because they're taking their time doing it right. (i hope) maybe a rename would be more attractive to old players who qutited the game or new players but i think APB Reloaded is fine.
  12. ok so now how long does it take to reach R195 is the question. I mean looking at another side of this, rank doesn't really matter because you can use a star or a pmg right off the bat and still be somewhat decent at the game so I guess whatever I just said makes less sense and that rank is just for like mods and slotted car unlocks (which dont get me wrong is still important but most cars are unlocked by like rank 90 or something which doesn't take that long) My original argument was supposed to be something along the lines of, is progression too long that casual players have a huuge disadvantage over hardcore players (or something like that) but i just realize how kind of invalid that is so, nevermind i'm gonna go off topic here.
  13. I haven't really seen any threads talking about this (or maybe there is and i'm just blind) but what are your opinions on the current ranking system. (ranking from rank 1 to rank 255) I feel that it's too slow and that achieving max rank should be obtainable by a somewhat casual player. I'm not saying it should be too easy but somewhat just right. I have been playing for roughly 500 hours mainly across 2 characters on different servers and never have I felt that progression was fast. Maybe I'm just interpreting ranks in APB wrongly but I view it as levels in a rpg game where once you reach the max level, the 'end game' would start, which wouldn't take any less than a week or two of playing to reach. (while you could argue APB really does not have a endgame, most/some of the things are locked behind a rank requirement) Right now to me ranks just feel like competitive ranks instead where the higher ranks are rarer and indicate skill + playtime. Since high ranks are difficult to obtain. Maybe,yes you can achieve max rank within like 500 hours or maybe way less but with premium and non stop grinding of missions (also finding people with the district you are on) (not including social aspects such as making clothes and stuff) I know at this point like 60% of the people who stuck onto the game is already probably max rank but what do you think of this issue? and what do you view rank as?
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