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  1. For the love of god, spin up multiple copies of each district next time and lock it to only existing players You might even hold off on bring users characters over for now, just give everyone generic characters,
  2. Im glad we could help beta test your disconnect error messages Can I get a special shirt ?
  3. 1 hour in and I am not.....in
  4. No time to read all this but I do feel that the game has changed back to pre EAC days where every match seems to have the most elite players ever, and no one seems to miss perhaps I am just suddenly terrible at the game, right on the same day EAC was replaced
  5. Only if I can get a refund on the over $200.00 I spent to get the Thunder just to have it get nerfed a few months later. It was my main secondary and now it sits unused with half a dozen other nerfed guns Now all legendaries will be devalued due to too many of them being available, further making the money I have spent on them more worthless man I’m negative
  6. Happy for all this good news but I do want to bring up a counter point. Many people spent a lot of money to acquire some of these legendaries. Is there any way to add some value to them m? Perhaps a unique skin?
  7. Omg the new car is actually a helicopter and will be added in this event......yes!
  8. Release it now, slap a beta message on it and lock it to existing users only until it releases That way it is understood that it is beta and not the final shipping product
  9. if you trial a gun for longer than the free period, can you make it where, if you decide to purchase it later, that cost is deducted from the full price or permanent? Also, please fix the mailbox and other stuff next
  10. I am currently maxed on car slots. What happens if I purchase a pack that includes a car?
  11. Since this is a source of income, they should at least attempt to make all new additions correct going forward, then later after the EU make an effort to clean it up
  12. Werd Been saying this forever. Fix the crap guns so we can have more gun diversity and stop touching guns that work fine Less risk of pissing off people that paid for something also
  13. True, but new players do need to have a guide on what to do....before they are thrust in to their first Ops. I have been in a number of missions as a max rank against a Trainee that is just driving around trying to shoot at things that he/she cant damage. I have tried to help them, but they are probably horribly confused by our chat commands and don't know how to respond back, or perhaps don't even know that my comment is meant for them. I suspect that they end up frustrated and leave
  14. Got that one, actually looks pretty cool....but not very easy to use
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