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  1. If you have to keep them, I would like to see the following changes to make them more fair Increase chance of drop from 1% to 3% Remove the Random 3 day Armas weapon, this is an insult Change the purple drops to new items and finally, for every 20 boxes purchased where you do not receive a legendary, the chance of drop either increases by 1% or better yet, doubles This would reset once the legendary drops, and would only count on that joker box I say this because I spent 100's before landing the Thunder PS: I would like to see a commitment from LO not to change any purchased weapon, including legendary at a set time frame. Perhaps 30 days. Once that date passes, no additional changes can be made. This would give potential buyers confidence that what they purchase will no longer be subject to nerfing after that date has passed
  2. while technically correct, there are some pretty damn good laptops available
  3. One of the biggest issues stopping the Engine Upgrade from releasing is performance. I have a solution. Buy everyone high end laptops using your connection with Razer. Problem solved! Matt, let me know where to forward my shipping address. I look forward to jumping in and seeing the EU next week when my laptop arrives
  4. Been playing the loading video for a bit now. issues?
  5. Agreed i mentioned in another post that I brought my nephew in to play, who brought his friends anytime he tries to play he either has no Ops or his Ops are Gold Tryhards who destroy him this is a problem
  6. Agreed, in fact with the population this low we may want to return it to just Waterfront and Financial with no silver/bronze and no East/West. These can be brought back once population rises.....hopefully
  7. LOL Been trying to get my nephew to play with three of his friends. Whenever he does play, there is no population so he leaves. But we should just not do anything about it until after the Engine Upgrade #doubledeluxsarcasm
  8. So I thought I would provide my feedback on the new addition of East and West to the districts it appears that mostly East districts are being used. This puts west coasters at a slight performance disadvantage also districts have been more laggy than before this change what is the plan to keep the remaining population around? waterfront is not even available rather often sorry, I realize I veered away from feedback but this also needed to be mentioned
  9. Game population is super low. Releasing some contacts with new grenade could get some people back and give them something to do additional contacts could be created for the EU
  10. LOL There must be at least one
  11. Just an idea but Matt, what if you hold a live stream where you demo the EU live with a few of the developers present and that way all of us that have been waiting for years can see first hand how it looks and can ask questions of the developers. I think there are some sharp people that play this game too and perhaps they could also chime in and help with some of these issues i think as long as we understand that the game may be slow performing and not the final product going in, it could be a neat way to generate excitement and allow both sides to engage
  12. Reality game population is getting lower and lower. often times players can’t complete contacts because there are not enough players in Waterfront engine upgrade is like a carrot on a stick held out in front of you. One week we are just a week or month away from being able to finally see the EU then next another issue is found. I say this, not to be mean, but because I care a lot about this game and I think it has real potential and as we know, there really is nothing like it in my opinion we should just release the new contacts planned for after the EU now and just leave the engine as is and just put our resources into making new content based on the current flawed engine. I know this won’t be popular to hear, but let’s be real. this would hopefully bring a few people back and keep the game alive a little longer
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