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  1. To get it out the door so we can get new contacts and content.
  2. Agreed, but I’ll take anything at this point. It’s been a minute
  3. Can we add this as a loyalty reward as well? I have been tapped out on loyalty rewards for years. Would be cool to get for helping support the game
  4. So until then, shall we expect to have the logon server and district servers just drop randomly with no notice?
  5. Would be cool to get the Hue / Sat / Lum for some of the skin colors, that way you can match your weapon skin with your clothes if you wanted I know the color codes were provided for last year's Halloween event Undetox (Orange): 2,7,10 Zombicine (Purple): 25,7,8 Necrocite (Yellow): 6,7,8 Anyone know any others
  6. I didn't want this overlooked so I made a new post with the intent of removing the other one. Thanks
  7. So it’s completely ok to neuter a weapon when someone may have spent hundreds of dollars in joker boxes to obtain in? I would prefer to see it enter the game completely tested and not have that happen I have had at least three purchases changed for the worse years after I purchased them. Many of them are no longer fun to play because of that
  8. We need to stop changing weapons that people have purchased with rl money over a year after they are released. It is not fair to those people. I would like to see LO commit to a no change rule once a weapon is released for purchase. That means they will need to test the weapon better and insure it is dialed in before releasing it. The only exception might be if for some reason and exploit was found.
  9. Assuming you can ever win against many elite or fishy players, don't have a job and can even find a server with people in it to play against
  10. some missions take 15 min or more to complete. In the end you may get just 1 single Joker ticket Many desirable items are over 8000 joker tickets Are we making these items attainable so they can be obtained and enjoyed? I realize we don't want to make it too easy, but I am concerned that taking months or years to gather enough JT to get these items is too long Not a complaint, just care and hope that we are looking at these things
  11. Any advice on making the resulting layers crisp. Some of the results I have seen above have very clear and clean lines, whereas mine are pixelated
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