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  1. Agreed Also, can we start getting some dates and start seeing some movement? I need you to hurry up and get back to nerfing every single weapon I bought /or use
  2. Halloween event confirmed based on Matt's EU notes NICE!
  3. Just wondering if we will get one this year? Hoping it starts before Halloween and not two weeks after we need to bring some population back stat!
  4. Yes face mask please and Opaque Tights and knee high socks for females
  5. Sorry for late response. Thanks for this. I look forward to trying it soon
  6. Thank you very much. Now I need to figure out what I want to make. When you say you put background squares? I am not sure what that means. I guess its been awhile since I have tried to customize
  7. Is there some place that discusses tips and tricks for creation. I see some of these creations and get inspired, but when I attempt to create something, nothing lines up or becomes jagged. Some people have super crisp lines. Please point me in the right direction
  8. Plenty of games have better car customization....but then when your done customizing it you get to.......race.....on a set track,,,,,blah I know GTA V has some stuff, but driving in that game sucks butt I also know that some games have insane customization, Sims, or even City of Heroes was pretty good back in the day....but with APB you can take decals and make anything you can dream up
  9. agree that time does kill games, especially as more newer games come out, however, the one thing that keeps APB going is simply that there is no other game like it, especially with regard to customization
  10. I chose other As max rank, there are no new contacts to work on, or levels to achieve The next thing would be content. I need a cool story with things to unlock or achieve Maps never change, rather than make a half baked event, I would just like to see random changes to the map to keep it fresh Perhaps with each update we move or add a ladder somewhere without saying anything. Maybe add a air conditioner to the side of the building to allow access to a new roof top. Maybe remove a door or fence somewhere. This would change the usual way in which a mission would be ran. I don't think it would be difficult to do either Make finishing roles a bit easier. I don't want it to be easy peasy, but I have been playing for over 6 years (casual, no fight club) and have only completed two weapons roles. Maybe consider lowering the total count by one level, this may generate some excitement in trying to finish more roles because they are slightly more attainable Need to do something to build an economy. Maybe allow us to trade joker tickets, or accept them in auction, make more items auction able (think WOW auction house) Social District deployables, you can start with existing items, like boom box and that sign that some people got with refer a friend. add more unique ones that would be cool to bring out while in social. Like pets, but static Shooting range in social, where you can try out any weapon, or a rotating selection of weapons, Ok will stop now.
  11. Why...this is my only time to play and your shutting down unannounced wtf?
  12. For the love of god, spin up multiple copies of each district next time and lock it to only existing players You might even hold off on bring users characters over for now, just give everyone generic characters,
  13. Im glad we could help beta test your disconnect error messages Can I get a special shirt ?
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