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  1. Since you have assigned new standardized pricing to each Armas item, is there anyway you can have Armas check for previously purchased items and if it finds that you have either already unlocked it, or previously purchased it, you get a discount based on how many items in the pack you already own? I previously purchased the wings, and now I am purchasing them again, just to get the dress and leggings I want Not even mentioning that I unlocked the rest of it <-----ok I guess I mentioned it I am fine with a slight premium for the ability to purchase an item that I didn't unlock, but would like to see some subtraction in price for all the items I already have Would like to see this done across the board. There are so many packs I would buy, but I already have 2/3 of the stuff I think this would be beneficial for players and for a boost in sales
  2. DB.APBVault.nxt I changed e to x in the link as I didn’t want anyone to accidentally go there, but that is the link I had always used to view Admin Tracker and it has been fine for a long time until I tried it this morning looks to be hacked
  3. Im trying to think if I was even able to play any games on that thing. I remember playing Duke Nukem 3D which was the best back in the day, but I think that was later when I got an E-Machine with a Diamond Monster card...lol
  4. oh oh my turn I have a 486 SX with overdrive 512k of memory 133mb hard drive 1.44 diskette drive OEM keyboard and mouse
  5. I appreciate what they are doing, but they should really look at improving their QA process . Just feedback, not a knock also for the game to continue on post EU they need to include new content and be ready to keep people engaged with regular updates of content, contacts, levels, and even start building more story and lore finally, it is well known that I hated the weapon balancing
  6. Haven’t played the weapon lately, was trying a few other thing. Also very limited game time
  7. Sniper - Was my first main, played it for many years, despite the previous ability to quick switch, it was super easy to counter, they changed it to where it is no longer fun for me Wasp - Loyalty reward, Earned from spending a decent amount of money to support the game. This is my main weapon, played it for many years. Plenty of people have no issue countering it,and now its going to be "balanced" Showstopper - Spent over $200.00 to finally unlock it, I finally had a unique weapon that not a lot of people had, worked like a "Legendary" should! It is now Ninja nerfed to where its worthless, even if it is temporary, no idea what the end result will be, but once again it appears that I spent money on something just to have it rendered less effective after purchase There are more weapons, but cant think of them all I think I would have less of a problem with these "Balances" if they were announced just after launch rather than 6 mos, or several years in I hear what you are saying. But it is not appropriate to me to change the stats on an item after actual cash was spent on it. It is not my fault that adequate testing wasn't done. I mean, from my perspective most of the weapons I have enjoyed have been negatively changed. I know this is not their intent, but the result is that the item I purchased is devalued I would much rather have them do other things to keep the game fresh For example: Finish the engine upgrade Add that new car we were promised years ago Add those two new contacts continue to add new weapons and clothing pieces FIX the many weapons that people don't play, many of which I also bought Make new weapons that counter the so called advantages of the weapons we are spending time balancing (you dont upset the people that made a purchase and you add something new that people can purchase = Win Win)
  8. Point taken, my phrasing could have been better. Let me try again. Many of the weapons I bought and play have been changed. Many others that I bought were already not very good so I don’t play them. I realize everyone has different presences so they may have a different experience but for me it has been negative. Does that make better sense?
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