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  1. No surprise. I get an hour to play and....the logon servers are down sigh
  2. I mentioned this before, a long time ago how about, to mix things up a bit whilst we wait we make a few small changes to the game that changes gameplay from the norm. Here is my thought LADDERS: Move one or two ladders around Remove or add ladders Give access to more rooftops FENCES: Add some where one wasn’t before Remove some RAMPS: Add a few more This could be done in a separate district and could make things interesting as you would need to change strategy for some missions perhaps this is more difficult than I am aware, but it seems like it would be easy and would mix it up a little while we wait if nothing else, add a bunch of ramps to a test district so we can play around
  3. Not the point and you know it and also...8 cents is 8 cents If I pay for something, I have a reasonable expectation to get something in return
  4. Ok not sure which word to use, but I really do love this game. There is nothing out there like it and I know that if we can get past the engine upgrade, make prices reasonable and start putting in real content an updates this game can come back
  5. Now that Matt has responded, I don't feel the same way, before that though I was not thrilled with the price "reductions" Please understand, I am passionate because I do care about this game
  6. sorry to be that guy, but the prices are still WAY to high. Lets be real, we need to generate some income so we can keep the game going and perhaps bring more people in once the upgrade comes out. The only people that are going to buy this stuff for the most part are the people that have been playing for some time. Lower those prices on that old content to get it in more hands and allow people to enjoy it. Later when the engine update comes out and new content is created for Armas, then by all means charge more for it I love what your doing LO, I feel your giving this game a chance, but it is starting to feel like we are being strung along a bit. Lets get serious, lets lower these prices so people buy it. Lets be more thoughtful with what are are doing. Please
  7. Been wanting the bundle with the Vegas 4x4... How hard can this be? are we perhaps over thinking it? make a spreadsheet, throw a formula in and drop everything by 30%
  8. anytime a server is down, or on mitigation, premium should automatically be paused been saying it forever
  9. Your are right, but as I mentioned, I don't have a ton of time, so it is hard to start something new. I have also invested a lot into this game and I really love it and know how much potential it has There really is nothing that replaces this game
  10. My personal frustration is that I get limited gameplay time and each of the last 5-6 times have been cut short by bad performance. This equates to loss of Premium time which equals an actual cost to me for nothing I have mentioned this before and I always get responses from the usual people that live here in this forum, but it is how I feel and I believe LO should address this, regardless if they are at fault or not
  11. "During this time, we will be stopping the clocks on your Premium so it is not wasted" Yeah, I know its not your fault, but I did pay for Premium and my expectation is that I get to use it This is now the second time this week, where I actually had time to play that I cant because I get disconnected
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