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  1. Thanks for doing this event. Can we also devise some events that don’t require us to sign in during set Hours? To clarify, I would like to see an event where for one day only you have to complete a task to win the reward, but it doesn’t rely on you being available during such a small window. This would allow more people to participate thanks
  2. The sale states, up to 50% off. Did anyone find Anything for 50% off can we adjust some of these more expensive items to 50% off? it would increase the chance that they would sell. This is could be a nice way to reward the people that have been sticking around all these years waiting for the EU and new content just saying
  3. Fine with it, except for legendary and loyalty weapons. People have spent a great deal of money to obtain these.
  4. I am just wondering when someone is going to speak up and explain what is going on
  5. I really appreciate your response, thank you Having said that, I don't feel like I should spend time researching why the game I spend a crap load of money on is suddenly throwing up messages from the Anti-Cheat program
  6. Please explain why I am getting this message. An no smart patootie remarks that I am cheating This new patch is horrible and should be rolled back asap I regret spending money on the Joker boxes...I feel foolish
  7. I should be able to exit the map with out reloading the game if I am not having fun Also, went in to a regular district and there is fog of war and mailbox not working properly
  8. Loaded up RIOT. No clue what to do. The Tutorial isn't helping. Cant exit....fun
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