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  1. This game had so much potential. LO please sell the PC version of the game to someone or release the code for people to make their own servers You clearly don't care as evidenced by your actions. Disappearing once...fine.....disappearing over and over is simply bad management
  2. I kind of agree with him, but I would have worded it slightly differently. Rather than come back every few months and apologize, which frankly has gotten old, Matt should have someone communicate with us on a regular basis. A lot of people have spent a great deal of money on this game and have been promised big plans multiple times, so they buy things to help support the game they love. It simply isn't right to not communicate like that It is hard to hear honest feedback sometimes, but many of the people giving the feedback have been around since day 1 and actually care Merged. I agree We need a roadmap and weekly (not monthly) updates We should also not wait for the update to release the new content Lets get the new contact added please
  3. I held out hope for many years and supported the game by spending several thousand dollars I believe this game has no equal and want(ed) it to keep going Early on I was happy with the way Little Orbit seemed to be working to add new content and finish the game, but now I realize they were over their head Correct me if I am wrong but Matt Scott hasn't communicated in around 6 mos Sadly, I think its too late
  4. There was so much promise when LO took over. But you cant have your CEO run the company and be the developer Should have improved bad weapons instead of nerfing existing weapons. This would have pissed less people off and more people would want to play different stuff Removal of Joker boxes removed the excitement of trying to acquire a cool unique item. They could have taken it out of the RL cash store and placed it in the game as something to buy with in game gold Too many players at max level with nothing to do. They needed to up the level max and add in those new contacts. They should have done that while attempting the failed EU, This game still has a ton of potential, but the lack of communication, followed by some reason why there was none has gotten old. Sorry truth hurts Spent thousands in Arma's on this game. I loved it and wanted it to succeed, wanted to support it. At some point you realize that the people running the game don't care about it anymore I agree, make it open source and lets let some people resurrect this game
  5. Merged. I say release the last contact, car and grenade and call it a day
  6. Agreed Also, can we start getting some dates and start seeing some movement? I need you to hurry up and get back to nerfing every single weapon I bought /or use
  7. Halloween event confirmed based on Matt's EU notes NICE!
  8. Just wondering if we will get one this year? Hoping it starts before Halloween and not two weeks after we need to bring some population back stat!
  9. Yes face mask please and Opaque Tights and knee high socks for females
  10. Sorry for late response. Thanks for this. I look forward to trying it soon
  11. Thank you very much. Now I need to figure out what I want to make. When you say you put background squares? I am not sure what that means. I guess its been awhile since I have tried to customize
  12. Is there some place that discusses tips and tricks for creation. I see some of these creations and get inspired, but when I attempt to create something, nothing lines up or becomes jagged. Some people have super crisp lines. Please point me in the right direction
  13. Plenty of games have better car customization....but then when your done customizing it you get to.......race.....on a set track,,,,,blah I know GTA V has some stuff, but driving in that game sucks butt I also know that some games have insane customization, Sims, or even City of Heroes was pretty good back in the day....but with APB you can take decals and make anything you can dream up
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