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  1. Perhaps I jumped the gun, but many stores are selling Halloween crap already, so
  2. Stop changing weapons! It is extremely irritating to have a weapon you have used for years get changed. You jacked up at least two weapons that I spent actual money on and are now slated to nerf yet another Please use your time to create new weapons to add balance rather than screw up mine
  3. Agreed, the average player obtains joker tickets very slowly add more ways to get them increase how many you can get make it where you can sell Joker Tickets in auction and take them instead of cash sell Joker ticket packs on Armas just a few ideas
  4. I agree with you and would like to add that it isn't cool when a gun is purchased with actual cash, I play with it for months and incorporate it in to my play style, just to have it nerfed. I would prefer that all guns be left alone once they pass through testing and that if you need to balance, introduce new guns that counter the "over powered" ones. Alternately, off a refund if a gun is changed after purchase
  5. This may not be possible, but what if the focus was to get the map closest to completion done then release the Engine upgrade with the single map, which would allow us to start enjoying sooner, then LO would focus on the other maps, perhaps focusing on the maps with contacts first i realize you need both Financial and Waterfront to rank up, but perhaps that can be worked around somehow
  6. Thanks for doing this event. Can we also devise some events that don’t require us to sign in during set Hours? To clarify, I would like to see an event where for one day only you have to complete a task to win the reward, but it doesn’t rely on you being available during such a small window. This would allow more people to participate thanks
  7. The sale states, up to 50% off. Did anyone find Anything for 50% off can we adjust some of these more expensive items to 50% off? it would increase the chance that they would sell. This is could be a nice way to reward the people that have been sticking around all these years waiting for the EU and new content just saying
  8. Fine with it, except for legendary and loyalty weapons. People have spent a great deal of money to obtain these.
  9. I am just wondering when someone is going to speak up and explain what is going on
  10. I really appreciate your response, thank you Having said that, I don't feel like I should spend time researching why the game I spend a crap load of money on is suddenly throwing up messages from the Anti-Cheat program
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