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  1. The OPGL was never meant to factor into the main conversation, so that's my bad. I had mentioned the ALIG in relation to the lineup of rocket launchers and their respective role in AV effectiveness. As for the OPGL, it's hard to say that either that or the ALIG are versatile weapons, though I would personally consider the OPGL to be more "versatile" in that it can combat players in a way that other weapons cannot, while still being effective against armor, whilst the ALIG is reasonably effective against both, it's just the ALIG has... Well, you know its limitations by now. Great of a gun as it is, there are still limitations.
  2. If that's directed at me, the problem isn't at all that I can't *beat* a launcher, it's that they seriously rip away the cover aspect of a cover based game, as well as provide far more AV power than other players have access to, especially early on. My desire is that everyone have a fair shot at stopping vehicle deliveries no matter where they are in progression, or how much they've paid. The ALIG argument holds up only on paper. Even getting a huge lead on the delivery vehicle with an ALIG encampment, the damage output just outright isn't high enough to stop many vehicles, either because they're too fast to get out enough rounds from the ALIG, or they're so tanky that the ALIG just can't do it. And that's assuming you had time to get the ALIG out and get set up in the right place. And even then, the ALIG can be hard to use consistently with its accuracy drop. You can't even use the argument to burst fire it because the entire point is that you need as many rounds down field as possible, and the thing is so damn slow that bursting hardly exists anyway. You NEED mods on it for it to be practical as an AV weapon against cars that are trying to blitz past you, which as I mentioned before, isn't a thing if you're fresh to the game. New players being at a disgusting disadvantage is what keeps people from sticking around. It's easy to write off this game as P2W because at the start of the game, it technically is. You can outright buy gear that are objectively better than your own, even if it's just by a tiny bit.
  3. I'll admit, I was expecting this to get downvoted into the dirt, but I guess I'm not as alone as I thought.
  4. That is certainly a viable option, but it then raises the question on whether or not launchers are considered a tool or an actual weapon. At this point, their purpose would be destruction, not kills, despite there being some overlap in this case. It's just simply a tricky matter of how do you not have practically robbed all the people who both earned/ bought their launchers while creating a system which makes them easier to obtain/use. The real root of the problem here is ultimately the vehicles as they pertain to objectives, and while on paper it would seem like a better fix would be to simply adjust the objectives, that would be treating the symptoms, not the cause.
  5. I think something may have been lost in translation. I would like explosives to be provided for an existing mission objective, not a new mode. To eliminate the issue of the have-nots being unable to hold off objective vehicles. It's very late/ early in the morning and I need some sleep, so I'll cover it more tomorrow/ later today.
  6. A conversation worth having, but this thread has gotten rather far from its main purpose, so let's try and return to it if possible.
  7. What's the confusion here? The grenade comes out faster than refiring the rifle or trying to switch guns, and one shot from the rifle requires absolute minimum exposure, then the instant blast of the perc delivers the killing blow. If I have time to pistol-switch I will, but someone hauling patootie at me from my flank isn't there to play chicken. The method tends to piss people off more often than not, but hey, if it makes teams ignore the objectives just because they'd rather try to hunt me down for revenge, that's a win in my eyes. (And the angry whispers are quite delicious btw.) That said, this is starting to get wildly off topic. (My fault included)
  8. Given that you want explosives removed outright, I can see where your opinion lies, so you know. You do you.
  9. It's vastly faster than landing a shot with my sniper, then switching to my secondary for the finish, and it's certainly safer/ easier than trying to use my pistol to take on a shotty/ SMG. Peek -> Tap -> Perc Problem solved, back to business.
  10. I don't go charging in with it if that's what you're thinking. I use it when someone is flanking my position with a CQC weapon. If I'm down the street, in an alley, on a flankable roof, etc, it's a fast way of dealing with the problem. I'm not good with target tracking, up close or long range. I'm a flick-aimer by nature.
  11. I'd ask exactly what you're driving at, but I'm sure the answer would be unproductive. Is the issue that I use a sniper rifle up close when need be? Or that I'm someone who enjoys the usage of percs?
  12. I should restate, the NHVR is not able to chase the way an AR, SMG, or Shotgun could, given distance and mobility. Also, I'm fairly practiced with the thing at <10m. (idfc what people will say about me for doing the N-HVR pop then a perc slam. If you wanna rush me with a shotgun or SMG all bets are off.) But let's be totally real, if a sniper rifle like the N-HVR were as versatile as an AR, you wouldn't see anyone using ARs. They serve their role best as fight shorteners, either setting up for an ally or picking up where someone left off. Can you effectively single-focus targets? Of course you can. But the maximum efficiency of the weapon is reached when supported/ supporting. Ironically it takes the opposite role of what I'm suggesting for grenade launchers, where a sniper drives people into cover, the launcher drives them out. Please do correct me if I'm wrong, but OPGL is in the category of one-shot-kill viable weapons. While that doesn't automatically turn it into an assault weapon (give the fuse) it is technically capable of killing someone without Line of Sight in one-shot. (Unless that's changed and I was unaware). And the cut to hard damage in this case (And I do envision a very small cut) would be based on the original point of this thread, readily available rocket launchers for all. The presence of AV grenade launchers on top of more abundant rockets would presumably be a bit much to try and work through, not to mention ordinary grenades. (I still think Conc grenades should be available slightly sooner, purely because Anti-vehicle burst options are ENTIRELY unavailable to newer players who are left totally helpless in that regard and rely upon players who HAVE unlocked those things. It puts the people at the biggest knowledge disadvantage at an equipment disadvantage too, and a harsh one at that. You should not have to pay or 1000hr grind to get a weapon dedicated to AV (not including concs, which you can technically earn sooner) (Also, I'm going to disregard comments about joker tickets for now. If you have to farm the fuck out of one mode just to afford a RENTAL for the main mode of the game, I wouldn't call that a reasonable solution) I agree with the sentiment, and accept that my authority on the matter is limited. 1: Cutting the radius is VERY okay with me. I feel like it could be handled with a touch more deftness, but if there must be a nerf, I would be perfectly content with this one. 2: Yes. Perhaps I was a bit hasty going with Perc damage, as that's what I'm very accustomed to (perc + NHVR fan, as I've mentioned) And technically, option 2 is what I was proposing... Kinda. I was a bit sharp on the damage cuts to standard damage, and can see that point. And as mentioned before, I retain the notion of a reduction in hard damage to offset the new presence of mission-generated launchers. (All purely theoretical of course, I would NEVER expect this to come to fruition, but you know.) AT ANY RATE, I feel this has been enough of a digression for the time being, and would prefer to return to the topic of rocket launchers (for now. I know that grenade launchers are invariably going to be part of the conversation).
  13. (I'll try to respond to all of the points I can, I'm just not going to quote the entire post) When it comes to exact damage values, obviously what's on paper doesn't always reflect what happens, so testing would need to come into play, and thus it's better to apply the concept of what you're hoping for than exact values in all cases. (Obviously numbers will still help to establish things, but I'm sure you get my point.) I use the N-HVR almost exclusively these days (girl even has an N-HVR tattoo on her thigh), and what I mean by a support weapon is that in most games, a sniper rifle is capable of being a 1-hit kill all on its own. For maximum effectiveness, the N-HVR is paired with a teammate. While very powerful on its own (Again, very, very familiar with the gun) it has major limitations on versatility, and taking down targets in high cover areas. Once LoS is broken, whatever happens to the target in question is beyond your control. Sure, I can tag enemies running into an alley towards my team to set them up for easy kills, but unless my team gets involved prior to that, I can't rack up any kills effectively. (Unless the street is SUPER wide-open.) So what I mean by support weapon is that it be most valuable when paired with a teammate. Either enabling your teammate to charge in with an advantage, or to be more effective at flushing enemies out of cover (obviously death is more effective than flushing, I'm saying more effective in terms of a nerf) So a bump up in radius at the cost of damage (Maybe a tiny bump up in fire rate, but that would depend on play testing) would make the thing great for supporting your team rather than leading it. In the end, this proposal is a nerf, but I would like it to be one that re-establishes its place in the arsenal, not one that just actively downgrades the thing in all regards. And as for being "less powerful than the ones on your belt" quantity is the key here. In fact, the cut to damage should come with an increase to max carry count. One, maybe two more mags. I'm not saying to use EOL as a baseline, but I think reaching stats in the middle would (in theory) be a good resting place. If you're not sold on the idea, I don't expect you to be. Hell, the title says "Unpopular opinion".
  14. In due fairness, expenditure of money in order to get something, only for that purchase to be irrelevant is pretty fucked.
  15. I agree to an extent, however this is a bigger issue with map design than with our arsenals.
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