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  1. This one went through a lot of revisions, but I finally got it where I want it.
  2. And that VSDB - VAF life. At least, that's how I lived.
  3. Oh for sure I meant T2. But I guess, who even remembers that nowadays? Shazbot....
  4. I said that I had bought premium just for the designer vinyl slots, but I can pull up some pictures, gimme a min... I have twitch vods, but they may or may not have audio muted by twitch (I don't even bother with a youtube upload on these. I play whatever music I want during the design streams) and I can just cut to the chase with some pics Wow, that sure took a hot minute to put together. https://imgur.com/a/87L1enR
  5. While that isn't untrue, the sharp difference in power doesn't *need* to be there. It's not an MMORPG. It's an MMO-lite PvP shooter. Generally good PvP games are centered around the idea that people put into the same room as each other don't have items which make them superior to players who don't. Examples: Team Fortress 2 Overwatch Call of Duty Unreal Tournament Quake Tribes Planetside 2 comes close, but they do have several elements of straight upgrades over new players last I touched it. Mostly vehicle upgrades.
  6. Oh, I noticed normal hat-visors aren't on the list. You know, the classical card-dealer kind. And Full headphone headsets, especially ones that can go on top of some hats (Military cap, ballcaps, beanie, etc) would be sweet. For examples, think Deimos from Madness Combat, or the Scout from TF2. Oh, speaking of Madness Combat, let's also get some perfect-circle sunglasses. You know, the old fashioned European hitman kind.
  7. I enjoy APB's customization, and as much as I would like to, I can't stream normal gameplay on twitch because my internet isn't strong enough. (Thanks, Comcast) So instead I stream my design sessions, and that means I'm eating up slots kinda quick. Despite my reluctance to pay real cash for things (I'm a cheapskate, but hey, I did by a month's worth of premium so I can actually USE the designer.) I would shell out some dosh for more wardrobe slots if the price is right. Not gonna pay a buck per clothing piece slot, of course. I personally customize each and every single piece of clothing per outfit (With the exception of things like the earpiece headset. My lovely hair covers it anyway.) And like to sell designs that I've either outgrown or made some copies of for the sake of maybe making a micro-amount of dosh from. So yeah, the slot restriction gets pretty fierce.
  8. Not exactly a full-fledged developer (yet) but gameplay imbalances aside, on a technical level, this would require.... A lot. Like, a LOT, a lot. It would require all platforms be on synchronous updates as well as getting Sony and Microsoft to play nice. Not trying to be mean, but... Fat chance.
  9. I made an old highschool soccer outfit (Go West Paro Geckos!) for my girl and wouldn't mind some shinguards. They'd probably be less popular of a request, but may as well put it out there. (Also it made me notice that there isn't a pentagon vinyl as far as I'm aware, so I couldn't make something that looked like a soccer ball.)
  10. Rehtaelle

    New car spawns.

    I mean, more options would be nice in terms of spawn locations. There are way too many times that you spawn near no car spawners and no NPC vehicles happen to be nearby.
  11. I know this will be a controversial topic (AKA everyone will call me a scrub and that I'm wrong in every way, whatever) but this game has a well-earned reputation of being incredibly hard to get into, and it's what's holding back community growth. Could we please address the flat-upgrade mods/ tools? Far too many modifications come with no downside, or the downside is irrelevant to gear which they apply to. The listed downside for target marking is that the victim can see when they are marked. That's a comedically pointless drawback since it doesn't really help your situation any, just inform you that you are in a bad one. Car surfing with rocket launchers is such an incredibly effective tactic which new players have not even the faintest hope of achieving for a long time, and furthermore, besides being out in the open, there isn't much of a limitation to car surfing itself. On the topic of cars, there are barely any tradeoff modifications outside of them taking up a mod slot, which I wouldn't really consider a full penalty. Experienced players just have better cars. There is no aspect of side-grading. I'm not going to list every grievance here, but let me also point out upgraded tools. Why is it that the most experienced players who have a substantial advantage in knowing the map (and therefore objective locations, flank routes, vantage points, etc.) ALSO have the ability to complete many objectives faster with no form of penalty? Could unlocked tools at least make you take more damage while completing the objective? Speed is critical in many objectives, so why have the best of the best be able to both reach the objective location faster via upgraded cars, but ALSO rush objectives faster when they get there? It's pointless. Speaking of pointlessness, when new players complain about their weapons sucking compared to unlocks/ purchases, they are often recommended the N-TEC as an effective starting AR. While it's true that the N-TEC is good, it hardly comes close to ones which are running say, Hunter Sight 3. Oh, and another thing about weapon power, let's bring up one thing that should be made very clear. Rocket launchers are broken. Not in that they're better at killing than other weapons, rather they perform two critical actions which are NOT available through normal progression for a long time. The first is vehicular stopping power. Yes, the ALIG is a great weapon for anti-vehicle, but rocket launchers are the single most effective way to lock down car-based objectives. (Besides the dreadfully strong conc grenades (by the way, if you say that their big limitation is that you can only carry one, don't kid yourself. Your resupply options are crazy. In the heat of the moment, you have one less nade, it's true, but that's hardly a good downside considering their killing power and vehicular stopping power) ) Their other advantage is the simple bypass of cover. In a game where working corners and using cover is integral to the core of combat, launchers are a tool which allow you to ignore that factor. If you're pinned down by a sniper, you can at least hold out via cover. Until someone with a launcher forces you to either die to the rocket, or leave cover and get put down by the sniper. Is that really okay? (If you are saying yes, you're a sadist with no consideration for those at an objective disadvantage. Sorry, but it's the truth.) So many times I see someone try to get into the game, only to abandon it because they feel helpless against the equipment of people with more skill in the first place. The game requires IMMENSE patience and persistence to be invested in, which considering there are more newbie-friendly PvP games out there, puts APB at a staggeringly bad position in the market. Okay, time to get dogpiled by everyone.
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