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  1. It was rather late when I typed that. I mean to say: I would argue that explosives grenade launchers make certain locations borderline untakable, if not fully so, and of course, they're another key weapon in anti-vehicle matters, especially when you need to break into a car, no form of cover really matters if they know how to arc the thing. Like I was saying, they should be for support, not a directly offensive weapon. EDIT: To further state what I would like to happen to grenade launchers (Based upon the vanilla variant) I would like the damage model to be dropped down to that of the percussion grenades, or slightly higher, but not by much. (And obviously cut the stamina damage, otherwise it would give enforcers an undue edge.) and perhaps drop the hard damage by 20%. WIth these changes in mind, I think it would be appropriate to extend its radius by .5m (For a 1m wider diameter, of course, but thinking of it in diameter might shift the perspective on that number.)
  2. Niche, but for the situation where that niche is most filled. You would absolutely need to fall back on other weapons eventually, that's the point. You use the launcher when it's clutch and you're convinced that nothing else will work. And new players not being good with the tools they're given is kind of... Well, what makes them new. Learn by doing, and all that. I would argue that explosives make certain locations borderline untakable, if not fully so, and of course, they're another key weapon in anti-vehicle matters, especially when you need to break into a car, no form of cover really matters if they know how to arc the thing. Like I was saying, they should be for support, not a directly offensive weapon.
  3. At the VERY LEAST bump up the shape limitations to half that of what premium has. And give us more closet space/ outfit slots, for fuck's sake. And let us have vehicle templates so I can transfer the look of a car when I upgrade to a model with more slots. And let me sell the template on the market.
  4. Great points here. I'll try to hit them in order. 1. Probably only for vehicle delivery, though I won't say that definitively. 2. (I'm mostly hashing out these suggestions on the spot here, so my posts may vary) I would make it behave like a heavy object, except move a bit faster. So you'd still get to have your primary and secondary, but you would treat the launcher like equipment you have to lug around. This would also award players with trunk space. This would also mean that it would be a bit more challenging to position yourself to use it (I would allow jumping with it, of course), however if this is a mission-provided weapon, it means that you wouldn't have to go and rearrange your loadout while also sacrificing your guns. I'm thinking of it being one rocket per-player, meaning they'd go to a cache(s) and pick up a launcher for themselves. Once you pick one up, you are disallowed to take any more, and the number of caches would probably be proportional to the number of vehicles to deliver, allowing the defenders to respond from more directions. (I guess this one answered a fair few of the other questions) 3. As for which launcher you get, well... I'd personally just set it to the default OMSAW, but you know, that's just like, my opinion, man. 4. Anyone can pick up ONE. So the things would more or less be soulbound in a way. 5. Probably one-and-done. Use it wisely, and each player gets exactly one. This would mean the ALIG still has its role in the roster. 6. I would say that you only get it for as long as the current objective is active. If the objective changes, you're allowed to still use it if you have it equipped and haven't fired it yet, but the moment you put it down, it's gone. 7. Absolutely the stats would need tweaks to account for the new mechanic, though I think the current behavior of the OMSAW is sufficient for this purpose. 8. And the big one... The fact that the current explosives are tied to the game's economy... Compensation would absolutely be due, but to what ends? It's hard to say, since there's no good way to quantify the money spent towards obtaining one. Perhaps your chosen launcher would still be a thing, it would just be limited to the mid-mission usage. Even still, it's what makes the proposition so.... Awkward. I would love it if explosives were more readily available, but also think that they could do with some nerfs should that happen, since they seemed to be balanced around the idea that they're in limited use. I personally (personal opinion) want OPGL to be more of a support weapon than what it is currently. I'd like the damage to see a 25% cut at least, or the blast radius to be much smaller.
  5. Maybe not entirely, but I'm not fond of launchers. I think with significant nerfs, I'd like the OPGL. I feel like that should be a support weapon, not an assault weapon/ artillery. (Unpopular opinions, like I said.) You're absolutely right. (I think?) But the current implementation of launchers would be very disruptive if it were removed, and compensation for any money spent on a weapon that would no longer be available should be a thing, but I can't envision a practical way of making that happen, and even then people would be upset. Not really down for the hostility, but I mimic the sentiment.
  6. I would rather that rocket launchers be mission objective-provided tools rather than personal weapons. This way they'll be available to anyone during vehicle delivery objectives since they're practically required to stop the delivery vehicle unless you're unlucky enough to have to drive in a Moirai. Obviously, this would never happen, the community outlash would be immense, but I can only imagine it helping the overall state of the game. In this way, players without launchers and conc grenades can make a contribution to these modes.
  7. What? Side note, I'm silver skill, but hit gold and seem to be stabilizing there (I get occasional hotstreaks), though with the new restrictions, I was actually unable to enter a populated district the other day. I'm not allowed in bronze, the silver was A) Waterfront. Ick. and B) was at max pop for enforcers. Even fight club was too full.
  8. I'm not arguing that the spawn system as it exists isn't fucking TRAAASH, but I think spawners are a useful mechanic to the ends of allowing players to be strategic about it instead of praying to RNGsus. And improved map design would go miles beyond just the spawn system. That's why waterfront is fucking horrid. "I thought you liked spawning out in the open near no car spawners roughly 300m from a rooftop objective..."
  9. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. A rookie district would showcase how low the player count really is, even if it would make the game more appealing.
  10. Rehtaelle

    Fr0g and .45

    I still personally don't see all that much value in taking the .45 over the ACT44. Not that's *worse* or anything, but the similarities are so tight, especially under the notion that they're both great finisher weapons. (This opinion brought to you by an N-HVR main)
  11. The entire purpose of the custom spawner is to work around the fuck-awful spawn system in this game.
  12. I know there's nothing deep or interesting to say on this one, but 55 clothing slots with no method of expansion at this time just isn't enough for me. And more outfit slots would be perfect. I have my: -Beat Cop outfit -Dressed to Impress outfit -CSA Elite outfit -CSA Elite outfit (no jacket) -Casual outfit -Old Highschool Soccer outfit -CSA Takedown Unit outfit And I want to make more but I'm out of inventory space.
  13. The only gun I can really name wanting a hard damage buff to is the ACT44, but that's just my bias.
  14. What the fuck is any of this thread...?
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