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  1. Doubt it. Read Matt's engine update thread. They can barely figure out how to get the lights working properly. Also look at how APB launched on Xbox and what crappy performance it had. No, these guys are operating on a small crew that inherited a game code that is difficult to understand and is most likely a mess of hacks and custom built tools. You are right, there is no better customization. What I meant by groundbreaking for its time is that it was the first game to do it. Other games could easily do what APB does, they have simply chosen not to.
  2. I stopped playing this game ages ago, but I keep lurking these forums in the hopes of seeing a worthwhile update to the game where I could get my friends back in. Still hasn't happened. So, here's the deal... LittleOrbit's biggest mistake, and G1's biggest mistake, was not tearing down APB and starting from scratch. All these devs keep trying to build these new updates on worthless code that was groundbreaking for its time, and completely non-functional in 2020. Unreal Engine 3 was still fairly new when APB came out, and RealTime Worlds had to do an enormous amount of custom code to make features that are now standard in the newest engine, functional in the old engine. And contrary to popular belief, video game developers and programmers don't know crap about building games. When a bug pops out, the game devs are just as surprised as the players when it comes to figuring out what caused it. Stuff like missing geometry, blank textures, that's all easy stuff that may have been overlooked. But when there's a bug that's like, everytime you spawn a vehicle the game crashes. That's a little harder to track down and figure out why it's happening. If LO really wanted to bring APB back, then they had to start from scratch, plain and simple. The worst part is, LO isn't even updating APB to UE 4, I think they're only going as far as UE 3.5 due to how horrible the original APB code is. The harsh reality is that LO and G1 are too small to maintain a game like APB. APB should have AT LEAST 12-16 open world maps to choose from at this point. Financial, Waterfront, Asylum? Yeah okay, that was a joke. There should be so many more districts to choose from, and I'm talking big city districts, not trash maps like asylum. But no, everyone is still playing on the same maps, and the lifers have mastered these maps which makes it impossible for new players to have any fun. And there's not enough population in matchmaking to have the new players fight new players, so APB is really only being barely sustained by the old veterans. And the reason we still have the same crappy maps is because of how poorly built APB is. I think I even read one time that the APB maps of Waterfront and Financial are all just one GIANT MESH, instead of individual buildings. That is insanely stupid. But you know what the worst part is going to be? The engine update isn't going to change anything. I've seen the screenshots and videos, and this game still looks like an outdated mess. There is absolutely nothing revolutionary coming with the engine update except for perhaps, a more stable FPS. But in terms of the textures, lighting, mesh quality, it all still looks basic AF. I'm still interested in playing the game when the engine update comes out, but it's not going to be this revolutionary change to the game that's needed to bring this dead franchise back to life. The shame of it all is that APB is still the only game that truly let's you customize everything. Even Grand Theft Auto can't compete with APB's customization system, but GTA has a ton of different things to do to keep everyone busy, something APB is sorely lacking. And how about the fact that after all these years, the big arena in the Social District is still completely worthless! No one goes over there. The social district should have been revamped from scratch completely. Honestly, the only thing that's going to save APB is a complete reboot or an APB 2. This game is dead.
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