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  1. Did another small play session. One think I noticed in social is those shipping container located in the back of social were now properly shaded. Hope this is a good sign that lighting changes are much easier to accomplish now. Or if it was always easy and those containers were left unshaded cause "engine update more important". Which yes it is. But it's kinda funny how long they were left on the more broken side. Next, im assuming it's a problem in the normal game as well. But when looking towards the ocean in Waterfront I was getting 300FPS but when firing the Ogre fps went from 300 all the way to 100 which is a HUGE drop. Of course the hit wasn't as hard if fps was hovering around 150. But still FPS drops like that need to be solved along side the hitches and stutters that occur a lot when playing. But the overall feeling? It might be placebo or maybe I am feeling that the game just plays a little bit smoother compared to live. I don't what it is, just moving around feels a little bit better. But yea if the stutters and hitching can be ironed out this would make as a great base to do more with. Hopefully some day we can see the LOD changes that were in the Unreal Engine 3.5 version of the game. I also hope that we will also see 2.2's version of social. I for one really liked the new look (outside of the harsh lighting that was present in 2.2). I do also hope that hiding threat from player eyes will come sooner rather than later. Lots of hopes and dreams but I guess this is a good first step that leads up a flight of stairs. P.S I also played around with the character customizer (the kiosk in social) and was met with some pretty long freezes when trying to navigate through the menus that I don't remember being present in 1.20 . I didn't play around with car customization.
  2. Yea, agree, I mean. It also doesn't have to match make those who don't want to rematch. it could just try and pull in new players as a replacements.
  3. I for one was definitely more curious of the next steps over this foundational change.
  4. Yea unopposed missions should never be a thing. I feel like they are left overs of an original idea that RTW had. Where maybe criminals needed to be witnessed to start a mission with opposition. I also think 2v2 missions should be last resort and the game should shoot for 4v4 priority. Hopefully if phasing becomes a reality this sort of thing can be more achievable. Because 2v2s and 3v3s are awful every time. Because if you're even slightly better than your opp it's just a slaughter fest, if you're worst?... That's where abandoning a live mission and putting a cool down on the opp you faced could really help with minimizing repeat matches. I mean a feature for voting for a rematch could also 100% be a thing (might be abusable so maybe no more than 1 rematch per time). As for it backing off per mission should shave off less than given if you abandon a live mission. The feature should really only be there as a sort of last resort if the matchmaking just really screws the pooch again. I also think a weekly reset would be better than a daily. Punishing enough, but not too forgiving (which can encourage match leaving all the time ( > < ; )
  5. well not logging in, that's too much. More like, after X amount of abandonactivemission's in a row start a matchmaking cooldown starting at 5 min then increase it by 10min for every active mission abandoned then have the timer reset every week. This should immediately put a matchmaking cool down on the opponents the player abandoned from. To avoid repeat games and making the active abandon useless in the long run.
  6. Yea I would happily take punishments while also having a choice to leave a mission
  7. They already said it's not as simple as turning it back on or off. That the whole log in would have to be remade. I also wouldn't be surprised if those files were encrypted. But hey who knows
  8. Just a deepfaked image some AI generated during those AMA
  9. So I went sliver inevitably, as trying to be a top player in APB is not fun. I think really what needs to be changed (not nerfed but gameplay changes) are a lot of the exploits/techs that are in APB. I found that a lot of silvers don't use these techs to give them advantages like a gold player would. Stuff like pop-shooting, moving medium objectives at sprint pace, abusing certain weapons, and going to spots on the map that give an advantage to defending teams by a huge amount. I think a slightly longer TTK could be good. But def not super long
  10. Neither would I, if it's all in the name of fun I put it alongside the rest of the chaos that happens in APB.
  11. All I know right now, is I'm in the mood to play APB. But I simply can't play in mission districts for very long due to the crashes. I love the game's art style so I've been actively moving away from anime/or characters dressed in all black, and going for designs that make my characters look believable in the world and even as far as affiliated with one of the factions.
  12. agreed I still wouldn't mind having an event where everyone's health is 200. Just to get an idea of how a high ttk would feel to play.
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