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  1. I had more fair matches than bad ones with the update solo queuing and playing duo with me a much higher rank than the friend playing with me. Did have a moment of waiting for a match for 5-10 minutes but got a fair one after waiting. I had only 1 terrible match since this update came out. One enemy on the other team completely dominating us (their entire team left them at some point) and it was just a slog fest I'm just tired of these 3v3 2v2 or worst 1v1 they're exhausting, boring, and just plain suck to play
  2. I'd rather have them fix the car first. The area where gas goes looks terrible and the LOD is incredibly broken. The rest of the car is also just unfinished feeling. Not that it looks bad from a design stand point but from a model it looks awful.
  3. TL;DR LO we need more chaos
  4. Yea there should be systems in place where maybe 3-4 times a day the matchmaking will stop putting players into normal missions and waits for everyone to be finished. Then when nobody is left in a mission it starts a mega all out war mission where the entirety of the crims will fight the entirety of the enforcers. This no doubt would do well as I have only seen positives from the times they would host gun game events where it pretty much was 80 or so players against each other. APB is not a game for testing 1 on 1 skill it's peak enjoyment is when there is just tons of chaos happening on screen.
  5. I have no idea why so many people cry cheater. in my entire 2000 hours I only had a couple of really blatant cheaters. LO gotta put kill cams or something in this game to prove once and for all if people are really cheating or I just give players the benefit of the doubt.
  6. I think the 2v2 and 3v3 matches should be eliminated from the game. These missions usually end up with one player (on both sides sometimes) dominating the whole match. The new matchmaking helps with making the matches more fair, but games are still not fun to play in. The games that I would argue are the most fun are the ones in which a lot of players are participating. 4 vs. 4 should be the smallest, with 5 vs. 5 and 6 vs. 6 being the targets. Have the matchmaking only fall back to 2v2 and 3v3 if the population is below something like 20 players total in the district. Next: If I have to be put into a 2v2 or a 3v3, I really don't want to do 7 defense missions that last 7 minutes each. These types of games can literally last an hour if your opponent manages to get it with 1 second left on each objective. Meaning you're stuck in a slog-fest, and by the end of it, you get barely any rewards from finishing it. This is not fun to play and will burn me out of the game after only one match. Less players = faster games. More players = longer games. The more players in a match, the better!
  7. Got a friend interested in APB and she can't finish one of the tutorial "K to ready up" after the matchmaking update
  8. Right now we are living in the consequences of trying to get the unreal 3.5 version of the game working. I do agree they should revert their changes to weapon balance back to when they took over and basically start over making smaller adjustments to guns instead of trying to re-balance the whole game.
  9. you can always try your luck at posting in the game suggestion part of the forum. Probably won't be implemented anytime soon but perhaps it can get them thinking about having blocks that make your character anonymous to whom ever you're fighting. APB has an incredibly toxic community so it's not exactly bad advice to grow thick skin while playing it.
  10. There's def ways to make shotguns balanced while also keeping their shotguness. Maybe have it where hip fire accuracy is only going to land you a kill if they are borderline touching you. Then have ads have a good amount of accuracy with a balanced amount of recoil.
  11. nope, all you can do is block them from talking to you. Best you can do is ignore them (I never even seen the problem you're describing) as showing anyone that you're bothering them (especially in APB) will just have them do it more.
  12. Good question, I love shotguns in games but somehow they always end up feeling really bad. BF4 did it the best imo where if you miss your shot its over for you. But one shot was enough to get a take down. Hard to balance a game around a varying amount of players in a match, 3v3 4v4 5v5. They honestly should pick one then use their decision to balance guns. I personally always liked the matches where there's more players 5v5 or 6v6 where the game is pure chaos. The smaller the match the easier it is to have one side steam roll the other.
  13. IMO All guns in the game need to have their accuracy buffed WAY up. Then rebalanced with recoil. Trying to keep your crosshair on the target is more fun than trying to guess if the bullet is going to hit the target. I also think shotguns and smg's should be reworked so they have to be ADS to use. This would solve the problem of the smg meta as players wont be able to dodge bullets like NEO anymore. And with shotguns it could possibly help with the issue of popping in and out of cover.
  14. please don't encourage nerfs. They listened to us and now every gun in the game feels like garbage. Request more buffs of other guns and reworks of some others
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