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  1. too bad im in NA...and I have no money....and I already own all the cars
  2. I know I wasn't able to enter my credit card details kept giving me error, workaround? just go here: https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/index.php?gameID=20
  3. I play a huge variety of games (not that im good at all of them) but battlefield is my favorite, so I may be biased when I say that, what if there was a system in APB where you could capture respawn points. Have it be like, wait 10 seconds to spawn where you want (or some other time), or spawn immediately for a random spawn. Hell, why not give APB a conquest gamemode while your at it And im sure once this engine can be released more of these kinds of issues will start being looked at. I just wanted to bring it to some kind of attention as it seems other topics are more important.
  4. maybe a better question would be, would it be better if fight club didn't have a select spawn system? but i was more seeing if there was any talk to improving the respawn systen
  5. I hear so much talk about match making and such but not to much about the respawn system While it has it's ups and downs it can be rewarding or so punishing especially for new players. Ever play a game and get repeatedly killed and every time you get killed the spawns get pushed further and further back. Or have a game where multiple times in a game you had the ability to spawn right behind the enemy. After playing the dynamic event while some people are very upset at getting shot in the back there's no more of that having to wait to get back in, you just get back in after a death this makes dying exceptionally less punishing. Part of APB's game-play is to surprise the enemy get behind them have a couple of your buddies keep them distracted while you and another guy try and get them at different angle. But if the game keeps making you spawn as if this was WW1 behind the trenches whats the point of the system at all? It's kind of like how a lot of the "cross the street" buttons are. They are there, but they don't actually do anything but keep you patient because humans are used to pushing buttons and getting what they want. Bit of a rant, but I would like to see some input on this, (or point to a similar thread if this has done multiple times) Happy Hunting
  6. Will it be like Live is Social Abington Towers west and east or will there be multiple Abington towers servers? 1,2,3,4,5...ect Should there be worry that there will be more players than the fight club servers can hold? Meaning some people might miss out? Lemme know if this has been addressed
  7. I would love to have an area where your character could have a description or backstory. So if people inspect you they can read it. Better yet make an area in the map screen where you can see all the players in the game and when you hover over their name and you can see their stats current gun and description.
  8. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! ha ha little orbit suck YOU CAN'T MARK THE GAME AS BAD OR DYING EVEN THOUGH THE DEVELOPERS ARE WORKING HARDER THAN EVER TO MAKE WHAT WAS ONCE A FLOP INTO SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF! The newer hardware gets the worst APB runs, so if no one can play it what's the point in patching and updating it?
  9. why even come to the forums then if you quit 9+ months ago, who cares that you quit?
  10. I thought you quit, why are you responding? I started at the top
  11. Did they say that legendaries will still be trade-able after this patch? or will the ones off of the JT store be character locked while the ones floating around still aren't? honestly I think it's only worth to trade legendaries but that's prob because I only have an Ursus, Bullshark, and Medusa rn
  12. He's angury cause shitty mechanics were removed
  13. I would fucking love too see people default dance XDD
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