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  1. I personally would say switch the prices around make the pack cost 7$ and the individual cost 1$ equivalent of joker tickets.
  2. At first it seems like a silly idea, and the argument that: bronze -> silver -> gold -> platinum is very valid. But as someone who doesn't want to try-hard anymore in the game I find myself bouncing between silver and gold a lot. In theory, for those who want to try super hard would get sent to Plat and would fight other plats and golds, while maybe it will keep Trainees and bronzes from fighting platinum. Or Everyone will just get bumped up a threat and no difference will be made in the end.
  3. Honestly F@*# APB missions, they're all terrible. There are just one too many areas in this game where all it takes is 1 (either really good player, or cheater) to camp a defend objective locking everyone on the loosing side in a 5 minute farming session for the person who is dominating. Then they let you get the objective so they can farm more kills off of you in further objectives. Objective missions should be either scraped entirely, or re-worked to be much shorter (much much shorter). We're talking like 1-2 objectives per mission. Then apply some kind of "cool down" for people you recently fought against. This help push APB back into the fast paced shooter it should be. Alternatively replacing missions with Gun Game-like Team death matches, where when you K up the game puts 5 vs 5 or more against each other in a sectioned off part of the city for a fightclub/gun game style team death match. What about free for all? Come up with some BS "lore" as too why you have to "kill 'em all!". CTF? APB's take the objective and defend it at your base which is 500m+ away from the enemies obj is just a bad idea. Instead some kind of traditional Capture the flag mode where "an outside source" delivers some kind of "package" and Criminals are told it'll help their criminal empire, while enforcers are told it will bust open an investigation. Then have it play out like Capture the flag. (These are all things that are "for the future" and nothing im expecting LO to put in right this second)
  4. At one time I saw a video that the original plan was for the game to be PvE but got switched and thats why weapon balance is so horrid. But anyone can feel free to correct me
  5. Is the Emote VIP pack character bound or is it account bound?
  6. feel like I tried that before to no avail
  7. I haven't seen such an option on my monitor, but I'll look again after work Some games it's fine to run at fullscreen. But in others it selects "ultra HD" 1920x1080 Which only goes up to 60hz. And appears extremely washed out and green and red flickering pixels. I have tried before to remove these resolutions and have researched for hours and found nothing. Doesn't matter if I select the PC 1920x1080 cause it will force the ultra HD 1920x1080 unless I use Windowed borderless (which is what I use 99% of the time any way)
  8. Yea im cpu bottlenecked in just about every game I play XD I did, but you know how it is. Just because I told my PC to use it doesn't mean it's actually working I narrowed the problem down to how this monitor handles resolutions. If I run any game in Fullscreen it uses TV resolutions vs PC resolutions. No solution from what I could find out Regarding the color doodaad trick I highly doubt would fix it as most of those "tricks" are for dead/stuck pixels which is not the problem I am having I got this monitor for like ~100$ USD on amazon years ago. Not really worth the hassle of getting a new one now XD
  9. Your CPU is better than mine, I know for a fact im being CPU bottlenecked because turning off graphics stuff yields no extra frames. And since I have a laptop I can't exactly upgrade (although im planning on building a beef cake computer soon) So according to (somewhere idk) Gsync should work with free sync. I have no idea how I would test it but the NVIDIA control panel says that I can turn it on for this monitor. Yea I also turned it off, but I am keeping Double buffer on as that makes the game feel smoother with no (noticeable) increase in input lag. As of recently i've been playing much more casually and hit silver so I don't really need to stress anymore about getting the most out of my machine. This game is pretty much the only PVP game I will play. Besides "old" Call Of Duties (recently found out about "Plutonium" I think it was called that adds a server browser to Black Ops 2 multiplayer.) Bruh literally same monitor, mine has green flickering pixels on certain colors (mostly darks)
  10. I'd be in favor of removing clotting agent/making more green mods as everyone and their mother uses Clotting agent 3 or you're at a disadvantage 3-Point Sling 3? why? car detonator is annoying but it's not super common car spawn? why? you get it first thing in the game. If LO can make a good respawn system then sure get rid of it. But I will not let you take it from me when I go on water front and have to spawn either 300m away or in a car spawn.
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