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  1. Say what you will about this game that game or the other not really interested in your opinions. But I want to share that this game looks like it could outmatch APB's custimization. Which love or hate APB, it's really the only thing that keeps people playing. See for yourself:
  2. R3ACT3M

    Symbol editor

    Part of the cool APB customization is seeing what players made not what an algorithm spliced together.
  3. ^ this you miss 2 or three shots you loose to the FBW
  4. They're going the way of CDPR. Total radio silence, then the possible relatively big announcement. Who knows
  5. I want pve stuff pvp is also fun, but ya know. Relaxing and just blasting some dumb bots and getting rewards is also cool.
  6. see that's where you went wrong, you tried to communicate with these gremlins
  7. Man, it's not like anyone's suggestions are gonna make the game better Just let LO do there job and if the game prevails hurray
  8. Imagine telling people their bad for not being able to counter them, then not sharing how to counter them. Not that I care I stopped playing months ago
  9. They'll get it to completion someday I'm sure Will it be the 2nd coming? No.
  10. I personally would say switch the prices around make the pack cost 7$ and the individual cost 1$ equivalent of joker tickets.
  11. At first it seems like a silly idea, and the argument that: bronze -> silver -> gold -> platinum is very valid. But as someone who doesn't want to try-hard anymore in the game I find myself bouncing between silver and gold a lot. In theory, for those who want to try super hard would get sent to Plat and would fight other plats and golds, while maybe it will keep Trainees and bronzes from fighting platinum. Or Everyone will just get bumped up a threat and no difference will be made in the end.
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