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  1. I have no idea how to know who's actually cheating or not ingame anymore. It just so happens that sometimes you'll get some really sus kills just because you saw the enemy's name 98m away for 1/2 a second. APB is the kinda game that NEEDS killcams then have a smaller popup that says something like "report kill cam for cheating" or something like that. If abused then the person reporting could get a suspension.
  2. The ability to think of a character and make them. Without this APB wouldn't have made it more than a week,
  3. imagine being able to whisper to GMs to avoid name shaming the chat They seem intentionally useless
  4. If you want to trade your cash over you'll need a friend. Then have your friend trade the money to your new character. You can trade cars and symbols over via the mailbox but cannot be customized on the new character. But if you want to tweak them, send them back to the original character. Then the last question...nothing. If you follow the stuff above. But if you need to buy stuff, buy clotting agent immediately. Send it to the new character and replace field supplier with it until you get another character slot. Buy ir3,hs3,rs3, and cj3 if you can. Anything else bought should be unique to your cop. (Car-wise and clothing-wise)
  5. Sure it's been mentioned at some point. But for those of us who have many characters (I myself have 5) having a shared bank would be really nice for the normal in-game $ (not JT) Currently the only way to get money from one character to another is via trading with a middle man. Which if you have someone you trust readily available that's great but a bit of an inconvenience. I think GTA 5 has this as a feature that the bank is shared between both characters but money can be withdrawn so it's directly in the characters inventory. Next, as most APB players know. leveling in APB...is SO FREAKING SLOW. It would be nice to see in the future double xp events to attract players back for the time frame and help with some of the grind.
  6. It's when you shoot, you look like you shoot, but to the server you're bullet never existed.
  7. most 1v1s occur because your dipshit teammate /abandonmission 1 second into entering. Fix? Just have the game auto enter the command if you are the only one left in a match
  8. Point 1: I never find my self super far from the objective to the point im not helping my team in the slightest. You'll never catch me 500m away mid game as Ill always head to the next objective. Point 2: I can't seem to escape any weapon. Most people I fight get a fix on me then im good as dead. Ill run behind a wall then die. Point 3: Ill mix up the direction im going every time I attack given that time is sufficient enough for a large flank. Point 4: The past week Ive been up against the same toxic groups. The ones where you ask if they're in a discord chat/you try to make friendly banter with them and they just don't respond at all. But for the past week i've been getting double teamed like crazy by NTEC's and Joker Carbines. I once thought of myself as pretty good at the game, being able to hold my own against what I assume are veterans of the game. But this past week I've just had 0 luck in just about every fight. I'm starting to think it's my monitor. It is 144z (I run it at 120hz though because it's a cheap monitor with problems: AOC) and reviews of the monitor (after I had gotten it) tell that this monitor in particular ghosts really badly. I never noticed it but apparently it's bad. So maybe it's not my aim per-say that's bad it's just my monitor making it really freakin hard to function in panic cqb scenarios. Also it's cold in my room all the time so my hands are really cold all the time so maybe my muscles can't function 100% Lets turn APB into Rainbow Six Siege
  9. You sir are exactly what I was asking for, then again I'll remember to be specific next time I'll consider doing this, and post it to this thread. "HUZZAH A MAN OF QUALITY"
  10. I'm looking for advanced tips and tricks, something vets know and are willing to share as the whole "practice makes perfect" isn't applying to me and instead might be making me worst at the game. Also a tad bit annoying that I mention this in the op but people ignore it anyway "Anyone have positioning tips/aiming tips/moving tips for advanced players?" So here's a specific question. How is it, my opponent can hit me when peaking a corner, while my shots ( even with the crosshair right over them) never manage to hit. It's confusing and frustrating. Or how about when should I run from a fight? (And I mean retreat/fallback not like get in a car and high tale it out of there) When should I take a fight? How should I proceed around the map. What little tiny changes will improve my positioning over the enemy? When aiming down at an enemy should I position their hit box in the upper part of my crosshair? How bad are hitmarkers? Am I not trusting my gun enough? Ntec (is the one I noticed the most) is sometimes you'll hear 2 shots for 1 bullet, so what's happening with that? These are some of the questions that I really want answered, I'm sure I can think of more later if the need arises I suppose lower sensitivity might help, and will give it a shot. How do you even play a medic? Stock up on medspray? That's expensive. Id love to be a sniper but when ever I try to be a traditional sniper it rarely goes well. Since guns like the NTEC can kill me faster at nearly the same range. And ammo supplier wouldn't be all that useful as the people I play with and against will always die before running out. (I should also mention im playing a new character so I don't have access to something like big range field supplier.
  11. Watched a few youtube videos, as I don't like to watch streamers.
  12. I caved in and got the Logitech software, Ive been playing at 1600dpi 10.1 sens and .7 marksman
  13. I mean I did end the OP with "Anyone have positioning tips/aiming tips/moving tips for advanced players?" So it was my initial question if you even bothered to read it. I once tinkered with my sensitivity and what ever it is at now is what suits me the most or at least feels the most comfortable so I haven't bothered changing it. But DPI I have no clue. What's better? High DPI low sens or low DPI high sens? My mousepad size is standard. You could also go indepth on what is a bad habit in apb instead of just accusing and not being helpful. Well, I don't want to start hackusating like I said I just have no idea how they'll now where I am even if I don't kick doors, climb ladders, hop fences. Just running. I also know that in general configs boost FPS im just saying the one I was given has other files that remove ambient sounds which in turn is pretty cheaty since they could make it easier to hear an enemy coming while a non-config user is getting ear blasted by ambient noises. Gonna mess with Advanced launcher as I found out APB is quite generous with LODs so gonna poke some settings. My fps (which it's hard to get an average in apb cause fps drop) Is averaging at about maybe 100fps, lowest being 40 highest being 120. I also don't want to be one of those people who have their graphics on potato with a stretched 4:3 resolution. (I have tried the stretch and it didn't help, infact it makes no sense to have it (I do know that people prefer it though)) Does geometry dash count?
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