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  1. The development part of APB is 100% understandable. It's the state the game is currently in and seemingly forgotten is the irritating part for many. Understandable APB balance is controversial and hard. Example: we used to see balance changes every ~couple months. Now? Lots of complaints across the board pop up and LO called for a gun game to appease people. It's not up to the GMs if they want to host gun game as a GM had to "ask his boss" if they could continue the gun game events. It's easier to get your dog to leave you alone by giving it a treat than actually paying attention to it.
  2. lets cut a company slack. LO isn't just Matt Scott
  3. I would love, if LO shut down 1.2 until 2.1 releases. for many reasons
  4. I found this video while pursuing the internet. I like how it shows some common problems new and experienced APB players have. Just an overall break down video. I'm still putting some blame on APB of course. As (while I don't care about valorant, csgo, ect) I do know that in APB everything is tied to servers: Leaning, Driving, shooting, shoulder switching, objective moving. You name it. But it's alarming to see the effect latency alone has on Hit Reg alone. This video alone showed me the advantage those have who play with either the lowest possible graphics or configs that boost performance in some way. As a free game, APB can be downloaded and tried on anything as long as it runs a compatible operating system. I guess the moral of the story is...before you go hackusating/blaming hitreg/any other nonsense. Take a look at your computer and ask this question: Should I really play apb if I can only get 24fps on a 60hz non-freesync/gsync monitor?
  5. Make flak jacket not a 195 mod. Problem solved.
  6. They don't "NEED" a rework. A rework would be nice. If anything I just don't want car's to flip.
  7. I would love to see log in rewards for APB
  8. Please don't. I hit 195 on my enf and I now have no desire to play anymore. Until the new engine and some actual fixes
  9. I personally it's bad netcode and how bad guns feel in this god forsaken game.
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