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  1. If that ever happens im sure most would look at the code, then go: Nooooooohhoooohohohoho nononono noohohoho no
  2. If it's jehrico, thats because they have no where else to go if it's citadel, well because they're toxic well to be fair that last bit applies to jehrico too
  3. I don't think it's a matter of should we merge, but whether. Is it a good idea with the spaghetti code current engine. Made a thread a bit back asking why not merge, and most responded saying there were a lot of technical problems with past merges.
  4. i worked way too hard on my account to have it wiped no thx
  5. (If true) This + the naming situation makes not having the servers merge makes sense.
  6. This is the best answer so far. I'd like to argue though, that being able to play on a populated server is a much better solution than not being able too because literally 0 players are on waterfront. A trade off, which I guess they should just do away (if possible rn) with the quick district join menu. Can't if NA has no pop, so just playing other games atm. Been super into Cyberpunk and Darksouls as of recent. Wouldn't mind playing EU cause I already have 2 characters there. But not exactly itching to restart the grind after maxing my crim and enforcer XD. Plus all my good stuff is on NA so kinda stuck there. Plus Plus I get up super late in the day so most people have already gotten off EU. I'm assuming you mean with the naming situation and not merging in general. As I wouldn't call merging EU with NA "monumental" but tackling how names work would be. I'm well aware, i'd probably be more willing to play on EU but like I said, all my good stuff that I grinded for is on NA. It's not exactly exciting to go: OH BOY! HERE WE GO AGAIN THE GRIND TO 195! Cause let's be honest, once you taste the 195 life it's hard to go back XD. Wasn't making the thread to complain but more as a, why can't they? The naming system honestly makes the most sense and isn't something I ever considered when thinking about merging.
  7. When looking for a district to join, most people know that you have to go to the advanced tab in order to find a populated server. When looking at this list you can see that the servers are separated by location (generally west and east) So with this in mind, why not merge both US and EU and separate the servers like: US East US West EU East EU West Or something similar? What are the technical issues that block this from happening? We keep getting told that the new engine will allow everyone to play with everyone and that's fine and dandy. But what about server merges in the past? I understand to cut server cost is part of it. But doesn't it seem wiser (on a population stance) to do what I mentioned above? Again what would be the issues with merging? Are they choosing not to do it because they believe they can get the engine out before they have to merge? It is becoming more and more clear that the version of Unreal APB runs on isn't as black and white as people think. So it would make sense if they don't want to touch it in fear of breaking something completely random. Then with that said, what was broken with server merges in the past? If anything was broken?
  8. Then why do I have to put in my 2fa code Everytime I log into apb?
  9. Hi, a friendly comment as you continue scrolling. Have a nice day.
  10. R3ACT3M

    Petition: Fight Club

    yea sure ill sign it
  11. Don't support it, but I haven't seen anything like this when I get on...unless it's a repeat person it might be a throw away account trying to speed run getting banned.
  12. are you just insulting me to insult? I am gold... you missed the part where you laugh
  13. Gold's looking at the bronze and silvers having fun for once
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