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  1. Well, if you think of it like this, f2p players have to rent guns right now and a lot of them are either poorly modded, or really expensive to rent. But if you pay irl money for a gun that could be close to 20k a week you save, allowing you to spend said money on other things like mods for guns and cars. But I do agree that a lot of players don't understand that A LOT of guns are just reskins of guns you can already get in-game.
  2. I want them to fix what's under the hood with some content drops here and there to keep things interesting. APB has a lot of barely working code that I feel should be cleaned up before trying to build on top of it. Imagine it like this. You have a house built on sand, it's going to be really hard to keep building levels/new floors on that house since the foundation will sink. So they can either replace the foundation now, which will allow for much easier levels/floors later, or they can continue building on the sandy foundation having to stop and fix the foundation every time it sinks. I trust the devs that are working on the game right now are doing the best they can to get this game lined up for a successful future in the long term. As LO said, the game is only online right now "as a love letter" to the community. Nobody has to play it right now, because yes the game is actual garbage. But it also has so much potential. Give it time, I'm sure LO know way more about the game than GamersFirst ever did when they took over.
  3. I didn't say I didn't understand your criticism; I said it wasn't constructive. I could have just replied to what you said with "stupid post" . But alas, that's not constructive. A: Why are you logging out so much? B: Phasing shouldn't log you out of your account, unless you mean it happens when you disconnect from a district too many times. I'm sure phasing will change how that works under the hood anyway. If they are properly testing, it should become clear that the disappearing HUD elements bug will need to be fixed. To be clear, your whole argument is right. not (to me) is that you want the game to be stuck in the past and that the game shouldn't receive fundamental fixes. So far, since you have not actually given any constructive criticism, I feel you should re-read what the end goal of phasing is. As it will be a multi-step process until it is fully realized (that is, if they succeed with it) https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2023/3/8/apb-2023-roadmap
  4. I never had that issue I've gotten that bug before where the HUD elements disappear but i'm not convinced it's an easily replicated issue. Alright give everybody a better idea. Because adding more players to a district is a bad idea as well. Otherwise if you don't have any constructive criticism why even bother typing anything at all?
  5. idk where you are getting the loading times aspect, if anything phasing should reduce waiting times as matchmaking will be able to look at a LARGER pool of players to better MATCH THREAT levels. Threat isn't garbage. It's the lack of player base and the matchmaking is doing it's best with what it's able to see. It's not the matchmaking or threat's fault that you're a gold enforcer in a lobby against bronze and silver criminals. That's just who's on right now, But when phasing is a thing it can look at players across districts to better match players according to their current skill level aka their threat.
  6. It's just another platform for the game to be seen by player eyes, I don't imagine they think it's going to save the game. But if they probably will do a bunch of updating on the backend to allow for the game to be hosted on Epic as well as future updates to the netcode. It's also delusional to think that the current matchmaking is amazing
  7. engine update is done, go look at 2023 roadmap. iirc they should be in progress of updating their backend to allow for their game to be hosted on Epic Games Store. And if not that then the first part of phasing
  8. The two sides of APB's player base, Honestly though, people who cry cheater and those who don't make for more interesting factions than criminals vs enforcers ammirite?
  9. They should have a district set up that's just a flat square, a dev level of sort that has very placeholder geometry just for players to have chaos in (like fighclub)
  10. maybe when phasing becomes a thing players can PICK what game size they want, 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 or just have one called MEGA (8v8)
  11. I like racing games just as much as the next guy, and this is just not the game for it imo
  12. Now this would make sense, too many players (including me) get away with a lot of easy drive-bys
  13. im not actually sure how much people are concerned about cars being 2 door + . Sure on paper it sounds like a bad idea to have a car that can sport 4 people while also being quick. But it seems like most player learn quick that having 4 people in a car (and not an armored van) is a quick way to get team wiped. Yea but the Mikro's compact package makes it very maneuverable in tight spaces same with the Vaquero. Granted I haven't played the Coywolf enough to really have an opinion. For the most part if a car looks good and handles well enough ill drive it, and find myself switching all the time. Yea that's how I see it as well
  14. I don't really see the coywolf being meta, it has acceleration but no top speed, and I'd rather pick a mikro for acceleration. IDK about EU but NA cars are varied *enough* but i'd like to see the heavy duty cars have their health back, at least enough to be able to tank 1 osmaw shot without being disabled and left stranded. Well given the fact that the coywolf is an upgrade veo, it's hard to see propper tuning ever becoming a thing unless they get rid of said coywolf (or) change it's handling entirely to have the han veo make sense. So I wouldn't mind seeing some rally cross style upgrades to some of the slower cars, as nobody is playing the slower cars anyways. And they should just remain in the game as "civilian" cars. Let me lay something down for you. I don't know about back in the good old days of APB, but these days APB players ARE JERKS. You would never see racing become a thing in this game as players would quickly find out that ramming in APB is very effective and disabling another player's car. Soon the races would start and you will quickly find yourself getting pit-maneuvered before the first corner just so some guy can get his 5JT. Cars in APB serve the purpose for transport and combat survivability and their stats play into player choice. Go for the slower car that has high health, or something that can easily be blown up but can get away just as fast. LO can waste their time overhauling the cars to be like Need For Speed or Forza, but that's not going to keep players playing right now.
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