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  1. I don't think the game ever planned on having a low player base, that's part of the reason matchmaking is so broken. Matt's idea of phasing players is going to be great for increasing the amount of players the matchmaking system has access too. And I imagine if the game consistently makes good matches players will stick around. I mean imagine if all bronzes stayed in bronze, silver in silver, gold in gold, and Trainee/green in their servers with a full population for each. The match making would have a much easier time matching skill levels. But since that will never happen, phasing sounds like an amazing idea as long as it's relatively unobtrusive, example pulling you from a full server into an empty one just to make a match. I also hope that new netcode improvements can allow them to increase the max players per district A final improvement would be just make fight club not Faction based: crim vs enforcer. allow the matchmaking to mix the teams up to create a more varied games so that you're not fighting the same people 10 matches in a row.
  2. Not besides LTL and Enforcers having cars with flashing lights. What else do they mean besides lore?
  3. How important is lore to people? Would it be better if the game just matchmade everyone against everyone instead of crims and enf or would that have some kind of adverse effect on balance. At least that way in theory the matchmaking has a larger pool of people to pick from. I guess now that im thinking about it, how would the game determine whos attacking vs who's defending
  4. I hope this is the case. Hopefully maps can just get some modern touches with more pieces of cover or something.
  5. Yea, at this point I understand how hard it is to balance this game's weapons. And Ill have to agree with a post I read long ago that weapon balance has to constantly evolve. There will never be perfect balance without changing core mechanics. I'm not gonna get into a tangent about weapon balance as it's been done to death. Yea with the new player thing it is just an unfortunate part of the game. Granted I've brought up the game to tons of people at my work place who also take part in gaming who have never heard of APB Reloaded. I mean myself included I never heard about the game until I looked up best free games when I was probably 14 (now 21). So there is still an untapped population of people who haven't heard of the game that LO is waiting to advertise too once the game is considered acceptable. Like I said I took a break cause the constant stutter and frame drops were just not fun to try and play through. So im hoping this 64bit upgrade helps that.
  6. Yea I remember reading all that but didn't feel like double checking to make sure I was right so I didn't say it. I don't remember them saying the contacts being in 1.3 although that would be nice. I also hope that they do get that district phasing thing working as that sounds amazing.
  7. I can see myself returning if the game runs smoothly even if no new content is being dropped with it. Also, since the engine upgrade is on hold indefinitely/cancelled, I been curious what will happen with console players. (I play on PC just curious)
  8. FFA R&D III and the Bullshark. I will never forget the time I pissed off a PMG player back when it was OP/Meta with the Bullshark. *sigh* great times FFA R&D III: I like this cause the Famas is one of my favorite IRL rifles in terms of Design Bullshark: It's a very fun weapon with a solid gunshot sound behind it. Something about hearing that 4 round burst is just delicious to me.
  9. This would be nice, Not so much Money but Tickets would be nice as the guns will be character locked anyways. That way I can play any character I want and still save up for a JT weapon I want
  10. .45 is a good one for sure if you don't want to spend money on the game period, otherwise I would try and get something quirky that can't be bought through the armas shop. But thats just me
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