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  1. I have a hard time getting feelings down over this. Re-writing this post too many times. But I find it becomes less about winning when you have matches as large as 10vs10 It's more about enjoying the all out war unfolding within a city block and trying out new ideas. Ideas that would never work in a 2v2-5v5 match. I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea. I'm sure a lot of people enjoy going head to head and being competitive. For me though, 10 vs. 10 allows for me to play APB casually. I'm allowed to take risks and be creative. Small matches don't allow this without it being extremely punishing if I fail. Then, due to how punishing it feels to fail in APB, there is no real choice but having to pick guns that can actually have a chance at winning. Make no mistake, my thoughts aren't trapped in a vacuum. Large matches don't magically fix: bad weapon balancing, stuttering, and map design. But these large and chaotic matches are just what makes my brain tick. No matter if I end up winning or losing.
  2. This is the huge thing. When matches are so "personal" 3v3 and less this game gets extremely competitive. To the point of extreme toxicity. 10v10 matches are the breath of fresh air this game needed for ever ago. Still I recognize people like their 3v3 matches. But if I had a choice I would go 10v10 every day of the week.
  3. With an idea like 50vs50 there technically isn't any matchmaking. It would be like the event districts like on halloween but with missions. I think occasional events where all districts are closed besides a couple and just call the event all out war. Offer extra XP and cash for missions during this 50vs50 event.
  4. I love escalating the missions to 10vs10 these matches are the most fun for me. At this stage I don't care if I win or loose as I have fun no matter what. But I get missions where players only escalate to 3 or 4 players and these make me want to stop playing again. In terms of balance, at first escalation was great. But as it's progressed the matches have been getting weird. Escalating has sometimes ended up in a weird 10vs4 state where the the match wouldn't fix itself. Kinda on the rarer side but it would happen. That being said I personally LOVE to death the bigger matches. And would find it interesting to see it even higher. But 10vs10 is comfortable. I just wish matches started with more players instead of this 2vs2 3vs3 4vs4 crap. In my time playing escalated missions I never really felt attacking or defending were at any advantage or disadvantage. If they are it's certainly not because there is 10 people now, it's because of the map designs not having good attack routes and flanks. That and way too many camping spots. That's not a 10vs10 problem that's a map problem. But reading some of the other comments a system for choosing what to get queued up for seems necessary. Escalation is gimmicky at best. Just have like 2 options to queue for: Large match (12vs12) or Small match (3v3-4v4) I would say remove escalation and just have the matches repopulate if people leave the match. This is what literally every game besides APB does.
  5. I bought just about everything in the armas market when LO took over. I would be sad if they shut the game down. Can't be expensive to host servers for 300 players in 2024
  6. Sir I salute you for braving these forums. May god have mercy on this post. But otherwise I agree
  7. when your arch nemesis has been defeated and you realize you have no purpose in life anymore
  8. during the ama it was heavily implied the blame was more on epic. but both shared some blame. Just the reality of having only a dev or 2 working on the game im afraid
  9. now i am sleepy rn, but iirc they aren't ditching eac. iirc they said they were on an old version and didn't switch fast enough to the newer sdk. which broke stuff. and iirc again that was on epic not lo
  10. Yea there's stuff to look forward too. It's rolling out slowly but the company has proved repeatedly that the work does get done. Just takes a long while.
  11. You can customize chats already just add it as a toggle
  12. I like how they charge less for stuff in the shop compared to GamersFirst. I like the free premium we have had for a couple years now. I like that unlike GamersFirst, even though slow LO is getting updates out and is actively trying to stitch the game back together. I appreciate the attempt at balance changes, even though the weapons aren't fun to play now. I like how they try. It blows my mind how players were happier with G1 doing nothing and milking the game for all it's worth compared to LO trying to do anything. The best news I think anyone can hear is them undoing all their weapon balance changes and balancing in small increments. Sure, guns might be "balanced" now, but they ultimately lost all the enjoyment in using them.
  13. I had more fair matches than bad ones with the update solo queuing and playing duo with me a much higher rank than the friend playing with me. Did have a moment of waiting for a match for 5-10 minutes but got a fair one after waiting. I had only 1 terrible match since this update came out. One enemy on the other team completely dominating us (their entire team left them at some point) and it was just a slog fest I'm just tired of these 3v3 2v2 or worst 1v1 they're exhausting, boring, and just plain suck to play
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