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  1. you can get out shot even when peaking cover
  2. Why are we complaining about loosing the dislike button when we have these? =>
  3. I suppose the biggest worry would be changing the rare weapons. I dont own one, but imagine finally getting that ultra rare FFA R&D lll then they nerf it. Of course unless they plan to add those weapons to the JT store.
  4. Kinda dumb that it has the potential to out shoot an nhvr at range tho. I mean it IS a sniper. If it got any sort of nerf id only like to see a more aggressive curve nerf so that it cant out shoot a normal hvr at ~90-100m UNLESS the hvr misses a shot. Like at ~90-100m it kills in the same amount of time as an nhvr with cj3. Otherwise its a nice counter to the ursus
  5. Just remove anti cheat honestly, the hackusators are the soldiers of anti cheat
  6. Turn apb into an RTS, move your criminals across san paro. Cant use macros if the ai is shooting for you.
  7. Im happy that they are looking again. I was very upset at the anniversary live stream when matt said the weapon balance was in a better place. Then we got no balance changes since then. So as a nice little kick in the butt towards a more balanced game. This is a good direction
  8. Oca buff and jcarbine buff were stupid decisions both were fine Can the cobra get a buff? Not a huge one, dont buff the max bloom but maybe make it take a little tiny bit more for it to reach max bloom plz thx
  9. I know I am not alone when I say that VIP has to be one of THE worst objectives to participate in. I don't feel like listing all the reasons as to why these objectives are unenjoyable. But 1 would be they take way to long to complete. Being the VIP, protecting the VIP, attacking the VIP none of these roles are fun to be put in. The only thing VIP missions are good for is promoting team work but they usually don't pan out that way on either side (either your team is good at working together or the enemy is) Every time VIP missions are brought up in district chat most people agree that these are one of the worst. I think the definitive reason would be the gameplay just gets slowed down too much. But if I were to suggest an alternative: Instead of 1 static VIP have the VIP change after the previous died, but don't make it an instant switch. Give the VIP defenders a heads up who is going to be next and then 5-10 seconds after the previous VIP dies make the change. Another problem with VIP is the fact that only 1 person on the VIP has to die while the opposing team looses lives for everyone. Why not make the VIP missions fight club style? Have 2 on each side so teams have to attack and defend. Just some ideas, would appreciate others input on the matter. But I for one would not cry if VIP missions were removed.
  10. Someone said that is the new dislike But jokes aside people would dislike just to dislike without putting any meaning towards it. So this is a minor step towards sucking some of the toxins from this game
  11. If they do add this to the game replacing sprinting functionality would be a no go. But perhaps have it be an emote? So you press the hotkey unequip your gun and skate at the same speed as sprinting.
  12. I skimmed the list so if i missed these things being on there sorry: more gasmasks cleaner suits (like pest control or painter garments) you know the if they made tails in this game they would sell like hot cakes.
  13. At least quote on quote more balanced matches, probably should have included that some rather trample noobs.
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