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  1. I remember playing without the smoke it made grenades extremely hard to see comin
  2. The oca whisper has a Built in red mod. Meaning its fire rate and range cannot be manipulated so it acts as a counter for the tommy gun and joker carbine.
  3. Well macros are essentially making normal pistols full auto. So they would have to be rebalanced around this idea
  4. Because they are SMGs not rifles. As someone who liked the oca before the buff they made some good decisions. The oca and PMG can compete and are great counters to each other The Tommygun can now compete with the Joker Carbine
  5. Not a bad idea. Although it would make full auto pistols useless. Why should i use a Nunavut when I can just play a full auto .45
  6. R3ACT3M

    This game is hopeless

    After the above baby rage. I feel like Little Orbit performance can fall either way. In some areas they have dine much good. In others they have yet to puck up the pieces. Hackusating is more popular in Citadel than it is in Jehrico. Day 1, first game i was hackusated. Amongst the hackusators ive experienced a lot more toxicity. Wether they were kidding or not a lot of EU players would say im not welcome in their server and would simply not play with me because I looked like a newb. I have 5 characters and have my name Reactem followed by a number. I want to believe the engine is their main focus but its hard to believe that when Matt said a release was days away during the first beta test, and now 2021 is in sights. Financial performance is acceptable while waterfront is somehow performing like a heavily modded Skyrim. I just cant wait for the day when we can all laugh and say “remember when APB sucked”
  7. Like, right now? Like right now right now?
  8. Can the free premium be the base? Idk about others but it took 2 years for me to hit max rank on 1 character. Or maybe add in a way to get xp boosters
  9. Remember in grade school the whole, treat others how you want to be treated? Yea we should try that sometime
  10. "OCA / OCA-SD The OCA and OCA-SD variants (Whisper not included) have received the following changes: The OCA and OCA-SD variants have had their crouch modifier adjusted, going from 0.8 to 0.95. This means that they will no longer gain as much accuracy when crouched. The effective range has been adjusted. The dropoff now starts at 17.5 meters rather than 30. The dropoff range has also been adjusted, now dealing its minimum damage after 7.5 meters rather than 20 meters. This means these weapons will now deal their minimum damage of 37 damage per shot at 25 meters rather than 50 meters."
  11. Okay now that I had a chance to actually play here are my thoughts. Honestly nothing is good about the engine. Everything is pretty meh, the teaser was hardly worth the effort at all. I'm still frustrated that none of my characters are up to date with their live counter part being stuck in the past since the first beta. While the floaty feeling since the last action district test is better but yet everything feels more clunky. "the feeling" isn't very good on the action districts. And the low fps is probably apart of that. I noticed when getting close to some walls will cause the dynamic shadows on my character to vanish. There were also walls where my crosshair turned red due to the enemy on the other side. Another problem I ran into is I couldn't equip the Halloween bra I could buy it but can't equip it. Next issue and it might be because I would switch between Min and Max graphics but cars that weren't loaded into the district with/equiped before hand are super chrome I also watched one of the opps I fought twitch all over the place, I am unsure if this is because of the server, the person or what. And I don't mean he was rubber banding but while they were running down the sidewalk would spas. In it's current state and the amount of time it's taking to finish this engine I expect it to come out early 2022, unless some miracle appears in the performance department. Characters look hideous, and trying to do actual customization is extremely buggy and generally unpleasing to use, like I said above I got tired of waiting for another character merge so I went full ham on trying to recreate my character's current look from live. Next beta can we get another character migration? Cause i'm also missing things I paid for on live. I guess as a summary, the beta leaves much to be desired. But whether or not people say it, we all appreciate you guys trying to breathe new life into this gem.
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