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  1. this isnt an airport, no need to announce your departure
  2. are you allowed to do this?
  3. The time to kill of every single weapon exept for snipers and explosives is under a second, the average ttk is 0,7 - 0,6 seconds, plus its more efective to focus on hitting shots than fire rate, unless u rocking hacks in which case you probably have a macro anyway.
  4. In other games there are like 100k people a day at least, so still
  5. Hit markers arent accurate, whith latency, even small amounts hit markers start to vanish if you "quick scope" someone. This is very disorientating and does not only happen with hitmarkers but allso sometimes will happen with taggers even if you saw the marker. This is especially prominent with lag and can be very scary to the other party of you are using a scout as they usually wont know it was a scout or hvr.
  6. Exploshions going through thin walls such as the stair walls in fightclub has allways been a thing especially with rockets but allso sometimes with some grenades.
  7. "newly dead game" XD been dead for ages m8 where u been.
  8. Logged in lately? The population has tripled since the update so dont throw too much of a pity party yet. I know they have recieved too many chances but im intrested in what they will do on this one. Plus cheaters rarely make themselves impossible to kill so you sill stande a "chance". Just means someone whith no skill using hacks killed you, it means nothing exept wasting both of your times. What makes it interesting is if your skilled enough to beat them.
  9. The real topic that should be one of the topics first prioritized is inter server movement or character convershion, this is because of the appauling market in NA. SOmething they could do is make social universal and thus the market aswell allowing acess across all servers to the market for the greatest veriety.
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