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  1. Contrary to my previous statement, i shall give you one thing: we need another Kempington. I miss that ol' brick tosser.
  2. Fair point. The reviews you took are post-purchase of APB, making them remain relevant to your point. Sources are still appreciated though. Regardless, you've shown that LO is in a bit of a kerfuffle (at least at the time of writing those reviews, who are we to say the company hasn't changed? Then again, there isn't much reason to believe it has) so that does seem to explain some of what is going on with APB & LO. However, i believe that even if they were not in that situation, they still would not be very motivated to work on APB. After all, just look how their previous updates were received; majority of the community responded negatively (and that's putting it lightly). To find what the community wants through actual feedback requires a lot of sifting through toxic and / or pointless banter, which takes a lot of time that could be spent working on more features. I feel that a solution to the communication problem, at least, would be to have a representative for the voice of the community (Like Kempington was). Problem is, we barely have any big figures in the community anymore (at least none that i know of that are active anymore). And what about the problem with the company itself? What do you think the solution would be to solve that?
  3. @ninjarrrr Those are only 2 of the 7 total reviews on glassdoor, making it look worse than it actually is by only citing the negative ones. If you're going to do this, at least reference where to find the source so that people can make informed decisions. We're all pretty mad with LO, but toxicity is not going to get you what you want this time.
  4. I don't get it, am i missing something aside from this being a regular update post?
  5. Just become a forum troll and watch the world burn. If it's on fire, might as well use it to cook something.
  6. Hear me out, right: Advertising boards. They are scattered all over APB, yet always show the same thing (they were changed a bunch of times but let's ignore that for now). What if they were used to display real-life banner ads of the sponsors of APB, acting as another revenue stream? If you take a look at mobile games, they are doing just that, but instead of ads in the game-world, it's done with annoying pop-ups and constant screen-space hogs. The way i suggested, i think it would be the best of both worlds: Sponsors would be able to advertise their products to the gamers, the devs would get a solid revenue stream and it would make the world more immersive for the gamers themselves. I'm sure that i'm missing a bunch of behind-the-scenes reasons why it can't be done, and In the state that the game is now, i doubt that many companies would be interested in investing, but i bring it as more food for thought for future games. i'm interested to hear the community's thoughts on this; why or why not you think this would or wouldn't work. tl;dr: make the in-game advertisements display real ads. Yay or nay?
  7. The big problem, as Garbaj mentioned in his next vide on the topic, is that we've got a bit of a Titanfall 2 situation. This game, quite clearly, is not a top priority by the devs. Meaning if they stop receiving income, instead of spending numerous resources to fix it, it would just be more cost effective to shut down the servers. Now, i'm not saying that that will be either a good or a bad thing, but although i haven't played APB recently, APB is still a very unique game with _a lot_ of untapped potential, which is what attracts the devs initially. My vote, i'd say we'd best wait for yet another game studio to buy and fail at fixing APB (No offence, devs). tl;dr, it will cause change definitely, but for the better or worse is up to the devs and your own interpretation of what they do.
  8. I tried to login to APB earlier today, and it said that the servers might be down for maintenance. I can't find any posts that explain why the servers might be down. My friend also tried logging in and it said the same thing for him. Does anyone know why the servers are down and / or when they will be back? P.S, Apologies if i am in the wrong thread, i am new to the forums.
  9. I agree that something should be done about this. It happens surprisingly often to me.
  10. One on the hood, one on the roof, another on the back and two on each side. 25 shapes each symbol. Yes, it's a little pixelated but it works. Plus, i like the challenge of trying to make a car look good with freemium. In my opinion, when you have 50 symbols you can place it gets a little overwhwelming. I'm not saying that they shouldn't increase the limit, but i'm fine with how it is currently. Maybe 1 more symbol for the back and front, making it 9 symbols total could work. But let's not undervalue premium here.
  11. Because a crazy percentage (around 80% if i remember correctly) of the people who participated were just exploiting it. Also, remember the items that were offered were paid items, so the more people who participated meant less cash for g1 (at the time). I think they could fix this by making refer-a-friend exclusive items or even if RAF just gave JT. But hey, in my opinion, even if the people doing it were using fake accounts, at least it was people playing the game.
  12. I think this is a interesting topic. A lot of work required but, in my opinion, i think it'll pay off.
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