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  1. Many thanks for letting me know. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some pumpkins that are annoying the royal fuck out of me.
  2. Assuming the usual 4-6 hours downtime? Either or, tonight... we feast
  3. As for my suggested changes: Make the designer controls consistent. I.e, you can 'mirror' a symbol on a car, but not on clothing (While at it, i would say L.O should also fix the alignment of said mirror, it is slightly off-center). You can select multiple symbols in the designer, but not on the car or clothing editors. There was also somewhere that you couldn't access the undo / redo buttons. With the formal clothing, make fitted options. The current options are way too baggy for a modern style. And suggested addition: Also add a feature to allow the saving of design templates that do not take up space in your locker. To clarify, if you make clan clothing you will be able to save templates for the clan clothing and be able to use it on any clothing of the same category (such as a clan shirt template could be used on all items in the 'tops' category, while still allowing for editing to make minor adjustments). This will result in two things: 1. your locker will have freed up space, and 2. The creator of the template can distribute it to other people to use as well. This would also be extremely useful for cars, such as the Monster-themed cars back in the day, could just make 1 template and use it on a vegas, veo, and so on. Of course it won't be perfect, but it will save a lot of ground-work when trying to make several different items of the same theme.
  4. from my 1300h of not using the gun, i can say this: The dmr manages to just not regain its base accuracy when your next shot can be fired. Either that or it was the other way around. Cj3 increases the max bloom, therefore making it take longer to return back to its base accuracy (as the rate of bloom recovery stays the same, but the distance the accuracy needs to recover is increased). So yes, for all ranges where the thing is 3 shot it can be good when you do not need the full base accuracy, whereas any long range shots will suffer as it will take longer to achieve the accuracy you require... Unless you like trying your luck with RNG, which has never been a good idea for me. So in conclusion you are both right, and wrong, depending on which factors you focus on (i.e how you play the damn game). tldr, short range cj3 is good, long range... not so much.
  5. That reminds me of the haunted highway in financial. Basically if you are a passenger on that highway and you lean out the window, there's a high chance that you will just die. Can't remember where it was specifically but it was a funny little bug... until it occurred mid-mission.
  6. Can't say i have, never fancied myself a COD player except advanced warfare and OG zombies. But logically you'd be able to bypass almost anything by throwing enough money at it. Thanks for the criticism, i can now say i actually learnt something from the forum today.
  7. Another thing that is unfortunately the case is that the line between really good players with decent situational awareness and actual cheaters is very thin, so i feel that most players see the large skill gap and assume it's because of cheats when something happens that they can't justify. Cheats, skill or straight up luck? No one can really tell for sure, but cheats are the easiest conclusion to jump to because it makes you feel better about losing. Tl;dr, skill gap is real. How you justify it is up to you.
  8. Just enable 2fa to play. That way accounts are more secure from being hacked and it links a phone number to every acc. People only have so many phones. 2fa is 2 factor authentication. If you don't know what this is then i have no idea what you're doing on a gaming forum. Probably shitposting tbf. The main thing about your idea is it would only work for active players. People like me who only play every now and then wouldn't justify buying premium just for a few days of playing. Hell, i barely rent guns anymore. Everybody's gotten used to having premium permanently, so taking it away is not really an option. Best would be to make premium base kit, then make a premium 2.0 with new perks (like being able to level contacts in other districts, doubling jt rewards, making weapon roles faster or smth). Tl;dr, 2fa is bae.
  9. Clumsyhunt3R

    Daily Login Rewards

    I upvote this. On several conditions: 1. Rewards should be toned down (500jt a week would render fight club almost useless. Then again, the JT in fight club should probably be increased anyway). 100jt a week at most i'd say. You also have daily activities you can do to get jt already. 2. I feel that all the guns, vehicles and whatnot you receive should be temporary, to prevent it from getting out of hand (if your locker is full of permanent weapons, why spend any money getting other ones?). 3. Everything you get should be character bound. (Reasons mentioned in thread already) 4. Instead of permanent weapons, give small g1c incentives. Just enough to encourage the free users to buy a little g1c to finally get what they want (the high cost for anyone not living in America is what drove me away from any purchases in the first place). say 50g1c a week ( i think it's 3000 g1c for a 3-slot star afaik). Also vouchers. That way it won't upset the balance of earnings in the game, while still being a little something that users can work towards. Also, i agree that the rewards should be linked to playtime, as to keep the pop. however people mustn't be able to just sit afk and get the rewards. Good inspiration for this can come from the old weekly activities that used to exist on the Armas market.
  10. Thanks! That also reminds me, if you are hijacking / commandeering a car, if you cancel the animation just as the pedestrian leaves their seat, they will disappear from the car and you can get in. Not sure if this is any faster than just hijacking normally, especially since latency makes the timing weird.
  11. This will be stuff like jump-kicking, item-hopping, vehicle ramping, and so on. Here are the ones i know so far: General techs: - Jump-kicking doors, almost everyone knows this. Sprint across an unopened door, jump then interact with the door to open it while remaining relatively safe. You can also do this with unroofed doors without peeking over the top by jogging and timing it right. Credit: @Leefekyn - Reloading while driving, have not seen many people do this. Enter the car through the passenger door, spam reload and it will reload your gun while in the driver seat. Only really useful for LMGs or any weapons with a reload time longer than it takes to move across to the driver seat. - Jumping over vehicles trying to run you over. Requires perfect timing, and does not work with any cars higher than the Vegas. Requires low latency. - Ladder jumping. Pressing the jump button while on a ladder will jump up and back off the ladder. Allows you to gain line of sight on the above area. If timed right can grab the item blocking the ladder.* Clicking or pressing the interaction button while on a ladder will make your character fall off regularly. Credit: @glaciers - Pixel peeking. Some cover has gaps that can be shot through. Such as most glass railings have a gap between them and the floor, and some cover is just lower then crouch height, meaning the very top of the characters hitbox will still be exposed to fire. Credit: @glaciers Objectives: - Item hopping medium and heavy objective items. Sprint-jump, grab the item just as you lift off the ground, then when you land drop it and repeat. Requires low latency. - Ladder blocking. Ladders can be blocked with any physical object (including players) by placing them on the edge above the ladder. Dropping physical items / landing on anyone climbing the ladder will cause them to fall off. - Some objectives can be taken from weird angles, such as hacking satellites can be taken from all around. Useful while there is an obstruction on the objective (Such as a car). For most sprays and break ins they can be taken by jumping on top of or navigating next to the obstruction. Credit: @NotZombieBiscuit Vehicles: - Vehicle ramping. Different per vehicle, but generally requires nitro booster 3. Bring all the weight of the vehicle to the front (by breaking or reversing while holding the handbrake), then pop nitro and accelerate. In cars like the Jericho or Vegas, this should result in the front of the car lifting off the ground allowing you to ramp after colliding with an object that is more or less crouch height. - Budget car-surfer. Can stay on top of a vehicle without car surfer by holding a heavy item and crouching. Works best with a deployable shield as they can block bullets while held. - Instant vehicle entry. Can enter a vehicle instantly if the door is accessible but the animation would be blocked. Prioritises the driver seat if available. Credit: @mtz - Negate VIP vehicle acceleration impediments by either using a Han Coywolf or by ramping a smaller vehicle (such as a Mikro or Varzuga) into the back of a Doltom Montane. Credit: @BlatMan - De-sync your character's model from their hitbox after exiting a vehicle while drifting right. Effect ends when car stops. Unsure if this is considered an exploit. Latency affects this. Credit: @glaciers Weapons: - Grenade / ADS hopping. Can retain full sprint speed by sprint jumping then hopping then cooking a grenade / aiming down sights (ADS), and jumping just as you touch the ground. Requires perfect timing, seems to be possible with latency. Credit: @Flaws & @Leefekyn - Throw grenades behind you by holding 'look back' while cooking a grenade. The grenade will be thrown in the opposite direction that your character animation is facing. Credit: @glaciers - Faster grenade resupply. Resupply grenades faster by firing a shot from your secondary before resupplying. Credit: @glaciers - Throw grenades through doors by throwing them through the corners of where the doors meet. Also works with OPGL grenades. Credit: @glaciers - Quick-Switching (Got Patched). Deal at least 15% health damage, then switch to an hvr with three point sling 3 to finish them off. This no longer works as 1-hvrs now take longer to scope in, 2-hvrs now only deal 75% health damage, instead of 85. 3-HVR damage scales on the accuracy, meaning hip fires do much less damage (Credit: @Hexerin). The scout remains unaffected by these (Credit: @heelruby) Other: - Press look behind button while holding a grenade and you will be able to hold the grenade while it is dormant. - In a Vegas 4x4, if you reverse while holding the handbrake, then activate Nitro booster 3 and accelerate the car will pull a backflip. Credit: @Raichu Useful Tips: - Osmaw Rockets go further than the 100m render distance, and explode at 142m. Credit: @glaciers - Three point sling 3 not only improves weapon swap speed, but also weapon reequip speed after opening doors, exiting cars, etc. Credit: @NotZombieBiscuit - Pedestrians can run you over if you get too close to them. Credit: @Uhtdred I'm hoping to expand this list to have all the known techs in one convenient place. Comment below with any other techs you may know, or any corrections you may have. Edit: Updated 2022/09/27 09:30 GMT. I plan on adding videos and GIFs at a later date.
  12. Ah... i see... I was more asking NotZombieBiscuit about the context of their statement, but considering the context you just gave... i'd best not. Nevertheless, you have my thanks. Now as for your kingdom... all i can offer you is @AsgerLund's trampoline.
  13. to be honest i'd be happy with just more players and events. With players, there can't just be a high in-game player count. There needs to be a solid internet presence outside of APB as well. I haven't seen any streamers, youtubers or the like on the same level as Kemp and Shini were. They made the game feel alive, without them it feels quite dull. Glad they're hosting the 2022 tournament this weekend still. Having the tournaments, clan activities, holiday events (especially the headless horseman), and so on will constantly give the streamers and players something new to enjoy. Also the weekly Armas activities were a fun little side activity to spice things up. Sad that it got removed, the teamkilling activity was wild. I feel that if the new contacts are added it won't keep players, most will just see it as a 'bit whoop' then it'll just be back to more of the same. tl;dr: To get the vets back, and stay back, a few bug fixes will not be enough. It needs variety.
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