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  1. As part of the 99%, please, do tell.
  2. What if hostered weapons display on one's character, much like in Fallout 3 & New Vegas? Then again, it won't be pleasant having an hvr on your back blocking half of your camera while ads. And it'll likely clip through backpacks, and bring about a slew of other unexplained bugs. Also, spaces are a bug on the forums using mobile. Apologies. It's a stupid idea, but i'd be interested to hear your thoughts consisting of more than one syllable.
  3. 50 v 50? Just play fightclub and you'll either get your fix or realise why it will not work.
  4. What program is 'this program'? If you look at the APB tourneys then you can see a middle dot overlay used quite often, and as far as i am aware, these are allowed. But yes, actual modifications to the game files to change your crosshair is not allowed.
  5. Let me be clear, this thread is not a place to debate the premium rewards stated on said roadmap, but rather to list some alternative rewards to get people thinking. Now on to the real thread; Let's face it, we've all gotten used to the current premium as base. Taking that away is not an option for the devs, as they also mentioned in the 2023 roadmap. I've been thinking of some ideas for a while to make premium more appealing, namely: Exclusive weekly activities for premium users (based off of the weekly armas activities from way back) Lower tax on the P2P marketplace / discounts for in-game purchases (such as JT discounts when buying vehicle kits from the Joker store) Cross-district contact progression (such as playing in financial can level your waterfront contacts at 50% of the speed) Prioritisation in mission queue (all this would really do is give the non-premium players a slower queue, which is not the point of premium, so rather not) These are just to spark the thought, hence why i listed some seemingly stupid ideas as well. Agree or disagree, it is not to be taken personally. I'd love to hear if you guys have any ideas below.
  6. Okay, after seeing this again in my recommended, i gotta hand it to Tekken 5.
  7. Fixed that for you. Merged. That spacing was unintended, must be a glitch with the forums on mobile. Ah well.
  8. Many thanks for letting me know. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some pumpkins that are annoying the royal fuck out of me.
  9. Assuming the usual 4-6 hours downtime? Either or, tonight... we feast
  10. As for my suggested changes: Make the designer controls consistent. I.e, you can 'mirror' a symbol on a car, but not on clothing (While at it, i would say L.O should also fix the alignment of said mirror, it is slightly off-center). You can select multiple symbols in the designer, but not on the car or clothing editors. There was also somewhere that you couldn't access the undo / redo buttons. With the formal clothing, make fitted options. The current options are way too baggy for a modern style. And suggested addition: Also add a feature to allow the saving of design templates that do not take up space in your locker. To clarify, if you make clan clothing you will be able to save templates for the clan clothing and be able to use it on any clothing of the same category (such as a clan shirt template could be used on all items in the 'tops' category, while still allowing for editing to make minor adjustments). This will result in two things: 1. your locker will have freed up space, and 2. The creator of the template can distribute it to other people to use as well. This would also be extremely useful for cars, such as the Monster-themed cars back in the day, could just make 1 template and use it on a vegas, veo, and so on. Of course it won't be perfect, but it will save a lot of ground-work when trying to make several different items of the same theme.
  11. from my 1300h of not using the gun, i can say this: The dmr manages to just not regain its base accuracy when your next shot can be fired. Either that or it was the other way around. Cj3 increases the max bloom, therefore making it take longer to return back to its base accuracy (as the rate of bloom recovery stays the same, but the distance the accuracy needs to recover is increased). So yes, for all ranges where the thing is 3 shot it can be good when you do not need the full base accuracy, whereas any long range shots will suffer as it will take longer to achieve the accuracy you require... Unless you like trying your luck with RNG, which has never been a good idea for me. So in conclusion you are both right, and wrong, depending on which factors you focus on (i.e how you play the damn game). tldr, short range cj3 is good, long range... not so much. Merged. Also, Duck go quackquackohshithehaskevlar
  12. That reminds me of the haunted highway in financial. Basically if you are a passenger on that highway and you lean out the window, there's a high chance that you will just die. Can't remember where it was specifically but it was a funny little bug... until it occurred mid-mission.
  13. Can't say i have, never fancied myself a COD player except advanced warfare and OG zombies. But logically you'd be able to bypass almost anything by throwing enough money at it. Thanks for the criticism, i can now say i actually learnt something from the forum today.
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