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  1. it might be slightly entertaining thou i must admit if they gave the AI a lot of power..
  2. AI Bots & Online Players So here is something to mull over and possibly it might help a bit. I think that AI Enemy players (Bots) should be added to missions, so say you are on a server and there is NO active players you can still do missions just to have fun however with a slight twist. Depending on Ranking (level) should be calculated how many AI BOTS are protecting the mission points or capture areas. I think that there should be a lot of AI Bots added to each mission where it would be complicated for a single player to accomplish whatever they are doing, it might be a bit fun as well IF the person is able to deal with ALL enemy AI bots and still complete the mission. When a person (live) joins a team it will reduce some of the AI Bots for the mission since the ratio is balancing itself out. I think for default if you are playing ALONE it should spawn 5 Enemy Characters for each objective. They should be hard to kill and the respawn timer on them should be calculated on there ranking and level to not make it to difficult for new players.
  3. Hello Gang, Been here since the RTW Days, then Gamersfirst, Now LilOrbit. From years back they kept talking about creating a new MAP (District) something about combining waterfront and financial together. Also as well redoing the game to be updated with the newest UNREAL Engine (not sure if that stalled out). I think for custom clothing and vehicles maybe take it off the "subscription" base so it would welcome NEW players and bring back old players. Since you are CAPPED with a FREE account how many graphics or items you can put on clothing or a vehicle maybe tweak that a bit, possibly make just a In Game Store like pretty much all the other games do now and offer custom clothing, designs, cars and things made by Lil Orbit, charge like X number of $$ for game coin and run with it. Maybe a New Referral System? and for members who invite folks who say purchase "in game" money kick back a bit to the member who invited them to join the game or "rejoin" the game. I am thinking if Console/PC version were cross compatible as well that might help as well, sort of like what fortnite did with there system so anyone who plays any device can use there login and everything works properly. It would be great IF i could login using my console and have all my stuff PC wise on there.
  4. Holy Hell its been a LONG time, I am doing a 3.5 gig update since I have not played in over a year. Anything changed?
  5. when i go to update my subscription for the month it gives this error on the main website. There was a problem updating your subscription. Please try again. credit card on file is fine and I selected the one for the 1 month..
  6. @Sakebee sent you a message regarding this post.. Read when you have time.
  7. Hey Gang, Its been a long time since i been around, i am not using my PC much anymore and i was curious on something, is it possible to get my character outfit, cars and everything else over the years and transfer it to a PS4 console? like a data migration or something from Orbit servers? not that i want to be on the same servers as PC Servers just want my things.
  8. virtually nothing they can do about Denial of Service Attack. they find the main IP server is on and boom fire off packets. They could put a thing called DDOS Deflate in. its a bash script that checks packet rates from each IP address to the server and kills connections as needed...
  9. i got it in financial as well... i was like Hurmm never seen this Title before... and i been playing for years..
  10. put jersey Barriers around spawn points so cars can get out but dump trucks cant get in... OR Geo Fence the thing within a certain radius so only cars can leave and no one can get stuck there Dump Trucks need to be removed and banned from the game, i remember doing them old dump truck missions i wanted to stab myself while playing..
  11. Dear Matthew Scott Hello, My name is also Matt i have been playing this game since it was still under RTW, so basically i am old school in the game, already ranked maxed and watched the game progress a bit over the years. I had some questions below and possibly you could respond back to them personally. I read your open letter and i think its great you see the game has massive potential and you want to expand it to its potential, however lets start from the core issue of the game.. Server Stability : over the years the servers have been DDOS'd and basically virtually unplayable it seemed like every 4 hours. What is going to be the fix for the LAG spike Issues and also server disconnect issues during gameplay i understand that Server LAG is always going to happen at some point but it seems with any District Server there is a constant lag issue every hour. it sometimes is really quick and sometimes its really bad and lasts a long time. are you all putting in more servers or beefing up the current servers that run the main core game files? also will the unreal engine help with the game lag and latency issues? Hacking : now over the years i have seen a lot of interesting hacks, exploits and well DDOS attacks. beyond Fair Fight (i think that was one of them they had installed at 1 point) that banned a lot of people, there was just waves of people getting TK'd off the server every single day and some of it was False Positive bans. a lot of people lost interest of the game due to hackers i remember getting shot through walls several times and around corners, and also it seemed like there was a big target tracking me around. So beyond battle eye what else you going to do to make it more secure in game and also potential DDOS attacks server side. Vehicles : are you going to be able to add vehicles like they have in GTA and also like EA (need for speed) as in licensing from auto manufacturers to use all types of vehicles in games, i would love to drive around in a custom hummer or a Ford F-350 Dully Truck (i guess wishing is always great).. also the physics of the cars in Grand Theft Auto and steering and dynamics. Maps : can you add a much bigger CITY map like of a major city like New York, Chicago, LA.. Etc? When it comes to in game dynamics is there anyway you can make it so you can group up with more then 4 people at a time, i found that most fun with a lot of friends being called into a BACKUP mission and we got 8 deep in friends in a group rocking another team of 8 people. when it comes to district maps and server caps, is it going to be possible later on to bump up each side to 100 per faction to join the server? like 100 crims and 100 enforcers. can you make more missions and objectives for people who are already Max Ranked or bump up the MAX RANK to a much higher number that has more features and also more missions and contacts to do? i think possibly the ranking system should be actually unlimited like just new things will be harder to unlock. you have to be much higher rank to unlock say (1 month of premium access) or say add some really cool new bullet proof vests or tactical vests you can use as a mod for your character like the ammo crate or something. I think there should be some military type of vehicles in the new vehicle updates, like BearCats (swat uses) and also like APC carriers for loading up 8 people into the carrier... Possibly add a Tank Yeah the tank would be a bit much, that is just me having a ARMA 3 Flashback. Well good luck with the new adventure here with us crazy APB players....
  12. Well hello boys and girls, been a long time... I notice the servers still dead lol.... another update eh? Love the new Forum Layout. Now for the Game Engine...
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