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  2. bye bye and good luck lixil

  3. Lixil

    Forum maintenance

    Hello everyone, We will be performing forum maintenance in about 30 minutes from now (11AM PT). The expected downtime during the maintenance is about 2 hours. We thank you for your patience during this period.
  4. Hello, You would need to create support ticket and also DM me (with support ticket number). The ticket must be made with e-mail you are using on the forums.
  5. Hello everyone, We are doing a hotfix patch on 12/24, 8AM UTC with 2 hours downtime. Patch notes: CHANGES/FIXES - Fixed a bug that caused achievements and roles to not track properly - Fixed a bug that allowed for the Elf VIP event to incorrectly spawn - Decreased the Nutcracker event timer to 10 mins - Updated Snowman marker to be seen at a greater distance - Updated both the Sugar Plum Fairy weapon skin and the snow effect to reduce the number of particles on screen
  6. Hello everyone, we are aware of the issues regarding the holiday event. Our team is currently looking into it. Thank you, Lixil
  7. First post has been updated. These are the patch notes for build 1.20.0 (1192) Get ready for #SnowParo, at least a small part of San Paro. “Holiday Cheer” is a new drug that has been surfacing around Beacon and causing everyone in the area to see snow falling. Fight to become the Nutcracker Prince or survive being dosed. For a breakdown of all the rewards available during Christmas head to this forum post: Come play in Beacon for the new “Holiday Cheer” event, complete with its own “Snowman”. Returning this year is the Snowball Fight minigame as well. There are plenty of new rewards that you will be hunting. There will also be some fresh new ARMAS items for sale. CHANGES/FIXES Fixed the OCA “Whisper” from turning invisible when equipped with the Demoness Weapon Skin Fixed an issue related to destroying the vandalism target of an opposed team. The mission will now, correctly, progress to the next stage.
  8. Hello everyone, On Monday 23rd, we have maintenance that will start 9 AM UTC for all platforms. The estimated downtime is 4 hours. Patch notes will be added later. Thanks, Lixil Update:
  9. Hello, Spoilers will always be on social media. Bigger information will always be on the forums with a link forwarding to the blog. I hope this helps you find the information in the future! Thanks, Lixil
  10. Small update: All the winners have received their G1C and premium. As soon the rest of the rewards is out, it will be delivered to the winners account.
  11. Hello, this issue should be fixed. If you are still seeing broken post please message me. Thank you, Lixil
  12. GMs did not punish you - Customer Support did. GMs are there to help in the game but also to make sure you are following rules. I am locking this thread as you need to continue talking to our Customer support team - they are only ones who can help you out with your case. Thank you, Lixil
  13. iProkaza, customer support has contacted you regarding your ban. Please check your e-mail.
  14. Hello, If you were banned you would have gotten customer support ticket open. Please have the conversation with them instead (check your email). Forums can't really help you with your situation. Thank you, Lixil
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