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  1. Lixil

    Hacker testimonial

    Cookie vs girls = Cookie loses
  2. Lixil

    Bring back the Colby sub forums

    I'd bring it back but then people would not use it and also probably still post all stuff in Social. That said post moved to the forum suggestions.
  3. Lixil

    Hacker testimonial

    So I win. I believe this gif is appropriate then.
  4. Lixil

    Hacker testimonial

    I believe the content OP posted was just a someone joking around (because free attention) that they c/p in general.
  5. Lixil

    Hacker testimonial

    Guys if you continue fighting I will lock this thread.
  6. Okay since this seems to be spam thread now and OP has his replies I will lock this thread now.
  7. Lixil

    I'm sorry APB Community.

    I hope you'll be okay
  8. Hello everyone, Matt Scott, our CEO, has created a roadmap of what we're working on for APB, and we're excited to share that with you. You can find all the details on our blog, at the following link: https://apbreloaded.gamersfirst.com/2018/06/apb-roadmap.html Thanks, and we'll see you in-game!
  9. Characters that have been deleted in 2014 can not be restored.
  10. Lixil

    Can we have a dab emote please.

    Moved to the suggestions.
  11. Lixil

    Next Sale?

    Merged same threads together. Please, guys, try not to open duplicate threads.
  12. Lixil

    Unable to join FINANCIAL/SOCIAL [BE kicks me out]

    Moved to the correct subforum. Please make sure in future if you're having issues to post it to the Bug and Tech issues subforum. Also merged topics together. @Selali any advice for the OP on how to solve this issue?
  13. Nope, all applicants who applied will get a yes or a no. I do also have an interview with those that have a yes so it takes a bit. I do still have 600+ applications to go through. 800+ applied.
  14. Yes, I'm sure some of them have private accounts. I will be waiting