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  1. I apologize, I had the wrong date on the announcement. It's fixed now.
  2. The sale ends 18th 11:59 PM PT. You should send ticket to our support. https://support.gamersfirst.com/hc/en-us The sale should stack correctly on premium now.
  3. Hello everyone, This upcoming Friday 12/6 9AM UTC servers will be going down for database maintenance. The downtime will be up to 2 hours. Thank you for your patience.
  4. It should, but we ran into an issue. Team is checking it out.
  5. It should stack, sale + your premium. We are checking why it's not stacking sale with premium.
  6. Hello everyone, Sadly, due to some last minute issues we have discovered on the Blood Moon clothing items, we are postponing the launch of this bundle until next week. Thank you, Lixil
  7. Hello everyone, December is a holiday month and we’ve prepared a treat for your celebrations! Right now we are having 20% off sale of specially selected ARMAS items (up to 50% off with premium), and you’ll be able to clearly see which items are on sale in the ARMAS store. We are also returning Old Glory on the ARMAS market until January 8th! Make sure to grab yourself this weapon before it is gone! The "Old Glory" gun can be found under the Weapons > Assault Rifles section of ARMAS. EDIT: This sale will last for 2 weeks on all platforms. More precisely: Until the 18th of December at 11:59PT PC, Xbox One and PS4 will be able to enjoy this discount. The discount stacking issue reported before has been resolved. Any players that would like to get a return of the G1C lost due to this missing discount are advised to make a ticket with our support team.
  8. Hello everyone, we are extending the Ugly sweater contest for 3 more days. You can submit your designs until Wedensday 4th, 6PM PT. Thank you, Lixil
  9. Lixil

    Error 30006

    Hello, could you guys please try and see if this issue is still happening. If it is can you please send me a DM? Thanks, Lixil
  10. Hello everyone, Our team is checking issues regarding Citadel server.
  11. Hello everyone, XBOX NA and EU servers are now live. ARMAS marketplace is still currently down, our team is looking into it. PS4 servers will be up soon as well. Thank you, Lixil
  12. C/p from Matt: We are missing some network equipment and a bunch of district boxes that got stuck in customs for the new EU datacenter. This means all of EU will be temporarily running on districts in New York for a couple days till we get the new EU location online properly. And all platforms will be running Financial and Waterfront with no threat segregation for a couple days.
  13. Hello everyone, Thank you for being patient so far. Our IT team is still troubleshooting PC and PS4. We can not give exact time when we expect the servers to come online. We apologize, we will keep informing you as soon as we get more information.
  14. The contest is not over, we are going to extend it. I will update the contest thread at more appropriate time.
  15. Still same information as my last update sadly.
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