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  1. Get ready for Halloween in San Paro with new and exciting events happening all season! This year, we’re scaring up some new events with new prizes while also letting new and existing players complete events from previous Halloweens. The events that will be running are: · Headless Horseman Event · Pumpkin Hunting (Purple, Orange, and now Red) · Trick and Treat There is a new mini Pumpkin hunting event for players to experience. Be on the lookout for 50 red pumpkins in both Waterfront and Financial. Shooting these red pumpkins will earn you new rewards! Over the next few days we will be spoiling some of the new rewards that you’ll be chasing. There will also be a number of new ARMAS items for sale the day the Halloween patch goes live. For now, enjoy the new splash screen for Halloween! Headless Horseman Event This event is run in special Halloween districts. The rules for the event are simple: · Collect pumpkins in Halloween versions of Financial and Waterfront to become the Headless Horseman and start the event. · The Horseman must kill other players to convert them to their Pumpkin Army. · Pumpkin Head Soldiers must also kill other players to recruit them into the Pumpkin Army. · Survivors must avoid being killed until the time runs out. Pumpkin Hunting Each set of pumpkins has its own set of rewards for how many you find. Good hunting! · Purple pumpkins are hidden throughout Financial and Waterfront. Finding a number of them will grant you a prize. · Orange pumpkins are found in Asylum and destroying those will reward you with a number of different titles. · Red pumpkins have been carefully hidden throughout Financial and Waterfront. There are quite a few less red pumpkins than purple so finding them is going to take keen eyes. Trick and Treat Finally, there are two contacts, Trick and Treat which are located in Waterfront. These special Halloween contacts are only around for a short time but can be leveled normally like other contacts. They have rewards that you can only get during this Halloween event from leveling them up!
  2. Hey everyone, In support of our Streaming Community, who have been doing a lot of work on providing visibility to APB over the years, we will be providing qualifying streamers with codes as giveaways on their channel. Below is a list of qualifications that the streamer must have before they are eligible: 1. You are not currently banned or been banned by Little Orbit previously 2. You do not violate the Terms of Service while streaming 3. You are an active streamer (at least 2 days a week - 3 hours per session) 4. You have been streaming for a least a month 5. You have your VODs available for review If you think you meet the qualifications as a streamer, please DM me, @lixilkae, on either the forums or Twitch.tv. If accepted, you will be given a number of codes to be given away on your channel to viewers. The number of codes given will depend on how often you stream, how many followers and views you get on a consistent basis. Codes that are provided to you by Little Orbit must be given away as a random draw on your channel that anyone can enter. This drawing can not be limited to Subscribers but can be limited to Followers of your channel. The drawing must also happen live on the stream. If any of these conditions are not met or any of the above qualifications no longer apply to your channel, code support can be removed.
  3. It was regular maintenance.
  4. We hit few issues, sorry for the delay. The servers should be up and running now.
  5. The servers are under maintenance. Thread locked as OPs requested.
  6. Hello everyone! We just released Dark Prophecy: Priestess clothing in ARMAS store. There are 5 pieces of clothing items for both genders! Check it out here!
  7. Hello everyone! A new patch is going up onto the Live servers for PC. This patch will be happening on Wednesday 10/2/2019. Patch will start at 9 AM UTC and will last for 2 hours. Console will have its normal maintenance starting at 9 AM UTC as well. Patch Notes Many of the weapon changes that we have been making over the past few months are being moved from the Prototype Districts into all districts. For more information about the exact stats please head here: https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/11293-discussion-weapon-balance-changes-to-live-and-ir3-on-the-fang/ We are adding in the new Dark Prophecy clothing line to Armas based on the the tarot cards Death, Priestess and Tower. Each set will include 5 preset pieces. Check back each week for the next set in the Dark Prophecy line! Weapon Balance Changes NTEC-5 and its variants: Test A: No change Test B: We are changing the NTEC-5 in the following way: Previous Prototype District B Values - Increase the Jump Modifier from 12 to 30 - Increase the Fire Interval from 0.14 sec to 0.17 sec - Decrease the Recovery per second from 5.00 to 3.00 - Reduce Effective Range by 5m New Prototype District B Values - Health damage: 185 -> 180 - Fire Interval: .14 -> .15 - Increase the Jump Modifier from 12 to 30 - Decrease the Recovery per second from 5.00 to 3.00 - Reduce Effective Range by 5m
  8. Hello everyone! A new patch is going up onto the Live servers for PC. This patch will be happening on Wednesday 9/18/2019. Patch will start at 9 AM UTC and will last for 4 hours. Console will have its normal maintenance starting at 9 AM UTC as well. Patch notes: This week we are making some changes in the Weapon Prototype Districts to the N-TEC 5 and some of its variants. The gun is very powerful when being used while mobile, so we are going to address that by decreasing the accuracy while jumping. This change will be reflected in both districts. We are also slightly reducing the effective range of the gun, meaning the damage drop off starts 5 meters sooner. For Test District A: We are making each bullet more valuable by reducing the Ammo and Magazine Capacity size on the N-TEC 5 weapons. For Test District B: We are changing the N-TEC 5 weapons to be less accurate for longer periods of time by increasing the time it takes your accuracy to normalize after firing a shot. We are also slightly reducing the fire rate. After feedback from players we are making the final adjustments to Low Yield Grenades. Explosion Radius 700 -> 550 (+50 from the previous Test A stats) Health Damage 575 -> 515 (+15 from the previous Test A stats) Stamina Damage 365 -> 295 (Same as Test A) Hard Damage 435 -> 376 (Same as Test A) We have added a Joker Ticket reward system for completing opposed missions. For more information about this new system, please head to the link below. Matt has already done an extensive write up about how this system will function. (Link: https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/11134-new-mission-joker-ticket-reward-system/) We have added new Weapon Harnesses to ARMAS! These are contact inspired harnesses that you can own and customize yourself. This patch also introduces the ability to pay for G1C using Razer Gold. To celebrate the launch we are running a special promotion. Any player who uses Razer Gold to make a purchase will get a free account lifetime clothing bundle!
  9. Hello everyone,  We will be taking the forums down on Monday 09/16/2019 11 AM PT for scheduled maintenance. The expected downtime is approximately 2 hours. Thank you!
  10. We make those events so that players have fun shooting staff (we had similar with shooting the GMs). It will not be a Halloween event though. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it.
  11. Does any of you have the crash report file? If so can you pass it to my dm please?
  12. Could you pass the report to my dm please?
  13. There will be annoucements regarding Halloween in October. We are still discussing what we want to do as event.
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