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  1. Lixil

    Cupid hunting why?

    Heya guys, I can see there is some confusion for this mini event. First off, this is just a small treat for the actual Valentine's day, which is Feburary 14th. It will be entire day for Citadel (GMT +2), entire day for Jericho (PDT) and entire day for Nekrova. As for the location and the time where to look for them... It's supposed to be a hunt. They can be in any districts, and they will be poping around whenever they feel like shooting the arrows(It doesn't mean it will be 1 cupid in 1 district every 5 hours)! But don't worry, there is a lot of rewards for everyone (assuming you reply on the questions correctly).
  2. Hello everyone, We are going to be taking down the Gamersfirst site to do some upgrades to ARMAS. We will be taking the site down in approxmently 10 mins and it will be down for about 30 mins. Thank you.
  3. Hello everyone! [PC] A new patch is going up onto the Live servers for PC. This patch will be happening on Wednesday 2/13/2019. Patch will start at 9 AM UTC and will last for 6 hours. This patch will activate the Valentine's Day events. Log in during the event to receive a Valentine's day skinned 14 day STAR 556 'Love-Gun' and Colby SNR 850 'Cherub'. Use these 'Love Gun's to spread your love to other members of San Paro. These events will run for 2 weeks ending on 2/27/2019 at 9 AM UTC. This patch will also introduce a minimum rank requirement of 30 to enter the Fight Club districts. More information regarding this change is posted here. [Console] Valentine's Day events will start on console at 6 PM UTC. These events will also run for 2 weeks ending on 2/27/2019 at 9 AM UTC. Patch Notes: - Enabling Valentine's Day events and the Valentine's Day contact skins - Fixed a few bugs related to messaging in the Valentine's Day items - Adding in a min rank requirement of 30 to Fight Club districts. - Fixed a bug that allowed you to bypass a district rank restriction if you joined as a group.
  4. Lixil

    Cupid hunting!

    February is the month of love, and some people will stop at nothing to get a shot at it. For San Paro, this also includes the descendants of the patients of Abington towers; many of whom live in the extensive basement and sewer network under the abandoned Insane Asylum. After sneaking out under the cover of darkness, they've been spotted in various districts of San Paro. They're not dangerous, but a lot of interesting goodies find themselves washed into the sewers and the lunatics are willing to share. Should you spot one, try talking to them and convince them to go back home. If you give the right answer to the question they'll ask you within 10 seconds, they will disappear and leave you something from their last haul: a pair of 3D glasses, a 5-day Premium pass, and 100 G1C, OR a 90-day weapon trial of your choice. No one knows the exact time or location in which they will show up, so be on your guard! This event will start and end on February the 14th, meaning you only have one day to find the Cupids. Happy hunting!
  5. Lixil

    False ban wave?

    If you are banned please write support ticket. Writing on the forums will not really help you out as we can not assist you with your account on the forums. Thread is now locked.
  6. Lixil

    Lost access to 2FA

    Unfortunately only support can help you with this. Please wait for their response.
  7. Lixil

    Error / Disconnected

    Moved to the proper section. @VeryCuteKitty any way you can record a video for tech team to see what is the problem you are having?
  8. If there was more content written and no spam posts (my mods keep having to removing the spam posts) it would belong in social, I would rather move the entire thread then have players keep being warned about spamming. It basically goes under: No Spam Refrain from posting nonsensical, one word or non-contributory posts, and double posting. Additionally, animated pictures (.gifs) are only allowed in replies if pertinent to the thread you’re replying to. Using them in your signature, banner, or avatar is not allowed.
  9. Lixil

    Error code 10044

    Please contact our support team for issues like this.
  10. Lixil

    Bug Report #4

    Moved to the proper section.
  11. Lixil

    Can we get a dab emote in apb please?

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    this post is only for the edgy bois

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    APB News!

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