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  1. They said that it is to late, because i am ignoring GM's, but i trying to conversation with em about 1 hour with different methods!!! Merged. And i have purchased premium, but it goes away, because i get banned about disinclination of GM's to contact, explain where is the problem. Here is question: GM's are for help ingame or for punishment???
  2. some ancient pagan symbols... i am not understand, why there can be satan symbols, all religions symbols, pron symbols... but not pagan Merged. just one question.... why nobody GM's answer me, when i trying to conversation, and now i have been banned because ignoring GM's !?? It is absurd !!!
  3. ok, i'll try now to send a ticket for Support... but my last ticket (not about ban!!!) was ignored....
  4. 1st of all sorry about my english, it is not my primary language. I have situation: i buy one of graffity board in social district, put there my print. There was no forbidden content, only positive things! GM (Ancient Mew) deleted it from purchased board and send me a message like "your symbol is not correct", i asked him(her) to explain what's wrong with my print, was no answer. I put another my print on purchased board and it was deleted too. Then i typed to chat and asked GM to contact me for talk and explain what was wrong? Nobody answer... Then i put on purchased board print with message : "GM, contact me please...", 15 min after that i was kicked and when i login back, i found that all of my graphics library WAS DELETED by GM, hours of my work was just DELETED without any explanations!!! Is it ok you think? @MattScott , @Lixil , are your GM's are omnipotent and can do anything without explanations???
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