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  1. True, it makes sense it wouldn't cause an issue but you never know with certain games recognizing something like that to be a 3rd party program that's running in the background. I'm sure 80% that it's fine to use, but there is still that 20% chance of you getting banned since EAC handles the banning and could potentially flag an unwanted program. May need to check with EAC themselves on it. Only reason I say is cause people that were getting banned had doubts that it could have potentially been due to using VPNs. Lower Latency programs meaning like VPNs but for gaming purposes with the sole intention of lowering latency, like ExitLag, WTFast and Mudfish.
  2. **Requesting any game volunteers (GMs/Helper/SPCT members) or Staff from Little Orbit company to respond to this for clarification**
  3. I want to know 100% by a higher up if using a VPN or program that lowers latency will get you banned or not. Due to the very low population in NA server, playing on EU server seems to be very likely for most players who plan on still playing the game. If someone can confirm for a fact if it is bannable or not, it will clear out any confusions and help people out to getting better connections, thank you! I also want to test such programs and see how much of an impact it has on latency -Kush (Fluchax) Merged. Also adding in Mudfish as another latency decreasing program along with wtfast and exitlag*
  4. From: NA Jericho server I got the error 2 times yesterday and 1 time today, and I expect it will happen again today as well. Not sure why it's giving this error but I play the game on max settings @1440p. I run a i5-13600kf and a 3060ti, 32gb ddr5. I'm sure there are others with this same issue but if anyone finds a fix or a solution, please include it in the thread in the comments section, thank you! -FluchaxTTV
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