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Found 6 results

  1. I have said this so many times, but i never get a respond. The xbox community needs to be monitored closely. Since we got way to many people that gets booted n servers that get booted. And pleas fix it, so we can mute people for christ sake! Its so annoying when you got a op or teammate that blast shitty lagging music! And when you mute and block them... You can still hear them!!!
  2. How did LittleOrbit answer all support tickets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6BJON-77rQ I guess this board missed some occasional shitpost. Please don't ban me for that. P.S. You will only get it if you retried with support. And no... I don't really blame them.
  3. Theres tons of youtubers right now posting videos of themselves blatantly aimbotting with the Cheat Hud turned off. Its clear as day and really needs to be addressed. They're posting daily videos of themselves aimbotting. You can clearly see without any doubt during their own video that they're cheating. You dont even have to explain the things they're doing that are against the TOS. You can also tell as well that they're running a Graphic changer and Shader to get better FPS for more of a advantage as well. Thats a link to their own youtube page where you can CLEARLY SEE they're beyond any doubt cheating and LOVING the attention they're getting. Heres a perfect video from them that clearly shows it all off without anything hidden but the Cheat User Interface. Once again, all proven by themselves mocking the community. This isn't a name and shame. This is showing a video of a player who isn't hiding their names, linking all their account information and then showing us they're cheating without a single care. Heres other youtube videos of people posting themselves cheating on youtube in which you can clearly tell without any doubt they're cheating with the hud turned off.
  4. I wasn't gonna make a topic on this originally but this is getting legit out of hand. Please remove golds from Bronze, it's literally ruining the game. My friends refuse to come back, bronze servers are emptying more and more, matchmaking is getting more and more broken, all because these people can't stay in Silver districts. The usual excuse is "Silver is empty". Well if these players were in Silver to begin with, it wouldn't be. For those who don't know, it's simple. Golds go to silver, purposefully lose, suicide, teamkill, whatever, then come to Bronze to farm newer or less skilled players. I'm not the first to complain about this but as far as I know this is the first topic directly talking about this issue. The following were taken in the space of 15 minutes: Names covered to avoid rule-breaking. People in question already reported for Dethreatting. Please resolve this, it's getting near unplayable at this point, because there are more and more golds in bronze. Even more than bronzes themselves. Some sugestions would be: -Locking them from getting in bronze for a period of time -Disabling or increasing the Dethreatting dificulty -Putting Gold Players only against other Gold Players (Aka threat-based matchmaking, a working one) -Disabling mission feature for Gold players in bronze until they are silver again And last and less desirable although in many cases needed -Actually banning them. I know the ammount of hate I'm gonna get from golds on this post is gonna be real, but in order for the game to grow, and new players not to leave after the first couple missions, this is more than needed. This isn't a once in a while thing. it's every single day. The same names, the same players, the same threat level, every day without stopping. Please fix this.
  5. I still don't understand why LO n changes anti cheating again because I see old cheaters using cheats again, I see Battleye banning people randomly without even using third-party programs I hope LO solves these problems with anti cheating
  6. good day. a few hours ago there was a wave of bans. banned completely random users, even those who did not play with cheats. please treat us with understanding. we did Not use cheater programs.
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