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Found 7 results

  1. Hello guys and girls, Here is our playlist with our youtube video's (Montages & funny moments). Feel free to watch, comment, like, subscribe or tell us what you want to see the next time. Nade montage:
  2. Hiya, For the past weeks I've noticed a seemingly huge increase in the amount of cheaters I get matched up against. It is now at the point I'm getting surprised if the enemy doesn't cheat From what I can tell It's been everything from macros (which nearly everyone seems to use), to real speed hacking, triggerbots, aimbot and wallhacking. Maybe this was to be expected now that the entirety of the Russian playerbase will now be playing on Citadell? Considering how few district actually are up would it be too much to ask for active GM moderation on the districts? Because I feel like the anti-cheat isn't doing it's job properly. Anyway... anyone else noticed the same trend? //Sweezt
  3. I'm currently on a longer break
  4. Textured Is Recruiting! Who Are We? Enforcer clan that located -Citadel Server What are our Requirments? x-Being able to at least understand basic English. x-Gold theart x-Semi Gold x-Threat and Skill Requirments. x-Discord /Working Mic x-Active In APB:R x-35K Kills + ------------------------------ Good Luck For Everyone . Contact in game : Leader :Twixe Discord : https://discord.gg/xa2dax
  5. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- West Midlands Police Clan are now recruiting!!!! Hello Im Aband0n and im a Clan officer and I will be talking a bit about the clan, what we offer and our requirements. Info: We are an enforcer clan in citadel EU with over 30+ active people from everywhere around the globe playing together laughing in Discord, just having a good time. The clan is run by Gbud1 and our discord is run by TheCoolGeek. Clan uniform and Clan car will be provided once in the clan. We have a Medic department that focuses on the aesthetics and looks of paramedic uniforms and cars. We have an amazing group of staff which will always help you with what you need. Every Saturday there is a clan event planned that can win you loads of different stuff and have a great time socializing with other clan members and just enjoying your day. Our main goal is to have fun and be a part of something in the game we all like, and we support whoever you are or you whoever you want to be no matter the age, gender or religion. Requirements: Follow the rules (the rules will be mentioned if you're interested) There is no Rank or Threat requirement to join up. There is no Requirement to be talking in discord while you play, although some of our members think it is important to achieve the maximum amount of happiness. How to join: The first thing you do is private message me in discord @Aband0n#2878 and I will provide you with more info as discord rules and basic information. When you are apart of the clan the only thing you need to do is follow the rules and respect other members. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- King regards Aband0n Clan officer, Discord Officer of West Midlands Police Clan
  6. CURE - Central Urban Response & Enforcement Welcome potential new recruit! We are CURE, an EU (Citadel) enforcer clan that promotes good team work and which aims to clean up the city of San Paro. Our ranks are open to anyone who wishes to join, we don't discriminate again rank or threat level, everyone is welcome, we're just here to have a good time! We strive to promote a fun and friendly atmosphere where everyone can group up together with other clan mates to help each other progress their characters and contacts through missions. We don't mind what rank you are or what your threat level is, if you just want other friendly individuals to play with, this is the clan for you! As we are part of a gaming community you will also find other benefits in joining our clan! We have our own game servers and teamspeak/discord server and you will find that many players from all over the world are proud to call our community home. Recruitment Want to join? Great! Just send a in-game mail message to CombatMedic02 or leave a reply here and one of our officers or myself will get an invite sent out to you when we're both next online! We are always looking for good team players with good attitudes that will make our clan great so if you think this sounds like you, send me a message in-game today! We are open to all ranks and threat levels so if you just want awesome like-minded people to hang out and play with think about joining us! We hope that by joining our clan you will meet new friends, have fun and will just generally enjoy the game with us. Because we're all just here to have fun right? Rules By joining CURE please remember that you are representing us as a clan. There are a few rules to follow if you want to stay with us which can be seen below, just a few obvious rules really, nothing unreasonable but rules that I expect all CURE officers to follow. 1) Be Active - If you are going to be away for a while at least let me know, I don't want clan slots occupied by players that don't play much. 2) Be Polite/Friendly - Don't argue with players in district chat, it gives us all a bad name, I'd like for us to be a clan other people would want to be a part of. 3) Teamwork is Key - Work together when playing with other clan members, respect other clan officers and each other. Don't insult each other, team kill other officers on purpose or leave them behind when they are about to be killed. Uniforms/Clan Vehicles Uniforms are currently completely optional so don’t feel like you are forced to wear one I just wanted to promote some clan pride and team spirit by at least geting us wearing the same colours. You can buy our starter kit uniform or build your own by requesting our symbols! We want you to make your uniform your own and unique to you while showing you are part of the team. It just looks pretty awesome when we all turn up in our clan vehicles and pile out in clan colours. We're enforcers after all, I think it's cool to look like we belong to an organised unit. But as stated earlier, it's completly up to you. We even sell some pretty awesome looking clan vehicles too! If you would like to buy one check out our website and let me know which one you would like to buy and I'll make one up and send it out to you. Criminals plague the city and we are the CURE! Links Click Here to Visit our Website's Clan Page! Click Here to Visit our Youtube Channel! Click Here to Visit our Twitch Channel! Click Here to Visit our Steam Group!
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