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Found 10 results

  1. Hi. As the title says im missing two of my legendaries on my ex nekrova char. Please help. Writing here bc the support takes ages to answer tickets
  2. EVENT CANCELLED Sorry guys but we will have to cancel the event due to lack of interest from players, i guess we will see on on another one ! Event powered by Wave Lounge ! A new type of clan made to preserve citadel's community, and unite them ! learn more here. Secret Fight Club Hello everyone ! Welcome to one of my bimonthly events, i call this one "Secret Fight Club" yeah not very original i know... anyway let's get straight to the point ! What is this event ? Alright so our pasts events were targeted towards good APB drivers, but for this one, your technique and self control will be what matters the most ! On this event we will have a small PVP Tournament that will have a maximum of 30 Players total, 15 enforcers, 15 Criminals. What you will need to do is simply fight up to the top spot, enforcers will fight only enforcers , and criminals will fight only criminals. Once we have the winners of each faction, these two will have to fight for the final spot, which is the winner ! But here's the thing, there's a twist to all of this, it wouldn't be one of my events if it didn't had anything special added to it : When you are fighting you will have to rotate between your guns. What do i mean by this ? Well let me give you an example, If you have an NTEC, an FBW, and a Frag grenade equipped, you will be allowed to shoot only a single magazine of the NTEC then switch to your secondary, you can then use only a single mag of your secondary, and then you have to use a single grenade, Then you can switch back to your NTEC again and repeat the cycle. Note: You can decide to reload after using your whole mag, or reload when you switch back to the weapon, but you can't reuse the weapon if you didn't do a full rotation prior switching to it again. Other than that, you can use any weapon you want and any modification you like ! I hope the rules are clear enough, With the help of a friend we will both have our eyes on each player to see if any of them break that rule, and if you do, you automatically loose the match, no second try ! When will the event happen ? This event will happen this Saturday 17th at 18:00 UTC Citadel Waterfront 1 at the spot shown below: Click here if you're bad with timezones. What can i win and how do i participate ? Every people participating or watching the event will earn a Legendary Donut (More about this in a moment). And the winner of the final round will win a Mountie SF9 'Yukon' To participate to the event you will have to message me your In-game name and faction either trough forum messaging, or discord at Liarus#8071 The entries for the event will be closed one day before the event itself. Reminder that the number of participants are limited so make sure to keep your spot ! See you ingame ! Bonus: The Donut Van ! So for people that previously participated to my events, you guys noticed that i always awarded "Legendary donuts" during my events. Well ! if you kept them, they will finally come to use ! At the end of this event, you players that were loyal to my events, will be able to use your Legendary donuts as an entry for a random Legendary giveaway which will be announced at the end of the event, the more donuts you give to me, the more chances you have to win ! Of course you can decide to keep them and use them all for another time and another legendary, just know that this van will be coming in one of two events ! Bring your donuts !
  3. Social Wave and Criminal Lounge are looking for players ! Welcome to Wave Lounge's recruitment thread ! If you've been playing in citadel lately, you might have come across some of our members ! As you can see this thread is named Wave Lounge, but that's because it's the name of our Alliance containing two clans : Social Wave and Criminal Lounge, but don't get confused, those two clans are fundamentally based on the same concepts, one is just criminal and the other enforcer ! Now let's go straight to the point, we are kind of a different clan compared to your typical APB one, and this thread will show you how and why. What are we , why do we even exist ? We are Wave Lounge, originally founded by Ketog and PHM in Citadel, we've both been long time APB players and always loved to make friends in social district, we noticed that while we all knew each other in social, we all never had a "home" to all be in, so PHM and I decided to create those two clans, Social Wave and Criminal Lounge, two clans that are community driven and following the same concepts, with people that you can actually consider as friends, and not just "clanmates" or "people to play with". As all clans we were aware of lacked the feeling of a community, our clan happened to have a lot of success, and today we are Wave Lounge with over 250 members in both clans combined ! We exist just for the sole purpose of bringing the community together! What do we do ? We have a mix of every type of players some are social warriors, some spend all their time in missions, some in fightclub ! We got veterans as well as new players, and we like to do some clan activities, sometimes organized by any of our members ! And if you have an idea, we can absolutely work on it to have some fun, Arranged games? Clan wars? or clan Alliances? we're open to everything! What we expect from YOU ! Now if you want to join us, there are some things we want from our members, you see, being such a clan we want only people that fits with out concept, Respect, Equality, Freedom, Creativity and Dialogue, are our words, if you're known to be a troublemaker, or being insulting towards other people, this clan is probably not for you. But if you think you can change maybe we can still give you a chance, some makes mistakes but still have the will to change, because what they did in the past doesn't reflect what they would do in a better environment ! Oh yeah, you also need English that's good enough to be understood and have a proper conversation with others, bad English causes misunderstandings and i would rather avoid that. These are the only things we ask for, we have no other requirement, who ever you are, whatever your past ,whether you're good or not at the game, you can join ! We care about who you are as a person, not as a player. Now this might sound counter intuitive to what we are, but we don't force any of our members to play, wear anything, or even be active, you can stay or you can leave at any moment, we just want to know why, talk with us ! that's all we need and want, communication ! I want to join , what do i have to do ? If you're interested in joining us you can contact any of the recruiters below with an ingame whisper, mail or any of the other methods shown: - IGN: "Ulexos", Discord: Ulexos#7000 - IGN: "Ketog", Discord: Liarus#8071 - IGN: "Zinnedine", Discord: Zinou#5529 - IGN: "Fumiku", Discord: Fumiku#9185 - IGN: "Kristaina", Discord: Kristaina#9999 Note that if you join any of our clans, all of your characters are accepted in both clans, so you can join them at will. Oh and yeah, Wave Lounge has a public discord now, you can click the image below to join ! Here's a few comments our people decided to let there :
  4. Event powered by SocialWave and Criminal Lounge ! A new type of clan made to preserve citadel's community, and unite them ! learn more here. Drift, Shootout Show is here! What is this event ? This event will be split up in 3 parts. The first one is going to be a drift competition around the donut in financial! You can use whatever car you like but we recommend using the 4x4 Vegas. The one that does the most round without breaking the rules wins. It will be turns where 1 tries to drift and the rest watches. The second part will be a 1v1 deathmatch tournament. It will be set up fights that is 1v1 and it will be divided in rounds and the people that lose the fight is out of the competition and the winner goes on to the next round meeting the winner from another round. This will happened inside the square of the drift course as shown below. This will be enf only but you only need the starting pistol so you can just make one! Part three is just a car show off, with a prize for the best designs! Only requirement is that you have to spawn it and stand neatly in line and wait for the judge to view your car. What are the rules and requirements ? Since this is a 3-part event we have a little different rules here! 1. For the drift competition there is two rules, you cannot crash and can’t “loose” angle too much in the drift. Back end must slide on the tarmac. 2. For the deathmatch, you will both have to only have FBW equipped no character mods or consumables Etc... equipped. You will have to stay inside the Square around the drift course. 3. For the car show competition, you don’t need anything but good mood, be nice, don’t grief and you will have to pick only one car to bring to the car show. You will be showed where to line up. What can i win and when will the event happen ? The event will have a prize pool of 2.000.000 APB$ ! Donut Drift: 500k split on 1-3 place 250k and 125k Shootout: 1million on 1-2 place 750k and 250k Car show: 500k on 1-3 place 250k and 125k That event will be happening This Sunday at 20:00 CEST/UTC+2 on Financial 3 Big thanks to Kristaina for funding the event! Hope to see you guys here ! For More info feel free to ask in our discord! https://discord.gg/rW2pQqj Social Wave / Criminal Lounge - United together, new and active clans on Citadel ! Join us now ! no requirements !
  5. Event powered by SocialWave and Criminal Lounge ! A new type of clan made to preserve citadel's community, and unite them ! learn more here. Sunday Car Meet Well, calling my events bimonthly, are an pure joke at this point glad i always said "See you guys maybe in two weeks" every time. What is this event ? This event is different than the ones i usually do, this event will be more of a laid back even, simply because, there is no reward at all. This event will simply be a car meet, with maybe some minigames, and other fun things to do, there won't be any competition, and if there is any of those, it will be a surprise ! Also, one of my little projects if to make a small montage that showcases people's creativity in APB, so maybe that's my chance to gather footage and your chance to appear in maybe a future video from me ! What are the rules and requirements ? The only requirement is you, you need to be a human, and be nice ! You creativity level doesn't matter, as long as you like to show or appreciate your own/other's work , you're welcome ! When and where will the event happen ? This event will happen this sunday 28th at 20:00 UTC in Citadel Waterfront1 The meeting spot will be here : Hope to see you guys here ! Here's a countdown for people that have trouble with timzeones ! https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/launch?iso=20190728T20&p0=1440&msg=CarMeet&font=cursive&csz=1
  6. CURE - Central Urban Response & Enforcement Welcome potential new recruit! We are CURE, an EU (Citadel) enforcer clan that promotes good team work and which aims to clean up the city of San Paro. Our ranks are open to anyone who wishes to join, we don't discriminate again rank or threat level, everyone is welcome, we're just here to have a good time! We strive to promote a fun and friendly atmosphere where everyone can group up together with other clan mates to help each other progress their characters and contacts through missions. We don't mind what rank you are or what your threat level is, if you just want other friendly individuals to play with, this is the clan for you! As we are part of a gaming community you will also find other benefits in joining our clan! We have our own game servers and teamspeak/discord server and you will find that many players from all over the world are proud to call our community home. Recruitment Want to join? Great! Either send a in-game mail message to CombatMedic02 or one of our officers listed on the staff page below or ask to join us in the clan recruitment channel on our Discord server. We’ll get an invite sent out to you when we’re next both online. We are always looking for good team players with good attitudes that will make our clan great so if you think this sounds like you, send me a message in-game today! Our current Officers can be found Here! Rules By joining CURE please remember that you are representing us as a clan. There are a few rules to follow if you want to stay with us which can be seen below, just a few obvious rules really, nothing unreasonable but rules that I expect all CURE officers to follow. 1) Be Active - If you are going to be away for a while at least let me know, I don't want clan slots occupied by players that don't play much. 2) Be Polite/Friendly - Don't argue with players in district chat, it gives us all a bad name, I'd like for us to be a clan other people would want to be a part of. 3) Teamwork is Key - Work together when playing with other clan members, respect other clan officers and each other. Don't insult each other, team kill other officers on purpose or leave them behind when they are about to be killed. Uniforms/Clan Vehicles Uniforms are currently completely optional so don’t feel like you are forced to wear one I just wanted to promote some clan pride and team spirit by at least geting us wearing the same colours. You can buy our starter kit uniform or build your own by requesting our symbols! We want you to make your uniform your own and unique to you while showing you are part of the team. It just looks pretty awesome when we all turn up in our clan vehicles and pile out in clan colours. We're enforcers after all, I think it's cool to look like we belong to an organised unit. But as stated earlier, it's completly up to you. We even sell some pretty awesome looking clan vehicles too! If you would like to buy one check out our website and let me know which one you would like to buy and I'll make one up and send it out to you. Criminals plague the city and we are the CURE! Links Click Here to Visit our Website's Clan Page! Click Here to Visit our Youtube Channel! Click Here to Visit our Twitch Channel! Click Here to Visit our Steam Group! Click Here to Join our Discord!
  7. Hello everyone! I wan't to trade my R&D for Ogre, Ursus + something. If you have something else, just pm to me. #Edit Citadel of course.
  8. Event powered by SocialWave and Criminal Lounge ! a new type of clan made to preserve citadel's community, and unite them ! learn more here. CarFight! Hello everyone ! Welcome to one of my bimonthly events, i call this one "CarFight!" yeah not very original i know... anyway let's get straight to the point ! What is this event ? Alright here's what you have to do here, basically you will have to get the starter car, (Macchina Calabria 127), a friend and a FBW Basically this will be a mini tournament where you have to fight to death! but as a team ! there's a few rules you need to respect. Every team will be of two people, one driver and a shooter, you, the player, will fight against another team with the same equipment as you do. Your team and your opponent will get into a mini arena where you guys will be able to start fighting when i say so. This will be the spot where we are at : (This is in waterfront close to the boat) What are the rules and requirements ? To participate to this event you will have to be an enforcer, as you only need the starter stuff, you can just create one, as the default car and FBW is all you need to participate . Here's the rules : -The drivers can only drive the cars, and can not leave the car, or use any weapon. -The shooters of each team starts the match inside their car, they can use their FBW, and leave the car if they wants to, no other weapons allowed. -Each team's shooter has access to field supplier, no other modifications/consumables are allowed. -One team wins when they killed ALL members of the opposite team (so when the driver and shooter is dead). What can i win and when will the event happen ? The event will have a prize pool of 2.000.000 APB$ ! the first place will get 55% of the prize so 550 000 APB$ The three best teams that didn't win will get each get 15% of the prize so 150 000 for each team ! ALL participants of the event will get a Legendary Donut which is a special item that you get for being loyal to my events, they will be useful for one of my coming events (which will probably be one of the biggest I've ever done). That event will be happening This Sunday at 18:00 UTC on Waterfront 1 Big thanks to Kristaina for being the main source funding the event! Also thanks to Zinnedine and Kevkof adding money to the prize pool ! See you ingame !
  9. Hello guys and girls, Here is our playlist with our youtube video's (Montages & funny moments). Feel free to watch, comment, like, subscribe or tell us what you want to see the next time. Nade montage:
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