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  1. I do, The maximum FPS i get is pretty much the same, but just like Cooky showed, the stabillity of the game and the 1% lows heavely gets affected when playing on clay APB it's dumb, but it works, so people use it. a lot of people can run apb above 100 FPS, but very few can keep their FPS above 100 when something is happening on the screen, hence why configs exist
  3. probably less than a million, as i pretty much never do impulsive trades, also when there's a new weapon ingame, i got a couple of very nice friends that lets me try them so
  4. What about you tell us what's wrong here, instead of insisting that we must be silver for not understanding. Who knows, maybe you are wrong. Clear me up please, tell me what's wrong in that picture
  5. what. OP, i don't even remotely see how you can compare both guns ACT has a range that goes from 0 to 70meters SS has a 0-23 meters range ACT kills in 4 shots SS kills in 3 ACT is a long range pistol, fires one bullet at the time. SS is a shotgun, it has spread, so the further you are the harder it is to kill due to pellet spread. ACT kills in 1.5 seconds and has somewhat slow bloom recovery. SS Kills in 1.02 seconds and pretty much has no bloom. And you tell me those guns are similar? What kind of drink you had while making this topic, those guns have no resemblance whatsoever other than they're both secondaries
  6. functions that i would love to have with the engine upgrade: -Multimonitor support -FOV Change -Custom Crosshair support (png files?) -Abillity to have uncapped FPS / Choose your FPS limit with a slider -Abillity to use Hold/Toggle for Both Crouch and Aim
  7. Yes i do: Here's a wide one: But in case that's not wide enough: Oh come on, wider?!, okay okay: OH,you meant the other way, oooh yeah i see: Are we wide enough now?
  8. Oh, i was about to make the same post i checked every day and i didn't get the skin activity once and that skin is one of the things i want the most in that event. I usually finish all the achievements of the events i do, but when RNG is involved and i just happen to not be lucky, it is really frustrating.
  9. APB Was always capped at 101 before, because going higher would cause physics issues, as physics of APB are tied to the Framerate, it was already very bad, when we did the switch to 101fps to 144 So i belive that the reason the game is capped is more than just framerates.
  10. They simply join as silvers, and they farm starters and they become gold, while they're still in the server.
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