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  1. Just as a reminder, but you accept that they can do anything with your account when you create it, you cannot create an account without accepting the Eula/TOS/COC This here is probably your only chance. Otherwise, you could totally be someone that bought the account and claiming you don't have the email adress even though it works fine, but just isn't owned by you... which, is something that happens a lot with people that use second hand accounts.
  2. I lost the bet... it took more than 30 minutes (~1H30) , but we found the issue Turns out he had a third party software to manage his steam accounts, after some suspicions he sent it to me and it was indeed, based on AutoIT, which was what he was getting kicked for. hell yeah gamers, tech support ketog at your service
  3. just as a note, but freesync and gsync are compatible between each other, it's just that freesync's good results aren't guaranteed on nvidia cards.
  4. kind of yeah, especially with the nvidia driver overhead at very high framerates for competitive games, anyway, this thread probably isn't the place to chat about it
  5. My dude you should stop living in 2010, you know things changed right.
  6. Add me on discord Liarus#1001 i'll help you with it, i bet you i'll find the issue in less than 30 minutes
  7. you know, as stupid as this sounds, i've seen it happen in other games, so this is weirdly belivable
  8. Silence wench ! i'll protect my clan from the plague! You will not get us with your dirty tricks
  9. i think the yellow consumables were a dumb idea, all of them are gimmicks that broke the natural balance that apb had, and added more game breaking variables to think about: Medspray: allows a whole team to regenerate really fast even after being dealt high damage, and then jump back in the fight in a matter of seconds. Mobile cover: allows you to stop a car when you're a middle of the road because phisics, can also block ladders and doors, somehow can resist a grenade as well. Ammo box: Deathtrap that one shots when used with percs, or any explosives, also allows people to spam nades at specific spots, or other kinds of explosives. Boom box: Straight up useless against anyone that's higher threat than bronze.
  10. get the non legendary one and put CJ2 on it and you have a bootleg vas C2
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