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  1. yeah, not sure what's the point of showing likes at all if we can only react with "we like it" Gives me a "like it or stfu" vibe
  2. Any person saying "just [insert literally anything here] " for game development should instantly be disregarded
  3. Watch an i9 10900K + RTX 2080TI run apb at under 100fps hell yeah
  4. I always use either egg head , or snowball head, always a mask I wish i could put a hat on top of my snowball head though...
  5. Event cancelled, not enough contestants, no ursus for you guys
  6. i bet you're the only one that actually read. im sure most people will only post here when i tell them during the event hah
  7. Thank you for being one of the rare people to not just say "hurr durr, cheaters everywhere, they killed me when i was in bronze district >:(((((((((((" ) In my opinion, APB doesn't has as much cheaters as people say, due to one, the game having a low population, cheaters and coders loose interest pretty fast (im not saying there's none) The biggest issue is players themselves closeting like Frosi said above, with macros etc,or players pushing the limits of the grey zone as far as possible (configs with close to unfair advantages, macros to "help", shaders,,, and more edits) None of them alone are a big deal, but all of them combined can sometimes be very unfair for one side, (well that's not really cheating but more like game modifications...) Anyway, is it possible that we see those ban stats, but anonymised (if that's a word?), im quite curious about the numbers of weekly/monthly bans in APB.
  8. If you want to participate to this event, please leave a comment under this thread with the character name you're going to participate with! oh yeah also random note, but all the pepelaughs are clickable.
  9. Event powered by Wave Lounge ! A new type of clan made to preserve citadel's community, and unite them ! learn more here. EPIC MEMER COSTUME CONTEST Kind of an unusual event you might say, welcome everyone to WaveLounge's EPIC MEMER costume contest ! This event is pretty simple, and straight forward, You guys will have up to this Sunday 23rd to design the best memer outfit you can pull off, note that themes, and loadouts will also be taken into account ! The event will happen the Sunday 23rd in Citadel EU at 22:00 CET Time (UTC+1 for people that prefer this) In Breakwater Marina1 (or 2 if the instance is up) We will all be meeting in that spot below: What can i win and how do i participate ? There is one currently unknown legendary weapon that will be given to the winner of this event, as well as 100 000 APB$ for every Legendary Donut that the winner gives me up to a maximum of 500 000$! What are legendary donuts you might ask ?, they are a form of loyalty reward that i give to people that participate to Wave Lounge's events ! You will get one if you participate to this event: Now! If you want to participate to this event, please leave a comment under this thread with the character name you're going to participate with ! There will be two (possibly 3) judges for this event, so be ready to stack up your memes ! You can click on the pepelaugh below to join our discord, and get warned when the event starts: See you guys Sunday
  10. watch a single internet breach reveal the same password that you use for all your online accounts. https://haveibeenpwned.com/ is usually what makes people wake up about their passwords, people realise after "oh so that's why my account got hacked..."
  11. imagine not having both. Keepass database saved on my own nextcloud installation, and a local backup plugin on my drives B)
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