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  1. It's been a while since there was activity in this topoc, but as if it wasn't obvious enough, this issue has been fixed with the recent 64 bit update, you can now play APB without constant crashes!
  2. Support isn't very helpful for bans, in fact they often respond vaguely and deter players from reaching out to them, personally haven't had any issues with support, however i have seen plenty of unhelpful support answers, such as " you know why you are banned and your account will stay banned " without actually providing an actual answer, don't get me wrong, the support isn't supposed to be your slave, but they need to understand that players being left in the unknown for x action taken against them is extremely frustrating, i know most people would rather see " you have been banned for cheating " rather than the standard universal answer or "we can't provide details" kind of answer. And that's only for the ban part, APB support in general is a hit or miss and it's pretty frustrating
  3. If you have been temp banned this is usually a manual action, so it's likely to be a player that reported you for something bad, and if you were banned for it there's also a high chance of what you did actually was bad
  4. @mojical are you in the LO discord ? there's a couple of linux users there as well, apparently proton 8.1 GE has been released, i'd be great if we could chat there to share our findings
  5. Thanks as always for keeping this guide updated, you rock moji
  6. EAC / FF was my favourite, i hate BE, Battleye is intrusive as hell, it tends to block unecessary things, like some browser tabs on brave / vivaldi, and other tools, while still allowing cheaters to run around before acting against them. Also Battleye doesn't seem to block stuff like Autohotkey or Autoit. Eac blocked most things without being intrusive to other apps, just seemed to do the job way better in general without getting in the way of players. FF was pretty good too, but FFBans was awful, bans shouldn't EVER be broadcasted
  7. It's coming soon, don't worry too much about it
  8. I relate to that statement, there's so many cards i wish i could buy just for that reason, Radeon VII / Titan series cards, R9 Fury X, Palit KalmX series and a few more
  9. honestly not really willing to do anything more than just paritcipate to racing events on the deck i haven't touched mail or the marketplace, and i can't check again sadly, because my deck has a defect and i just RMA'd it today
  10. Thanks @mojical Running like a breeze on the deck using Proton GE 7-53 , surprisingly not pushing it too hard, here's the analytics while my friend medek was with me on a deck as well!
  11. i was looking for the ARC user, how does APB run after all the driver updates that has been happening on intel's side ?
  12. i'm honestly not a fan of removing the day/night system on asylum max settings gang!
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