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  1. i bet he would have applied if you said yes
  2. Man, apb really doesn't want some people to play, first the RTX Crashes, then this, Yangeline is affected by both, i wonder what's the next one.
  3. oh, don't worry im well aware of it, im just saying that the game already had bad reviews before those crashes, for the reasons you mentionned above and many more, apb is unique, but not perfect.
  4. Ketog


    that sounds like the RTX Bug (crashing on spawn/respawn) Do you happen to have an RTX Series graphics card OR a 16 series nvidia card ? Read this if you do
  5. To answer your banning concerns no, of course not, you won't be ba banned because you crash too much, that's just the game is old and clunky, the anticheat has nothing to do with it As for the bar reviews, trust me they were there way before this issue appeared, apb had negative reviews for at least three if not more years.
  6. those aren't the same crashes, they crash on the same operation, but not in the same way, as for me i crash just everywhere, even when spawning in social sometimes
  7. im offering my help for free, hmu on discord Liarus#1001
  8. Welcome to our world my friend, we can only wait, you might see the bug randomly dissapear, it does that sometimes for some people, in my case it always happens I tried all the possible tweaks you might remotely think about, trust me as much as i understand you want to help, there is no fix for it.
  9. Summit1G is our best bet, but the game needs to be good before it's advertised
  10. me: "we'ill see what happens" optimistic people: "hopefully it comes out Q1 2021 "
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