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  1. The total prize pool is now 1 250 000 APB $ !
  2. My stupid creations as usual . Anyone wants to join us ? THE EGGSORCISM CLUB
  3. i see you guys you can't hide from me !
  4. Event powered by SocialWave and Criminal Lounge ! a new type of clan made to preserve citadel's community, and unite them ! learn more here. CarFight! Hello everyone ! Welcome to one of my bimonthly events, i call this one "CarFight!" yeah not very original i know... anyway let's get straight to the point ! What is this event ? Alright here's what you have to do here, basically you will have to get the starter car, (Macchina Calabria 127), a friend and a FBW Basically this will be a mini tournament where you have to fight to death! but as a team ! there's a few rules you need to respect. Every team will be of two people, one driver and a shooter, you, the player, will fight against another team with the same equipment as you do. Your team and your opponent will get into a mini arena where you guys will be able to start fighting when i say so. This will be the spot where we are at : (This is in waterfront close to the boat) What are the rules and requirements ? To participate to this event you will have to be an enforcer, as you only need the starter stuff, you can just create one, as the default car and FBW is all you need to participate . Here's the rules : -The drivers can only drive the cars, and can not leave the car, or use any weapon. -The shooters of each team starts the match inside their car, they can use their FBW, and leave the car if they wants to, no other weapons allowed. -Each team's shooter has access to field supplier, no other modifications/consumables are allowed. -One team wins when they killed ALL members of the opposite team (so when the driver and shooter is dead). What can i win and when will the event happen ? The event will have a prize pool of 2.000.000 APB$ ! the first place will get 55% of the prize so 550 000 APB$ The three best teams that didn't win will get each get 15% of the prize so 150 000 for each team ! ALL participants of the event will get a Legendary Donut which is a special item that you get for being loyal to my events, they will be useful for one of my coming events (which will probably be one of the biggest I've ever done). That event will be happening This Sunday at 18:00 UTC on Waterfront 1 Big thanks to Kristaina for being the main source funding the event! Also thanks to Zinnedine and Kevkof adding money to the prize pool ! See you ingame !
  5. This is not new, incase you didn't know this engine upgrade client got leaked in 2016 yes, that's 3 years ago already, since then a player made a tool to be able to move in the login screen. This engine upgrade client was in developpement since Reloaded Production times, and doesn't represent at all, what comming engine upgrade looks like or runs. Little orbit rewrote a big part of the engine upgrade, and the game probably doesn't look neither run similar to what you see on this twitch clip .
  6. Terribly skeptical about RIOT not gonna lie. APB is such a bad platform for the a BR like experience, we all know that if you play APB you play it because it's unique, but having a BattleRoyale like mode in apb, is one of the worst ideas you can think of, not only APB is late to the trend, but this will be a waste of developer resources. APB has nothing, good for such a mode, Bad weapon balance, bad game mechanics, bad optimization (most PC's can't run apb without problem), and of course a terrible new player experience, so I'm not even sure who this update is targeting to be honest. Seeing matt's plan on making this mode a big part of the game, i can only see this being a bad addition to apb, even tho it is content, the fact that it's completely dissociated with APB's lore and core concept, will make players feel like they're obligated to play this only for it's rewards and not for their enjoyement. As you probably guessed by my post, i don't like the battle royale genre, but here's the thing, me not liking it doesn't mean that i can't judge it, i don't like Fortnite, neither Apex legends, but if i had to play a battle royale, i would definetely go for a game that's meant to be one. RIOT, to my eyes, seems like a huge failure just waiting to be released, i hope i am wrong, but i honestly don't see anyone being attracted by such a mode in the current APB state. The only remotely good way i can think of adding this mode is when the engine upgrade is out, with the game in a great state (good balance, good netcode, lots of content to enjoy, and more), but not now. Oh, and both riot tests confirmed my expectations, an overall opinion that's about 50:50, and having mixed opinions on any game is a bad sign already.
  7. faster than the original creator @Fumiku :^)
  8. Hello people that follow me 398950702505918478.png , here's a thread made by @Easych talking about a sum up for our first year with LittleOrbit, there's a few threads times to times that i think are worth checking out, and this, is one of them, i hope i see some of you guys's replies there !



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      U better give us the direct link (for the lazy dips) <:^)

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  9. Hello matt, will we get the mails with all the armas stuff on the EU server ?, sadly onlu NA players have acess to all items while eu players don't . Riot test will be painful with only people using starts and the default cars
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