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  1. I mean in my opinion i don't see why there are two world servers, after all, latency in social doesn't really matter, region matters mostly for districts I would totally see everyone in the same place, with one social, and have Financial EU + Waterfront EU and Financial NA + Waterfront NA it's not a perfect solution, as obviously the names conflict is still there and NA servers will stay empty, however it brings players together and allows people to go play with Europeans if they feels like doing so. District phasing was pretty sick but looks like a huge thing to implement, so i'd rather have that in the meantime while waiting for district phasing.
  2. Make it so the ladders are walk towards to get on / press F to get on (toggleable) , and so you can stop / move up / down on them and be able to use your secondary on them if you're not moving.
  3. both of these opinions have a bit of truth, thing is a weapon being easy to use doesn't necessairely means it's good Atac and Raptor 45 being a great exemple, they're not bad, but not meta either, even though anybody can use one without trouble Kevlar in itself is useful in some very specific scenarios, but for most of your gameplay it won't be, simply because apb is all about movement.
  4. In my opinion, don't let the bad reputation get to STFU, Be an exemple instead, STFU is gonna be a unique game that makes good use of blockchain technology, STFU is gonna have a different type of community with it, and no matter how hard you try, someone's not gonna like it, keep STFU true to itself, if it uses NFT's then say it, keeping things obscure are gonna scare people away when they learn about it.
  5. I'd suggest making a new apb inspired thing, with no assets, names or artistical property that belongs to apb, unless you like lawsuits.
  6. It now has been two months since that small announcement.
  7. Matt actually pulled a "brb i'll go get the milk"
  8. hopefully we get a no man's sky tier annoucement, where the devs just go off for a year and then pop back up with huge content
  9. i don't need to get into a district to get a district selection screenshot
  10. Just add me on discord, i have them both and send them to you via torrent, Liarus#1001 on another note: I was trying to set up a server off APBEmu (if you know the project) to be able to login and get to the district selection to get what you're asking for, but there's some errors in the emulator code that i'm not tech savy enough to rectify, if you happen to be a c# coder, you'd be come in handy to fix a couple of lines , i almost have the server set up for that but fail to login due to some debug code left into the lobby server.
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