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  1. hopefully we get a no man's sky tier annoucement, where the devs just go off for a year and then pop back up with huge content
  2. i don't need to get into a district to get a district selection screenshot
  3. Just add me on discord, i have them both and send them to you via torrent, Liarus#1001 on another note: I was trying to set up a server off APBEmu (if you know the project) to be able to login and get to the district selection to get what you're asking for, but there's some errors in the emulator code that i'm not tech savy enough to rectify, if you happen to be a c# coder, you'd be come in handy to fix a couple of lines , i almost have the server set up for that but fail to login due to some debug code left into the lobby server.
  4. I play in 1080p ultrawide (2560x1080) so you'ill have to deal with the l o n g pictures For a split second you can see the scene without the UI, so i just took screenshots, the first is what i usually play with (game in low, but with bloom enabled) And this one is just the game in the "Maximum" Preset: idk if that's what you want, but there you go. EDIT: just read the "old" my bad, i'll try to post these as well, i still have the beta 0.6 and the 1.1 client.
  5. RTX's full potential will shine... literally.
  6. You put way too much effort into something that will probably never ever be into APB
  7. Almost it, except when reloaded production had the game, their engine upgrade was absolutely horrible, LO basically restarted doing their own when they aquired apb and saw RP's work
  8. As a fellow representant of nobody, i can also recommend you don't click that signature @AlienTM
  9. Personally think it's a waste of ressources that they backport all the EU stuff to live. The current APB we have is a dirty hackjob, and porting modern stuff to it will only break it more than it already is, improved garbage is still garbage in the end, keeping all the efforts in the engine upgrade would mean more wait for us, but a better platfrom to grow APB from with a fresh start. I really don't see a point on trying to maintain the game when it has such a low playerbase, it's just way too late to do that, there's thousands of people that follow APB's developpement and are ready to come back when something big happens, taking this more gradual approach will serve nothing other than give the returning players a feeling of apb being still being half assed. Hopefully i'm wrong, but i think this is a bad decision, apb is just way too old to be taken back, it's a 12 years old game by now, and it needs more than just maintenance, it needs a fresh modern start which is what the engine upgrade would allow.
  10. Their website had low effort since the begining: I remember when their website was literally only a screenshot of the APB page.
  11. *snnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiifffffffffffffssssssss* "Alright, time to make an APB forum post!"
  12. Ketog

    Halloween Concept

    hell ye brother, i'm all for it
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