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  1. i mean i'm no developper, but a lot of those could be figured out quite fast, none of those are uncommon features nowadays, they would have a very low ammount of creative work to do, and again i meant it as long as they reuse most of the assets without overly focusing on polish.
  2. TBF, i know most people would disagree with me on that, but i thought the same for a very long time, APB costed 100 million but never gave any decent return on investement, it would just be easier to redo the complete game and reuse the assets from APB since LO has the rights. Starting APB as a new game, with a fresh base, rather than this old, broken, outdated engine, that is causing so much pain, i'm fairly certain APB could be redone even by a small devteam, in less than 4 years, as long as they reuse the assets from the original game. thing is, this is a long term commitement, and going forward with upgrading the game instead of remaking a new one is ALSO a long term commitement, one that Reloaded Productions and Little orbit choosed to pursue instead of the first option. So now, i kind of think it's too late to do that, unless matt has enough money saved to run the company for long enough to complete developent of a new game up to a playable state.
  3. The tradelock system implemented by LO is stupid, im thankful for all they did to APB except that This tradelock system annoys players more than they protect them, and funny enough, it doesn't even protect them sometimes, when i login on my account, usually i'm not even tradelocked on the first login, i'm tradelocked only on the second login, so if i were a malicious user i could just steal everything anyway. I don't understand why they implemented that system anyway, you should be able to send an email to your email adress anyway to get a confirmation code or something to lift said tradelock. 2FA Can be done by other means than phone auth apps, you can use emails, or secret passphrases. I just think this tradelock system was by far the most annoying thing LO ever introduced to the game, it's half assed, it's annoying and it doesn't even work properly. Just saying, that's how it should be done: Give us the choice
  4. i know it's kinda memeillegal to selfpost but i'll do it anyway:
  5. Never been an issue for me, have you thought of aiming at the enemies instead ?
  6. apb currently doesn't really need to stay alive, i don't think the popularity of apb NOW is matt's worry, we all know there's always lots of eyes watching over APB, also the game isn't being advertised at all, so obviously there's no influx of new players. All the focus is on the engine upgrade, marketing should come after, people can stop playing now and they will come back later, well, at least most of us will... and after all, don't we all keep comming back to APB even tho nothing changes ?. APB has a very big following, but not a highly active playerbase, only thing i can say is, be patient, and if apb isn't pleasent now, then don't play it, we all get that people complaining only want the game to be good at their heart, but there's no point wasting ressources on an already broken and outdated game (funny enough, what we're upgrading to is already somewhat oudated compared to modern stuff...). We can just wait for the engine upgrade like we all have been doing since 2014
  7. Lol i literally talked about this to @KyoukiDotExe after it was showcased by reviewers, FidelityFX would be a really good fit with APB knowing how many players play in low res stretched. ...Ulike DLSS where AI training is needed and a heavy implementation is required.
  8. i understand that all priorities are on the engine upgrade, but this is a bit of a joke to just let critical game features break and ignore it until something with no known release date arrives.
  9. EOL Kickback + Frog / Deep impact + .45 in baylan Because i love playing with my enemies's tactics, nobody knows how to react to kickback since nobody plays it Because nobody expects 990 Damage / This weapon to be used in baylan, sometimes i also have fun using it with TG8, as deep impact does 990 damage, and TG8 does 5 damage, so i can hit someone with deep impact and kill them with two shots of a "non lethal" weapon
  10. Or simply give us the abillity to have a custom FPS limit, like basically all modern games.
  11. i'm not sure about that, i've seen some good console gameplay, and i've also seen some REALLY bad gameplay in bronze districts in any case is it really better to leave pc players with less players, and console players will less players ?
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