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  1. Im guessing you're using a config that replaces the original catcher ?
  2. Im guessing that is more like "90% of the population did more riot matches than fight club matches" But it didn't take into account that RIOT didn't kept it's population for more than two weeks while fight club has been going for years and never stopped. This is harsh, but even at Citadel night it's hard to get a RIOT match.
  3. Why did you actually bother replying to all those non constructive ideas. Im sorry but op is literally saying "fuck this, this is bad" without any proper argument.
  4. K/D is never a good way to judge a player's performence tho, if two esports player kill each other over and over they will have a KD of 1 , but it i's the same story if two new players face each other, even tho they have the same KD, they will have a huge difference in terms of skill.
  5. I mean, matchmaking and threats have always been a problem with APB It's true that the new player experience is truly awful, I've got friends that basically did the same thing a Cookypuss's friends, they join, they have fun, but when they're left alone, they realize how much of a disadvantage they have due to them playing mostly if not always, against experienced players. The problem with APB is that i has a low population, and divided districts, making it harder for the matchmaking to make proper teams, especially when playing in group and friends. I am fairly certain Matt is aware that this is one of the biggest problems of APB after the engine upgrade, an even bigger problem than weapon balance, as it affects everyone, and their opinion of the game. His solution is district phasing, though, matchmaking needs some huge tweaks as well.
  6. Did you brainfart or something or is it just me that doesn't get it ? Both of those cars are already 4x4 ... Also i would love a new all terrain tanky car, like a hummer, a 4 door, that's lifted quite high, and has a slow top speed but high torque / wheight + acceleration (pretty much like pioneer, but more like all terain vehicle rather than hotboi mobile)
  7. Well that's probably one of the least constructive advices i will give but here we go : >Tried to join >Waited 25 minutes >No one joined >Left RIOT That's about all the feedback i can give
  8. All the known top tier weapons/ weapons that fills a niche that free players can't have : CSG/Joker TAS VAS C2 OCA Whisper varients Swarm NSSW
  9. yes please i want russians to say "hi egg))" to me
  10. yes, yes! more flexing power
  11. Did you really need to quote the whole post, you've been kicked and you have been warned multiple times, you interfered into an event and asked for 30 people to wait for you because you were late. Now please, you've been kicked, deal with it, you can live your life without us, we give people second chances when they deserve one. I think you're mismatching that guy with someone else
  12. Yup as said in the main post , play with friends, playing alone is very irritating, and if you can use voice chat, it really changes everything .
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