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  1. calling it "updated" might be a little bit too much.
  2. general protection fault is usually caused by a game file not being the original one, custom loading screens as an exemple or custom shaders
  3. And i mean it, the prototype event is just loads of fun , i love it Tho , a quick note : Behold people with potato PC's , my system is a Ryzen 5 3600 with an RTX 2060 ...
  4. Holy shit dude, this has to be in, it fits the APB style so well. I fucking love it
  5. no one cares about the issues until it starts to affect gameplay, which it does right now
  6. GTX 10xx aren't affected by this issue as far as i know, did you get any error pop up?
  7. Ketog

    Game doesn't start.

    Did you use reshade or something before? If yes, go in your apb folder , delete the binary folder, and start the apb launcher and click repair
  8. if you just updated to windows 2004 that's the cause of the issue
  9. noted, removing from the post then, i'd rather write it here and say that it's not sure, rather than leave people in the dark so
  10. what mouse are you using, some mouse software uses AHK as their base for key assignement
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