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  1. Just let them do whatever and don't react to it. No way to block said player completely, you're on the internet so you have to expect these kinds of things
  2. If i remember correctly @MattScott mentioned that it's currently limited by the database APB currently uses which is super outdated, modern DB's are much more efficient at storing data and have ways to trim it periodically, i think he mentioned it a couple of times on devstreams
  3. These aren't things that you will see your average game company CEO say, props for the honesty Matt Take note guys, because this is words you get from a CEO with good intentions, APB has been misshandled since it's creation, and so far Matt is the only CEO with the guts to communicate the good and the bad, LO could ditch APB at any point, but it's pretty clear they're gonna keep trying, and be thankful for that.
  4. Everything is possible, but that's only in theory it wasn't reasonable for LO to keep console running because the codebase is just fundamentally broken, but also vastly different LO isn't a multibillion game company with a team or 100 developers solely for APB
  5. @mojical Ended up as the technical winner, however every single following score up to @owzzy ended up denying the prize, so @Yeedman gets the final prize ! Thanks everyone for participating, honestly this was both a low profile and a high profile event in some ways, it was pretty fun! Who knew there would be so many Linux users in here, and who knew you could almost reach 3000 FPS in APB talk about an exeperience!
  6. The event is now ENDED, i'll announce the prize winner, later today!
  7. Here is the current state of the leaderboard: @mojical is still in first, however, all of the current top participants are planning on not taking the prize, meaning that Sheeno (sorry i don't know your forum name!) is in the winning position currently. Note that the "Prize" box is only a public show for if the winner is planning to take the reward or not as an indication for you if it's worth competing against that player or not, once the event ends i will still ask the 1st place if they want the price, and move on to the second if they say no, until i find someone that says yes. Again, it is only an indication, and not a set decision. Going by the assumption that none of the winners change their minds, that means beating Sheeno's score would currently get you the end prize ! Happy tweaking !
  8. Medek donated 69 APB$ so the prize is now 1 000 069$ (nice) As for anyone reading this, know that while most of the top leaderboard is at super high FPS, a lot of them refuse to take the reward, so the current runner up for the reward is @Frosi while @mojical is the current technical winner. And believe me when i say a mid/high end PC CAN absolutely reach those framerates without being on linux. Do not loose hope, there is an entire week left before the end of the contest !
  9. A legendary was added to the prize thanks to Speras on Citadel
  10. Cash prize increased to 1 Million thanks to VartoIi on Citadel
  11. EVENT ENDED Event powered by Wave Lounge ! A new type of clan made to preserve citadel's community, and unite them ! learn more here. Hey, Ketog from Wave Lounge here, (yep we still exist), it's been a little while since we had some activity, and with the start of the new year i thought i'd add some spice to it myself but with a fun little twist, a contest, but for nerds, what do i mean by that ? Well you're the judge: The Hypermetrics Contest This event is pretty simple and straight forward, it's how we do it at Wave Lounge, the goal you might ask ? right, get the highest possible FPS in APB, that's it, that's the event, yup. All you have to do to win is reach the highest possible FPS in APB with a few rules: 1) You must provide a complete screenshot of your game with performance metrics (any overlay of your choice) 2) You must be in an online district (yes social and fightclub are districts), that means no login screen trickery The rules are subject to change if some player finds a loophole, so we take the right to change the contest's rules to keep it fair, and give the win to the player that actually deserves it. The event will run from the date of which this post is published, up to the 8th January 2024 What can i win and how do i participate ? This event is happening on Citadel, however feel free to participate if you are not on citadel, i just won't be able to provide a prize for you to win. The winner with the highest FPS score will get the following: 1) 1 000 069 APB$ 2) Showstopper 'Thunder' 3) box of ExfluencisΒ© 4) a special Legendary Donut The prize might increase as we get sponsors from other clans and/or donations from players, If you wish to donate to the cash prize, please message me on this forum or on discord @Liarus If you wish to participate, you will have to either join our discord and submit your screenshot in the submissions channel or DM me said submission (@Liarus), for me to take it into account, your submission will then appear on the leaderboard, in case you win, but do not want the prize, you can decide to give it to the best score after you, and if that player also doesn't want it, it goes on until we find a player that wants it. As an extra little note, I'm planning on running this little contest every end of the year, it would be quite a fun way to gather performance metrics related to APB over time. Have fun tweaking, breaking, experimenting with APB, there is no other rules other than what's currently listed, however stay up to date with this post for the latest news!
  12. i agree for everything except movement APB probably has one of the worst movement of PVP games imo, no stopping on ladders needing to press buttons to interact with ladders or fences is terrible a lot of hitboxes are not the same size as their visuals meaning parkouring is an absolute pain. walking (not sprinting) with fragile or kelvar desyncs you from the servers drifting and going out of your car even though it's pushing you for multiple meters doesn't kill you and you just slide around no things you expect to see in modern games like grabbing a ledge no leaning if you're not aiming leaning out of the rear windows of a van obstructs your vision pressing shift while aiming will kick you out of the aiming position and there's probably way more i forgot. tldr apb's movement is nothing special in my opinion, in fact i'd say it's worse than average. If you want to see what good movement really is, i'd say look at what s4 league and gunz did
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