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  1. I mostly meant more clarity, like more screenshots of the issues your guys are dealing with, how far the overall progress is, as you know, even if it's not representative of what's actually happening, people like to see more than just text from you, they want to see the work, not read it, that's why the apb 2.1 screenshots had so much attention, because they could see the progress of you guys's work Anyhow thank you for giving a word matt, and yes, you're doing an awesome job as the voice of LO, just doesn't always feel right as what you do is pretty much what the community manager should be doing. Thanks again, really appreciated
  2. But then why do the SPCT's exist, that's where it's conflicting, SPCT's are publicly known "special" people and can even have a fancy tag yet than can be themselves, but somehow GM's are not the same, im not saying it matters if we know their real identity or not, it's more that, they have to act so much different than a normal player, they can't do missions, they can't play, neither really be themselves, and always answer in a robotic way to questions almost.
  3. Hey, im Ketog, a long time player of APB I've been playing apb for years just like a lot of you guys here, and some of the people i met early in the game still play today and also are friends i can count on today. To all the long time players, have you guys realized how everything about apb is always hidden, or secret ? From how teams are managed, to development, and roadmaps , how the community always asks for things and never get an answer, or where actions are taken and the reason behind them is always blurry. One of my APB friends told me yesterday "Ketog, do you know why GM's always have to hide who they are, while you have the spct kinda guys in open sight and their fancy tag?" For all the GM's that have been in citadel, and talked to me, you guys know how much people appreciate when you guys are just being yourselves. I've always wondered, what's the reason , anything APB related has to always be hidden, in my opinion people are so much happier when they're open about everything: Imagine if players knew exactly what Little Orbit was doing on the engine upgrade, what they were planning what they try and what fails/works, LO never gathers proper feedback from the community always because they hide so much, Gm's , or team members always appear and vanish all the time and somehow get replaced, we never have any true contact with our community manager, and no one ever properly represents the player base neither LO themselves as a whole The day LO talked about RIOT every single veteran of APB knew it was about to fail, and a huge waste of time and ressources, but guess what, LO was too far in the development to stop, and they kept going on What if they told the community their interests into trying new things, and asking for opinions before any movements. Players wouldn't expect so much from APB content if they knew everything they see on forums is always Experimental. APB is a small game and it has a hard time living when managed as if it was a huge Brand. What's the real reason behind APB being so closed from the outside ? What prevents LO from taking a more Open minded path with APB, im sure having a PR person sharing all the work LO does on a daily basis, would bring incredible positive support for the game, rather than daddy matt having to do all the work himself. Anyway, i know this is not true for everything, but in my case, me being completely open about what i am, made me much happier, rather than wearing a mask and hiding things that i am unhappy with Now people like me for what i am, instead of a mask i wear all the time.
  4. Until today i still don't understand why people always ignore spread. As if an ogre with 100M range will kill at 100m...
  5. While it's true that all Apo weapons are meh, Oblivion is by far the strongest of them, and im guessing you're not even aware of it's special mechanic.
  6. not much more i can show here, not like that can't be done on live either Live:
  7. Just talking about my old 2014 accounts here, as a joke, don't worry i am not banned.
  8. true, didn't realise what i wrote there, or well, im gonna keep it this way
  9. - Hate symbols, or obvious "this is not a hate symbol, but i totally hid one in there" - Every genitalia that's under the belt. - Technically real life brands
  10. while that does sound crazy, i definetely see this as a possiblitty in the apb community, i know a couple of people that would go as far as doing this, just out of pure hatred
  11. here's my take on it: When you play good, you're rewarded with death And when you play bad, you're rewarded with less rewards. Doesn't that seem a bit counter intuitive ?
  12. I have been wondering, is this a strict rule, or do you guys choose to be private ?
  13. jokes aside, as people said above, most people complain about doxxers and haters, but the said people doxxed themselves by sharing little bits of their info permanently, it's okay to be open about what you do and where you are, but you can then only blame yourself if problems arises due to that
  14. he's probably either talking about one of the server merges OR the massive password change that G1 Forced last time Both of those made a couple of accounts disappear, or have no email attached to them at all
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