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  1. Ketog

    [PC] PATCH NOTES 1.19.7 (1074) discussion

    The question could be returned to you as the patch notes DOES NOT mention anything about this issue .
  2. Ketog

    [PC] PATCH NOTES 1.19.7 (1074) discussion

    Having alienware on the starter car is like putting a spoiler on a 60Horsepower civic , i think i should at least have been a han veo or a cisco or something like that . well i guess that's how promotional designs go ! i hope it does .
  3. just a reminder that OP is 12yo.
  4. Ketog

    Waterfront Contacts

    It is true that waterfront gets left behind quite a bit , but i also know that due to random BE blocks some people can't even go into actions districts while they can join fight clubs and social , does LO have any way to track BE Blocks to at least be aware when a mass amount of players gets the same issue with it ? Ah yes ! new contacts ! map changes ! yes !
  5. FFBans was a known source of toxicity, just seeing the comments there was enough, Matt precised that it won't be back because of that, also FFBans is a player made website, LO Aren't the ones managing it . FFBans was just feeding from the ffbans twitter (which WAS managed by G1) but got closed .
  6. yes , i will use my magic wand and get rid of all the existing cheaters ! you got my word ! eggabrakdabra !
  7. Ketog

    Gun Balancing, What Happened To It?

    im pretty sure LO's focus right now is on the engine upgrade , and that balancing / matchmaking will come after that , it's clear that some weapons are underperforming and some others doing way too good and this was reflected by the number of posts we got after the patches . i still think the engine upgrade should be a top priority due to it being known to be a "false promise" for so long , at this point , let's just do it and get it over with so the legendary "engine upgrade soon tm" would finally be a thing of the past , devs will have a stable engine to work on with more features , while players will run the game better and get more constent updates.
  8. You just contradicted yourself but im gonna assume you meant the first sentence lol , honestly it depends on your needs , not only i don't have the budget to get such a setup , but i also know that my PC couldn't handle higher refresh rates so. , im good with my 3 60hz screens for now .
  9. what does that mean EDIT : Apparently you meant i got ripped off , which i didn't understand why , then i asked a friend and apparently i just did my phrasing wrong what i meant is that screen (the LG One) is about 7 times more the price of the 3 screens i have together.
  10. It is slow , but in my opinion it does fit APB Well , you see when you rank up you always have a goal which is to get to the next rank , thing is with APB when you finally reach rank 255 , you realise that you don't have any goal to reach anymore and you get bored very fast , i think having such a long progression makes the game stand longer when playing it as it gives you a goal to reach and play when you have the time to do so. Also , engame content is a problem in many many games so , i really think the progression is fine with or without premium.
  11. Well moderators don't always see everything , i consider ourselves lucky already to not have excessive censoring like the older forums had . You did a thing you shouldn't have , and a moderator was there .
  12. Uhm ,not trying to be mean but i think the reason is pretty obvious... People like contrustctive criticism , and every single one of your posts has been lacking it nowdays , you used to talk more cooky , you changed =(