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  1. i think they should completely get rid of it to be honest, every time you see people bring up the name "Gamersfirst" they are most of the time talking about negative things. You talk to a friend about apb reloaded and you want him to come back ? and then what you hear from him is "Wait the website is still under Gamersfirst, wasn't it bought by a new company ?" and you always have to explain to the guy that LO bought G1 , this shouldn't be something that you have to explain , it should be clear that the game is moving on from it's awful past . This is very very true, i personally think that name of the game should just go back to All Point Bulletin to show that the game is trying to go back to it's core concept and ideas .
  2. some of those are hilarous to be honest
  3. Summary: Writing spoilers manually in forums result in a whole post spoiler. Description: When editing a post in forums , using the [ Spoiler] tags manually , then using an embeed in it (such as a quote or a youtube video) will result in everything after that said embeed , to be considered in the spoiler , even after the [/ Spoiler] tag Steps to reproduce: - 1: Create a topic - 2: Make a spoiler using [ Spoiler] and [/ Spoiler] (without spaces) - 3: Paste a youtube link in it and wait for the forum to auto embeed it. - 4: Write a few words after the [/ Spoiler] tag - 5: Save the post. How many times have you recreated this bug: 3/3 Results: The spoiler takes everything that's after the [/ Spoiler] tag into it. Expected results: The spoiler should end where [/ Spoiler] is written. Note : a quick workaround is to save an empty spoiler then adding the embeed into it.
  4. the more i edit the main page , the more i reallise how messy it is to make posts without the raw view @Kevkof help me bring this back !
  5. we were meming about that in discord , then a thread actually appeared .... what has the world come to .
  6. meanwhile im still waiting fir the car that was supposed to be released after growl ... also yeah everyone asked for the romulus/remus coywolf to be a premodded (not preset) customisable car , that car is just useless like this , at least the firebomb is preset but it has something special. i also think perma guns for 20-30k jt is something that should be there and all car kits too well what im saying is basically jokerstore should be armas but with jt's instead (aka rewards player loyality with stuff)
  7. congratulations ! you're now the proof that this activity still exists !
  8. You know that the server names changed like few years ago already ? also , read this : https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/6213-matchmaking-and-threat/
  9. i tryed that then i told myself "wait... im re7arded."
  10. that seems like a much better migration , now at least i think it's fair for everyone .
  11. Billboards got a fresh look (Screenshot provided by @Ruoskat)
  12. Thread has been updated to both include the enforcer and Criminal clan.
  13. to me , seems like they're nothing left to discover , i don't think an APB Arg would go as far as most of you guys are going to , because that would mean that only an extremely small percentage of the already small APB population would be able to complete it . but we never know , i could also be wrong. I think waiting for the next week is the best thing to do now.
  14. IT IS griefing in my opinion , but this type of griefing doesn't really bother me . what really does is people ramming you on purpose with their cars .
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