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  1. That's actually a very good idea, people on twitch will look at the offer and be like "Oh that game still exists ?!, maybe i should give it a try again !...."
  2. Snipers of course, most of them have a problem except oblivion and scout (and that can be somewhat argued if we talk about the variants) N-HVR 762 : The biggest problem of all snipers, has always been criticized for it's unusually high amount of damage and the long downtime it causes to players hit by it. ISSR-B: Has been known to be problematic, due to it being very versatile ( a little bit too much ) as it can blow up cars, but also be used out of windows , and has both high anti personal and anti vehicle potential. NHVR 242 "Reaper" : still a scout overall, but that silencer serves no purpose (though, the silencer mods themselves needs work) Anubis : Just an awful weapon, got changed many times, but the crosshair is still a hassle and serves no special purpose, just a weak gun. DMR-SD : While it is a DMR, the SD variant is significantly weaker against vehicles, which is the main strength of the DMR (DMR - AV speaks for it), again more a problem towards silencers... SBSR (Coroner and IRS): Up to this day i still don't even understand what these guns are made for, they're just bad at doing everything. And if it's not snipers, shotguns, they're just not pleasant to play at the moment, none of them feel right, only showstopper does, and it's a secondary.
  3. I actually, agree with each and every one of your points, with threat being the one that has the biggest mental impact on players . Having "how good of a player you are" being shown above your head at all times, makes people judge you even before having any sort of interaction, and knowing that threat itself is a poor representation of someone's skill doesn't make it better either ...
  4. riot was an okay idea but at the worst time possible to be implemented, that's all im gonna say. Weapons do need to be tested, and yes, it does require more than a little bit of involvement, and im all into doing so if that's needed. Ill check myself a bit on how those weapons feel like and give some feedback after.
  5. ha ha ha ha ha ha ... Wait are you serious ?
  6. You guys can use the yellow text that appears every 10 minutes on top of your apb client when in a district, Reloaded Productions were using that to advertise armas at some point, so why not this ?
  7. Hello, im allowing myself to update this post as there's still no RSS feed for https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/ Note that i am aware of the existance of https://forums.gamersfirst.com/forum/125-news/ but that section of the forum is dead and misses a lot of information that i would call important.
  8. I am a little bit scared by this decision, not gonna lie...
  9. So we're basically talking about skill rewarding weapons ? i wouldn't called them "op" but i get the meaning of it anyway -Pig + JG/Percs -Oscar with RS3 + ir3 -Obir -Deep impact + a very strong standalone secondary (FBW/.45/Frog) -Yukon -Stabba NL9 -VBR -Oblivion They are all very very strong weapons with their unique gameplay and you usually can't get the hang of them like you can with other weapons as they have a very very specific playstyle. Usually only few players try to learn weapons like these, but when they succeed at learning them, it's very scary what they can do with those.
  10. [Triggered] What do you mean both ?! it's a joke guys please don't beat me to death.
  11. Finally i will see NA people ! Cooky, Kewlin, Sadira, Skitty ...... oh boi, that's gonna be a lot of people i know around now.
  12. You can't use the advanced launcher on APB Console, as for macros they are against apb's terms of service, so refrain yourself from asking things like this here.
  13. Ketog

    Cyrillic is a problem

    Im just saying.
  14. Im allowing myself to bumt this thread knowing that the nekrova merge happened.
  15. EVENT CANCELLED Sorry guys but we will have to cancel the event due to lack of interest from players, i guess we will see on on another one !
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