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  1. i mean im not trying to defend cheaters or anything. But in my opinion, if anticheat measures starts to affect everyday players, it's not the right way to do. Though, im saying that, but BE closes random processes for a lot of people... so maybe we're past that.
  2. someone that knows low, BE keeps closing my freaking web browser, and i have one friend where it closes not only his browser, but his geforce experience too, and a lot of his background softwares.
  3. The middle outfit is the only one that looks like there was effort put into it Seriously, the left one is literally base clothes with different colors and a single symbol on the head, and the right one is the base skull symbol spammed and wrapped all around clothes. Please add community made content, but not stuff like this, this is literally 20 second of work to redo those outfits, and you guys are selling that for 750JT that's just humiliating
  4. APB was such a good vision for what the future of gaming was supposed to be, it did have spinoffs, that never finished, kind of like the main game...
  5. let's also not forget that apb came out in 2009 and, at this time most people if they had a PC was a pc with 2007-2009 hardware Current APB retained most of it's codebase, so the game is genuinely a decade behind. between the creation of apb and today, GTX 900 series came out, GTX 1000 came out, RTX 2000 series came out and RTX 3000 Series came out, APB is 4 generations of graphics cards behind Indeed, nvidia's not at all to blame here, apb's just old.
  6. You can't actually avoid them, they're more than 50% of the game's active population, it's only a guess, but im fairly certain about it
  7. yeah, not sure what's the point of showing likes at all if we can only react with "we like it" Gives me a "like it or stfu" vibe
  8. Any person saying "just [insert literally anything here] " for game development should instantly be disregarded
  9. Watch an i9 10900K + RTX 2080TI run apb at under 100fps hell yeah
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