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  1. This is the fifth times this happended to me, i can't login tried restarting the game, the same problem is there.
  2. Thank you for all the reponses looks like I will have to wait for LO
  3. Hi there Moderators and the community. I know this topic might seem irrelevant to a lot of people but its really important talk about this. Before I start spending hundreds of euros in this game I would like to know a few things about APB Reloaded in PS5 and PS4: - Will APB be on the PlayStation 5? - Can Players from PS4 and PS5 play together if APB is released on PS5. - Will the PS4 accounts be transitioned over the PS5 this include weapons in game, clothing and cars. - Will APB be stopped in PS4? Moderators feel free to reply anytime but can you also reply to my email thank you.
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