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  1. ... That is a good statement.. We've seen the player count from US and EU .. How exactly are they backlogged ???? Lets say a GM / Mod / W.e has a 8 hour work day... and they resolve tickets for a minimum of 10 people every hour. and let's say there are more than 3 employees doing this. How exactly is there a backlog for the player base again????
  2. Parallel Lines by Junior Boys was always the song that greeted my login! For all the f-ups APB had.. the music wasn't one of them.
  3. I agree. How happy I am that I never have to really see or hear about that @$$-clown again. I hope his life is as miserable as it should be.
  4. Funny how the forums are more exciting then the game.
  5. Best believe I read what you mentioned. But I have to say... after following this company for so many years.. What games are they making assets for ? The latest one they are even associated with is from 2015.... The only other game that made dedicated heads turn was Fallen Earth, and that is so niche that I don't think ANYONE even knows it came back. I don't know what I want LO or Matt to do, but I know one thing for sure.... APB cannot exist in this climate, especially with the new GTA coming out soon, which will make so many GTA clones that APB will get buried in the wake.
  6. No they keep the servers on because this is the only relevant active title on their portfolio.. Without this they have absolutely NO WIND in their sails...
  7. I had to quote you, because that was the realest thing I've ever seen you write. Got major chills from that.
  8. It's been a decade and I decided to come back to see the state of things.... Tis very sad
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