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  1. I'm all for constructive criticism. However, I doubt vsb has every done anything constructive in his entire life. I'm glad you enjoyed the playlist.
  2. It would seem that I have accurately portrayed your personality or lack thereof and the best you could fire back with is some generic copy and paste response. I can't say I'm shocked. Trust me when I tell you this. Your opinion(s) have zero value. Not just to me, but to anyone. Going forward, try just saying nothing. It would actually give you more personality. And who knows, people might like you. I doubt it, but miracles happen every day. Here's a fun tidbit, you're now blocked. 14047 posts and you've yet to contribute anything useful to a conversation, and I doubt that's going to suddenly start now. I think it's better for me not to read your ignorant ramblings, since I already get my fill of those from Joe Biden.
  3. 14046 posts now. You'd think you'd know how to use proper capitalization. It's honestly a shame they still allow people like you on the forums and presumably in game. I'm assuming the lack of proper capitalization is intentionally and not that you didn't finish high school. I'm assuming you consider it a staple of your online persona. It's also safe to say that with 14046 you lurk on this forum and make comments about every little topic without actually contributing to anything. Because you have 14046 you think it pulls some kind of "weight". In reality the only weight you pull around is the extra 100lbs you should be losing at the gym instead of lurking on the forum for a dead game. Overall I'd give your online persona a 1/10. It's not unique, that's why I was so easily able to figure out your entire vibe from two posts. And I'm not talking about the vibes that happen when you leave your gaming chair, the chair you non-ironically call your "throne".
  4. For someone with 14045 posts, you sure didn't learn how to read.
  5. APB has always had one of the best in game playlists in my opinion. I always wondered what the playlist would be like if they had ever updated it or made APB 2. Since neither of those things will ever happen I made my own which includes a mix of new and old. Tried my best to keep the APB vibe. Hope what few of you check this out end up enjoying it. APB 2.0 Playlist
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