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  1. What Skay was saying is that the game doesn't necessarily require the APB_Catcher to run but rather to prevent issues beyond a game crash if the game was to crash that could affect your PC as a whole until you restart it.
  2. Most weapons that have a high damage output in a single shot/burst have a delay that prevents you from switching to your secondary, great examples are the Scout, STRIFE, and HVR. All of these weapons have a long TTK that could be less than half of what was intended by switching to your secondary immediately after firing. This has been done for the longest time with the OBIR, turning it from a support weapon to one of the most versatile and possibly the best weapon in the game if mastered. We'll see how this change turns out and if it affects the OBIR's mobility too much. If so they could consider lowering the delay before being able to sprint again to compensate. Please remember this change is in a testing district for a reason and not pushed live immediately.
  3. This is definitely something Matt should talk about. His stance on the No fog shader is over a year old so it is nothing recent, however, if Matt wants to change his stance on these very things then he needs to communicate that very clearly with the community as a major part of the community is using the No fog shader as it is a huge FPS gain. For now, I'd say its a use at your own risk kind of thing until we get an official stance on it.
  4. For all I know this is not tolerated as it uses shader edits that go beyond of what is permitted. (The only shader permitted right now is the "No fog" shader as it does not work like traditional shaders that would require you to turn on bloom.)
  5. This bug has been in a game for a bit although there is a workaround. Players may not be able to shoot the objective to destroy it however if they ram the shop front with a car (doesn't have to be with much speed at all) it'll progress the stage to the next one. This trick has never not worked for me so if it happens to you or you want to be a good sport then let others know about the workaround by whispering them. I totally agree that this should be fixed tho.
  6. Would you rather have everyone run around at the smallest character size? Also by your logic it would mean that male characters would have a considerably larger hitbox. APB's hitboxes are this way because of the customization. I feel like you get a pretty good idea of what kind of state the engine was in when LO picked up the game by reading through Matt's 3.5 update posts over the past year. I'm not gonna go further into this. Sure it isn't right now but honestly, atleast they are trying to improve aspects of the game. LO made more changes to the game in a year than G1 did in the past 2-3 years of their time with the game. Also yes, last time weapon balance didn't go well but keep in mind that LO is still learning every day, Matt realized that pushing the weapon balance patch back then wasn't a good idea and he did the damage control needed even if it took a few weeks. This time around, they can approach it in a far more experienced manner, hopefully leading to a more extensive testing period to have the community and SPCT test the changes and give their feedback. As far as I know the PC engine upgrade quite literally only exists because they wanted to put the game on consoles and we all know how well that worked out for them.
  7. Still ppl. using most meta weapons non stop. ( cant get good weapon balance so ppl. would start to use other weapons than just pmg, jg, nfas, ntec and nhvr ). - They announced a new weapon balance pass Still getting mini freezes. - Old Engine which is overloaded with badly optimized features Still cant get better respawn system. - Too big to be considered something they could do before 3.5 Still seen glitched mission items -. Such as? Report the missions, I'll double check. Still seen few full blatant cheaters . - No comment on that one, I haven't played much as of late Still cant get better hitbox. - Hitboxes are fine the way they are.
  8. Right now the best shotgun for most cases would be the JG with Improved Rifling 3 and 3PS3. However, the NFAS is also currently extremely busted when it comes to flat out running at people and forcing aim fights. The DOW Thumper is also pretty interesting as it has to hit very few pallets for it to deal stupid amounts of damage but I'd say its overall worse than the NFAS although it has more range.
  9. I miss the old fast-paced gameplay alongside with other things such as blue muzzle flashes, jump scouting, heavy item jumping and other things that G1 removed over the years. Lets hope the EMP brings us closer to what the game used to be, before it was all about sitting around your car that is basically just a 4 bedroom house.
  10. I've been told that my config was uploaded to a few cheat sites, I'm pretty sure they just have them there as an archive.
  11. As mentioned above the sale is 30% off for just about everything and then 20% off extra if you have premium.
  12. I can't answer that question but here's a gif of Kempington eating a slice of pizza.
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