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  1. Honestly IMO the Misery is actually pretty good, it simply feels awful to play due to its ramp up recoil. It's a very unique gun that feels satisfying to get kills with but as a whole feels awful to play due to its ever increasing amount of recoil. Don't forget that the Oblivion has an insane amount of range and also has a ton of overhead damage as it does 325 Damage per shot. Imo this weapon is extremely underated as it has easily become better than the ISSR-B in a coordinated group. However, the ISSR-B is still better if you are soloing / playing in smaller group sizes due to its versatile nature and very high hard damage.
  2. I'm pretty sure this is exactly what the patch is aimed at. Matt mentioned an issue in the recent patch that caused more hitches / stuttering for some players and that it'll be fixed in the next patch.
  3. Frosi

    Unstable and low fps

    Most streamers do so because it simply decreases the frequency of stutters and increases the avg fps by a bit which is very helpful when you are putting extra load on your CPU as streaming takes up a fair amount, especially if you are using x264 (CPU based encoding). In general the biggest increase in FPS in APB will be a CPU with strong single core performance and high speed RAM. I was actually blown away by how much FPS I got by enabling the XMP Profile that came with my RAM because RAM speed and timings were the last thing I expected to have a big impact on performance in APB.
  4. Hopefully this will be the case. Matt only shared benchmarks of a lower end system on 2.1 once which was about 10~ FPS faster than the current Live version. However, many things play a factor when it comes to FPS so its hard to judge just how much better lower end systems perform up until public testing comes around.
  5. Feedback on these things is going to be hugely important when the Beta comes around so please share all of your feedback whenever possible.
  6. Matt covered what happened in his weekly Engine Upgrade post that he just released.
  7. I use Playclaw 5 and it works in fullscreen.
  8. Keep in mind that lighting is still a work in progress. If you want to see any changes then please make sure to say what you like and what you don't like about the current 3.5 shaders / lighting. You can do this with the screenshots provided in previous teases or once public testing rolls around, the latter obviously giving you a lot more options to customize the look of the game.
  9. Threat returns once the next batch of EU servers is configured and handed over to Little Orbit who will then apply everything necessary to run APB's districts. So based off the info we have my guess would be that threat segregation returns early next week.
  10. Frosi

    APB Ran out of memory

    What type out of out of memory message are you getting? One that just pops up with the game in the background or one that is part of the APBCatcher process that lets you submit a report for the crash? The pop up message without the Catcher is a specific Out of Memory issue related to the Nvidia GTX 1660 and 2000 series that is avoidable by running the game on minimal settings (or for some users even lower). If it is however the crash that comes with the inbuilt APB crash reporter then that might mean that something is wrong with your rig as this crash is often related to faulty RAM or not having enough RAM. Like I mentioned above the fix for this is lowering your graphics settings ingame to Minimal or possibly even a custom config that goes below Minimal graphics.
  11. It has already been confirmed that 3.5 will have its font changed to the current live font. Some of this process was seen in screenshots posted by SPCT members.
  12. There are N-tec 5 changes on the current Prototype districts which means that players are likely looking for alternatives, therefore boosting the Ursus' value as it handles extremely similar to the N-tec 5 as it was likely ninja buffed when they first changed shotguns, allowing it to be tapfired like an N-tec 5 which to my knowledge wasn't possible before, especially not when using cooling jacket.
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