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  1. The new Engine got cancelled because porting it to 3.5 was just a flawed concept and LO realized that its not going to work way too late. APB runs off of a ton of custom code which was not part of the 3.5 Engine upgrade which has lead to many issues and horrible performance. Instead they ported the game from 32Bit to 64Bit which essentially achieves the same thing in the back end which is to allow for major improvements and more modern solutions to be used in the game but visually to us the game looks the same so it is less fancy than upgrading to a newer version of the Engine.
  2. No it does not, the title means I test patches for LO or give feedback on things they are planning to do. This is a voluntary role and involves no payment whatsoever. I'm not even gonna go into the other ramblings you decided to post because it turns out, it wasn't EAC as expected and was an issue on Respawn/Apex's end that they have started to patch, on top of that, looks like the two players that had cheats injected into their game were injected by a Trojan or other bits of malware prior, possibly through said issue on Respawn/Apex's end.
  3. There's a few reasons why I believe its not related to EAC, primarily the fact that its isolated to Apex which runs on the source engine and Source/Source2 has had a few similar RCE exploits such as the ones seen in this clip. Also, for now the issue seems to be isolated to Apex, its yet to pop up in other games which it would've by now if the issue was related to EAC. Sorry for not being a cry baby that posts delusional takes and miss information on the forums all day, I know I'm the odd one out. If there's a vulnerability what do you expect LO to say/do about it when EAC themselves says they are confident there isn't one? The forum (as usual) is fishing for answers/clarification for things that LO themselves can't comment on or potentially aren't even in the know about because EAC doesn't have to tell companies that use their AC anything, pointing out said things by using common sense apparently means I'm paid to defend LO.
  4. People are jumping the gun about a RC Cheat injection being related to an anti-cheat but it has happened in other source games before. I'm sure EAC doesn't care about what some people on twitter with zero knowledge about anything anti-cheat let alone RC injection related are talking about. So far, the RC injection seen recently during an Apex tourney has only affected Apex legends, if it was a serious issue it would've affected other titles by now.
  5. Twitter comments are about as high value as 90% of posts on this forum so they are nothing to pay attention to.
  6. Probably trust the official stance of Epic? Seems like whatever happened at the Apex tourney was unrelated to EAC and potentially related to Apex/Respawn/EA services themselves. This would also make sense because of quite frankly absurd cases of exploits / potentially cheats happening in Apex lately such as an entire lobby being flooded with AI Controlled bots that hunt down and only target certain streamers.
  7. Trade locks are caused when you log in from a new IP, after a windows update or when you changed out parts in your PC since the last time you logged in. This usually only lasts for 3 days and aims to protect you from any sort of account theft.
  8. Frosi

    Obeya CR762 is broken.

    That would do absolutely nothing because that'll be a 0,2 second lockout that prevents you from switching which will do nothing but feel clunky rather than serve as a "nerf" to the gun.
  9. Literally posted minutes before the shut down, whilst the countdown for the shutdown was rolling but its okay, I know you like to complain for the sake of it
  10. Crazy, guess I must be hallucinating about the literal announcement made on discord before the servers were being restarted.
  11. No, they found a last minute issue with the Valentine's Day event and pushed its release to today. (Its live now) Edit: They found another small bug and are applying a quick fix.
  12. That's quite literally not a thing anymore buddy
  13. Valentine's news post: https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2024/2/6/v-day-2024
  14. APB controller support on PC is really just the bare minimum and there's a bunch of areas that do not have any controller support at all. Xbox controllers work and I don't think there's a particular controller that does better than others so I think you may be better off getting used to mouse and keyboard.
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