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  1. That's actually interesting, no idea why it would be a literal monthly thing instead of just flat out 30 days, no matter how many days the current month has. Subscription-based services such as WoW do it that way and it honestly sounds silly to base it off how many days a month has.
  2. Frosi

    Rework the OSCAR

    In my opinion, the Oscar is one of the most balanced guns in the game as the gun rewards good aim with versatility, it is extremely strong in the right hands but has its fair counters such as the OCA in close range or just about any weapon that works past 55 meters. Give a below average player an Oscar and he will struggle to go positive in the majority of the mission he plays while a very good player would dominate in the same way he could with just about any other Meta gun in the game. There is a reason why the Oscar is rarely seen in top level play and that is simply because the gun can perform great but at the top end still struggles against a lot of the current Meta weapons, not to mention that it has a slower ttk than the average Meta guns that are being played in the ranges in which the Oscar is effective. I personally think that people believe the Oscar is OP because the only players that really use the gun are the ones that tend to be extremely good at aiming or the game in general, those that really utilize the Oscar and the versatility it rewards for being a good player.
  3. Well somewhat, from what I can gather the files used to remove fog are not traditional shader files that require you to use Bloom to see an effect so it is more comparable to something like the removal of muzzle flash. (Files used are "Common" "Definitions" "HeightFogPixelShader") As for the process it really just is a replacement of files in the shaders folder including a small text file that basically allows you to enable/disable the fog without having to replace files over and over. Real shaders that require you to enable Bloom in-game work through different files, namely "APBUberPostProcessBlendPixelShader" and "OutlinePixelShader". These can be tweaked in a ton of ways while the no fog "shader" can basically only do one and that is removing the fog which gives no advantage whatsoever other than the 10~15 you gain from removing said fog.
  4. I believe shader dots are still against the ToS as they require you to edit shader files which is against the ToS. The only shader that is currently not bannable is the No fog shader.
  5. I honestly really like the new looks of the game as it looks far more vibrant then what we currently have on Live as fewer buildings are using the same light grey color template, there is also more foliage in certain areas which just adds to the looks of the game while not getting into the way of firefights. All in all, the visuals are great and the game looks far cleaner and less washed out which is a huge plus in my book.
  6. That is something Matt has to decide, he can give us the approval to talk about things that would usually be locked behind the NDA.
  7. Not quite but yes, we will be allowed to post pictures at some point in the future.
  8. Frosi

    Do Not Take Every Fight

    what if I want to tho
  9. Thank you very much for this thread, it definitely addresses some of the concerns the community has in a formal and well-written way and in all honesty there is not a single point I disagree with. Their approach and long term solution to fixing the cheating situation is definitely valid and could work out extremely well in a game like APB if cheat developers had to constantly figure out a new way to make their cheat work, APB doesn't have a huge player base so the demand for a cheat isn't exactly high meaning that they will eventually either sell for a more expensive price or are discontinued as its not worth the effort to keep it updated and undetected. However, my question with this solution is will it really work out the way it is meant to and if it is really that efficient in the long run as 3.5 is on the horizon and might also require cheat developers to recode parts of their cheat if not everything. I know that I'm not exactly the best person to go into this kind of topic as I've shown my frustration with the cheating situation far too frequently and come over like a broken record, I definitely called innocent people out for cheating in the past and make it sounds like BE really doesn't do anything and I am sorry for that, but it is in their best interest to fix the cheating situation, regardless of how severe it really ends up being.
  10. lets pretend like I understand what google translator is trying to tell me. yes
  11. Certain things in the game are supposed to be hard to obtain and that's a good thing. People will complain about this and that being too hard to obtain or being "exclusive" to certain players and scream for Special Snowflake treatment instead of actually trying to improve and be able to obtain said item.
  12. Not many, but Fight club rewards aren't really for that group of players anyways.
  13. You don't have to play every day be within the gold rewards of Fightclubs. The 4x4 used to be an extremely prestigious car before they added it to Armas. It was intended to be a reward for dedicated players that not everyone will be able to get and that is a good thing. If everything was extremely easy to achieve then why have progression in the first place?
  14. Half a year for the four slotted version my man. Before they revamped FC Jokerticket rewards to compensate for Daily Activities you could get a 4 slot 4x4 in 3~ months. Now its just a bit longer if you actually play the game.
  15. You can earn that in less than half a year if you play actively, just saying.