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  1. Closeting and triggerbots are becoming more of an issue again and while I won't say EAC was perfect and eliminated the majority of the cheating problem I will say that theres been a noticable increase in cheating primarily in the closeting area.
  2. Crosshairs through third party programs such as hudsight, playclaw or rtss are allowed to be used, this much has been said by Matt as he realizes the desire and also impossibility of blocking overlays. Most 'Gaming' Monitors nowadays come with inbuilt Crosshair features so you will never actually be able to block these things from being used and in the worst case people will go as far as using a piece of tape on the center of their monitor. Maybe after 2.1 LO will look at customizable crosshairs and other things to essentially have these features in the game. As for macros, these are heavily against the terms of service as they automate processes unlike crosshair overlays that only tell you where the center of your screen is which in all honesty most people that played shooters for years can do anyways but are using one simply because it is nice to have.
  3. They removed the stickyness because Matt did his final update of the thread as a result of reaching zero new tickets. If their team is caught up with tickets and the response time is minimal then you won't have a need for the thread.
  4. The Mikro was buffed to the Vaquero's health so they are equal at 950 now. This is happening in this patch! (Hopefully) They saw the common wish for remote det to also be adjusted so they are trying to get this into this patch!
  5. Not to come off as cocky but you should really form an opinion around these changes after you played on the patch. Initial feedback is good but some of your points are flat out wrong in the actual gameplay scenario.
  6. This is something the EMP will do once its released around the same time as the Engine.
  7. Because the same patch that released the 4x4 made the regular vegas completely obsolete. If you want to drive a super agile car with little to no downsides then you need to accept the fact that it'll have less health. Its far easier to dodge nades with the 4x4 than it is with the regular Vegas so it is only fair that the regular vegas can take a conc.
  8. SWARM is the most Meta LMG in the game, it is used even in the top play because it is extremely versatile and offers and insane amount of hard damage. I'll do some before and after math for the Swarm hard damage below to hopefully clarify the whys. The math I will be using is as follows: Car health - High Burn Fuel Reduction (If used) + Steel Plating damage reduction ÷ Hard damage Current SWARM: 1600 + 30% ÷ 50.7 = 41 Shots to destroy full health Pioneer / Espacio Post Patch SWARM (No HBF): 1350 + 30% ÷ 40.95 = 42.8 Shots to destroy full health Pioneer / Espacio Post Patch SWARM (HBF): 1350 - 15% + 30% ÷ 40.95 = 36.4 Shots to destroy full health Pioneer / Espacio Here are the values IF the SWARM didn't recieve the hard damage nerf No Hard dmg nerf SWARM (No HBF): 1350 + 30% ÷ 50.7 = 34.6 Shots to destroy full health Pioneer / Espacio No Hard dmg nerf SWARM (HBF): 1350 - 15% + 30% ÷ 50.7 = 29.4 Shots to destroy full health Pioneer / Espacio The SWARM would've been a complete monster at taking out cars if it wasn't for this slight hard damage nerf, as you can see the shots to kill will stay roughly the same or even less if the car has HBF on it.
  9. AAEPD is still going to be completely busted but its hard damage reduction was due to the fact that it could literally blow up any car with HBF with only 1 rocket meaning it could take out two cars before having to reload.
  10. Well I believe these weapons should still be around as strong as they are currently on live, maybe slightly worse or even slightly better but the difference in the actual AV weapons like the DMR is insanely noticable.
  11. This is to seperate meta guns from proper anti-vehicle guns, these weapons (except the ISSR-A) already get a lot of use on Live and with these changes could easily become overpowered and continue to overshadow the proper AV guns such as the ALIG / DMR AV. The reduction in hard damage on these guns should give the others a bit of a breathing room without risking them becoming flat out overpowered. The ISSR-A is the odd one out in that list but 70 hard damage on that weapon felt generally unreasonable and while its an already underused gun making it extremely overpowered hard damage wise is probably not the way to make it viable and fun to play. As for why it is left with more hard damage, if I had to guess its because of it being an already relatively bad gun and also have its hard damage drop off sooner than the ISSR-B.
  12. @VanilleKeks bruh? Looking forward to seeing these changes hitting live.
  13. Server maintenance implies the possibility of more than just Game Server maintenance.
  14. Threat is in an extremely bad place right now, G1 has had multiple shots at fixing it but usually only made the situation worse. When they locked Golds to Gold servers the game was somewhat less confusing for new players if they wanted to get 'fair' matches but also caused a huge surge of dethreating in Gold districts which heavily affected gameplay quality for people that wanted to play against other gold players. G1 eventually loosened the district restrictions for gold players so they can join silver districts again but that made the new player experience a whole lot worse but for some reason didn't add in the system that reduced rewards by 25/50/90% if you join a district that is lower threat than you are. Little Orbit is now in a tricky position because of multiple reasons but mainly population, especially on NA. Readding the restriction that locked gold players to gold servers would likely mean there is only one district to play on for EU and maybe half a district for NA which will then again make players feel like they need to dethreat to play the game on populated servers or on a district that lets them level up. Same goes for adding restrictions to joining these districts that are lower threat, it could simply end up the same way it does right now where everyone plays on silver districts but this would mean that both the Golds playing on Silver and Silvers playing on Bronze now get reduced rewards because of bad design. This would make the already absurd grind to 195/255 even worse which is also not something you want in the current state of the game.
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