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  1. Pretty much this. G1 tried stopping people from editing certain things in the config files without actually encrypting files countless times and people have found a new workaround every time. Banning players for config edits at this point would be nothing but silly. What they should do is encrypt the files in the 3.5 update and be done with it.
  2. It is! Download the Google Authenticator on your phone and go through the 2FA setup that way. I am using 2FA via my phone and it works just fine.
  3. Promising stuff as per usual, looking forward to it!
  4. Frosi

    When Starts the OTW server ?

    Essentially the Server isn't open to the public yet so I am guessing how it will work is that roughly thirty to sixty minutes before the playtest starts they will allow players to download the patch and open the server to the public. As for the EU OTW Server, I'd reckon it's simply another server to chose from when creating a character.
  5. Frosi

    Least used guns.

    Least used weapons in my opinion are: Both variants of the SBSR All variants of the SWARM FR0G sidearms All variants of the Norsemen Harbinger Cap-40 Snubnose N-ISSR-A OCSP Pistols S1-FA 'Frenzy' Some of those you see every now and then would be: All variants of the EOL Both versions of the ACES All Pack of Revelations primaries COBR-A NFA-9 / S-AS PDW S1-TIC 'Rabid' / S1-NA 'Manic' STAR LCR Scoped N-tec All variants of the VAS-C2 Both versions of the VBR
  6. Giving the Butcher skin to those that have won and the Autumn Assault skin to those that have logged in during the weeks it was running sounds like the best option really. Although I don't mind what happens either way, even if you just decide to simply hand out the Autumn Assault skin as a belated login reward compensation for the flawed Event and leave it at that.
  7. Considering that you're playing on NA which seems to be under DDoS mitigation quite a lot I'd say that it's probably a combination of the three? I play on Citadel and while there are blatant hitreg issues, they are never this bad. Your clip also reminds me of something that happened to sevaht a few months back although his crosshair never turned red while yours was so it could be two different issues going on.
  8. Pretty much sums up the main issues of the game, well done. As for things they should look into first I'd say that Cars and Car Modifications should be looked into and get a major overhaul, next up would be missions but this is something they would likely have to wait with until the release of 3.5 as from what I heard, changing missions isn't exactly an easy task on the current engine. (Not to mention all the bugs it could introduce). I'll be going into some of the things you noted and give my opinion on them. Spawns Spawns are definitely not great in APB and I think that some improvements can be done, especially to the Car Spawner mod, however, with APB being Open World and a Map like Waterfront being designed around these open areas, it is incredibly difficult to create a perfect spawning system and I honestly do not think it can be done in APB because if you tried to make spawns fair you would either be forced to spawn players over 100 meters away from where they died to reduce the chances of a LoS spawn or code the system in such a way that it takes current player positions and LoS into account which would be incredibly complex in a game like this and would likely also heavily limit the number of spawns points you will get. As for Car Spawners, it was rumored that the mod itself is Grid-based which could explain why sometimes you can't spawn on a regular spawn but can spawn on a Car spawner right on top of said regular spawn. This would also explain the relatively rare cases in which someones spawns 15 meters or even closer away from you. One thing I noticed over thousands of hours is that the head-scratching kind of spawns happen far more frequently if one or even both parties are in a vehicle driving towards the spawn point which could mean that the spawn update rate isn't exactly fast? If this was the case, finding a way to increase said update rate could be a way to fix some of the issues. Audio I would honestly like them to add a feature in 3.5 that allows players to change their volumes as you've described. They could also try and mess with the sound of certain things such as footsteps as right now they're pretty quiet and allowing players to hear someone walking up to them could be an interesting change. Desync This issue started happening when they tried to fix a rare bug that duplicated your hitbox and is related to your character model being pushed by your own car as you get out of its driver seat. It is incredibly easy to reproduce and even abuse as all you have to do is drift right and get out of the car while you're turning. This will result in the car pushing you during the time you're invulnerable to the car and desync your character model and animations. To note is that the bug seems to have become worse over the years (?) as nowadays you could get desynced while driving in a straight line, getting out of the car and only being clipped ever so slightly by it. I've also heard that another bug that teleports your character up ever so slightly when breaking into a car can also cause this. It is also likely that the issue is probably unfixable till 3.5. Spread/Hit Registry Okay so, this one is a bit tricky as APB was designed around having Bloom for most of their guns as a major balancing factor and I honestly do not think it is an issue as it usually limits guns to their effective ranges. I get that the occassional death due to getting bad RNG is frustrating but it honestly doesn't happen very often at all, I can only think of a hand full of guns that sometimes felt like I was doing bad because I was getting bad RNG, namely the PMG or sometimes even the FBW or .45. I still do not think that it is an issue as all three of those can poke or even kill very efficiently at further ranges. As for Hit Registry itself, there are no real words to describe how bad it has become after the Network changes LO did earlier this year. Guns like the OSCAR, ISSR-B and Scout are heavily affected by it as you can tell far easier that your hits aren't being registered instead of thinking that you simply had bad RNG. (This could also be a reason why RNG feels "bad" even tho it is not your RNG but rather the server not registering your shots correctly) Usually speaking, you will notice that something is up with just about every gun that is close to being pinpoint accurate, especially on moving targets. Here are a few clips that show what I am describing. Vehicles This is by far the most common thing for me that makes missions unenjoyable, over the years cars have become a massive crutch as new modifications were designed with the idea of making cars more than just ways of transportation in mind. This has undoubtedly made the gameplay on the top level incredibly boring as it is all about sitting in your car and playing incredibly passive. I'd argue that against a team of decent players it is pretty much impossible to take out a car on your own, even with concussion grenades as they still provide way too much protection for the player even after their car was set on fire. Players can simply get out and repair their car with a blowtorch as they are in no real danger of the car exploding as it provides them cover and also will not deal any explosion damage due to High-Burn Fuel being used on pretty much every car at a somewhat reasonable level of play due to its sheer strength with no weakness. And even in the case of successfully blowing up one of the cars which often requires a lot of teamwork to even accomplish, the person that died can likely spawn close to a car spawner and get his car back while you're still trying to take out the cars of his teammates which often simply won't happen by the time someone respawns and comes back with their car. I believe that Cars and Modifications for Cars are in need of a drastic change and possibly even complete overhaul for some. Things I had in mind would be lowering the amount of health for most cars in the game and severely lowering the amount of health for the top 3 cars in the game which would be the Seiyo Espacio, Nulander Pioneer and 4x4 Vegas, effectively putting the Espacio and Pioneer into the last Critical Stage before exploding after just 1 Concussion grenade and going as far as being able to take out a full health 4x4 with just a single Concussion grenade. As for the mods, I want to see a proper downside to High-Burn Fuel such as lowering the overall health of the car by 10-15% meaning that if they also apply the change that reduces the health of the cars in general Espacios and Pioneers should go from 100 to 0 after just one Concussion grenade. They could also try to rework Steel Plating so instead of -30% Reduced Weapon damage it would ONLY protect you against Missile based Explosives such as OSMAW's or AAPD's. Mobile Radar tower should also be looked into once they fix the bug that currently prevents it from functioning These are just a few examples of what they could do to balance cars and their modifications, doing all of it, however, would definitely be overkill, especially when it comes to nerfing things that affect the car's health in one way or another. Missions There is a lot to missions in this game, way too much for me to bring it all up but I agree with a couple of the points you make such as the Vandalize and Car missions. Missions are the holy grail of APB but instead of completely reworking them I would like for LO to start with the easier things to fix in missions first, such as mission timers! Right now Scavenger last stages are a complete mess, not only have they recently become bugged but they also have one of the most unforgiving and often fairly stupid stage times in the game. Right now it feels like the MAJORITY of Scavenger missions has a 5 minute stage time which is not nearly enough for the stage to play out properly, considering that some involve heavy items and often have the drops for each team spread 500 or even 800 meters apart, not giving the room for any sort of comeback which means that the first team to deliver the item and get a single point of score for their team will win the mission. This is exactly the reason why G1 changed your drop their drop to Scavenger, however, they did not adjust the stage timers at all when doing this. I would like to see set stage timers for each of the different End Stages so there is enough time for them to be played out properly with chances of coming back from a bad start. In my head, the ideal time for most End stages would be 10 minutes. This includes: Item Holds, 1/3 Point holds, 1/3 Spray point holds, both variants of Deathmatch and Scavenger missions. As for Bomb stages, they should keep the 5-minute timer and change the last stage from "The Hidden Menace" to the normal bomb stage type as it is currently the only one left that uses the RTW bomb stage which I believe is unintended. Now when it comes to VIP I would propose an overhaul to the stage, this could go in 2 ways, you would either have to assign VIP's to either team and restrict them to a playing field so you don't run into a situation in which both teams camp with their VIP on opposite sides of the map or you try to make the stage more balanced around a single VIP. I think that having a marker above the VIP's head that updates in real time is one of the big issues as it allows the attackers to perfectly prenade the VIP wherever he goes, I think a better solution would be to have the marker update every 3-5 seconds unless the VIP is currently in a car. This would give the VIP some wiggle room to reposition himself without getting prenaded on every single push. Also, 2 vs 2 VIP should not exist whatsoever, it should only be a thing in groups of 3 and above. There is far more to missions than what I just wrote, some missions are incredibly unbalanced and are often not even played and immediately abandoned upon receiving them. This includes Creme de la Crime, Anti-Social Networking, The Hidden Menace and many more. Bugs Just going into what exactly is happening when said bugs occur in this section. Common bug ever since the Halloween event, also the mission you're referring to is likely "Dial-A-Detonator" This is likely because the grenade clips into or even falls through the floor, making it seem as if they disappeared and obviously deal no damage. This usually only happens on targets that are further away from you (60+ meters would be my estimate) although I have no idea what actually causes this. //////////////////// I'll probably update this post further but for now I think I went into how I feel about things noted well enough.
  9. I feel like some of it is due to the network changes they did earlier this year. I noticed that players seem to be "Ice skating" a lot ever since which means that their movement is incredibly sporadic when they are "ADAD" spamming. Sometimes going as far as offsetting a player a few meters into the opposite direction as the server doesn't seem to display the character movement correctly and then corrects it shortly after which then makes him teleport ever so slightly. This is something I often experienced while playing on Jericho with the usual 130~150 MS I'm getting but I've never seen it happen this frequently when I have a stable 10~20 MS to the server like I do on Citadel. Another thing people could be doing to achieve what you're describing is canceling their Sprint Delay by swapping to their secondary even tho it's fairly unlikely since not many people actually seem to know or take advantage of this.
  10. I don't know if you played when FF was first introduced but it doesn't sound like you did because FF did absolutely amazing compared to other Anti-cheats APB has had in the past when it was first released. However, along the way G1 tweaked settings, started banning accounts under FairFight for various non-cheating reasons even tho it was meant to be for cheaters only and then went as far as make FairFight completely automated which meant that it had to run at settings that weren't aggressive at all just to avoid false positive bans which ended up happening anyways. FairFight is by no means an Anti-cheat that can work on its own, people begged for a new client-side Anti-cheat ever since PunkBuster was removed but G1 instead worked on making FairFight automated which didn't work out at all and added a massive delay when it came to banning cheaters all around.
  11. I feel like bringing up issues such as this is always hard on the Forums since it isn't exactly the right place and people that like to live in their perfect little wonderland will immediately downvote and disagree with you even if you happen to bring up a serious issue. As it stands Little Orbit are doing their best to make things right, they're trying and working hard but issues such as the current cheating situation still stand and will only become more of an issue if nothing is done about it. They tried implementing BattlEye but the way things are right now it seems to struggle a lot. This could have many reasons such as carefully tweaked and less aggressive settings or even the current engine being too old for BattlEye to properly detect things in general. The other solution to getting cheaters banned would be through support and while LO is also trying their best here the wait times for tickets to be looked into are still a far too long for this to be a proper solution to the cheating issue. I can't speak for every server but at least on Citadel cheating is becoming quite prominent once again on the top level in the ways of "Closeting". This time around with a lot less effort actually being put into hiding it. People are quite literally uploading videos of them cheating to YouTube or stream their gameplay under the APB section on Twitch, showing off their cheats on stream, playing under blatant settings and even going as far as showing the injection process to their viewers. In fact, a lot of the recent, top viewed clips in the APB section are of people showing off their cheats or having extremely fishy plays to the point where they could be called blatant. I would personally like to see a reintroduction of FF under its original settings before it was tuned and made automated because I still feel like FairFight even with its later flaws has been the best Anti-Cheat the game has ever had as it actively dealt with players that run their cheats on all kinds of settings, from very low and to absolutely blatant. And as it stands right now players don't seem to be punished under BattlEye at all once their cheat has bypassed it as there are numerous blatant cheaters that go as far as speed hacking since BattlEye was released that have yet to be punished at all. No Anti-cheat is perfect, there will always be delays and the occasional false-positive ban but FairFight was simply what worked best for APB and with a faithful team behind it such as Little Orbit I could see it work out great, even in the case of a rare incorrect ban as they have really shown to care about us as player base and help out wherever they can. I don't necessarily like to bring things such as this up and I already expect negative responses coming my way but I felt like this had to be said so LO can act and improve upon it. I am willing to provide evidence of my claims to the LO staff if they happen to be interested.
  12. Frosi

    District queue??

    I believe FuManchu had a working queueing system ready for testing before he left the company and it's likely what Innova used for their queueing system. (If they had one, I never bothered to check but I've been told they had a queueing system a couple of times) It's likely that it's still there in the unused bits of code and I agree that in its current state with no cross district matchmaking in sight a queueing system for districts would be a welcome addition to the game.
  13. Frosi

    Mission Bugged

    I believe that all Scavenger stages that have a passive stage are affected. Missions like Pineapple cocktail aren't affected because the stage before the Scavenger one requires players to break into an objective which then spawns the item and transitions the mission into it's last stage.
  14. Frosi

    GM can bite me.

    GM's do not have the power to ban players as they usually are VOLUNTEERS and not actual LO Employees. Even GM's have to go through support to report a cheater so sadly there's not much they can do. Although it would be nice to see updates on how BE is really doing. Being active ingame and watching streamers in the APB section on twitch isn't exactly reassuring that BE does anything once bypassed.