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  1. The OCA is the best SMG by far and is incredibly easy to use, even completely new players can shred with an unmodded OCA so if you can't kill with an OCA then thats a player skill issue not a weapon balance one, also Nitro was not changed in recent years, everyone can do wheelies just how they could in 2014.
  2. Conflicting names are the issue, its been stated multiple times now as well as that their approach has changed, however, as you should know they are fully focussing on 2.2 so this new approach is likely not being worked on until later. People care about their names and G1's solution during their first set of merges did not work out and honestly just felt like a system that coinflipped who got to keep the name so why risk further community outrage by sticking with the old system. Also not to mention that "just merge the servers" isn't a black and white solution either, players will play with higher latency than usual, not everyone is going to like this, causing further complaints such as "why do I have to play on EU servers to level up waterfront" and so on. The old merge code wasn't flawless either, both major merges they did had multiple accounts wiped off data, something they had to manually restore and merge over again. In short, yes a merge would do some good things but will also cause further issues, some of which you can anticipate and others which you just can't, its a monumental task that they will not want to tackle now. Appreciate the game for what it is, we all know its not in a good state but with everything you do on this engine you are treating symptoms, not actually addressing the issue as to why these issues are becoming a thing in the first place.
  3. Shield= Still exists. Radar Tower = Disabled until they have time to fix the thing from quite literally working. P5N5 = Still exists just not to the point where ppl outside of your mission can influence it. Med Spray is getting a needed adjustment, no one ever talked about removing it, if you like to play with broken things and feel extremely powerful, I suggest PvE games, especially ARPG's instead of PvP Shooters
  4. Somewhat, I am not 100% sure on this but I believe its a Beta version of Unreal 3.0 which is also heavily modified. There a ton of custom code here that barely holds the game together, this is also why in Matt's Engine upgrade posts he keeps mentioning needing to be familiar with APB itself, not with Unreal Engine. Well first of all, the tools are 32 Bit which complicates things quite a bit, I'm not a programmer but I can imagine that if they were to code things on the current engine they would struggle to even get it to work and on top of all that it would likely mess up a lot of unrelated things in the game. With every patch we've seen something completely unrelated broke, first we saw this with being able to damage your own vehicle from the passenger seat, then by Vandalize storefront objectives being bugged and then stuff like the Radar Tower bug or the bug that makes HUD elements disappear when you switched characters, both which haven't been fixed yet, likely because the cause for this is something unrelated and it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. In short, the current engine is a mess, likely because its very dated, running on 32Bit tools and has a ton of custom code to it. If they were to add some of these systems now they would also have to port them over to the new engine which will then bring its own set of issues because things will likely not work and you have to sit down and fix it yet again, basically doubling the work you have to put in. On one hand if they did these sort of things the current game could be in a better state, on the other hand it would have likely caused other things to break. One thing I haven't touched on is Engine limitations, these are things old G1 employee's kept mentioning so take this with a grain of salt but it could very well be that APB's engine is basically at the limits of what it can handle from both a literal and technical standpoint. The vehicle editors and vehicles themselves are and I quote "by far, the most complicated thing in APB", it'll likely take a ton of time and a dedicated person to sit down and learn how to use the thing but because of all the reasons above, I don't think that sort of thing is something they want to do right now, likely because the switch from 32Bit to 64Bit could make things easier as well as all the other things about risks of breaking things and limitations I mentioned above. I hope this clears some things up, keep in mind that I have no experience with game engines, let alone APB's engine so take all of this with a grain of salt but these are some of the things both LO and G1 kept mentioning so I've tried to piece some things together in my post.
  5. Its crazy that you name four things, three of which require the first thing you mentioned. APB needs the engine upgrade for any meaningful change to happen, this includes new content and system overhauls. No one in their right mind will advertise the current game but what they can do is fix background issues unrelated to current engine work, things that are minor and easy to merge over such as Weapon / Game balance and this is exactly what they are doing, if the engine upgrade launches and the game is an unbalanced pile of trash then you have yet another thing to do while you also work on fixing Matchmaking and adding new content.
  6. A lot times a weapon is simply underpowered and needs a buff, but there's plenty of weapons that are close to being meta but still lose out to the current meta consistently. While I agree that buffing should absolutely be the focus, there's certainly weapons that are holding all the other weapons in the game back by simply being too strong. A great example would be the OCA right now, its not exactly fun to play against but it is the best SMG in the game and makes most of the other SMG's look bad in comparison. So often it is best to start by identifying issues with the weapons that are sitting all the way at the top because if you simply keep buffing eventually you'll get to a point where almost every gun will feel problematic which then makes for an unenjoyable experience overall. Once there's is nothing super broken in the game you can start looking to bring everything at the bottom up gradually, I've been very vocal about this every time I stream and I already have plenty of possible buffs ideas and suggestions written down once LO comes around to look at some of the guns that are simply lacking but with a player population that is dwindling slowly every month as we all patiently wait for the release of 2.2 they are in a spot where they will likely want to address the guns that are overperforming to make the current game less frustrating to play while also allowing for some of the 'borderline meta' weapons to be played to create at least a bit of diversity. I am crossing my fingers that this set balance will go better than the other ones which might encourage LO to have someone spend some more time to slowly fix things bit by bit. There is so many guns that could be made at least usable with just a small buff here and there, some of which have already been in the game, such as the LCR rate of fire buff during the IR Nerf period which happened to work pretty well and actually make the gun playable. We've seen that these major balance patches often do more harm than good so I am really hoping for a smaller but more frequent approach to changing weapons.
  7. Pretty much this, people assume crosshair color based triggerbots are the only way to do it which just isn't correct at all. This change will do absolutely nothing except for removing a part of APB's game design which will only punish your actual legit players because the cheaters will go to the next best thing and on top of all this you are designing your game around cheaters when there is other solutions that punish cheaters themselves, not your actual players. At the end of the day, if we had an actual Anti-cheat we wouldn't be having this discussion and while BE is doing its job at keeping away the Shaw-copters for the most part, subtle things like Triggerbots, macros, low fov aimbots, silent aim etc aren't being caught and it's only going to become a bigger issue the longer it stays like this. So instead of designing the game around combating cheats and mitigating exploitable game mechanics that could be used for cheats, the answer is a proper Anti-cheat that can catch these subtle ways of cheating, not changing the game itself.
  8. Its essentially just preference, in theory there is a slight advantage to it as you can do insanely quick peaks by letting go of crouch and then pressing it again after firing a shot but thats about it. This happens if you are crouched and are walking off of something that makes your character stand up, it essentially just inverts the bind but you can fix it by pressing Spacebar once.
  9. You need both T3 Contacts in an organization maxed to unlock the T4 contact. So in this case you need both Bonita Benjamin and Grayson Fell.
  10. While it is somewhat possible to negate vertical recoil it is impossible to completely remove recoil from the game through means of macros and since APB doesn't exactly have a lot of recoil on most guns or guns with heavy recoil that is primarily vertical I didn't mention it.
  11. Macros are tools that automate gameplay for you, in APB macros are most commonly used to automate the tapping / rate of fire of semi-auto guns essentially turning them fully automatic as the macro does the clicking for you. This is also against the terms of service and will result in account bans as it is considered cheating.
  12. Its literally the same thing? Except for the fact that you don't run into the situation where you accidentally shoot which is something a lot of people do when they use LMB rather than X.
  13. The benefit to this is carrying the medium item at sprint speed as you always pick it up shortly after you jump so you keep your sprint speed momentum and its essentially the same as being able to sprint with medium items in terms of speed. And no, people would have to be really bad to have to macro this as its one of the easier muscle memory based tricks you can do in the game as you essentially just alternate between F to pick up the item and X to drop it at the right time, even with macros you would have to time it properly so there is little to gain from it.
  14. Because the combat system itself is likely never going to be overhauled as its considered one of the best if not the best in a third person shooter. This includes movement, ttk, fluidity and so on.
  15. BE does not work with APB and might just be the final straw for the games active playerbase until 2.1. There is absolutely no reason to play the game when there's one mission district that most likely has one group of cheaters on either faction if not more. EU is a complete disaster right now and there's people actively streaming themselves cheating and going as far as doing subtle hack vs hack matches. Little Orbit needs to wake up and realize that BE is not the solution that APB needs because it is unable to catch closeting cheaters consistently. I feel like a lot of players including myself are at a breaking point where they want to play but actually just can't be bothered to put up with cheaters anymore. The longer it stays like this the more people will be inclined to cheat and the community has already started to slowly tear itself apart this way and its only going to get worse if the systems in place can not allow players to trust each other to play fair and that is certainly not the case right now.
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