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  1. The login will open up for everyone if there is a public test happening.
  2. Because a lot of the better players tend to play shooters for more than just a few years and likely started somewhere in CS 1.6 or CSS? Whether you want to play 4:3 or 16:9 comes down to personal preference and for some people is just down to what they are used to. Not to mention that APB just feels better in terms of frame latency/fps on a lower resolution. As for why Fortnite banned 4:3 is pretty simple, a lot of streamers that tend to take the game semi-serious were being sarcastic about going into "Tryhard mode" and play 4:3 because that's what the cool kids are doing and like you said in your previous thread, 4:3 images may not be the most pleasant to look at from a viewers perspective so I'm assuming that Epic simply didn't like that the bigger broadcasters streamed their game in a 4:3 resolution which in return made the game look horrible. The thing is that Epic can allow themselves to piss off a few players and make them quit the game, while LO can not as the players are already dwindling with every month. (And no, the game picking up with a few thousand players after 3.5 is not an excuse to do it either)
  3. You don't really need to search for it tho?
  4. Where did you find this picture of me??
  5. That's not how building a community works, you're not gonna give a middle finger to your longest playing players and say fuck off lol. APB needs every play it can get to get back to where it used to be.
  6. You seem to not exactly understand what an SPCT Member does, you wanted SPCT members to chip in on this topic, in particular, Kemp and have them voice their opinion on the matter, I voiced mine which is that you're mixing together stereotypes and are trying to say that there is an advantage to using 4:3 when there is none and by the way is my honest opinion on the topic. If you aren't happy with what an SPCT had to say to your proposed idea then that's on you, not me. APB can get pretty competitive on the high end and that's a good thing, it's a playground that keeps the game interesting, if you were to kill off that player base than the game would lose a fair amount of players which is not something you want to do in a game that is already struggling to maintain a population big enough to fill 2-3 districts during peak times. You're essentially arguing and trying to force the point you're making without even wanting to go into criticism of other forum users or those coming from the source that you requested in your OP. Not everyone is going to like aspects of the game and I completely agree that the current situation with streaming the game at potato graphics isn't desirable but if that's what players have to do to turn the game into less of a stuttery and horribly performing mess then they will do that to fully utilize their high refresh rate monitor. The hope is that 3.5 performs better than Live so there's no need to crank down the graphics to an absolute low just to get stable performance and that's why in my opinion the Advanced Launcher is not something you want to ban but simply make pointless with the release of 3.5.
  7. So you're saying that 4:3's reduced FoV is not a downside since you can /move your mouse/? I can do that on 16:9 aswell but still have a higher FoV compared to 4:3. You make no point here, it feels like you're trying to say that the only reason players in "Camo Pants" beat you is their "broken" 4:3 resolution which has absolutely no positive effect on gameplay other than some added placebo about hitboxes being stretched and therefore seem bigger. So you essentially want to kill off a part of the community in a 1k pop game, k.
  8. There are downsides to both 4:3 and 16:9. A downside to 4:3 would be a reduction in your field of view which can be quite a massive downside. Meanwhile stretching the resolution adds the placebo effect of seemingly "larger" hitboxes as they are stretched to either side. I am personally running 4:3 resolutions with BLACK BARS simply because it feels a whole lot better to me, that being said, I played everything from 1440x900 Windowed to Fullscreen resolutions at 1920x1080, 1024x762 Stretched and Black Bars and I personally found 1024x762 to be my favorite. All in all, whether you want to use 4:3 or 16:9 in shooters comes down to personal preference and it should stay that way.
  9. That's actually interesting, no idea why it would be a literal monthly thing instead of just flat out 30 days, no matter how many days the current month has. Subscription-based services such as WoW do it that way and it honestly sounds silly to base it off how many days a month has.
  10. In my opinion, the Oscar is one of the most balanced guns in the game as the gun rewards good aim with versatility, it is extremely strong in the right hands but has its fair counters such as the OCA in close range or just about any weapon that works past 55 meters. Give a below average player an Oscar and he will struggle to go positive in the majority of the mission he plays while a very good player would dominate in the same way he could with just about any other Meta gun in the game. There is a reason why the Oscar is rarely seen in top level play and that is simply because the gun can perform great but at the top end still struggles against a lot of the current Meta weapons, not to mention that it has a slower ttk than the average Meta guns that are being played in the ranges in which the Oscar is effective. I personally think that people believe the Oscar is OP because the only players that really use the gun are the ones that tend to be extremely good at aiming or the game in general, those that really utilize the Oscar and the versatility it rewards for being a good player.
  11. Well somewhat, from what I can gather the files used to remove fog are not traditional shader files that require you to use Bloom to see an effect so it is more comparable to something like the removal of muzzle flash. (Files used are "Common" "Definitions" "HeightFogPixelShader") As for the process it really just is a replacement of files in the shaders folder including a small text file that basically allows you to enable/disable the fog without having to replace files over and over. Real shaders that require you to enable Bloom in-game work through different files, namely "APBUberPostProcessBlendPixelShader" and "OutlinePixelShader". These can be tweaked in a ton of ways while the no fog "shader" can basically only do one and that is removing the fog which gives no advantage whatsoever other than the 10~15 you gain from removing said fog.
  12. I believe shader dots are still against the ToS as they require you to edit shader files which is against the ToS. The only shader that is currently not bannable is the No fog shader.
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