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  1. That'd be just as bad honestly, I agree this sale is a mess but making something that invalidates all other CSG's as part of a limited time sale (or even as a permanent addition to armas) would be a spit in the face to all those that bought the existing CSG's which are now much worse and basically completely invalidated compared to the 3 Slot which can do everything they can and even more.
  2. This thread has taken a proper tinfoil hat turn, never change APB forums.
  3. A lot of players use RTSS for a crosshair overlay which relies on MSI Afterburner running to work (for all I know) so I doubt that program is causing any issue, same goes for G Hub cause if it were to ban for that then there would've been a LOT of bans already since Logitech Mice, especially the G Pro are extremely common nowadays.
  4. The Anti-cheat is still very much running, its initial scans and defensive measures simply don't detect the cheat, report (I would assume) lets EAC know that this player may have made it past those measures and then looks for the cheat and once found bans the player, the cheat from there on would also have to be updated as its considered detected and EAC will be able to tell if you are using that cheat or not in the future.
  5. There's EAC updates just about every week and you still don't seem to understand that anti-cheats will ALWAYS get bypassed, their job isn't necessarily to keep cheaters out but to catch them once they have found a way around the measures in place to stop them, every Anti-cheat will get bypassed so what matters more is how fast cheaters are caught That's just straight up delusions and while there isn't a lot of people working on APB there are some that cover areas such as development or customer support, whether you like it or not EAC requires a /report function as part of its implementation therefore, its pretty logical to assume that /report is the main way to report any wrongdoing such as cheating. Also Matt's job as a CEO of a company isn't to exclusively hold your hand so you believe he's still around and hasn't jumped ship and let me just tell you that if he did jump ship then LO as a whole would probably not be here but they are and are active on the community discord outlining plans and so on. That's also just flat out wrong as GM's are players much like you which means that there is no way in hell they would have any access to the back end stuff of EAC as it'd be an insanely big security risk, the only times I've seen a GM deal with a cheater was taking out speed hackers after they have been made aware of said speed hacker through external sources such as the LO discord.
  6. While there are some people that macro its not nearly enough to warrant such drastic measures to the game for everyone, not to mention that there are VERY few guns where macros can aid with recoil control as recoil is randomized within a set of values meaning that every shot will have different recoil, sometimes its more sometimes less meaning that a macro that always corrects at a set value will over/under correct just about every time. On top of all that, using a macro is often just a downside as shooting at the maximum rate of fire that a semi-auto gun can shoot at is often just the wrong thing to do. In the future simply report the player so EAC can look into them and if they are found to be macroing will get banned as it is against the rules and if they don't they may just be good at using semi-auto weapons as it really isn't rocket science to be able to fire at a certain rhythm to not jam the gun as opposed to just spamming mouse1 which will massively cripple your rate of fire as there is no input queuing in APB. /report [Playername] Cheating
  7. People like you should be studied and at this point there's nothing I'd love more than to see you actually play.
  8. I would love a burst assault rifle but I think reworking the STAR would be a bad way to go about it, even if NTEC is better in most things, STAR is still an easier weapon overall so I think it fits as the new player weapon quite well.
  9. I'd be down for some Flipflops / Sandals / Crocs, bonus points for letting me wear socks with the sandals.
  10. On max settings the body stops rendering at around 95~ and the nametag was visible (although barely cause unopped) at the 99 to 100m mark. If it was opped and the nametag was red and didn't blend in with the fog it would've been very visible even at 99m. (But yea its totally the illicit configs)
  11. Players top rendering at around 98m~ but their nametag still shows so you can still hit them, as for the Osmaw its one of the very few weapons that can exceed the max distance of 100m as the rocket will fly for about 143-147m (Not sure of the exact number right now)
  12. That's cause most of these programs that are published through steam are vetted programs and have therefore been whitelisted by EAC. However, for Crosshair V2 this isn't the case, the program isn't whitelisted, however, it functions through windows' xbox gamebar which will not be flagged as a form of cheat as it is a software running on just about every PC. TLDR is to use vetted programs that are widespread and have more than just a hand full of users as well as ideally doing your research by doing a simple google search and looking for an official comments from the developers in regards to compatibility with whatever anti-cheat the game is using. Also, since no one has mentioned it yet, the Forums can't really help you with the issue you're having, what you should do is open a customer support ticket saying that you've been banned by EAC and requesting your playerid so you can then use that playerid to identify yourself during Epic's ban appeal process.
  13. I would assume that its a different program than that of the other players that got banned for using an overlay like such to make symbols, regardless, its an unverified source that hooks into the game client and can therefore be super easily picked up as a cheat or malicious software by EAC, they have whitelists for a reason and players that run such unverified programs will always run the risk of being banned in any game.
  14. No Matt is not telling bs but if you paid any attention to previous statements and then the roadmap this year you'd notice that the scope of the contacts has changed, saying they aren't ready doesn't mean that they are months and months away but rather that they do not reflect the current state they want them in for release (whether that's a complete re-imagination or just a few items they want to add is up in the air). I highly doubt any work has been done on them in the past months as the developer is focusing on the new matchmaking update. Matt's previous statements would also imply that the work on these contacts have been done on the engine upgrade which has since been scrapped which then means that you would have to back port it all and test it again.
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