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  1. As of this patch you will be able to increase your clients FPS cap by yourself, to do so head over to your APB install directory and go to Engine\Config and open the file called "BaseEngine.ini". In there you want to scroll down or search for "MaxClientFrameRate=128" and set the value at the end to whatever you want your cap to be, to restore the current behavior if you have a 144Hz monitor set the value to 145 although you may now also exceed said cap up to 500. !!!You will have to start the game with the APB.exe located in the Binaries folder to keep the changes set in BaseEngine.ini!!! Raising your FPS cap above 145 will make existing issues related to running above 128 fps worse although sliding will only happen if your fps is too stable aka running at cap. There's an issue related to high framerates that makes your crosshair open and show an inaccurate accuracy value, this is however a purely visual bug and does not actually affect accuracy. If you want to keep using your existing BaseEngine.ini from last patch as part of a config it is advised to add the new "MaxClientFrameRate=" line yourself just under the "MaxSmoothedFrameRate=" line in the .ini, make sure to add a value as well!
  2. There's little interest in testing these things so its usually best to just do it on one server regardless of ping just to have everyone on one server, things would likely be unplayable / testable if there were 2 servers cause it'd be like 10 ppl on one server and 10-20 on the other.
  3. What I heard is that EAC was waaaaay faster to patch things and that cheat providers would basically have to maintain their cheat with weekly updates else it'd run into being detected. In the cases they were too slow it was detected and players got caught. Putting pressure on cheat providers is huge cause keeping things updated are work hours and in a game with a population like APB they may run into the whole thing simply not being profitable anymore. As for the server side, if anything it'll help with detecting private cheats / closets since server sides can give away who's cheating so the client side can look into said flagged players.
  4. Color based Triggerbots may still very well work, however, cheats that inject into the game will have to be updated to 64Bit which is a big task and therefore means its unlikely anyone has done so in such little time.
  5. The 64Bit update is an entirely foundational change, its not meant to change the games looks but rather modernize the engine to a 64Bit standard which then allows them to backport things from 2.x and more reliably work on the games issues and therefore steer it into a better future. In other words, 1.30 is so they can continue to support the game and actually develop things. 64Bit also fixes the RTX crash and increases the memory ceiling which allows for future game optimization, one such example being a new approach to garbage collection and texture streaming so stutters aren't as frequent or don't happen in active gameplay scenarios.
  6. 1.30 looks identical to live, nothing has changed in that regard, its a foundational change without any visual impact, however, I can still provide you with the data of 3 of the benchmarks I ran, you will quickly notice that the first two are basically identical with the third one being a run with uncapped fps that I however can't mirror with a benchmark from Live since Live obviously has capped FPS. Specs are as follows: Intel i9 12900k (Stock) 2080 Super 32GB of 4000Mhz Ram Live 1080p Max settings (145 FPS Cap) 1.30 1080p Max settings (145 FPS Cap) 1.30 1080p Max settings (Uncapped FPS)
  7. If you want to participate in the 1.30 Beta please refer to this thread and follow the link to download the client. Happy Testing
  8. That's a mix of using High Quality Health Hud, Bloom and the night time shaders and can be fixed by changing two ingame options, no configs required.
  9. You can try the code "AMA2022" and see if its still active, it awarded you 100G1c
  10. You can check out the VoD on Twitch, Matt will also upload a recording of the AMA to Youtube at some point.
  11. What Matt posted above is a quote from the Open Letter that I have written, those aren't his words, they're mine.
  12. It is not, the document was done as a passion project of mine but kept the fact that if weapon balance becomes a talking point and LO wants to do something about it in mind, That way I can submit the document in which case the wording makes sense. I won't go into the feedback much but I want to point out that both of you seemed to have missed that the RFP changes are a revert to how the RFP used to be when it was the go to pistol in the game and could reliably kill players on 40-47 meters. Also all these changes are subject to change, I don't have access to their tools, I have to do a lot of math for these and often have to guess how certain values interact with each other, many of these values are starting points to iterate from, not something to just ship to the live game and expect to go flawlessly. I agree that the Tommy gun needs some love, its a bit of an oversight that its not in the document but the first thing I'd want to do to it would be to move back to its old, static recoil which no one has the old values for so its hard to make a suggestion without actually providing stats. From there it would likely need a recoil reduction but still keeping the old values in mind, simply toning them down a little followed by buffs to its bloom as example. Not a typo, very much intentional, its an aggressive approach and that's why, if this would ever be an approach LO would want to take it would be tested in which case it'll be very obvious if its too strong or not.
  13. The document hasn't been given to Matt, it wasn't linked in the letter at all however he has now seen it because I asked for permissions to make it public since players have been asking to see it to which he said yes so here is the document. https://docs.google.com/document/d/167-1L_hXaxFe9a2QMTbHfLsGONCVaEEem2pTP3le97c/edit?usp=sharing
  14. I authored the letter and intentionally made the decision to make it anonymous, this way players aren't afraid to give their unfiltered feedback to some of the serious topics at hand. The overall amount of toxicity in the game coming from some players will also make players not want to put their name on something they don't know the outcome of. Here you go this was also entirely authored by me, almost all of these changes are my ideas and opinions, nothing is set in stone and this is nothing more than a passion project of mine. The changes in the document are balancing around the current state of the game and primarily focus on buffs to underused guns or some that were recently over-nerfed. Both, its usually easier to buff guns without taking mods in mind considering many of them don't exactly have a set of meta mods to use on them especially when it comes to red mods which tend to change a gun the most. For Meta guns, nerfs shouldn't entirely kill a certain mod on a weapon (I am aware that was the case with CJ N-tec as well as HB2 N-tec back in the day) but in many cases there's also not a huge amount of room for nerfs in areas in which a gun is over-performing, again using the N-tec as an example, lowering the RoF would've been an option rather than nerfing its bloom / jump accuracy although this change was tested in a public test environment previously and was received with even more negative response than a simple max-bloom nerf. Balance is so incredibly subjective and guns like the Oblivion or even DMR-AV existed in that very state for the longest time before people have figured out just how strong they are after another part of the game has been touched. With the exception of the DMR-AV nerf I want to say that none of the changes in the document cater specifically to one type of play, this is also largely helped by the fact that its almost all buffs to weapons that never see any use in high level play anyways. I honestly think that higher mechanical skill already wins you fights, aiming, knowing how to play around cover and so on, I know the suggestion of overall lowering the bloom / increasing base accuracy exists but that'd require a rework for more than half the weapons in the game so I personally don't see that as an option, if balancing a hand full of guns is an issue then I don't see how this is a possible path.
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