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  1. Judging by the fact that hold crouch / toggle sprint binds already exist it looks relatively easy to add to the game. The more options players have the better imo.
  2. Pretty sure the majority of players still use the bind, as Bellenettiel said, it should be a bind by default so I don't think they want to take that away from players. Also please don't take what I said as a fact, I'm just guessing based off their previous policies and stances on config edits.
  3. The latency display doesn't exactly work on Fightclub. It's constantly showing that my Latency is 1MS while in reality its about 10~20. This only happens on FC / Empty districts.
  4. I'll add something on top of that, Low yields in combination with consumable ammo boxes. And low yields in general, consumables just made it far worse
  5. Matt doing this for Christmas would literally kill me.
  6. May have just been a coincidence but this happened to two friends when they whispered me a previously blacklisted word, could it be that it is simply a auto-reply for filtered messages? I know the N word has been filtered out in the past.
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