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  1. Threat returns once the next batch of EU servers is configured and handed over to Little Orbit who will then apply everything necessary to run APB's districts. So based off the info we have my guess would be that threat segregation returns early next week.
  2. Frosi

    APB Ran out of memory

    What type out of out of memory message are you getting? One that just pops up with the game in the background or one that is part of the APBCatcher process that lets you submit a report for the crash? The pop up message without the Catcher is a specific Out of Memory issue related to the Nvidia GTX 1660 and 2000 series that is avoidable by running the game on minimal settings (or for some users even lower). If it is however the crash that comes with the inbuilt APB crash reporter then that might mean that something is wrong with your rig as this crash is often related to faulty RAM or not having enough RAM. Like I mentioned above the fix for this is lowering your graphics settings ingame to Minimal or possibly even a custom config that goes below Minimal graphics.
  3. It has already been confirmed that 3.5 will have its font changed to the current live font. Some of this process was seen in screenshots posted by SPCT members.
  4. There are N-tec 5 changes on the current Prototype districts which means that players are likely looking for alternatives, therefore boosting the Ursus' value as it handles extremely similar to the N-tec 5 as it was likely ninja buffed when they first changed shotguns, allowing it to be tapfired like an N-tec 5 which to my knowledge wasn't possible before, especially not when using cooling jacket.
  5. The system would need new rewards along with a bit of an overhaul to reward both players rather than just the one referring but yea I totally agree that something along the lines of refer a friend should definitely return in the future.
  6. I am 99% sure that you simply shot the rocket too low and it went underneath the car.
  7. Hopefully not, pretty sure the AAEPD should be a good enough example as to why.
  8. I've never had this happen to me unless I deliberately forced it to do so by switching characters over and over until the bug appeared, so maybe try to avoid switching characters and see if that fixes it for you.
  9. The revert for all shotguns did not go onto the main districts yet, the latest patch however pushed fixes for the OCA-SD and OCA Whisper variants using the old pre-nerf OCA stats.
  10. Das Spiel wird durch Little Orbit weiterhin mit Patches unterstützt jedoch momentan nur durch kleine content patches mit zb Kleidern, Skins oder neuen Events. Das liegt daran das Little Orbit sich auf das so genannte "Engine Upgrade" von der jetzigen Unreal Engine auf Unreal Engine version 3.5 fokussiert da dieses Upgrade aus mehreren gründen für die Zukunft von APB benötigt ist. Gamersfirst hat dieses Projekt damals angefangen konnte es jedoch nie fertigstellen. Der CEO "Matt Scott" versucht sein bestes die Community dies bezüglich auf dem laufenden zu halten in diesem Forum thread hier:
  11. It will make the full spray more inconsistent which means that it will require the user that commits to said spray to atleast hit the first 3 or so shots. It's going to require people to play well if they want to get away with it unlike the way it is right now on LIVE where you can miss the first few bullets and still get away with dealing atleast a decent amount of damage as the max bloom capped out after 3 shots and therefore was still extremely tight for fights within 10m~
  12. Not sure about you but the N-tec's cqc viability is what puts the gun out of line and makes it the most versatile assault rifle in the game. It was always meant to be the long range assault rifle, not a laser with tight max bloom in cqc that overshadows both the FAR / Star who are designed to shine in those closer encounters.
  13. Shot modifier cap is max bloom, not rate of fire.
  14. While on one hand I agree with this, on the other I want to say that 2.1 needs a fair bit of polish when it goes onto OTW which is what they are doing right now. As Matt said, no more major blockers other than performance which for a lot of people is the one thing they want to see improved in 2.1 compared to LIVE. First impressions matter a lot in this community, for a lot of players their excitement, expectations and hopes for the game are rather fragile so bad first impressions could possibly make them lose interest in 2.1 as a whole. I realize how long everyone has been waiting, its in everyones best interest for it to be released as soon as possible and LO is closer than ever.
  15. Not exactly, act bloom recovery is around the same as its refire time so you will pretty much always have perfect accuracy at max rof.
  16. Matt already confirmed that it'll likely be disabled in the future which is the correct thing to do as its been incredibly unhealthy for the game for all these years.
  17. These look a bit wonky indeed but thats just one of the things that you guys can point out and give feedback on when it comes to Public testing in the future.
  18. Might aswell call players cheaters for having a monitor turned on, jokes aside what you are saying makes just as much sense as me calling you a cheater for having a high resolution and a higher fov
  19. Jeez, sorry to hear that, I think the odds of that happening are only around 1%.
  20. Matt is posting info on where they are at with the engine upgrade every saturday in this thread here. He also said that the only thing preventing 3.5 from being released on OTW for public testing is the performance as there are no active blockers outside of that.
  21. Aight, sorry for being used to connecting colors and crucial information, been doing that for 7 years now and I think its hard to turn back : ) My point is that at the end of the day, most vets are used to identifying things using colors instead of reading, Titles with the same color as enemy player names hurts this balance greatly.
  22. In the end it was hurting split second decision making, killing an enemy and then flicking over in the heat of the moment as you saw something red on either side of your screen, accidentally blasting a team mate in the back because old players are just so focused on red text being an enemy. I personally had to disable titles as I found myself shooting team mates rather often if they were using that title.
  23. Last patch notes were exactly 2 weeks ago which pushed some of the weapon balance changes to all districts. They are likely working on the new rewards for the Halloween event as Matt mentioned in his Q&A while also continuing work on 3.5.
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