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  1. Its essentially just preference, in theory there is a slight advantage to it as you can do insanely quick peaks by letting go of crouch and then pressing it again after firing a shot but thats about it. This happens if you are crouched and are walking off of something that makes your character stand up, it essentially just inverts the bind but you can fix it by pressing Spacebar once.
  2. You need both T3 Contacts in an organization maxed to unlock the T4 contact. So in this case you need both Bonita Benjamin and Grayson Fell.
  3. While it is somewhat possible to negate vertical recoil it is impossible to completely remove recoil from the game through means of macros and since APB doesn't exactly have a lot of recoil on most guns or guns with heavy recoil that is primarily vertical I didn't mention it.
  4. Macros are tools that automate gameplay for you, in APB macros are most commonly used to automate the tapping / rate of fire of semi-auto guns essentially turning them fully automatic as the macro does the clicking for you. This is also against the terms of service and will result in account bans as it is considered cheating.
  5. Its literally the same thing? Except for the fact that you don't run into the situation where you accidentally shoot which is something a lot of people do when they use LMB rather than X.
  6. The benefit to this is carrying the medium item at sprint speed as you always pick it up shortly after you jump so you keep your sprint speed momentum and its essentially the same as being able to sprint with medium items in terms of speed. And no, people would have to be really bad to have to macro this as its one of the easier muscle memory based tricks you can do in the game as you essentially just alternate between F to pick up the item and X to drop it at the right time, even with macros you would have to time it properly so there is little to gain from it.
  7. Because the combat system itself is likely never going to be overhauled as its considered one of the best if not the best in a third person shooter. This includes movement, ttk, fluidity and so on.
  8. BE does not work with APB and might just be the final straw for the games active playerbase until 2.1. There is absolutely no reason to play the game when there's one mission district that most likely has one group of cheaters on either faction if not more. EU is a complete disaster right now and there's people actively streaming themselves cheating and going as far as doing subtle hack vs hack matches. Little Orbit needs to wake up and realize that BE is not the solution that APB needs because it is unable to catch closeting cheaters consistently. I feel like a lot of players including myself are at a breaking point where they want to play but actually just can't be bothered to put up with cheaters anymore. The longer it stays like this the more people will be inclined to cheat and the community has already started to slowly tear itself apart this way and its only going to get worse if the systems in place can not allow players to trust each other to play fair and that is certainly not the case right now.
  9. You'll need to change the link to make it public, instructions for that are on the bottom of the instructions sheet in the document.
  10. Not necessarily discrediting them but while the FAR has technically an easier time in CQC the difference isn't huge enough to make up for the N-tec's far stronger range capabilities. The FAR saw a bunch of play during the 2.4 Modifier Cap N-tec time because there was a tangible downside to the N-tec that the FAR was able to fill in the Meta.
  11. Jeez, I'll fix it. Edit: Fixed it.
  12. This is something I did myself, no one from Little Orbit asked me to do this so there is no guarantee that they'll pay much attention to this. What I can say is that they read the forums actively so they will know that there's been a lot of talk about weapon balance so instead of having to somehow digest tons of individual posts containing fractions of overall feedback they now have the option to look at this thread and find a more condensed list of feedback from each individual player that takes part. They aren't done with weapon balance, it'll continue to happen so I'm sure they are interested in whatever feedback they can get, how they use this however is up to them.
  13. I completely missed the SBSR IRS and Coroner, fixed in the sheet now.
  14. I've created a sheet for people to give condensed feedback and help sharing their opinions on the current state of weapon balance.
  15. I've created a sheet for people to give condensed feedback and help sharing their opinions on the current state of weapon balance.
  16. Recently there has been a lot of talk about Weapon balance and whether or not it is going into the right direction, there are a lot of varying opinions on this topic so I've created a sheet containing every unique playing gun in the game (except LTL) with options to rate them, suggest buffs or nerfs and also add your own personal notes. The goal of this sheet is to have more a more condensed view on weapon balance per player while also giving Little Orbit more data and thoughts to work with as a whole. Also this goes without saying but please post your final sheet in this thread. If you can then I want to encourage you to make in-depth suggestions with actual weapon stats. If you want to do so but need to check up various stats then head over to APBDB to get all the stats for the weapons, alternatively, if you want to look at range curves in particular then head over to the Overhauled DB. To get going follow the Instructions sheet in the document itself. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EyZIwDE1scH4sLshEtFngPr2yEbx3sLYPogbQ7qI4G0/edit?usp=sharing
  17. 87 unique playing weapons, around 78~80 if you discount a few of them.
  18. Except not every game has 100+ unique guns that would each require their own recoil pattern.
  19. This is very likely never ever going to happen. Keep in mind that this is an INSANE amount of effort for something that could very well flop.
  20. Essentially these values I listed are the maximum bloom values, its not easy to get a feel for them but a 0.1 or 0.2 difference in max bloom can make a huge difference for many guns. By no means are those required to make feedback, something like: "Reduce the FAR's Bloom by x %" is also enough. As for increasing accuracy and recoil across the board, to me it never really felt like recoil was a particularly good way to balance guns in APB, I want to say that there's a decent amount of recoil in the game considering that there are no recoil patterns, high recoil that is also rng could quite heavily impact the feel of the overall gameplay. Another thing to consider is that changing a guns recoil is extremely difficult, I can't go into specifics here but there's a lot more that controls the recoil of guns than one might think.
  21. While shotguns are currently way too strong, they did change the rayscaling quite heavily in the past so that earlier point you made is not quite accurate, I believe there was three or four itterations of different rayscaling values for the main two shotguns and yet again they either were inconsistent or overpowered. Removing curves is a lot to ask for, they've been a part of weapon balancing and weaved into many weapons for a very very long time and while I agree that some curves don't feel particularly great such as the recoil curves I do have to disagree that they are bad for the game as they allow the developers to have more indepth balancing options at their fingertips which if utilized correctly can help shape a world where a lot of guns feel unique. As for the range information not being displayed correctly this work in progress update of @Speedz DB will help you out. https://dev.apbdb.com/items/Weapon_AssaultRifle_NTEC
  22. While I personally don't agree that balance is going into the wrong direction (For the most part anyways) I want to say it again, these feedback posts could be a lot better if players actually voiced what they don't like and propose stats themselves. I see you said that you don't like the change of guns having their bloom increased and that's a very valid bit of feedback but after the amount of changes that happened naming guns that you particularly don't enjoy after their bloom changes would help a ton. For example I start with one thing I disagree with after these recent balance changes which is the FAR bloom nerf coupled with the buff to the N-tec's bloom, prior both of these guns were perfectly viable and both had their own sets of strengths and weaknesses, the changes to both these guns has offset this a ton and I personally don't enjoy exclusively facing N-tec's again as it yet again don't leave room for any other the other AR's to properly shine because it no longer has tangible downsides over the other AR's. So my proposal to fix said issue would be to revert the FAR bloom nerf (ModifierCap 1.65 > 1.45) while also reverting the N-tec bloom buff (ModifierCap 2.1 > 2.4). In the long run this should achieve more diversity in the Rifleman category as you would have to pick between something like a STAR, FAR or ACES Rifle for the Close to mid range engagements and something like the N-tec 5, N-tec 7 or even something like the AR-97 'Misery' for the mid to long range engagements.
  23. Normally I would like to discuss posts like this but at this point I'm left figuring out what is even being said.
  24. CQC: JG (IR3 3PS3) / OCA/PMG (RS3 CJ2) or Joker Carbine. Mid Range: Joker Carbine / N-tec 5 (Don't bother with other AR's the N-tec overshadows all of them) Long Range: Obeya CR762, OBIR, HVR 762, HVR 243 Scout Pistols: FBW, .45 or Act 44.
  25. It is getting extended yes but because of system limitations it has to be done manually (rather than automatically on a schedule) which means that it'll likely happen early monday.
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