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  1. You do realise new players will not stay as vets are stomping them. I don't want to see this game go under 400 players again. Add matchmaking ASAP.
  2. Berkshire

    Bugs and glitches

    Known bugs I have noticed - BENKZ MHULLER M1 very slightly turns left. - Returning back to the lobby sometimes removes contacts names and mission waypoints. - When holding a weapon that has a foregrip, your left hand doesn't hold it unless you're aimed in. - Every now and then when you press either A or D your character glitches (snappy turns, which has no movement advantages). - My friend struggles to get into any district, gets stuck on connecting and nothing else happens, crashes occur now and then doing so. (Only happens on their APB game. Every possible fix we tried even router resets and pc resets). - Cannot see other clan symbols on scoreboard. Possible intentional? More will be added when I think of them. Feel free to comment bugs you have encountered.
  3. https://sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/little-orbit-descendent-studios-reach-130000700.html
  4. Berkshire

    Objective Bug

    I’m sure others have experienced this, when you are in a district and you use the return back to lobby option then rejoin a district either on the same character or different, you join a mission and the objectives aren’t visible to the player. I have had this bug every time I done this.
  5. I spent too much money for this game to just die out
  6. Give APB to GTA 5 (FiveM) modders and the engine will be released in a couple of months.
  7. I have seen this van about, I was wondering what that symbol was on top
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