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  1. So... the Haxors haxed these accounts to speedhax while listening to good music? ♪ ♫ #Worth --------------------- Thanks for the heads up
  2. The Admin will win, since it is standard procedure for them to say so when closing a thread
  3. Not exactly, but my stomach wouldn't mind seeing cheese followed by blue-berry
  4. While it is important to know & acknowledge the ups and downs of a single load-out item such as Clotting_Agent or Kevlar, the entirety of the load-out can matter more. Back in August, the med-spray consumable was changed to heal TWICE as fast as it used to. While this change is debatable, that is a different discussion. You should know how utilize it in your favour for the time being. Yes, this change made clotting agent exceptionally more useful when paired with med-spray (which is the questionable part), but you must also remember that other green mods already benefited greatly from med-spray before that change and this is where the good part for you is situated. While I do not recommend Players to use Kevlar unless their load-out complements it and they REALLY know when to advance/hold (or car-gameplay), you'd be surprised how good med-spray + Kevlar can be in good hands that properly utilize cover. Just be mindful that every med-spray activation equals $400 (or 4 car spawns, 4 rockets, or any other measure), so you won't be making $APB as easily when playing this way if that's one of your goals.
  5. I quit ketchup for years now, there are way more delicious options out there
  6. You'll need more than that assumption to win this thread.
  7. Wait till you know what I did to the last one I had..
  8. The 2nd Corona-wave will destroy the World's economy.
  9. Kindly quote where I said make LTLs as powerful as lethal weapons, you can't and won't.
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