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  1. It has been previously shown that most players dislike and won't bother spending their daily-average APB gametime around OCA-meta, yet the latest changes brought back the buffed OCA without adequate buffs accross the board to compensate.. This uncalled for experiment resulted yet again in a decline in players that is not limited to Jericho and nothing is being done to finish or temporarily/permanently undo this unfinished transition towards the new "established baseline" of weapon balance as stated in 11/25's patch. Hopefully not but if APB dies, we can all remember that APB's death was an intentional inside-job.
  2. LOL !! ---------------------------------------------------------- » » » I vote for buffing rewards from non-opposed missions « « « 1 » This will solve the thread's issue. 2 » There are players who keep asking about population-counts and camp https://will.io/apb/ till districts become populated (nobody would wait all day for people to login and get nothing during the wait)... having players farm non-opposed missions will entice those lurkers to login. It won't completely solve everything but we should see higher average-activity in the game. The ratio between rewards from opposed and non-opposed missions can always be fine-tuned at a later date once we see more players after 2.1 goes Live. Please have this pushed for consideration, @MattScott
  3. I hear cards like the GTX 1650 are on Turing Architecture, just like RTX cards. If you have a card from the Turing-family, you'll run into the out of memory issues that RTX cards get, even if your card says GTX and not RTX. Public APB 2.1 beta tests are gaining momentum. If all goes well, this issue will be resolved sometime soon in Q1 2021.
  4. With his majestic-beard, MattScott should cosplay as a realistic Santa Clause.
  5. "A lot" is an interesting response. Now how many of those run around with a Calabria, no character mods and possibly no frag-grenades? If that many new players existed, population numbers wouldn't be so low now, would they? Btw, the name stands for Somatic Tactical Assault Rifle... not starter-weapon made short. That is well written but you got convinced about an ideal that under the big picture, completely failed to achieve its desired purpose. That purpose being to "teach new players about weapon handling in APB (By having the ability to tap fire, burst, full auto and hip fire)". That is the case simply because: Tap firing » STAR isn't even close to being the best at tap-firing nor a newbie (who doesn't yet realize he/she is using water-guns) would even consider to tap-fire with a fully-automatic rifle. Little they knew real-accuracy is artificial and hit-scan-RNG based. STAR will never compete at tap-firing against an N-tec. Moreover, close-range Players would simply car-gameplay towards the STAR-Newbie and long-rangers will only be tickled and thoroughly massaged by the STAR (which doesn't even have Improved Rifling 1 to make the massage more relaxing) due to APB's logic that will never appeal to other Players than those currently existing. Bursting » STAR isn't the best at this either and will lose due to its relatively slower rate of fire/time_to_kill and accuracy recovery times. Full-auto » Yeah, not even close to being the best at that. Pointmen completely blow it out of the water... Fun fact: Cooling Jacket 3 equipped STAR has a time to kill of 0.7 seconds.. still by far slower than a stock OCA. It gets worse, new players can't install that.. The weapon doesn't accept any mods and the first variant requires 200 kills. Hip firing » Not with a run modifier of 5... not even close. The Raptor weapons have a run modifier of 2.9 and ultimately are ~50% more accurate at hip-firing and even that isn't practical.. STAR's hipfiring only works when the player is close enough to enemies with weapons specialized in close-range combat, it isn't great at all and when going face-2-face is simply asking to be killed. Bonus: On top of their superiority at hip-firing, the Raptor series can actually achieve the advertised time_to_kill of 0.75 up to respectable ranges (~40m with Hunting Sight). I mentioned this as both weapons have the same ttk and are assault rifles. The STAR can't do that without sacrificing extra time through bursting/hipfiring. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 » The STAR doesn't excel at anything and therefore, doesn't "compete" at anything. It is an all-rounder weapon with no niche whatsoever. At ANY given range, there exist weapons that surpass it and sadly enough, the gap is huge at the ranges that matter most in a match (courtesy of OCA). 2 » Correction: The END-GAME* STAR is versatile* (not "very versatile"), since it can be modded to actually SOMEWHAT compete at a certain aspect if the Player knows what they are doing. Sadly New Players won't know about modding for a good while because they don't start with any mods.. the first STAR they get doesn't accept mods anyways so New-Players won't get to see the effects of mods on an all-rounder weapon would do to carry that knowledge to other weapons later on. A Newbie requires 200 kills at this all-around-disadvantage to unlock the first N-TEC 5 Nol or STAR 556 R&D I. About time.. since the player would've unlocked a Hunting Sight 1 after 50 kills and already gave up on how to plug it in a weapon (assuming they didn't already quit the good-looking game that has over-nonsensical aggressive balance). Heck, the most accepted idea so far was to give STAR the stats of the FAR Charger since that is basically a slightly buffed STAR and is at much better versatility with better chances.. Even that didn't happen, because 'let us reward players with the FAR for playing at XMAS, obtainable one time per year!'.... Indeed. All these problems are due to the fact that APB's income model partially had its hand delved into game play. 'Pay to skip the grind' affects game-play for Newcomers. Little Orbit succeeded in removing Premium cool-downs for mods but the work is far from finished. New Player experience is horrible without paying at ARMAS or spending weeks in Fight Club. All those are issues indeed, but that doesn't mean STAR is at a good place that competes in the current weapon state of balance nor it is the perfect weapon for new players. It is in fact the perfect weapon alongside existing limitations and restrictions to tell newbies to play a different game.... This really needs to change, especially with the new engine on the horizon.
  6. » Players come in after 2.1 goes live « Player w: Ah, they fixed the new lighting and visuals after those beta-tests, I could look at this all day! Player x: They sure did, but they didn't fix the actual gameplay issues.. Player y: Yeah.. I thought of inviting my friends to try this game, but they will suffer for a while with only a STAR, a Calabria and no mods of any kind.. I can't do that to my friends or I might lose them. Player z: Indeed. Weapon balancing is nothing but changing numbers. It doesn't really need a new engine & phasing won't make us enjoy using the 'garbage' weapons. Player Ω: Maybe they'll realize over-dictating weapon-niches and 'personalities' is not the right way to go. It existed for a decade and never succeeded. Why would it succeed now? It will never appeal to the masses, ever. Player Σ: Yeah, maybe I'll check again in 2022. --------------------------------------------------------------------- To answer your question: Ultimately, no. While the newer engine going live will spike player counts for a bit, all it does is allow for more potential for improving the game. It doesn't really make the game better on its own.
  7. This is now a dating platform? Good to know
  8. You are under arrest for attempting to make life easier for pre-mades teams!
  9. This patch is mostly in the right direction! I am happy to see that changes to weapons are happening immediately after the 4th beta test. Let us keep the momentum flowing. I will voice my suggestions then end up with some concerns. » » » LTL SUGGESTIONS « « « As someone who plays with Less-Than-Lethals 97% of the time, I am very much pleased to see the PIG-perc combo effectively and practically gone. It was too comical for this game's good & was definitely NOT the way to go. I'm glad Percussion Grenades received the mentioned stamina-nerf. » Gameplay « 1 » Reduce arrested-Criminals respawn time by 40%. This is key as added respawn-time is a major detriment to Criminals and Enforcers alike. Keeping Criminals out of the game for longer affects the flow of the game. Without this tweak, there will be less action, less fair-score for Enforcers (as re-arresting freed criminals currently doesn't count to prevent farming roles) and Criminals should actually EARN the "Savior" role by acting more promptly. » Weapons « LTL weapons are currently situated in such a way that gives them impressive range but slow performance in every aspect there is. Enforcers don't really arrest at 50 meters and G1 did quite the feat at destroying LTL weapons (as well as many other things about the game). The suggestions below will make LTLs less of a death-sentence while having them stay weaker than lethal weapons. CCG & NL9 1 » CCG Fire Interval: 0.15s → 0.125s (time to stun: 1.05s → 0.875s) Equip time: 1s → 0.8s Dropoff Range: 50m → 30m [since pre-slotted CCG-variants such as "Zeus" make it decently reliable at far ranges with no downside other than Reload Time] 2 » NL9 Stamina Damage: 400 → 300 (3 shots to stun → 4 shots to stun) Fire Interval: 0.78s → 0.35s (time to stun: 1.56s → 1.05s) [While we are at it, buff the 'Corsair's' fire interval as well: 0.6s → 0.5s (time to kill 1.2s → 1s)] Range: 50m → 35m This will make CCG & NL9 slower than the OSCAR and other lethal weapons at this range, but give them a fighting chance without the unquestionably-needed reliance on hugging walls/cover. It will also make the NL9 a bit more fun to use, less corner-cheeky and not abusive at a comically staggering 50 meters. 3 » TG-8 Equip Time: 0.6s → 0.45s Remove its Dog-Ear like spread 4 » PIG With the PIG not being as powerful as it was before, there is no need for it to have this absurdly-long reload time. It gives Colby .45 two shots to miss and still win. Reduce that gap to 1 bullet to emphasize on actual player performance. Reload Time: 1.25s → 1s » » » Lethal Weapon Suggestions « « « » STAR & FAR « STAR deserves some love & is in fact the first weapon a new player would use when they play this game. We wouldn't want new Players to be welcomed and have them 'feel' that their weapon is slow. Fire Interval: 0.15s → 0.145s (time to kill: 0.75s → 0.725s) Recovery Per Second: 4 → 4.5 [Perform the same change to the FAR] » Other weapons « Buff non-meta weapons in general » » » Concerns « « « 1 » Percussion Grenades Thankfully, while the stamina-aspect of Percussion Grenades was reduced, through quick-switching it is possible to throw both grenades (or all 3 with some grenade types) all at once almost instantly. This still leaves the issue of the other part of Percussion Grenades, Health damage. Percussion Grenades are still ridiculously-dangerous with combinations such as perc+shotguns, perc+ACES, etc and that's from just one grenade. Health Damage: 400 → 250 While this preserves say perc+JG, it will either require max-damage accuracy or the usage of both Percussions to work as it is currently still rather lenient even with the max radius going down from 3 meters to 2. 2 » Med Spray This is not exactly a weapon, but its latest change buffed its regeneration potency by 200%, making it super effective even with Clotting Agent 3 which is questionable on its own. That change made it a comical panic button against Snipers on open roads. It increases Scout's time to kill up to a minimum of 3.5 seconds, which is enough to render it useless every 45 seconds. Med Spray is currently too potent. Please consider reverting its regeneration speed back to 100% and have it only trigger health regeneration upon activation.
  10. Nicely written but there is no way "the majority of players" asked for the OCA to be buffed to this currently absurd extent. The players simply wanted the PMG to be nerfed a bit. What LO said was crystal clear, "We", twice as well. LO chose to buff the OCA on their own accord (which is fine, this is their game), plus LO also chose to give it another buff when crouching, just because not many players used it when PMG was the superior option. LO could've buffed other barely-used weapons across the board, weapons that actually needed the buff more than the 0.7ttk OCA, hmm? That is what the Players actually want, not incomplete-changes with no obvious and proper state of balance.
  11. On top of the fact that LO doesn't ban without definitive proof, it is good to know you aren't exactly a hacker. But you must be careful.. Your desires are clean and you want to simply play in a populated district. You'd be completely in the clear if the game you were playing didn't care about threat levels or tracks player performance, but every game publisher has the right to say what goes and what doesn't, it is their game after all. Going down to destroy Newbies that have no knowledge nor chance against you whatsoever is currently not endorsed by LO and therefore, Dethreating was declared bannable at LO's discretion. While it is difficult to prove that someone was indeed dethreating, openly admitting and declaring you'd do it for the time being is not wise. Your good history matters not. A bannable-offense is a bannable-offense. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, open-conflict will make things better for a while but it will only be a matter of time before the same emptiness you are currently feeling will come back again. There are 3 types of players in this regard: 1 » Those who want to play against good players, even if they are better than them. They wouldn't want to have a bronze/low_silver in the match. 2 » Those who want to stomp weaker players, even if it means they'll dethreat on purpose to have a fake-sense of achievement. 3 » Those who don't care and will just play the game. Open-conflict will have the first and second kind of players leave the game till things change, which will again have you at where you started, a semi-wasteland list of districts to choose from. While this isn't necessarily bad in principle as Open-conflict should be a temporary measure till the Engine is released, some of those players might leave permanently. This is why such a move is rather risky to do and wasn't approved before. I am not saying you are wrong or I won't support your thread, in fact I do. It is just something that must be approached carefully since it could have dire consequences on population-count, heavy ones.
  12. You dare admit to the bannable-offense of de-threating and ALSO publicly declare your consideration to do it even further? Respect++
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