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  1. I don't believe that renaming APB is necessary or beneficial but assuming it is a good thing to do, APB is not ready to be rebranded nor the way APB is handled allow for such an approach. A renamed game must simultaneously release with new content, enhanced gameplay, features, etc. APB releases things bit by bit and tweaks things one at a time which doesn't bode well with a rename-effort.
  2. The changes must be drastic, namely against mobility. APB is a game where people can instantly turn 180º and continue moving at full-speed. Currently, a lot of fights get cancelled using Clotting Agent 3 behind objects, or the ability to enter a nearby-car. Having longer TTKs will guarantee that APB will become a game that requires getting more friendlies to aim at the same target to make any progress. Solo-gameplay is already at a high-disadvantage and any higher TTK will effectively make it useless without explosives.
  3. Good chance Console-servers are handled by Sony and Microsoft, so upgrading them should be more straightforward. But for PC-servers, some upgrades/changes can surely prove to be beneficial due to servers having similar trends to client-demand (core-clock rather than multi-thread). Current APB servers are confirmed to be single-threaded: "The clear winner here is the SoftLayer 1270v3 at 3.9Ghz (TURBO). That's a bit surprising, since technically it's the "smallest" of the three processors types (AWS C3 is a E5-2680v2 with 10 cores at 2.8Ghz, and the SoftLayer E5-2690v2 is an 8 core 3.0Ghz processor) and by far the cheapest. However, Unreal eats processor clock for breakfast, and does not properly use multiple cores for its processing tasks. So the smaller processor actually wins out. For the 1270v3 even with each district at full 100 capacity, frame rate remained close to 30 FPS, and dropped only very occasionally to 25 FPS. This is higher than the current servers’ frame rate of 25 FPS under the best conditions (down to 18 FPS at 80 capacity), and actually better than the US based Overkill servers which run closer to 22 FPS under the same 100-player load!" Which makes sense because servers receive information from clients, so there have to be some similarities. Because of this, there is also a good-chance cheaper servers were used because having more threads at the moment doesn't matter. Luckily though, multi-threaded CPUs are now very affordable for servers compared to the past. I remember it to be more lively (till players block-roads on purpose with green planet trucks)
  4. Districts in APB were 50v50 when I started playing it. At one point in time the district cap got lowered to 40v40 due to server performance: https://apbreloaded.blogspot.com/2015/02/new-apb-servers.html If servers can benefit from the x64 environment then that is a solid yes as that will help with the benchmarks that happened years ago against district population. If not, x64 with Cross-District matchmaking will allow the matchmaker to consider those in a ready-state across other districts, it will then move them all to an appropriate district. I never came across in-depth details of how that will happen (will there be loading screens? will players phase inside civilian traffic? no clue atm).
  5. Correct. There are things that don't really need the x64 Engine Environment. The exception being matchmaking because of the way LO wishes to address it, Phasing (cross-district matchmaking). The only quick-alternative to waiting for the x64 engine is for LO to increase district caps, because 40v40 is quite low for matchmaking to shine. A slower alternative would be to either revise scoring or skew how threat changes, because anyone who can press F at an objective can be Gold. But yes, things like balancing should happen NOW. Even if LO delays its advertising of the x64 Engine, players and Game Bloggers WILL BRING the World's attention back to this game. They will re-try it, see that it indeed performs better, RTX-Cards don't crash, etc but the game is still the same unbalanced mess.... then they will leave. Plus, weapons are hit-scan. There are no physics involved with bullet travel time because that doesn't exist in APB. Also, the efforts later will naturally revolve around finding bugs in the x64 environment rather than balance the game. If balancing gets delayed, that would be the ultimate mistake.
  6. Precisely. Longer TTKs will simply amplify ALL of APB existing problems. Anyone who advocates for longer TTKs doesn't have a single clue to what they are talking about.
  7. But we do. Grenades in APB come with some smoke by default since that is a natural aftermath of the explosion. The exception being half-brick, 8balls and snowballs which aren't really grenades.
  8. Imagine an option in Counter Strike that lets players switch off Smoke Grenades and Flash Bangs. Fairness will only exist if smoke is either visible or doesn't exist for EVERYONE.
  9. Not this forum. Literally the first rule. One does not simply socialize by saying whatever comes to mind.
  10. Couldn't even revert & tweak RFP, Shaking My FireBomb.
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