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  1. That would be nice. Sadly, gifting is disabled because some people abused it through charging back on alt-accounts. Another shining example of when the acts of some hurts everyone. What they have done was basically gift their main/temporary accounts then get their money back through charging back. The alt-account would get banned for 'payment evasion' while any gifted account basically gets things for free. This was a despicable act that hurt profits and simply can't be allowed to stay. Unless LO gets a solution in place, it is unlikely to see gifting coming back.
  2. I couldn't agree more. "it took months" is very lenient The absurd OCA buff (which was absurd because select few meta weapons got buffed rather than buffing everything across the board, garbage weapons weren't touched and LTL actually got nerfed, heh..) took exactly 336 days, starting from the "Weapon Balance" patch on September 16, 2020 all the way till "Med Spray" patch on August 18th, 2021. Med Spray itself took 378 days from the "MISSION IMPOSSIBLE" patch on August 5, 2020 till the Med Spray patch. We're no longer talking "months", we're talking in magnitude of years. Naming people isn't allowed but it was already proven that some influential SPCTs 'balance' the game to their liking than what is actually good for the game. Btw, this wasn't the first time OCA-meta was a thing. It flopped before and they decided to repeat history 'just because they can'. This proves it even more. I was hopeful till the disaster that was the Weapon Balance patch. From now onwards, I'll believe improvements when they actually happen. No reason to hype or give credit to people unless they actually show they learned what is best & show they deserve it.
  3. Oh, I see I see, I wasn't looking properly. There is a sub-menu for weapons so the option isn't immediately viewable. It isn't a straight button purchase like vehicles/mods. Thanks again, you saved a lot of time and trouble
  4. There should be a way like this yes, since according to APBDB, DMR-AV unlockers are implemented in the game all the way back to when Nekrova's server was present but I couldn't find this option in the Joker Store. Anne and Wilde aren't showing it, Ophelia and Darrell don't sell weapons. I hate to trouble you but if that image is fresh, please provide guidance, thanks in advance.
  5. The price is the same because the expectation is NOT to pay for the mods. DMR-users pay for +66.666% damage PER SHOT on vehicles. Yes, LO did a fantastic job in suppressing the Pay2Win aspects in APB (This time around, it can't be sugar-coated it with Pay2SkipGrind, because there is no grind for a permanent/comfortably-sustainable DMR-AV currently in the game). Equalizing Premium Cooldowns and adding weapons to the Joker Store were a blessing to this game... Spoiler Alert: Joker Distributions' Weapons Contact, Anne, does NOT exchange DMR-AV for Joker Tickets nor you can lease one from a Rank-Progression Contact, not even at R255. The only ways to get DMR-AV is to either buy it straight from ARMAS or continue exchanging 450/500 JTs at Wilde in the Joker Store for PR1 and PR2 respectively, which is far from being reasonable, simply because that is ~35% of all weekly JTs earned assuming the player does all the things going down a drain consistently (rather even much closer to 100% in Jericho due to no one bothering doing Baylan FightClub. People barely even exist to run Asylum with half capacity like once a week. Missed it? Tough luck, say goodbye to roughly all your JTs that you made from playing Missions just to rent a Sniper that can better dent Car Gameplay). Thank God there are other really effective tools to deal with vehicles, still doesn't justify it being like this due to the potential DMR holds. There are still traces of things yet to be done and this is a shining example of one of them: Making DMR-SD as effective as DMR-AV when it comes to neutralizing vehicles. It would be nice and objectively better if the G1C payment is to enjoy the more immersive sound the DMR-AV provides & not actually affect gameplay, especially in an important aspect that is neutralizing vehicles.
  6. That's a lot of satellites doing a Giant Orbit.
  7. This might make VIP Missions a bit more habitable (if the system works right), but the better options are to either have 1 VIP exist on either team (like in that Asylum mission) or outright scrap VIP Last Stages off the game.
  8. No probs, good day to you too Glaciers above gave an excellent answer They tried to nerf it, kekw: The gave the weapon that is the successor to the STAR an N-tec treatment, 'just because'. They are too lazy to the point where they'd rather nerf weapons that don't need to be nerfed to give the illusion that garbage-weapons will be able to 'compete', totally forgetting the bloom-fest that they are continuing to expand and that garbage-weapons are still leagues behind. Like come on, FAR, N-tec and STAR already have multiple disadvantages in CQC (ttk because these weapons are better off with improved rifling as well as mobility, they require marksman mode to hit anything 98% of the time) and also can't full-auto at their optimum ranges. Why were these nerfs necessary? They accomplish nothing positive, just more clunky gameplay and helping guarantee OCA 'Whisper' wins.
  9. Because nothing more is needed. Thank you but I already know all of that. There are a handful of weapons with similar Shot Modifier Cap as well. I was asking you as to why you mentioned the number of slots for Scoped N-tec and why you thought I was advocating for a 3-slot variant about a weapon I did not even mention nor really changes much if it indeed gets a 3-slot version.
  10. Do you even know what they have changed about the FAR? Where is the relevance in your question to what actually happened?
  11. Exactly this! While I am happy with the nerfs they did to vehicles and high-burn fuel, 'Buff OCA & nerf LTL' affirmed my stance into 'I'll believe it when I see it'. Changes were just too volatile without sense nor direction and this was one of the things that shouldn't have happened. They've also been going back on forth on the N-tec and Carbine when all they should've done was buff non-meta weapons to "balance" things out more. It is sad to see that the majority of "balancing" was simply skewing the balance away from a balanced state into more of whatever personal taste they have rather than objectively make the game more balanced throughout.
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