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  1. That would be a convenient HUD addition But at the time being, looking at mission-timer as a reference point lets you tell accurately when will the deployable poof.
  2. Don't worry, you can still PMG for the time being... Just hold left-mouse button down rather than press F then 5.. takes about the same effort if not less
  3. Is there even a single mission in this game that lasts up to an hour or more?
  4. Sure, keeping the APB IP would've been nice but.. that would mean shutting the game down, Servers and Staff cost money.
  5. So it doesn't impact you or anyone in the slightest as APB 2 will never come to be anyways.
  6. Rights to the game were not sold, only the APB brand was:
  7. Looking great so far Can't wait to see LO fix this unnecessary aspect of the game as well #MissionImpossibleIsOnlyTheBeginning
  8. Fair, but that won't overshadow the reduction in outward explosive-pressure from the extra armor on the vehicle. If anything, the armor on Pioneer would dampen the explosion, therefore it should actually deal less damage than non-armored vehicles.
  9. Completely irrelevant, but teamplay always triumphs, regardless of how the game is in 1v1 scenarios. And it isn't "evasion" when flak lets you survive with literally 1 HP while sacrificing a lot in return.. Valzipram however (which for whatever reason is being compared to green mods) is the one that lets players "evade" a good hit.
  10. You are still forgetting a lot of factors.. By using flak jacket, the player gives up a grenade as well as the health regeneration of not equipping Clotting Agent, which sadly the game revolves around & mostly gets balanced around. There is a lot to give up here just to walk away from explosions with a tiny bit of health that can be taken away by anything in the game. What do players give up from not using Valziprams however? Either Happy Landings, Car Surfer or Hard Landings since that's all the blue character modifications in the game... I am sorry, but telling me that "it's not very used" is a flat out lie... press tab to check what mods players equip more often.. Happy Landings, Car Surfer and Hard Landings are well-considered to be far from competitive.. What is the drawback from using Valziprams then? Virtually NOTHING. Not only those tanks have stronger explosions but also a bigger radius, which gets amplified by explosives 3, which more people will use now because their beloved high-burn-fuel is getting a nerf. It is also statistically impossible to run away from a well-placed brick-remote-det on these tanks with explosives 3.. P.S reply: Big cars having bigger explosions is not logical because gas tanks are gas tanks. They're still consumer-sized vehicles.
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