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  1. “Nobody has the power to take two steps together, you can make only one step at a time.” ― Osho One week at a time LO. Yes, you can Your objective for next week: Revert RFP, then replace RFP-Fang's Improved Rifling 3 with Improved Rifling 1.
  2. It is definitely something to look forward to because according to "APB 2022 Roadmap": 1- x64 client would allow more resources to be used, meaning potential for better performance (unless someone is still playing on an ancient x32 hardware). 2- There are a lot of people who got shafted from having 10th series as well as RTX GPUs. They either play on molten-icecream graphics or their client would crash much more quickly. potentially, more people would be able to play by then. The more, the merrier. 3- Backporting the Cooked Package System will allow for faster loading times. A big annoyance with APB is how long it takes to start the game. Opening UI elements such as inventory and lockers would also be faster. 4- Backporting the Newer Network Code, which allows for cross world play, effectively merging NA and EU. I look forward to this the most. Players would be able to play with friends overseas without having to start over on a new character. Some people like raising new characters, many do not. 5- While having new vegetation may or may not happen, Directx11 will be backported and hopefully Directx12. I just hope they don't destroy lighting because many games that upgraded from Dx9 to Dx11 were in need of revising Lighting sources. Many just shipping the games looking borked. LO might not but it may require some time to revise. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- My only concern is that Weapon Balance, Missions or enhancing core-gameplay to make it appeal more to non-veterans is not even anywhere on the Roadmap. New Blood will come to try the game and then leave after realizing that it is a chess-game with water-guns that won't make sense without actually knowing numbers that aren't even presented in-game. Whether APB goes to 1.3 or to 2.x yields the same outcome in this regard. The improvements are nice but a "game" can't just delay improvements to core-gameplay and expect things to go nicely because after the update is done, it would take LO months to improve the game, while it takes a New Player a singular day to try the game, uninstall and never look at it ever again.
  3. Any chance we will get to see Beacon rotated in instead of Baylan?
  4. You just came back at yourself. You made a thread that literally talks to your past-self, which clearly didn't change. State your in-game nickname & server. I'll find you soon enough.
  5. Been there, done that. The game is literally over a decade old.
  6. I'd like to believe you but this very thread-complaint says that the truth was otherwise.
  7. It is not that simple. Do you know of a way other than actually going to their homes and sending them to jail? Please give LO the golden-recommendation that nobody before you knew was possible.
  8. I figured as much. You spoke as if you understood the weapon-series earlier. I guess it is time for you to actually learn how it practically works in-game. Work hard, good luck
  9. Yeah well, the problem isn't with me. It is with you. You simply lack basic understanding. Like, how will you exactly change their mindset? You said it yourself: "but a dethreaters doesnt want anything else than a scummy win because of being scared or lacking what it takes to be a real gold yet wanting to be on that level". Someone who doesn't want to improve themselves & instead simply resorts to cheating, WHICH IS AGAINST THE RULES, is not worth considering.
  10. Ironic questions coming from one of the people who wanted LTL nerfed, literally the weakest weapons in the game. It has been a while, I hope you have improved since then.
  11. - Let's see here. I didn't make this about me. I simply stated facts. There are numerous cheaters who cheated and still got destroyed and I was lucky to be a part of some of them, others lost live on Twitch. - Breaking Terms of Service is not a "solution". Cheating is cheating, irrespective of the reason behind it. Those who think it is a solution can start at fixing themselves first. - Rather than ask people to "understand" those who cheat, perhaps ask Cheaters to READ & UNDERSTAND the rules they agreed to when they started playing the game. I am sorry, there are no excuses to be made here for such people.
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