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  1. They wanted to lessen/destroy quickswitching. Shotgun+PIG was nerfed, Shotgun+Snub (this one was really busted because it used to kill in 0.1s) was nerfed to ~0.5s (still decent), Pistol+HVR was severely nerfed (HVR's damage is now linked to crosshair size, meaning the player must be aiming down sights fully to do full damage, a cheap fix that made it a charge rifle). They wanted to streamline things, less quickswitching because it 'annoyed' people. Therefore, shotgun+pig got its treatment as well. Because they prioritize bad decisions. They'd kill something rather than balance it better. For example, rather than remove Improved Rifling 3 on the RFP-Fang, they simply made all variants of RFP a tall-order to use. The weapon currently has no place in a serious match (requires 1.5s at best to kill). Similarly, rather than make arrested-criminals be sent to the spawn map faster (which alone would open things up and make the experience overall better for both factions), they decided to make PIG weak. So now Enforcers will struggle more and Criminals will still dislike the extra wait. I'm not sure why again LO went with the bad route. At this point, it is clear that those in charge of balancing are inside-jobbers with the objective of making the game objectively worse for everyone. GTA is so entertaining in that regard because it is overall more logical. LTL weapons are quite effective as they should. When it comes to APB however, even actual weapons are like water-guns so LTL will naturally be worse. I also remember the days when GTA San Andreas Multiplayer was the thing, Cops were good at the game and it was fun pissing them off and having them chase you down to put you in jail. It never annoyed me one bit because it made sense for what it was. I fear APB will further detach itself from the theme of Enforcers vs Criminals. That's how a game becomes more bland & loses more players. No reason to play it if it isn't special anymore.
  2. Yes, that's right The good part is that PIG+Perc is now effectively gone. Now I wish Perc+OCA/PMG/ACES would get slightly less easy-mode.
  3. Exactly. Since LTL doesn't come with open-slot weapons, it only becomes better when the grind is already over and even then it is still leagues behind actual weapons. They seem to want to make APB team red vs team blue rather than Criminals vs Cops, kills some decent potential tbh. Sadly, it is actually worse. PIG would stun in 1 second if it had more shots before reloading but it only comes with 1. Since PIG requires 1.25 seconds to reload, that's its actual time to stun if used without help from any other source. PIG on its own is a death-sentence in a 1v1 fight.
  4. Because they wanted cj3 OCA to be the prime thing to use in CQC rather than have things fairly up to players. Making APB more of a chess-game when it doesn't need more of it. Funny enough, on the very same patch, they have buffed OCA's ttk to a default 0.67 rather than 0.7s, meaning cj3 OCA was even more quick. Thankfully that was reverted. APB's gameplay-potential will stay stagnant till those in charge of balancing get some angel-blessings or be replaced.
  5. Thank you for putting him on long-life milk. There is hope :Kappa:
  6. I wouldn't call it a failed test, quite the contrary, very successful. Not only an error/reaction_time of 0.1s is quite impressive but additionally, if you follow through all weapons with the same approach, you're going to reach the same ranking or 'tier-list' conclusion if you're trying to find out how fast weapons perform at their best accuracy like OP asked for. To enhance it further, you'd be slowing down your experiment into what people refer to as frame data but you don't really need to go all the way. A job well done, honestly.
  7. The updated client with the x64 engine has character-globalization implemented. Sadly, that thing is running behind schedule.
  8. I double checked, 1s is correct. Doing the math with hard-data from APBDB is always more accurate than randomly setting macro-intervals to 'what feels is right'. Unless we are about to reach a discovery that exposes APBDB to not have been thoroughly updated.
  9. I don't like bloom either and I wish it gets toned down a bit. APB has one of the highest bloom-mechanics in a shooter ever. But TTK is much more complicated. The TTKs I've mentioned reflect shooting with the best possible weapon accuracy. In a real fight though, that much accuracy is usually never needed depending on distance to enemy. Modifications such as Hunting Sight 3 on Assault Rifles will further make weapons more accurate, ultimately giving extra room for bloom. Most well-controlled N-TEC 5s will kill in an average of ~0.84s.
  10. You're most welcome! Ursus requires 1.02 seconds, just a rice-grain behind N-TEC 5
  11. N-TEC 5 requires exactly 1 second to kill if it fires as soon as it fully recovers after every shot. FAR: Requires 1.175s. COBR-A: Requires 1.37237s. Obeya CR762: Requires 1.17533s.
  12. I wish I faced him but it is obviously MattScott. The man hosted an event for literally the entire district to try and kill him.
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