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  1. Yes, that's right. I presume that one in specific has the same range as OCA because of the "Silverado" and "Iron Reaper" modded variants, which have Cooling Jacket 2 and 3 respectively. Thanks for bringing the difference up. Yeah, that would be the end, lol
  2. You should know if you read the Anniversary Letter's Thread yourself. I have the 2nd reply there, not sure how you missed it.
  3. Birds probably think we built Power Lines as places for them to socialize.
  4. That would make sense with other Publishers but Little Orbit here has been giving everyone free premium since COVID started.
  5. A dog living in the basement is a subwoofer.
  6. Yes, effective range was nerfed for both silenced and non-silenced OCAs. For Silenced OCA specifically, it lost 20m range on everything (Effective Range: 50 -> 30 || Min damage Range: 55 -> 35) The purchase of Silenced-OCA might seem like a bad deal at first, but you must remember that previously it had an accuracy at 10m of 36cm (now buffed to 33cm). With that base accuracy, it was impossible to compete with the silenced OCA anywhere 30m+ because it just can't reliably hit at that distance. It will easily lose to Rifles and Assault Rifles and other weapons that excel at those ranges. The strat was to stretch a bit with the PMG as that weapon was able to extend a bit with crouching. Now... LO simply reversed the table around. They made the PMG OCA and OCA PMG. Better even Silenced OCA is now more reliable within 30m with its slightly better base accuracy and less shot modifier cap (it slightly doesn't bloom as much = more accuracy at full-automatic fire). You did NOT make a bad purchase, in fact you were lucky. Yes and no. It now kills in 0.672s rather than 0.7s so ttk is lower but yes, it doesn't always beat the non-silenced version. Both can kill in 0.672s but SD is more accurate and can extend further, the non-silenced CAN BE MODDED to kill even faster with Cooling Jacket, that's why it is a hit or miss. If you can get close with it then it becomes a beast and will outperform the silenced version in Close Battles, but most of the time, if you just want to play without getting in the habit of changing weapons throughout the mission when needed (you should change weapons as the situation demands), the Silenced-version is more reliable for the simple fact that losing almost half of your range as well as accuracy just to change ttk from 0.672s to 0.62s isn't really that much worth it. Silenced OCA has too much going for it and will serve you better overall. Yes, you might be having some hitreg issues or packet loss as there are no known cheats that affect player health. If such cheats existed you'd see people standing like Supermen, GTA style and tank everything. Rest assured, such cheats do not exist.
  7. This I can agree with. While the range of OCA was reduced, it gained accuracy and rate of fire. It also gains 20% more accuracy from crouching now but you won't need it with how quickly it can kill Players. If OCA's range is too short for you try the 'Whisper' variant. It deals full-damage up to 30 meters. The weapon is on a tier of its own and is objectively more cheesy than the previous PMG... the fact that they didn't buff weapons alongside the OCA is baffling.. an all-around buff would've been nice especially to non-meta weapons but that's a whole discussion on its own. You got your answer
  8. What would be more incredible is for the Player to actually control their fire-rate when that's due yet still retain full-fire-rate up close for a chance against the almighty CQC-weapons (because balancing in this game takes extra measures to bias for the range in question for whatever genius reason, which is flawed in essence because there should be 0% bias in "balancing"). But if that mod is to become its own thing at the Player's discretion then it won't really harm anything, so why not. Nothing wrong with more options.
  9. I recall when the Improved Rifling with slower fire rate was swiftly reverted yet here, for whatever reason, it is taking Med Spray months to get reverted... Please revert Med Spray already.
  10. Try an Ostrich Egg because #SizeMatters
  11. If you have an identical-Twin, you can see yourself in 3rd person.
  12. Too many mistakes were made in there, I'm afraid. I'm determined at this point that you are just a casual-fan who doesn't know things too well to make proper connections. You actually used Dirty Bomb as an example of high-ttk & situational awareness, wow... is there a single shotgun on APB capable of downing an opponent in a single shot?! Dirty Bomb has that.. Dirty Bomb also comes with headshot multipliers and special abilities.. You also seem to forget that maps in Dirty Bomb are too linear to miss someone getting through. The game is pretty much a re-skinned Counter Strike with a twist and that's why it works. It doesn't support your point of view at all. The same can be said for Quake. Not only ttk isn't high for the game's layout but you also forget that THERE IS NO PASSIVE HEALING in that game, at all (unlike APB of course). Which is yet another reason as to why you don't just copy other games and expect that to work for APB. Here are examples of how devastating Quake Weapons can be: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-2dlAx73hg Apex Legends ttk is high? Nonsense.. pure nonsense, just watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GM8ywIBMyro There are weapons in there that kill as fast as the better ones in APB do, some are even faster than current OCA. There are even 0.4s ttks in there! - Moreover, Apex features headshots (something APB clearly doesn't), so there are weapons that can kill instantly in that game that aren't just 'OSMAW'. - Apex's maps are also larger with less cover (WaterFront Haters will hate being there, no joke). This effectively makes the game more playable and dangerous with its given ttks. - Additionally, Apex's sole point is to kill and survive as it is a 3-squad BR so you are expected as a Player to be with your Squad at all times. APB is mission-based so it is possible to be separated when multiple-objectives demand so. So in Apex it is more likely to get fewer 1v1 fights - There is also less situational awareness in Apex as you can tag opponents without them knowing, something that changed APB forever the day Spotter-Mod got introduced.. Coincidence? Plus, I already thanked you for trying. You just proved that you can't read anything presented to you hence no wonder you got all your knowledge wrong, both in APB and in other games. I missed nothing, you simply didn't pay any attention to how things were done and failed for APB. LO's mistakes with RIOT were NOT the fault of the existing engine and it would've went down the same with the new engine... APB's BR RIOT was at its prime exactly before it didn't try to be "it's own thing". LO ignored all feedback and did exactly the opposite, every single round.. They made the BR 'APB' by doing everything APB does in a mission district, such as spawning with purchased weapons upon death, being allowed to buy them rather than hunt for them in the first place, etc... It is very clear what happens when APB tries to be itself, its death accelerates. Streamers quit streaming RIOT, Players stopped playing and adding 3-skins as prize for grinding RIOT clearly didn't change anything (yes, this required insane skill and grind as it was contact-based reward, it clearly paid off, hmm?). It got ultra-bad to the point where it was impossible to launch a BR-round, especially in Jericho as getting that 15-Player requirement was nothing but a dream. There is nothing as "proper air straffing and wall jumping" and I can judge because I know for a fact they won't work in APB. Ladders exist to be climbed.. any day-1 New Player can laugh at you for saying what you have said. What kind of a game APB would be if it just let you wall-jump all the way to the roof?! Are you thinking straight, Sir? What is there to run from here exactly, the fact that APB isn't the game for you? Please, I experienced and played all your 'favorite' games and copying them doesn't work for APB, if you like them that much, just play them, yes? plain and simple. They are guaranteed to do what you want better. And again, Epinephrine isn't a movement system nor a mechanic, it is simply a consumable that modifies existing stats for a set time. Kindly put some effort to understand this simple difference. You didn't really have any point there. What makes you sure about this? Are you trying to be a meme? Where is your source on this impossible claim? Did you miss all the people who asked for more content? The reason why they are dishing the new engine to make adding them easier? Yes and no. Chance is an aftermath of your loadout that you are 100% free to choose. Some weapons come with heavy-RNG yes (and hopefully that gets reduced), but for the time being others are extremely reliable. You always have the choice to pick something that doesn't add fatal-RNG after a couple of shots 'till the dream comes true'. And a lot of them happen to be meta weapons as well so you aren't losing much here other than your favorite weapons that could use a buff. They better not be your suggestions of wall-jumps and exaggerated air control as those aren't small nor positive QoL changes. Both WaterFront and Financial feature unbalanced mission areas. WaterFront is simply more range-based and therefore most players won't like it because most players also happen to be CA3-abusing short-mid range players who like to run around walls and stairs to heal the damage they received from running around in the open. They'll naturally play in Financial more as it lets them do that more often. I personally don't mind both maps as there do exist strategies to play in either. People whom are playing right now are either passionate Streamers, those who like to keep their aim from going rusty or simply mind-ill Players. Mind-ill as in enjoy dethreating to feast on weaker/new players or to simply behave wrong towards others because APB is the easiest game that lets them do that (if it wasn't caught on Stream or with unquestionable video evidence, they won't be touched). They'd be banned in other games (if they weren't already) and that's why they dwell here.
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