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  1. Thanks, that would be interesting if it was the case. Thanks for confirmation OP's list of changes. And I agree with your disagreement. You are showing that Fang with HS3 has drawbacks compared to IR3-Fang (which is true, HS3 is the lesser of both evils). Fang will surely not be the same at hip-firing, even worse because a mini-OBIR isn't really meant to be hipfired. I was arguing in favor for pure-RFP. RFP is ultimately losing Marksman Modifier because of HS3-Fang's existence. Players WHO OWN FANG (those who don't might as well not even bother) will have to make a choice on a non-meta-secondary between having slightly better hipfire or better accuracy down range, because it is a secondary and thus doesn't exactly allow attaching/removing modifications. It is just evident that while IR3-Fang shouldn't have existed, HS3-Fang shouldn't either despite being less bad overall. I Agree with the general sentiment but there is still high conservatism that trumps the expected benefits. If the Devs truly only have 5 hours a week, why make multiple iterations (the first being a revert with IR3→HS3 then nerfing the marksman modifier) when you can get a really good rough estimate the first time? Why would it be a problem if for example RFP was 5-7% as good as Colby .45 (whether better or worse, it is still about the same)? Like if RFP becomes substantially faster than Colby .45 or some guy thinks it is somehow worth trying to make RFP as fast as OCA/PMG then sure, that's insane (won't be as insane as that OCA ttk buff months ago, if that was fine to attempt, why this much hesitation on buffing needy weapons?). But neither of these are happening. In fact, the coming RFP is for a fact going to be weaker than the state it is being reverted to. It would be better to spend the 5 Dev-hour-time buffing some other needy weapons/vehicles or outright spending them on future game-features. Please be a BIT more brave when making changes. So far APB isn't really changing. Actually stats define everything. If OBIR didn't have its massive range (which is a stat) it would instantly become a mid-tier if not low-tier weapon. Being able to capitalize on cover is a property most if not all weapons can make use of because APB is a 3rd-person game, it doesn't count as a point for OBIR. In fact, that is why weapons like JG/CSG if close enough (or can get in a car/epinephrine to get close) are quite formidable. They can capitalize on cover but they don't really need cover. JG is CJ2-OCA speed while CSG is pure OCA speed, while not even having to track the target for the entire duration.
  2. But how? The marksmanship modifier is getting nerfed while the fire interval, burst interval, per shot modifier, shot modifier cap, recovery delay, recovery per second and run/walk modifiers remain untouched. How does that make RFP more accurate? Is some information ommitted/forgotten to be listed? But that's exactly the core concern. Making accuracy and bloom ultimately better adds a lot of usability and enjoyment. It just happens that such a thing is the core function of Hunting Sight, making Fang again substantially better to use compared to regular RFP. There is just no escaping the drawbacks of a prime Tier 3 Mod on this weapon. Either Fang is great and regular-RFP sucks, both suck (current Live iteration) or both broken above-meta weapons (won't happen with this much conservatism on changes). Why is LO specifically against placing a Tier 1 Mod or even a Fang-shaped Tagger on RFP-'Fang'? What are they hoping for, for people to fall into the trap of buying a sub-meta weapon? I know, 'don't tell us what to do' but the situation calls for it. LO should focus its income on their future-revampment of Premium as well as more cosmetics, etc. They should stop rigging the game to oversell weapons. A good game never involves gameplay into monetization. G1 did that, many other games failed at it, LO should move over from it. This doesn't even need testing. A 30 meters weapon that needs 1 full-second to kill at perfect execution doesn't have what it takes to be meta even if it is made Little-Orbital-Satellite-levels of beam accuracy. There are weapons that kill faster with reliable accuracy while also featuring substantially more range.
  3. Thank you for going through the hassle of recording some footage for this endeavor, much appreciated. I was hoping balancing efforts would attempt to make APB better in more ways than just to make it more functional (or revert it to functional again in RFP's case). RFP being reverted is unquestionably better than the current butchered 1.5 seconds ttk version 'just because Fang was pocket OBIR & it simply pisses me off, please nerf, thx'. But my concerns arise from Fang REMAINING vastly superior to RFP (which sucks for APB) and the fact that the current efforts clearly attempt at sanctioning its superiority. The predicament lies at the higher-edge-range as RFP is going to be a ~30 meters weapon, with a slightly less harsh damage falloff, supplemented with the reverted damage output (higher). Therefore, comparing RFP and RFP Fang when marksmanning at 13 meters unfortunately shows nothing, this range is quite easy for RFP and many other weapons. Please grab a fellow SPCT and have them be sacrificed, Dark Souls style. Compare the two weapons first at full-rate-of-fire at 25m, 30m, 35m, etc. Repeat without marksman, then compare both benchmarks to Colby .45 under the same conditions.
  4. Thanks for pushing out another balance-patch rather quickly but this one in particular isn't exactly an improvement: RFP's problem is that the 'Fang' variant was vastly superior to standard RFP. You have decided to go with the lesser-evil that is HS3 compared to IR3. However, not dealing with the actual problem (Tier 3 mod) will make it seem like you are squeezing the situation to further favor Fang with HS3 (when in reality you are trying to prevent HS3 Fang from becoming a literal laser). You have SUBSTANTIALLY DECREASED the benefit of marksmanship modifier, which naturally makes HS3-Fang less problematic but it also makes regular RFP suffer because of it. Fang now having better accuracy and increased health damage will help it retain some power over the further increased minimum damage range... This part appears to be deliberately in favor of HS3. It isn't like hipfiring RFP within 30 meters will compete with Colby .45 and yes, it is fair to bring Colby .45 to the discussion because that weapon was touched literally previously to this so it should've been considered/remembered here, more so to how closely related half of the stats on it to RFP: both weapons have the exact same accuracy of 20cm at 10m radius, the same shot modifier cap of 1.5, roughly the same per shot modifier but .45 actually recovers faster. Problem is that the walk modifier on RFP is HIGHER than .45.... literally the only point in favor of RFP is the fact that it has the potential to kill more than 1 target without reloading. Why not just... KILL the Tier 3 Mod and replace it with Hunting Sight ONE, then make the overall changes less harsh?
  5. By "enough" I meant the literal bare-minimum to differentiate Enforcers from Criminals. I didn't mean great or epic, which where your post comes in & I very much agree with. LTL is indeed underpowered more than necessary (those guys legit nerfed LTL and buffed OCA's ttk on the same patch) & so is the arrest-timer on Criminals. Some easy-tweaks can be made to make the overall experience better for both factions alike. Making arrested criminals respawn faster & LTL a bit stronger but still slower than other weapons in their respective categories, would solve most issues instantly. LTL-based missions? Or at least a bonus for winning particular missions with LTL? Sign me up. Damn, that's a neat idea actually. ---------------------------------------- You speak the truth. A lot of people are pushing for APB to become Team-Blue vs Team-Red, which is kinda bad on all fronts. What do they expect, for APB to compete with 5v5 shooters on the market? LO indeed wants to take in players from other communities but their efforts were in the wrong place. They tried going the BattleRoyale route with RIOT and battlepasses, totally falling on their faces.. Their best shot is to enhance what APB actually has, then push towards making APB more GTA-like (except good luck making PvE content atm. Can still have huge PvP-based heists or Enforcer-vs-Criminal warzones). The sheer amount of playerbase GTA has is outright insane it would be almost impossible to not capitalize on that. Even a small-fraction of GTA's playerbase is enough to quadruple APB's.
  6. Crims can steal and ramraid, cops can return stolen goods and arrest. They DID make enough distinction.
  7. Interesting superpower. Would be very effective in feeling better about things. But I know someone who used to go by the nickname R♥t♠rdium, an expert in all matters regarding the brain. I highly recommend seeking his analysis. I assure you that you won't be disappointed with what he will conclude.
  8. This is why LO doesn't listen to you. You have proven consistently that you don't check the facts (or blatantly lie).
  9. 2 weeks? Sounds like plenty of Eggcitement! Thanks for the eggceptional service~
  10. That's a lot of eggsagerations in there. When will this event eggspire btw?
  11. I know some people whom were really good Golds at 12-17 fps without cheats, on Laptops. High fps on APB doesn't do much, there is no precise aim requirements. Only a hitbox + hitscan bullets. No headshots, no arm shots, no body nor leg-shots, nothing. I have done wonders myself at 60fps and garbage latency. This is APB, if you can either press F or hold left-mouse-button on certain weapons, you can be Gold. -------------------------- Yes, throwing a Trainee onto a full-fledged match is questionable but using those who can't differentiate between green and red names isn't a healthy metric. Those people are just existing without care. Unlikely even a good tutorial would help them. They'll proceed to exist as R255 Bronzes, might as well let them play from the start.
  12. I am not. He wouldn't be complaining if he got Gold-teammates. It is either those or there is no match at all. Matchmaking did the best possible, nothing wrong with it.
  13. How about "HEXERIN, MAN UP AND FIX YOUR SKILLS. IT'S PATHETIC THAT YOU'RE R255 YET BE SILVER IN THIS GAME THIS LONG"? Like seriously, don't talk down on your Bronze and Trainee teammates when you're not so special yourself.
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