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  1. I couldn't agree more with this statement. Spot on.
  2. Beautiful argument but it is out of place, just like the execution of recent changes to APB. - The previous Med Spray was already the best consumable, simply because it only competes with epinephrine that takes twice as long to cooldown (45s vs 90s). - We already asked for buffs but the 'Experts' ended up buffing OCA and nerfing non-meta, amusing isn't it? --------------------------------------------- There is simply no amount of sugar-coating nor beautifully-written dialogues that excuse out of place, sub-elementary execution.
  3. But how will that solve NA's problem? There are numerous days where only 1 Bronze-district is populated... allowing higher-threats to join that bronze-district but not kill Bronzes is just as good as those higher-threats getting in a 4v4 District. It changes nothing.
  4. LilyRain

    Butt slider

    Consider the drawbacks What kind of game APB would be if we see dethreaters /farting and tbagging Bronzes with oversized-butts? New Players would uninstall faster than ever before
  5. Sad fact but the upcoming engine isn't particularly new. It is only Unreal Engine 3.5, not even 4. It only takes 1 Talented-hacker to crack it, which he/she probably already has the experience to do so from other games. The Engine Upgrade is the better choice here, because the gains from that are more at hand with sustainable results.
  6. Imagine the Premium Extension turns out to be April Fools ----------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for the continued-streak of generosity, LO
  7. It is nice to be nice but when it comes to feedback, being honest is actually the nice thing to do. There is no denying the great service LO did to APB & the bad things they reversed from G1's era, but this doesn't mean one should overlook hard-mistakes that shouldn't have happened. Hearing the community and acting based on that is one thing, listening and doing things proper is another. 'The patch accomplishing what it says' is where the vagueness & disagreements start & they do so heavily. SakeBee said that LO established a "baseline", yet nothing to this date disclosed a single hint nor word about it. That very patch is also all over the place. Strong weapons got stronger (e.g OCA), while weaker weapons got more weak. The changes were simple yet hard so the general-direction towards this baseline can NOT be clearly inferred, further hinting towards that the patch was in fact changing values without thinking and evidently so such a baseline may not even be present. I'll kill 2 birds with 1 stone. For instance: 1 » FAR's spraying accuracy was already in between STAR and N-tec as its previous maximum bloom of 1.45 is already higher than STAR's. The end-result is unquestionable because ALL accuracy related stats between STAR and FAR are identical. The only exception is marksman modifier but the difference in that isn't big enough to outweigh Max Bloom. FAR's rate of fire is also faster so its accuracy-degradation was also naturally faster due to recovery-delay and recovery not doing as much recovery between shots. 2 » APB's active-community is pretty small. I am genuinely interested in the group that asked for a FAR-nerf and how big in size it was compared to us all. Literally nobody asked for a FAR-nerf yet LO "listened" to it from somewhere. Where did the request for this come from and what was the basis for its approval? There is much more to be said but I'll keep it at this, this is already sufficient. ----------------------------------------------------------- I'll only give them the benefit of the doubt because they pulled off a very decent job with reducing the over-tankiness of vehicles. Having High-Burn Fuel equipped or not is actually a valid choice now., but there are no excuses for September 11th patch.. A splendid show of sheer underperformance and inadequate changes 'just because'. Once the New Engine is out alongside marketing APB 2.1, I really hope they pull another patch that changes things for the better, because they won't have a lot of chances at that due to it being late in the Roadmap.
  8. G1 made it 4 shots to kill, it was also modified back in RTW (but that might be too old to be of high interest) Yep, this is golden The Equip Time nerf was certainly good, but was it really "a problem" by September 11th? OP asked this and now it sparks my interest as well, because Shotgun Ray scaling was effectively removed from Live-APB on March 7, 2020, literally just a bit over half a year from the date of change OP is asking about. I've honestly seen much more players speak about shotguns being less consistent than people complaining about JG+Snub, a combination that was so rare which now requires the person to be ultra precise because JG's forgiveness from ray-scaling is gone. #CSGisKingAgain The removal of Ray-scaling was an indirect nerf to JG+Snub, which wasn't even at the spotlight for 9 years. At close ranges, most players were busy just grenading and PMGing. Very, very few attempted JG+Snub & it wasn't common due to the limitations and risks to have a shot at it. Realistically and personally, I'd rather be dead in 0.1s to a capable player than be given false-hope against exactly the same thing during 0.5s, because the current ideals of Weapon Balancing give too much emphasis on loadouts that they literally dictate who wins at what distance. There is no common, consistent way to kill faster than 0.5s within JG+Snub's range, not even at point blank with cj3 Euryale. For this very reason, I would also agree with Snub having an equip time of 0.3-0.4s not only to be more consistent with other secondaries, but also because this way I get to spawn faster. This change makes sense on paper but all it does is slowdown the flow of the game because its foundation of having loadout-combinations shine at 1 thing makes it the case. 0.1s, 0.5s or anything in between changes absolutely nothing within JG+Snub's range because that is how currently APB is. If I allowed a JG+Snubber to get close, per APB's rules, I must go to the respawn screen. OP has a point, all things considered, SNR-switching being a problem is highly debatable. I would say that LO's current value of 0.5s Equip Time doesn't fix what they claimed to be "a problem". Snub should never have an equip time higher than 0.5s due to what you have said but then again this "problem" won't be fixed if Snub doesn't go above 0.5s. So why just slow everything down then? When there is no viable solution, the better course of action is to simply go with what yields faster gameplay till ALL weapons are balanced as a whole. ------------------------------------------------------- Bonus: Putting that 9-year timeframe onto the table, fairly recently, players like the streamer Darleenko (famous in EU) did JG+Snub every now and then and even for him, it wasn't consistent at all (I ARRESTED him on stream after he killed someone with JG+Snub but didn't work when he attempted to chain it against me in 2.1's beta). On another hand, Smothery (famous in NA) did Dogear+PIG. Magically, both tactics suddenly became the spotlight and got nerfed, despite all the risks involved in getting them to work... after famous players bringing attention to options in the game that WERE KNOWN for years, they simply get nerfed. Interesting, hmm?
  9. Still not addressing what OP wants addressed. The video clearly shows the link to September 11th patch on the bottom-right corner and specifically talks about the change that happened on THAT patch, the 3-shot buff that happened afterwards didn't even take place on that date. The buff is more so irrelevant because it has no connection to SNR's switching-finisher capabilities. I've already said this.. And that's false, SNR became a meme since G1 nerfed it to give way to Nano's Joker Mystery Box. It is a meme that falls under the umbrella of 'Money'sFirst'.
  10. Except you didn't address it right but sure. Btw, Colby SNR was a meme because G1 killed it as a standalone weapon & was in need for a rebuff, not because of the JG+Snub combo.
  11. It seems you completely misinterpreted a crystal-clear sentence: "having Snub nose's damage tweaked a good while after increasing its equip time". There is zero% comparison here between which Snub-nose version was better for the game. The concern here is the fact that Snub's damage buff could've happened on the same patch it got its equip time increased. More so since patching weapons is harder on the current engine (according to Kyouki), it would've also been wise to do so right then and there. It was too simple and didn't really need 2 subsequent patches to be approved. Nice shadow-response btw, it would've been nice, ethical and more professional if you quoted directly.
  12. This episode? Yes, it was fun to watch: One most certainly can polish a turd, but the phrase itself is used as an idiom to convey a bigger meaning.
  13. Precisely. Whatever ideas they have about weapons and consumables (looking at you Med Spray) are always either one of the 2 extremes, either too strong or useless. They just never agree at having things at the middle where a scale would actually be somewhat 'balanced'. Yes, yes, it is easier to change things on the New Engine. But since LO is going for IMMEDIATE-marketing after the New Engine is out, core gameplay should at least be somewhat acceptable and thus, not delayed. Irrespective of 'omg, it is too much work to do so right now' (but it wasn't too much work to buff OCA & Med Spray, having Snub nose's damage tweaked a good while after increasing its equip time and nerfing LTL, now was it?) I like the fact that LO is much more transparent in comparison to G1, especially when it comes to MattScott posting news and updates. But I don't see any momentum in respect to Frosi's Weapon Balancing Sheet. And no, I'm not expecting changes overnight, but after the outright pathetic-reasonings in (https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2020/9/11/weapon-balance) it would be nice for LO's TRANSPARENCY to happen again and have whatever they are planning next to be openly discussed. Simply because APB shouldn't be attempted to afford another tournament of District-A & District-B changes after 2.1 going Live nor another weak-attempt at balancing the game when it is at peak-exposure to the gaming market.
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