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  1. The faction removal segment was pure copium. It would be another massive waste of Dev Time just to get bugs and no real progress on APB.
  2. Exactly. It should have never been pushed to Live before the district-phasing-copium is ready (it would still be a downgrade even with that, this isn't Apex Legends). But it appears they are hard-bent on making Live servers a lab-rat, even if it means testing things that are guaranteed to fail on the spot. 'They are right, Everyone else is wrong', lol...
  3. Shhh, they'll further screw over the Veterans while Cheaters remain unaffected.
  4. - Since exact ETAs can not be given, is there a best-case-scenario estimation of when would World Consolidation ship to Live? - Would LO do the right thing and roll back the current Match Making beta because... APB is not Apex Legends nor it should casually follow its footsteps of 3v3 matching priority? - When would LO buff weak weapons and vehicles that might as well not exist? - When would missions become more dynamic/random in objective locations?
  5. He's not exaaactly hiding. See, the Dev communicating on Discord was actually a blessing. It is the job of Community Managers to be more talkative. The Dev's job is to work on the game. Naturally, he's not supposed to be on the forums. Matt made his speech in the roadmap but of course, results aren't fully there yet for him to appear promptly. The Launcher being inaccurate surely sucks. Good thing it isn't critical but yes, definitely laziness, no excuses there. Best of luck with car lights. Can't say when they'll happen. The merge isn't supposed to be a traditional full merge. It will allow server travel but NA should be able to play strictly with NA. At least that was the proven plan as seen on that ancient Open Beta. Pray Phasing (cross-district matching) won't also mess that up.
  6. See, the sense of responsibility is indeed there. The Dev is fairly active on Discord and work is indeed happening. Problem is.... The efforts are done in the wrong places.
  7. The game's atmosphere and the way to join districts are better. No need to load multiple times above the clouds. But... APB was substantially better at losing players by consistently doing the opposite of players wanted over a full-decade. Prime examples include: - Disgusting Joker Mystery Box stunts by G1 prior to LO. - Wasting 2 years of development on a battle royale mode (RIOT) that the majority of the community didn't want. It had a reasonable grasp at the mode then finally outright killed it by making it again a copy&paste of all the existing issues in action districts (imagine buying your actual loadout and to also keep it after dying. That's no longer akin to battle royale, literally the worst execution of all existing battle royales today given APB's potential was present). - Janking the meta and loadout strategies through multiple nerfs and reverts that doesn't even change anything. - Slowing the game down through nerfs based on pure-distaste. - Partially reverting failed nerfs while keeping the jank (e.g HVR's damage magically depending on crosshair-size, effectively making it a sci-fi charge rifle) - Destroying and outright neglecting quite the number of throw-tier weapons. - Allowing configs to exist and players to outright remove smoke to immediately see through explosions even after the Engine Update is now out (which was the declared deadline prior). And the list goes on.. -------------------------- Don't get me wrong but while APB has nice things over GTA Online, the playerbases speak better. APB has killer problems that were not addressed for years and as previous attempts have shown, they will stay intact for another decade.
  8. That's a very small price to pay/grind compared to advancing levels in Weapon Roles. Some people would appreciate it.
  9. How much is the bounty on Matt?
  10. How unfortunate but EAC has a long history of doing things wrong (e.g: Colby .45 only requires 5 shots to kill, each having 0.2 seconds in between. It is very possible to get few perfect executions per a session of gameplay but EAC might not like it). As a person who doesn't like playing on multiple characters, I did rarely play with my friends against you on my low-ranking Eu character. It isn't just me watching your streams, I know first-hand, factually, that you don't really cheat. Haters that aren't good enough will hate but soon the reality will appear. Hang in there till then.
  11. LilyRain

    LTL Problems

    This seems to be directed at Baylan Shipping. Baylan Activities are designed to encourage changing weapons as one goes about them (more noticeable in the Gold Activities). When it comes to LTL, the activities only require stuns. This is fine as is. More importantly, if you are a die-hard LTL-enjoyer (welcome to perfection), LTL-loadouts that support killing very much exist. It is very possible to kill after a stun if the current activity demands a kill but there is no escaping the core-design: Having to swap some things from the loadout as activities demand. There is no way around Baylan. You must pick one path from these: 1- Swap as you play (gets activities done the fastest). 2- Press F5 to change activities (Not recommended: induces waiting for an applicable activity). 3- Go to social then return to Baylan (Skips the wait on point 2 but it is risky... If FightClub is full, you'll lose your spot)
  12. Thanks, that would be interesting if it was the case. Thanks for confirmation OP's list of changes. And I agree with your disagreement. You are showing that Fang with HS3 has drawbacks compared to IR3-Fang (which is true, HS3 is the lesser of both evils). Fang will surely not be the same at hip-firing, even worse because a mini-OBIR isn't really meant to be hipfired. I was arguing in favor for pure-RFP. RFP is ultimately losing Marksman Modifier because of HS3-Fang's existence. Players WHO OWN FANG (those who don't might as well not even bother) will have to make a choice on a non-meta-secondary between having slightly better hipfire or better accuracy down range, because it is a secondary and thus doesn't exactly allow attaching/removing modifications. It is just evident that while IR3-Fang shouldn't have existed, HS3-Fang shouldn't either despite being less bad overall. I Agree with the general sentiment but there is still high conservatism that trumps the expected benefits. If the Devs truly only have 5 hours a week, why make multiple iterations (the first being a revert with IR3→HS3 then nerfing the marksman modifier) when you can get a really good rough estimate the first time? Why would it be a problem if for example RFP was 5-7% as good as Colby .45 (whether better or worse, it is still about the same)? Like if RFP becomes substantially faster than Colby .45 or some guy thinks it is somehow worth trying to make RFP as fast as OCA/PMG then sure, that's insane (won't be as insane as that OCA ttk buff months ago, if that was fine to attempt, why this much hesitation on buffing needy weapons?). But neither of these are happening. In fact, the coming RFP is for a fact going to be weaker than the state it is being reverted to. It would be better to spend the 5 Dev-hour-time buffing some other needy weapons/vehicles or outright spending them on future game-features. Please be a BIT more brave when making changes. So far APB isn't really changing. Actually stats define everything. If OBIR didn't have its massive range (which is a stat) it would instantly become a mid-tier if not low-tier weapon. Being able to capitalize on cover is a property most if not all weapons can make use of because APB is a 3rd-person game, it doesn't count as a point for OBIR. In fact, that is why weapons like JG/CSG if close enough (or can get in a car/epinephrine to get close) are quite formidable. They can capitalize on cover but they don't really need cover. JG is CJ2-OCA speed while CSG is pure OCA speed, while not even having to track the target for the entire duration.
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