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  1. Generally speaking, Golds that purposefully dethreat aren't true Golds. The standard for becoming Gold is so low that if a Silver player plays against enough Bronze they can easily become Gold. Perhaps there should be, simply, no threats - or at least make threats not control which district you can go in. Redoing what G1 did will literally kill the game, I know I won't play if that happens - just like I stopped playing in 2015. Just saying.
  2. The OP seems a little... hmm. Tbh I disagree completely with any changes to the Yukon right now. It is fairly balanced where it stands right now. Just because you can't get a million kills with it anymore doesn't mean it's bad - not every gun will work in every situation... or at least, that is how it is supposed to be.
  3. Can we at least get an APB First Person Shooter mode in the future?
  4. Oh well, then why doesn't the game just remove matchmaking all together and add in a system that doesn't match you with the same people consecutively? That way it will always be a mixed bag - might be somewhat of a solution but eh.
  5. I am opposed to your threat idea, since you'll never be able to play with your friends if they aren't on the same skill level as you - killing the game rather quickly lol. This only truly works in a competitive game, where there would be a competitive "mode". Just remove threat districts entirely, but use a better match-making system. Maybe threat should be done like Overwatch's SR system, where the skill level of each player on a team will add up to a single skill level that would have to be on par the other team's. This would also work well with the idea that you can call in back up if you do feel it's still unfair, and you can still play with your friends regardless of skill!
  6. I'm experienced in computers lol. It's the game, not my set up. GTX 1060 6gb I7 7700 16gb of RAM The game barely uses any resources and lag-spikes like crap, with or without anything else running in the background.
  7. I'm playing on a desktop and I get lag spikes (FPS and Server Latency) out the bum in Jericho.
  8. I have been getting random FPS drops more so than usual, which is weird. The hit-reg is the worst it has ever been for me (it used to be good like 2013 - early 2015 for me, after that it became broken/inconsistent.)
  9. There will be some things that change, like it looking the way the xbox one and ps4 versions do. But yea, it is just some step that is needed for unreal engine 4
  10. While I do think you're right, I am just glad the company is even "entertaining" us at all, at the end of the day. Regardless of making wrong decisions, I am glad they are even bothering with this IP. One of my favorite games almost silently died, and now it's trying to at least make a come back. But the OP, regardless of how much he is "disappointed" in the company, has to give them that.
  11. I don't know if the TTK is slow, as you say... I honestly think it's too fast. I feel like, if anything, mods should be insignificant, that way skill is more often than not the determining factor of a match - rather than what mods a player has.
  12. I've been sniped by .45's before... I think the range could use a nerf honestly. Dare I say it, but when I had the .45 I shredded with it. >.> Without a doubt, the same goes for the RFP.
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