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  1. Heh, I've been playing more games than recording. Although I do have a few non-game videos in the works. More pop culture type stuff.
  2. Hon hon hon, it is ze Criminal Master Mime, here to tell you how to crime. Zut alors!
  3. Sort of an oldie but goodie from the old forums. I try to sum up what you can do in APB (some of you veterans might have already seen this).
  4. Uh ... hello again? Wow, I leave for a bit (*ahem*) and return to check on the Haloween event and find ... this? Color me intrigued. New forums, new management, us ... new newness? I haven't even reinstalled the client yet. I was just here to poke about. Is there a tl:dr on what's gone on here? Oh my, and it seems we are starting from scratch? Not a huge deal. Just double checking.
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