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Found 17 results

  1. (Click image to watch the YouTube video) Citizens of San Paro are advised to subscribe so as not to miss any further news.
  2. Battleeye blocked SpeedFan (program for regulating fan speed) after yesterday update. The program does not work until you reboot the computer YouTube link
  3. [youtube] [youtube] [youtube] Here's just a few basic face creation videos I have made. Hope they help unleash your inner creative side. also don't forget to subscribe :^) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCycPS5d9c2pn0dFmdm2M7Uw?view_as=subscriber
  4. Welcome , I will try my best to update this topic . Click the image to go straight to My Channel. ** CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE LATEST POST OF THIS THREAD !! 🎞 ** New Content for 2021 - First Match in 2021 + RTX3070 -+-+-+-+ New Series for 2021 - The UnCut series - Every episode is an uncut match from start to finish. after watching some of my original content from 2009, I decided I would take the series back to its origins. It is a lot harder to do as a "one take". you can not hide or remove bits and you have to be mindful as your playing / recording to keep it entertaining. Some Episodes do feature some extra vfx content, if on the day I feel up to it and have some spare time. Something I always push and pride my self on is Quality in the videos, All videos are recorded in Crisp 2560x1440 resolution at Max graphics settings with some special sauce. Then edited out in the same resolution and near 90% original quality. to simplify this, raw 10 minute gameplay is around 15gb, rendered out to be 2gb Episode. some serious compression. so best watching at 1440 60pfs. February Daily Episodes 9 PM GMT - Episodes already out. Episode 02 - Episode 03 - Episode 04 - Episode 05 - Episode 06 - Episode 07 - Episode 08 - Episode 09 -
  5. Sort of an oldie but goodie from the old forums. I try to sum up what you can do in APB (some of you veterans might have already seen this).
  6. keep in mind i'm new to this. any feedback is appreciated and no, i don't dethreat.
  7. this is my third montage so far. as always, any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  8. My twitch and my Youtube Hit the follow/subscribe if you like my content
  9. Yo whats up its ThatGuyHD and today im making a post. this post is gonna be for discussing my youtube series that im beginning. Its gonna be a series of APB videos basically a road to 255 Im gonna use different styles of play and weapons in different videos and ill use alternative characters but mainly my enforcer account. so here's what i need from you the community. im gonna need a audience of curious or interested community members aswell as feed back on weapon choices to help me improve my match participation. since this is a role playing game titles and topics for videos are also gonna be helpful so please check out my first video and if you like where its going share to your friends.
  10. I had planned to do this post as soon as the video went up but my fat patootie decided to sleep trough the upload and 2 hours after that. None of these videos are monetized, I'm just hoping to bring some new players to the game overtime. Please do let me know what you think, I am open to any feedback. I would love to improve with each video, I love making these.
  11. HELLO THERE! As you can see I'm new to this! I mean the forum... COUGH Well I'm not that experienced in APB either tbh... Ooor Youtube... ANYWAYS! I did not know the community posted their videos on the forums! I've been making some videos (2 for now) of my noob self playing APB, and since they'll probably be floating around YouTube with little to no views, I decided that posting them here wouldn't be that bad of an idea. I'm doing these just for fun and to hopefully get some new players into the game. I am open to criticism, and would help me a lot to hear everyone's opinion! I've been trying yo improve as much as I can. This is the latest one: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/UtbK0N-t2I4" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> Merged.
  12. (Click image to watch the YouTube video) Citizens of San Paro are advised to subscribe so as not to miss any further news.
  13. Hey Guys! Saw that there are several topics of content creators, so I'll make here one of my own aswell It's my first puplic video which I edited in this kind of style^^ Give it a shot if you like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOrSXm0Uj2o&feature=youtu.be Kinda in this one there are my experiences in APB since I began playing it again few months ago after a break of 3-4 yearish. Hope you'll like it! Cheers lx
  14. Hi all, not long ago ive made my first video, it was fun, then i decided to start a channel. I just have trouble uploading with my wifi, and i dont know how to get more attention. I dont care that i play mostly in bronze, i just like making videos, i dont want to be a badass gold like before ^^ https://youtube.com/channel/UCMCNgwrWh47rsyUy5CvUpyw
  15. Hello I've started series of cars comparisons in 2018 when i bought Han Coywolf and wanted to compare it with the then meta car in face of Vegas 4x4, that's simple tests that somehow can be met by players and now it became more and more complex, even if for now only have 7 cars, so it can be very usefull/intersting for both newbies and veterans of the game P.s. i sometimes make an recounting, once i have better database i'll record the video with all changes P.p.s. inb4: there're no any bencmarks ingame or empty from NPCs districts so only one way to test is to apply timer in video montage program(tbh i didn't receive any complications about this, more ofthen about chronometrage anyway i searching for ways to cut time without harming the actual useful information) P.p.p.s. i very recommend you to watch video with Kurai and Moirai because it discoveres car, that nobody noticed how powerful it is So, enjoy! Spreadsheet(google) And videos:
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