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Found 5 results

  1. *Updated Nov 1, 2021 Exile Historical Society Youtube Playlist - 150+ PvP Videos In the year 2009, Players from FoE (Fist of the Empire) discovered "wheel flipping". Wheel Flipping was the process of choosing your preferred faction and in Sector 2 starting with that faction quest line, completed that quest line, then completing your "shoulder" factions (the factions you gained reputation with on each side of the faction wheel; *note: shoulder faction gain no longer exists as of 1.9 or 2.1); then you headed to sector 3 and did the same thing. After that you would grind faction mobs of your preferred faction until you were neutral enough to take quests from the OPPOSITE side of the faction wheel, return to S2, and do the same thing for the other side of the wheel, and go to S3 again.... and do all the quests for that side THERE. THEN.... Flip again back to your original side. The purpose of this was to get the total Maximum amount of AP that was possible in game. The process took on average 2 months, but could be done in shorter or longer amounts of time. But, it allowed for character builds that were completely impossible if you had simply chosen a side, Remember what the Sector 1 Townspeople say "Watch out for those factions... they're Divisive"; Very True. Factions create Divides where there should not be, judging a player based on their Faction is akin to judging a player by a color above their head. Fist of the Empire was one of the first "Omni-Clans" along with Soldiers of Fortune. Due to Toxic behavior of Fist of the Empire Leadership and players, a small group of about 40 people broke off after FoE ordered, yes ORDERED players to stop playing Fallen Earth to join the Star Trek Online Chapter. Those that remained were no longer welcome in Fist of the Empire and without much thought given to it, I just started a clan called Exile, because that's what we were; Exiles of the 7th MSC (military sub-command). We were already a despised group because of FoE's slash and burn tactics in PvP; and inherited that tainted legacy; being called EoE (Exile of the Empire) by the players that hated FoE, we were alone against the server for several years and struggled to survive those first few months. Prometheus recruited the maximum amount of players (5000) and we started a provisional clan "Exile Provisional" and he started recruiting there as well. We were countered by a developer supported group called T.E.M.P.S (To ensure people stay), and other top tier PvP clans cherry picked the best players from that clan. It made for some difficult fights. We remained Omni until Misbee Haven, before the "Faction Patch" or "Make Faction Matter" forum campaigning that Wolves of War and the Kouncil of Klans (KoK) had garnered massive support for, The First Clan Wars were fought in S1 and S2, showcasing the games new mechanic while flexing our might in front of the new players in those areas, Exile won 2 out of the 3 full scale wars. Misbee put the matter of faction to a vote within the clan. The result of the vote was Tech, and it was the most "undermanned" faction at the time. Misbee Haven took on a heavy mantle after his predecessor and fought a lot against pretty much every other clan in the game. He was unhappy with the election results and started KAOS with Nufan (a writer for massively who has done articles on FE) and founded an all CHOTA clan that was permanently PvP flagged. RA had as many or more at times as we did, and we were also fighting against heretic and Damage Inc. and RFDC and too many to list. There were a lot of hackusations against RA, but my policy was the "Ironback Standard" which is "say nothing"; essentially fight and leave, or die and leave. Do not feed the trolls. It is a discipline that toward the end of that era, faded into obscurity as tensions rose to extremely high levels and members of Exile could no longer hold their tongue. Thomaas took over after my second major campaign, and later I returned to support him and his various alliances with other Tech only clans. We did small skirmishes (small compared to what I was used to), and stuck it out to the end of the server essentially maintaining our wealth and recruiting the odd player here and there, with a serious lack of training due to active members, but maintaining our diplomatic relations and intelligence channels (even enemies share information). Wastelanders / Clones Requirements for Joining Must have Discord Must be 21 or older, we do not discriminate on religious beliefs, sexual preference, gender identity, or race Must be willing to learn the culture and language of Exile, and follow orders when needed Interest in active roles (P.O.R.'s) is a major plus but not a strict requirement Features: REAL LIFE COMES FIRST-YOU WILL NOT BE GRIEFED FOR HAVING TO BIO/TAKE CARE OF YOUR FAMILY/GO TO WORK/ ETC. We offer what are called P.O.R.'s (Positions of Responsibility) - These are Volunteer positions that players can sign up for that are subdivided into 5 categories S1 - Recruiting & Personnel S2 - Intelligence and Information Gathering S3 - Operations / PvE and PvP S4 - Logistics / Crafting S5 - Technical Officers / UI mods / FESM (fallen earth sound mod) Reasons to join: Carefully Managed Resources Allows us to provide new players with Equipment, Guidance, and Character Development throughout the entire Leveling process all the way to end-game P.O.R.'s allow people to become their own leaders and learn how to be self-sufficient in game, as well as contribute to the development of other players many of our members are long standing members and have not left, we have a high-retention rate over time, however, having been the large clan on the server, we are susceptible to spies, freeloaders, and trolls (wearing an exile tag will not generally make you a lot of friends) How to know if Exile is not for you: If you cannot maintain a standard of discipline If you like to talk trash If you spend a majority of your game time chatting in global If you are not interested in helping players that are not Exile If 1v1's and 2v2's in Embry or Los Alamos is your mainstay in PvP How to Join: You will need to get a referral from an Exile. Any Exile can refer you, and that Exile is your point of contact to start your provisional membership If you are scouted, you will receive an in-game mail that you can respond to or private message the Exile that mailed you After 30 days of Provisional Membership, you will be officially inducted into the Clan SEE YOU IN THE WASTES
  2. Hi all members of the community. here i created a topic, about posting your art and fan art that is inspired from the game. simply post your art here. as a beginner of this, here is what i created exactly from game, the mail and i am working on it for texturing:
  3. basically this is just a glorified blog website that'll sometimes have TLDR's made by me and also with quick references to other people's handy tools, and a few poorly made "tools" made by me. i'm hesitent on posting about this, but this is probably a small morale boost for me to see if there's any interest in this website again. the last interation a year ago was surprisingly hitting a decent amount of traffic but i never fully evolved into what i wanted it to be. at the beginning of 2018, i had a family emergency which took away a large majority of my time for 6 months, and was overpaying for hosting by a lot which led me to the decision of not renewing apbhouse.com. even then, this current new iteration might take a long time to be what i want the final product to be. regardless, if it seems like i'm helping people out, i'll be glad to do it. [funny side note, the only comments i remember from the last website was someone being very upset at G1 for removing Refer a Friend, and another person commenting 'good job, keep it up' which genuinely made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.] there might be some of you that remember this small website about a year ago. i don't even know how to summarize what it was before and i still don't know what i'm trying to make of it. it essentially seemed like a blog, but was also sort of a wiki at the same time, and kept archive of events and tracked g1 officials and tried to give criticism when deserved. it also tried to be new-player friendly in talking about certain gameplay tactics and technique. i guess if i want to live under it's true name, i want it to basically encompass everything. a house full of useful and useless shit. a house you can feel welcome to. i'm decently satisfied with the front page and think it's pretty useful at the moment. however, it is using a basic theme on wordpress but as time goes by and i learn more, it is definitely subject to change. house feature: what's the house feature? just an easy way to promote content creators and hopefully create more interaction within the community again. again, there isn't really a critera at the moment but since it's just me, they'll be handpicked and hopefully i have good taste. can be anything from youtube videos, twitch clips, deviantart pages, etc. doubt there'll be enough traffic to have it as a "daily" swap so featured people might stay on for anywhere from 3 days to 7 days. tldr blogposts: i've started keeping track of events since December 4th, 2018. the previous interation of apb.house probably kept track of events for more than a year but no more than 2 years. i definitely will consider going backwards to try and add prior events. right now i'm doing something what i call TLDR for the blogposts. it primarily just functions as a quick summary of what a blogpost is about so you can quickly skim through what the topics might be mentioned. also, i just noticed that the TLDR's might still be long for some but it still tries to be informative without excluding too much detail. i think LO deleted or archived the really old G1 blogposts. maybe I'll do something of a "State of APB" each month to make it sound more dramatic. ads: if there are ads, the only ones i'll utilize are banner ads. no pop ups, no full screen, nothing intrusive. if you do see any ads that don't sit nicely and out of the way of the main content, please tell me asap. ads will be for the upkeep of website > community contests/giveaways/events > money to buy a nice hot bowl of pho. that's the priorization of the pennies i'll receive for the forseeable future. i also like to be as transparent as i can with things i work on because i enjoy being a helpful and honest individual. i'll most likely keep this post updated with what im currently working on and what i want to add/fix/remove in the future. if things look funky on website, that means im currently breaking, trying to add something. currently working: getting started guide + scrim organizer in queue: scrim organizer still need a logo more fucking content marketplace tax calculator loadout randomizer getting started guide [big] finished: marketplace tax calculator scrim organizer edit: scrim organizer is finished, able to enter player names, and it'll create two teams for you. it'll also assign random weapons but i don't have a complete list for that. later functionality should include checkboxs to customize ability to randomize ONLY smgs or ONLY secondaries. the list of weapons available to randomize isn't complete either, i haven't played in so long, i wasn't sure which weapons are just reskins. if someone has the extra time to state them, that'd be neat and appreciated. edit1: okay i do it. gathering all the names onto an excel sheet because i don't keep up anymore. default randomizer will only random weapons available to everyone without ARMAS/Joker Tickets. checkboxes will allow options to randomize certain categories, and add weapons obtainable via ARMAS/JT. visuals would be nice later on but obviously just aiming for clean functionality at this point. design isn't my forte. should be done within a day or two. i always find motivation late at night. maybe it's because i know i can avoid doing it because i'll probably sleep soon. edit2: three options available for the scrim organizer, default, joker ticket, and legendary. edit3: added a g1c calculator that was totally not inspired by ffbans
  4. Welcome , I will try my best to update this topic . Click the image to go straight to My Channel. ** CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE LATEST POST OF THIS THREAD !! 🎞 ** New Content for 2021 - First Match in 2021 + RTX3070 -+-+-+-+ New Series for 2021 - The UnCut series - Every episode is an uncut match from start to finish. after watching some of my original content from 2009, I decided I would take the series back to its origins. It is a lot harder to do as a "one take". you can not hide or remove bits and you have to be mindful as your playing / recording to keep it entertaining. Some Episodes do feature some extra vfx content, if on the day I feel up to it and have some spare time. Something I always push and pride my self on is Quality in the videos, All videos are recorded in Crisp 2560x1440 resolution at Max graphics settings with some special sauce. Then edited out in the same resolution and near 90% original quality. to simplify this, raw 10 minute gameplay is around 15gb, rendered out to be 2gb Episode. some serious compression. so best watching at 1440 60pfs. February Daily Episodes 9 PM GMT - Episodes already out. Episode 02 - Episode 03 - Episode 04 - Episode 05 - Episode 06 - Episode 07 - Episode 08 - Episode 09 -
  5. My twitch and my Youtube Hit the follow/subscribe if you like my content
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