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  1. lol a whole week. back then i waited 2months
  2. this the only thing getting my hopes down.. as to we not getting any news on whats going on and how it's going and the spct is under nda so this is where @CookiePuss comes in tho well nvm... Matt give us something T.T
  3. maybe turfwar and plain BR... but when we actually have population
  4. i find it quite good tbh. its in beta and improvements can come on the way but so far so good. We just need the population now, and looks like the UE3.5 is the only solution to that maybe
  5. maybe if UE3.5 comes out and we actually get population, it can get better
  6. it melted my brain a bit but i managed to read it all tho
  7. it wouldnt be a bad idea for fightclub tbh. but NOT mission districts.
  8. as i said in the previous riot posts. its really not that bad. it just needs some improvements and adjustments... AND THAT UE3.5 but ye anyways Its really not that bad lol.
  9. I like how it is now tbh. improvements are needed but its good. Now reading this, thinking about it. We didnt want BR because its too mainstream, but a plain BR wouldnt be that bad xD agreed my dude. I like to add too when you die and can't respawn. you can just spectate who'ever's left or just press Y to join a new session and it actually works. thats pretty cool lol
  10. Honestly its not that bad. sure it can be better but its not that bad
  11. i mean just hope the patch works this week unlike last week
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