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  1. i was legit gonna ask how he didn't see the account settings without posting this
  2. inb4 UE3.5 delayed for making it snow this christmas :')
  3. Keshi

    Autumn Assault!

    oh my...yes...just when u thought it's back to bonkers after the halloween event, we get this. Thank you LO. thank you
  4. "Kill 5 teamates and get 1000 Joker Tickets" You: Sorry friends
  5. It's a pocket obir so somewhat maybe
  6. "1: the n-tec" me: yep this is 1 of those posts again
  7. Although you are correct, i am pretty sure there are a lot of players with premium in the game now both in N.A. and EU that can fill OTW for testing. And that will leave live servers dead so if they leave tem for 2 to 3 days and collect as much data as they can would be fine by me. How ever they do it i just hope that we will be able to test it free or with premium
  8. or to get some extra money to add for the funds.. i mean i got premium so i dont mind :v Oh alright. Thank you for the response matt. Any news would be nice tho. no rush ^.^ or to get some extra money to add for the funds.. i mean i got premium so i dont mind :v This. Atleast we are updated with the work they are doing and what is causing delays or anything else. Any news is good for us. Better than going Silent like G1 did
  9. i wouldnt mind 200 or 80ms, i just want to see how "optimized it is" I just want a stable 144fps and in theory the UE3.5 can help with optimization... only 1 way to find out if true heh
  10. Well i remember reading it on 1 of the milion posts on this forum, somewhere matt commented "on otw by end of 2018" i just cant find it. But i am 100% sure i saw it somewhere ^
  11. Link us up, thats what we been trying to find
  12. yep, on OTW atleast he did say OTW tho