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  1. You can't do him like that cookie jk good job m8 I only care about winamp. It really whips llama's patootie
  2. Keshi

    [PC] PATCH NOTES 1.19.7 (1061) discussion

    waiting on patch 2.0.0 eventually :')
  3. i assume u want the broadcaster to work?
  4. alright. PM me if u have anything
  5. Welcome back mydude! still cant connect tho Will do as soon as i get access to the FTP
  6. 72 celsius is the max ish for me with the card that i have in my hot room on full load. maybe ur fans need cleaning or maybe 82 celsius is your max before performance drop Or maybe you got OC settings and its acting atm?
  7. looks like the blackops 4 revolver with the scope
  8. i know the feels...been playing on 4:3 on csgo too, so much easier to move and aim lmfao
  9. if u had 3x 1080p monitors they would of been perfect... u play stretched or black bars?
  10. Keshi


    this is one sensitive topic...
  11. Keshi

    Gamerfirst support

    lol 5days? only 5 days?
  12. Rather deal with people ignoring the match than seeing dethreaters tbh...
  13. Keshi

    Steam payment

    The most important step that a lot of people don't do