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  1. thing is regardless of when you push this beta there WILL still be bugs, even those we will find when having full asylums and stuffs. thats what beta is for...to TEST So do it matt
  2. +1 I hope my 7700k gtx1080 can have a stable 144fps...
  3. i guess someone that tries hard? or... "too hard"? Let's say league of legends a plat player buys a bronze account and straight up whoop everybody's butt in a normals game
  4. feels for a while now APB's ping has been a lagfest, and VPN will make it worse. i already tried vpn so
  5. strife is worth going RFP strife combo, 1 pistol shot quickswitch strife bam, strife alone does +85 but sometimes the pellets are confusing as hell doing +15 on a full shot
  6. Art is 1 of the guns that will be outplayed by an ntec Dog ear is a sniper that kills in 4shot under 85range if you dont miss 1 of them, that sometimes also gets outplayed by an ntec
  7. a lot of buthurt people here about their precious ntec...if u dont like the changes start using other guns Besides range nerf and that jumpshooting was really needed tbh NTEC user here...
  8. maybe after matt fix the game and put EU3.5 as to what im saying...maybe in the future its worth having it
  9. summit is like 1% of all the other people trying APB again after the engine upgrade lol
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