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  1. my carbine is still going through people tbh so im not sure
  2. i have a 7700k on a 1080ti and i play on minimum .-. ^
  3. It's not urgent. I know we've asked for this a while ago. But it's nice to have in the future For us players to be able to sort our inventory in alphabetical order or date added to inventory and w.e. else possibility available. plz :')
  4. then get scammed and make a new ticket, then make a post saying "2hours and still no respond"
  5. so this game is finally realistic now? nice
  6. ^ Only thing to do to make that work is to fix the matchmaking tho
  7. Keshi

    So this is a thing now

    Guess it's being fixed
  8. are u talking about gold challenge? or the bronze/silver one?
  9. Keshi

    configs broken?

  10. and maybe selling stuffs on steam market, maybe then LO can get some money from valve... maybe
  11. Keshi

    3 Days for next trade

    I think it's a great idea. I mean it's only 3days lol