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  1. And i woke up just to play the beta 6:14am and everything has gone to shit players can't get in servers shutting down servers can't handle the player load people complaining who would of thought without playing this so called "beta" would be a disappointment.....GG i guess you tried LO that's all from me...Bye
  2. Oh it's so dramatic... please I wasn't bashing the beta read what I posted you blind fuck, I was merely stating it was unplayable for me due to the ping and game related problems like the spawns that kind of crap sorry I didn't elaborate on it and I'm sorry I offended you not..I also stated that I would of loved to play it and was looking forward to it but due to the time it's a miss for me and i'm gonna call it quits...because I'm burnt out at this point before your fingers start typing consider reading first.. Edit: please downvote me I don't give to shits at all I feed on it
  3. Quite sad might as well give up and leave yet again was looking forward to the new engine etc but with what is going on i'm failing to see any reason to play at this point G1 burnt me out LO took over re ignited me than slowly burnt me out yet again rip 600 bucks plus all the time and effort i put in never will have a 255R character i will never have and constantly get fucked by ping or some game related bullshoot...
  4. Welp looks like im missing out was really excited to play APB for us poor Aussie players its 4am when it starts and ends around 7am correct? that's crap...Patched the open beta and everything thinking i was able to play...Thanks LO nice times you have set you have cucked Australian players yet again
  5. Thanks Dead i will cheers m8 That was my thoughts i used WTFast before and felt it didn't change much
  6. i thought using a VPN is bannable
  7. I have been suffering huge ping issues playing from Australia, Once a upon a time when there server name was Colby i was getting 160-180ms which was playable and fine in most cases...Now days since this so called server merge even with HAN i get 300+ and all the other servers been having major issues... have you guys completely cut off the Oceanic players entirely in before people come reply to this thread its not servers its your ISP well coming from an Aussie player with 100 down 100 up that plays NA quite regularly on other games i don't have this 300 ping shit i have 160-180 as mentioned above....I have donated alot of money to try and help this game not die and spent around 600usd but yea thanks Lil Orbit i was really batting for you to finally fix this game and make it worth to play but not anymore....Utterly pathetic
  8. About to fine out loading up alot of the files had certain tags in them mostly FN & WF...
  9. 1GB Update may i ask why? The patch notes didn't say anything but fixing a few things regarding the autumn event???? Got me confused
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