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  1. As we got the new trading system and everybody ditched the ghetto 'restrict item' method the scammers have also come up with somewhat more smarter tricks to scam people, one of which me and and some other people i talked to fell for. So yesterday i was playing missions in jericho silver waterfront and this player lets call 'banana' on my opposition team starts whispering to me about mundane things like gameplay and stuff and from simple game things we branched out to other topics,we talked constantly for about 20-30 minutes about a lot of cool things and it was fun. Then the topic of legend guns came around, banana said how banana wants to use this gun at least once before this game dies etc etc and i actually give banana the gun and banana disappears. Ok you might say that im freaking stupid to trust someone who i talked for only 30 minutes but banana seemed like a fun player to play with, i mean we talked a lot and one usually develops a little connection and trust with someone you talk to and find similarities with and i had never thought that someone would do so much planning in a damn game just for scamming. i wish i had voice chat and text records to show you guys how it all went...wait is it possible to retrieve chat record or voice chat record? anyway if i could describe this incident into three words then it would be - 'playing it cool'. banana was super chill,played it cool and disappeared like a fucking breeze. Tbh im not mad at this incident but actually feeling comedic, like it really happened....someone behind a screen talked with me pretending to be a good pal to play with, makes me give them my stuff and disappears lol. i dont think im the only one banana scammed or if its is the only player doing this in game so i submitted a report to LO to look into this player and made this thread for others to know that it happens. i donnu if i'l get my gun back...i hope i does. take whatever you want from this thread and beware. see ya around.
  2. what legend guns do you consider trash? i select these - Hazardous, reaper, anubis, oscp, commander, firework launcher, yukun, all EOL, all UL-3 (except jersey devil) They all freaking suck and needs some serious rebalancing. i see no use of them other than dethreating. only player you see using them are bronze or silver, these guns also have very less trading/reselling value means nobody except newbies or gun hoarders wants to buy/trade them. And after trying each one of them out one should try to get rid of them asap.
  3. game gets stuck at 'connecting to district server' while changing district.
  4. how many matches did you went afk for you to get banned lol? im guessing more than one player reported you and yes people do report other players. Though i dont cuz i dont give a fuck, at least im getting a match with opp. pfft life of a jericho player...
  5. that gun freaking sucks. needs balancing along with all the other old school guns like snub and act 44.
  6. i dont use anything else other than nfas. What other gun can i learn to use to get me a lot of easy kills with less deaths in less time.
  7. ikr.... At least let us transfer money or legendary guns or only characters to citadel man. I just joined a month ago after a 4 month break and im already thinking of taking another another break off thin game due to this low pop of NA which causes other problems for me such as difficulty in customizing my char due to less no. of symbol and clothing designers,less no. of legendary gun sellers and traders, less drama on world chat, sometimes silvers districts are dead and as a gold i cant even play....its just no fun.
  8. server - jericho Hit me via forum or in-game mail. Thank you.
  9. Your just new,give this game some time and you will realize your own how wrong are your accusations.
  10. like this - in a tshirt form. i'l pay 50-100k. i buy a lot of clothing so if your a clothe designer i'l buy your stuff in bulk! server jericho. pm me on forum if interested i'l pm you my character name.
  11. yep vocal communication changes everything. A lot of people underestimate it and dont use it except when trolling but its a game changer.
  12. This hits home, i can totally understand. There's always an atmosphere of forced fun in group gameplay like your not actually having fun but is just pretending that your having fun. You have expectations when you play in a group from others and others have from you too and when you dont do as per expectations thats what creates this uneasiness and tension and rage which i have no idea how some ignore cuz i really cant. Thats why i play solo. i can troll whenever i want, no expectations. you can do whatever the hell you want. Thats what apb is for me.
  13. It's opposite for me. I've played around 2500 hours and almost every single moment of this gameplay was solo and if im able to stick around this game until now by playing solo then i guess this method works. Playing in groups never got me good results. I always got this feeling of burden and let down whenever i tried to play in groups with anybody. On the other hand i felt free when i played solo and everytime my teammates were different players. I love this feeling of playing alone, talking to people whom you pass by just not never met again, like an adventurer... Lone wolf lol.
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