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  1. as the title says. Its like around 90% of the Jericho population only uses this gun as their secondary.
  2. advance launcher is confusing,there are too many options....what setting are you talking? i already run the game at minimal graphics.
  3. i get around 315ms latency and 50 fps and some people told me i shouldnt play this game with such connection unless i plan on playing only against nabs and getting rekt against anybody with over 500 hours of gameplay with better latency. Which doesn't actually sound like half wrong...so what do you people think? will i get rekt against someone who has the same amount of hours played as me but just has a better pc, less latency and stuff? these days im geting rekt a lot for some reason...maybe cuz all the newbies have left and only veterans have remained so im getting matched against them and they have the edge cuz of less latency and stuff?
  4. i agree. jericho is fking dead. either merge servers or let us transfer our characters to citadel.
  5. foscor77

    A warning to fair or new players.

    ya keep wasting your time.
  6. i ran out of my med sprays and i have a ton of them in my mailbox but clicking each mail to check if its med not some yellow mod and then retrieving each item takes fking forever...isnt their anyway to get retrieve every item at once? or some trick kind of thing? thx.
  7. could anybody be kind enough to tell this unworthy one the prime hours (when server is fairly populated) and low hours (when servers population is low) on citadel? Thanks in advance.
  8. foscor77

    So many cheaters

    i dont see cheaters nor any players....apb is dead. ^_-
  9. just reply 'mad' and ignore them,believe me they will actually turn so mad after that lol. anyway well its a a good thing LO takes harassment seriously but a bad thing that YOU op are taking harassment seriously.Like seriously,insults on the internet or worse in a online game from people that you dont know should be the last thing you should care about. Its 2018, internet is so fking widespread and trolls and troll wannabes lurk on every corner. Just treat them like a amusement like jokers ps- Hit me up if you wanna know some good insults to reply with, i got tons of creative ones
  10. apb is like democracy,people keep complaining.
  11. i deleted the whole apb folder from my computer 2 days ago. i did not uninstall it,just directly deleted the whole folder containing the game,and i keep apb folder out of steam's steamapps folder as i play apb without steam) i deleted it even from recycle bin so can anybody please suggest me some recovery software or any other way of retrieving it please? Downloading the game will take a lot of time on my slow internet.... edit - i posted in social by mistake so any mod please transfer it to tech section if possible.
  12. foscor77

    Last person to reply to this thread wins.

    oh no i dont want to know about anybody parents shh....im a very nice guy my comment was actually just a sentence from my fav songs lyric. here, a must check out for apb players- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-q-jK90Rrc8
  13. foscor77

    I drink water.

    k pop is gay
  14. foscor77

    Last person to reply to this thread wins.

    one day i'l fuck your parents.