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  1. I've seen you playing in bronze districts tons of time actually I've only seen you playing in bronze.
  2. That's weird...i played a lot this week like 5 hours each day at different times of the day,even in night and dont remember experiencing any server crash 0.o
  3. foscor77

    How does latency effect gameplay?

    I don't get it..... If I'm able to play without noticing any lag ( except getting car killed while I'm sure it didn't touch me) at 300 ms them how come the game becomes unplayable for you at 100ms...
  4. It seriously needs it man. So please provide us!!!! *Sobs*
  5. foscor77

    How does latency effect gameplay?

    Your not joking right? Cuz I'm playing with this ping from 2012. Im a max rank gold with 2k hours of gameplay with 43k kills.... Though i suck and get rekt most of the time in silvers districts against Gods (golds) and I'm unable to improve. I've been like this from a year or two... Its like I've hit a limit or something... Maybe i won't be able to improve unless i somehow decrease the ping... What's a good or playable ping according to you?
  6. As the title says. Either good/bad/over powered/under powered/p2w...wherever is fine ^_- If there's already a thread like this, link me pz~
  7. foscor77

    How does latency effect gameplay?

    I'm from Chandigarh and i usually get latency around 300 ms and around 50 fps while running the game at minimum graphics,the latency increases as i increase the resolution so i play at minimum graphics. I don't experience any significant or noticable lag while running at minimum graphics most of the time. Anyway what i want to know is how latency effects the gameplay, for example if im getting 300 ms latency and 50 fps and if my enemy is getting 3 ms latency and 50 fps and we shoot at each other at the same time with same gun who will die first? Me as im far from the server and the signal/data will delay? Or what? Please help me understand these things about latency and fps and if there are already threads similar to it please link me. Thank you.
  8. i dont know much about computers im posting screenshots of system info if you want to know something else please let me know. my mouse - microsoft basic optical mouse v2
  9. thats why i said to increase the range/power/whatever of already existing threats such as bronze or green as the skill gap between these threat players is almost non existent.
  10. the skill gap between the gold threat players is just too fking large. i know there also exists large skill gaps b/w silver threat players but in gold threat its even larger than silver. So either make a new threat like black or something or just increase the power or range or whatever the correct term of some already existing threats like bronze or green.
  11. really good and unique primary guns such as huntress,medusa,dow thumper or condor are priced way lower than useless in most situation guns like volcano,ogre,yukun,showstopper. Just because of this pricing people also refuse to trade guns. as they dont want to get a cheaper gun or make a loss. i dont get this.
  12. foscor77

    jericho crashed twice within 30 mins

    whats happening?
  13. they are not going to delete them in future right?
  14. im unable to access some really really important old apb forum threads. how can i access them?