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  1. uhh its temporary. The districts will go back to their normal state after some time if im not wrong.
  2. I don't know but playing against gold players is better than playing against no players. I mean I was also a new player at some point in Apb and and all the other games I play and low population is a better reason to quit a game at least for me than playing against Pro players. As for the original poster- I don't think we will be needing this as the server merge will most likely solve the low pop problem.
  3. Make female character's face beautiful. They look ugly as fuck.
  4. How exactly do YOU "be nice"?
  5. Remember this thread? It's the thread I posted after I 'felt' like I was scammed. I only read the first reply and realized the roasting that was coming, so for the good of my sleep at night I didn't read anymore replies and took a break from Apb and forums. Time goes by and I feel the urge in my veins to play Apb again. This urges explodes into desperation when I hear the news of permanent guns via joker tickets. Im like fuck I have 15k jts. Time to head home! I buy my guns and continue to play like I used to but with the bitter feeling that I didn't had any money or any legend gun on any of my account that i was so used to having, cuz I spent it all to buy new glory that got stolen from me... But you know what? I still had that guy's who took my gun and his alt account on my friend list. Let me tell you that I had already accepted that I was never going get my gun back but still i felt like maybe, maybe he will come online someday and I'll somehow pursue him to give my gun back. A month goes buy. I had a day off next day so I decided to play till late night. And I gets a notification that I know was sure was never going to show up but still hoped it will. And it did. "Banana has came online" . . . 0.o . . . . "Clicks ESC" "Groups and friends" "Friends" He is online... To [banana] : "Hey bud" .... No reply .... To [banana] : "hey, invite me to your group" ... [Banana] : "oh sry im in fc" To [banana] : "hey you mind returning my new glory back?" [Banana]: "oh sorry dude.I play on uneven hours, you weren't online whenever I played" [Banana] : "let me change my character, meet me on social" To [banana] : "alright" *Heart beating fast* *Clicks ESC* *Change district* *Social district* *Enter* *Shooo shoo weeee..* *Duh duh dummm* *Sooo doo doo* *AFTER 2 MINUTES* ERROR / Disconnected You have been disconnected from the server unexpectedly. The server may have gone offline, or you may be experiencing network connectivity issues. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . *Logs in again* *district select - SOCIAL* *enter* All Hope Is Lost NOT!!! Banana was still online on social district on his alt account waiting for me. We traded and i got my gun back. We talked as usual, i didnt gave him any hint that i doubted his intentions. I asked if he wanted to play with me on action district but he said he wanted to farm tickets on fc and there we parted ways. ....... ...... Well what can i say...I want to believe him that he did played on uneven or odd hours and our timeline didnt match And im likely to believe it given that i dont act dumb anymore. And yes i did actually got disconnected while changing district. ive even made a thread for this on tech forums lol it was SO FREAKING FRUSTRATING.
  6. It's not that there no good people, it's just that the bad people are more vocal and expressive. It applies not only on Apb but on everything else in general.
  7. I couldn't find a date on the sticky thread and it's making me restless. Jericho is running all time low. The few people we used to have on silver districts now only play on fight club for joker tickets and as a gold I can't join the bronze districts therefore im forced to play on FC which I hate cuz FC has become a nfas troll fest. So when? Inb4 Soon™
  8. Get a great pc,gaming mouse,a gaming mouse pad,a good internet connection.
  9. Why not just add all the Russian you found spamming on /ignore?
  10. remove it from apb and im removing myself from this game. Really.
  11. Nah im a r255 max rank with 2.7k hrs of gameplay who play in bronze district in jericho just to protect bronzesies from players like you.
  12. As we got the new trading system and everybody ditched the ghetto 'restrict item' method the scammers have also come up with somewhat more smarter tricks to scam people, one of which me and and some other people i talked to fell for. So yesterday i was playing missions in jericho silver waterfront and this player lets call 'banana' on my opposition team starts whispering to me about mundane things like gameplay and stuff and from simple game things we branched out to other topics,we talked constantly for about 20-30 minutes about a lot of cool things and it was fun. Then the topic of legend guns came around, banana said how banana wants to use this gun at least once before this game dies etc etc and i actually give banana the gun and banana disappears. Ok you might say that im freaking stupid to trust someone who i talked for only 30 minutes but banana seemed like a fun player to play with, i mean we talked a lot and one usually develops a little connection and trust with someone you talk to and find similarities with and i had never thought that someone would do so much planning in a damn game just for scamming. i wish i had voice chat and text records to show you guys how it all went...wait is it possible to retrieve chat record or voice chat record? anyway if i could describe this incident into three words then it would be - 'playing it cool'. banana was super chill,played it cool and disappeared like a fucking breeze. Tbh im not mad at this incident but actually feeling comedic, like it really happened....someone behind a screen talked with me pretending to be a good pal to play with, makes me give them my stuff and disappears lol. i dont think im the only one banana scammed or if its is the only player doing this in game so i submitted a report to LO to look into this player and made this thread for others to know that it happens. i donnu if i'l get my gun back...i hope i does. take whatever you want from this thread and beware. see ya around.
  13. what legend guns do you consider trash? i select these - Hazardous, reaper, anubis, oscp, commander, firework launcher, yukun, all EOL, all UL-3 (except jersey devil) They all freaking suck and needs some serious rebalancing. i see no use of them other than dethreating. only player you see using them are bronze or silver, these guns also have very less trading/reselling value means nobody except newbies or gun hoarders wants to buy/trade them. And after trying each one of them out one should try to get rid of them asap.
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