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  1. all of them are trash. use opgl or rank up your cop role by teaming up with a crim and unlock a stun opgl.
  2. What do you think are the things that should be tradable but are not, and what thing that ARE tradable but shouldn't be in this game. For example - legendary guns are tradable. Armas clothes are not. Joker ticket guns are not tradable, joker tickets are not tradable even though in-game money is tradable.
  3. Wtf. Like really. I don't remember seeing such high population in all my gameplay. Which server and at which time was this?
  4. I was able to complete all of my xmas achievements except the naughty list. I gave up after after 2 kills cuz it was freaking boring. Ps - people who have unlocked the fairy set, please put it on mp. I'll buy it.
  5. Probably, but i guess im not Pro enough to notice the miniscule difference.
  6. Likes/dislikes/upvotes/downvotes/emoticon reactions etc cause hivemind or a sheep mentality. Humans have the tendency to follow the masses instead of using their own brain. People like/dislike based on their personal bias. beliefs, agendas. when someones says something wrong but a lot of people who are also misinformed about it likes it, the people who actually know the right thing might just change their opinion due to getting influenced by the mass. Individuals are smart but a crowd is stupid. This upvote/downvote thing is a severely harmful effect infecting social media all over the internet since ages and this shit has become so much normalized that nobody baits an eye to it. I know this is a freaking game site but i still hate it how someone gets disliked tons of time for saying the right/unpopular thing. I mean is there anything stopping anybody from actually replying or quoting someone if they want to react? Try this cool article - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crowd_psychology
  7. Um...ok. im using it at this moment and i don't see any difference other than a different crosshair.
  8. But, Ntec ursus ttk - 0.704 sec Ntec stock ttk - 0.700 sec So 5 shot to kill is just a gimmick.
  9. player 1 - wtt ursus me- 3.5 mil player 1 - are you out of your fucking mind? Its worth 6 mil. player 2 - wtt ursus me - medusa + nano player 2 - nice joke. gtfo. player 3 - wtt ursus me- nano + volcano player 3 - volcano is a horrible gun and nano is a reskin. stop wasting my time. me - well ursus is a also a reskin of simple ntech while volcano is actually one of the most unique gun. player 3 - i dont wanna trade with you. gtfo. So ive never gotten enough curses in all my gameplay thrown at me as much as i goten via me looking to buy ntech ursus. What is going? Why are people so crazy over ntech? And what would it take for these angry people to just say no or at least negotiate? And I actually did bought a ntech by selling my volcano for 3 mil and nano for 1.7 mil. Collected 4.7 mil and bought a ursus for 4 million from a sensible person.
  10. I hate how missions are either fully offensive or defensive. They should be offensive and defensive by turn. like if in stage one the opp is defending and your team have to do the objective, the next stage it should be your teammate defending and opp trying to do objective. But i guess its very hard to redesign missions? or is it not? I seriously believe this single change is on par with engine upgrade to change this game for better.
  11. its a gay event. i know. Use fragile and ephrine injector and hope the population is low to survive. Naughty list achievement is even more awful. It asks you to get 100 kills without turning to soldier.
  12. Im a no life nerd and im finding it impossible to complete this achievement. Will i have to even give up on eating and shitting to be able to get enough time to complete it? Lessen it to 25 for shit's sake.
  13. you will not get banned if you dont mess up with game files and most crosshairs i know dont mess up game files so you will be fine but most players on forums are vanilla and they shit on everything which involves improving gameplay by third party software means so dont ask them. Research on your own on internet or ask on gaming forums or reddit etc.
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