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  1. I say stream cod mobile if you want popularity. shits getting hype.
  2. i stopped playing cuz of cod mobile. shits addictive af.
  3. No ban joker carbine. I swear the most kills i ever see on asylum is from that gun.
  4. Tryharding is just doing your best. I dont mind it unless done by maxranks, rerolls and dethreaters in bronze.
  5. I got a ban warning after confessing what I did on this thread "THE MOST TOXIC BEHAVIOUR YOU HAVE SEEN IN APB?" lol. Yes I did behaved toxically sometimes in-game but doesn't the fact that im confessing it in public means that im reflecting on it? You really didnt have to give me a perma ban warning man. Now it seems like your are challenging me to go commit toxic behavior. Anyway, nothing against it. I acted toxic, I got warming, far enough. I just hope you guys are serious and not nitpicking or being petty. APB is dead most of the time during the day so you guys should just hire part timers or something to become mods during peak hours if your serious.
  6. They are actually planning to merge them some time later. Until then, just create a new char on citadel.
  7. I agree with that nerfing act 44 and colby rsa was a very bad decision. Those guns are already so bad that nobody even uses them except some pros who are good with everything. Now im sure even they wont use it.
  8. +1 I hate it how every fking website is turning into facebook and reddit with their likes,dislikes,upvotes,downvotes and shit like that. If you cant be bothered to express your opinion by words than your opinion is invalid, useless and shitty anyway.
  9. remove cooldown from my remote detonator...sniff...plz...
  10. I'm a covid-19 denier but i'l keep my mask on and my mouth shut as long as i keep getting free premium
  11. I'm unable to play apb cuz whenever i open the game the launcher keeps downloading an update of 27.62 mb of a file named "APB.exe" and after finishing the download, "ERROR" in red color shows up in place of "START" button. I tried verifying a couple of times the same thing as above keeps happening. What going on? HELP!!
  12. foscor77

    Wildfire Season

    Ive become kinda desensitized to these news after seeing what happened to amazon forest and those billions of animals lost in Australia. We have no future. Live these couple of decades in peace and do what you enjoy guys cuz the coming times are gonna be hideous when automation steals our job and climate change steals our atmosphere.
  13. A lot of people don't go to the discussion sub forum of social forum, mostly new players and returning players and we end getting the same matchmaking, threat and Cheating threads every couple of days. So it would be helpful if mods could make them sticky in here. Side question- is phasing without engine upgrade possible? Im getting a feeling this game might just die off before we get the engine upgrade and we'll never get to experience phasing which is supposedly to revolutionize the matchmaking and threat system.
  14. I want to know what is the most accepted, respected and honorable loadout in this game along with gameplay tactics which dont result in getting called out in chat, rage pms and griefing. Thank you.
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