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  1. yep. They should shift the main matchmaking discussion thread to social.
  2. Poor matchmaking is inevitable in a game like apb where the pool is only 80 players in a given district. If you increase the player limit then the server performance will take a hit and if you decrease the player limit the matchmaking will take a hit.
  3. When the fq are you going to nerf PMG? THAT SHIT IS A HACK IN ITSELF!!!!!! Its a smg but SOMEHOW has range of an assault rifle, it SOMEHOW kills faster and more accurately in cqc than a nfas and nfas ogre. ITS FKING SUPREME!!! Im quitting apb until i see an update about nerfing PMG. fk of. edit - The amount of dislikes and votes proved it that players are actually blind. Dont know what i was even expecting from apb players...smh.
  4. Make the missions alternate between offensive and defensive tasks instead of a whole mission being either offensive or defensive. Shit will transform APB, mark my words.
  5. Seiyo espacio with explosives 3, remote detonator and percs.
  6. opgl i suck so bad at it and feel envious when i see other people dong good with it.
  7. haven't played since the whole coronavirus thing started like 3 or 4 months ago. Was too busy watching tv series and reading books without pictures for the first time in my life (red rising series!!!! Reaper ftw!) So need to know if anything happened in these 3-4 months in apb worth knowing. Im guessing probably nothing happened cept gun tweaks but still lemme know if i missed something!
  8. Doesn't they only work if you play on windowed screen?
  9. i already mentioned they need not to be overpowered but at least excel in one area. But the both new glory and corsair does not, and are actually the worst in their respective area. New glory is the worst assault rifle and corsair the worst shotgun.
  10. Fact by who and how. why u guys saying volcano is broken? broken in the sense its op or you mean underpowered?
  11. inb4 After engine upgrade/phasing/world server. Till then drink the poison.
  12. Both ntec new glory and corsair freaking sucks. Whacha doing LO? Just focus on engine upgrade if crafting guns is not in your expertise YET. Dont release halfass guns man. New glory is a BAD version of star lcr with a gimmicky lmg-esque fire rate without marksman. And corsair proved to be a BAD version of an already bad gun called stabba - nl9 (And it does not even stun duh...) Not saying to make them overpowered but they should at least excel and prove useful in one way. Peace~
  13. Corona virus is a lie. Its not any different from regular flu. A conspiracy by WHO to sell their freaking diagnostic kits in the name of fear. Change my mind.
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