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  1. Doesn't they only work if you play on windowed screen?
  2. i already mentioned they need not to be overpowered but at least excel in one area. But the both new glory and corsair does not, and are actually the worst in their respective area. New glory is the worst assault rifle and corsair the worst shotgun.
  3. Fact by who and how. why u guys saying volcano is broken? broken in the sense its op or you mean underpowered?
  4. inb4 After engine upgrade/phasing/world server. Till then drink the poison.
  5. Both ntec new glory and corsair freaking sucks. Whacha doing LO? Just focus on engine upgrade if crafting guns is not in your expertise YET. Dont release halfass guns man. New glory is a BAD version of star lcr with a gimmicky lmg-esque fire rate without marksman. And corsair proved to be a BAD version of an already bad gun called stabba - nl9 (And it does not even stun duh...) Not saying to make them overpowered but they should at least excel and prove useful in one way. Peace~
  6. Corona virus is a lie. Its not any different from regular flu. A conspiracy by WHO to sell their freaking diagnostic kits in the name of fear. Change my mind.
  7. I would totally do it if some player trolled me on game and i happen to know that he/she streams. -ButthurtPlayerWithTime
  8. I just put it on my van and run ;D
  9. Agreed! My life already is dark as it is now my game will also become gloomy? NO! I play for escapism so i at least want my game to look bright with sunshine and rainbows.
  10. Oh exactly! I remember i used to pity those han people. tsk tsk.
  11. Come to jericho sometime. One only realizes the value of something after losing it
  12. Citadel is still thriving compared to jericho. I just saw 4 full districts on citadel while even on prime hours only 1 district is ever full on jericho. I dont want people to come to my server heck just let me transfer my money and legendary to citadel and hell with my max ranks on jericho. Removed flaming. - Azukii
  13. Fk engine upgrade fk new guns fk new contacts fk bugs fk nerf/buffs fk new clothing fk new cars. fOCUS ONLY ON SERVER MERGE! I now its planned to happen but please make the server merge your top priority. #JerichoDEAD
  14. fuck off i dont want new content i want server merge. Jericho is freakin dead!!!!!!!Your so lucky you at least get to play!
  15. Why is quick switching disabled for hvr but allowed for stunning via pig? And do you have any idea how extremely easy it is to stun by throwing a percussion after one shot from pig OR a few shot from stabba or that secondary stun pistol? Please apply a time lock or whatever its called that doesnt allow you to quick switch while using hvr on at least PIG. If not then freaking enable the hvr quick switching too. Why the discrimination?
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