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  1. foscor77

    Kelly Custom Shopping

    uh...im a bit confused..what exactly is this thread? Do you edit pictures and stuff?
  2. looking for ursus or volcano. i can offer either 2mil or ogre for either of the above guns. i also want to sell my ogre. in-game mail me for your offers. I'm up for negotiations. Character name - N4SR Server - Jericho Thx.
  3. foscor77

    Merry Christmas everyone....

    merry xmas madafakas!~~ May you all live a fking thousand millions years and die while Santa cuddling you! CHEERS!
  4. im talking about their stock versions that you buy from contacts. out of all secondary guns,these two seems to suck all round....they seems to stand no ground against other secondaries. why.... edit - snub nose too...though i find it a little better than those above two.
  5. there is no chatbox on loading screen even after disabling movie clips, how do i type commands then?
  6. foscor77

    become member to edit your post

    im able to edit my posts 0-0 but im unable to do that on my alt accounts...guess there is a post limit like u will need to reach a no. of post count to be able to edit your posts.
  7. foscor77

    muzzle brake even do anything?

    uhh then what is that recoil called in tommy gun which makes it go high in the sky and we have to drag the mouse down to counter it? english isnt my main language so i hope my wordings are making sense.
  8. foscor77

    muzzle brake even do anything?

    i can assure you i dont use ntech. i prefer ogre.
  9. foscor77

    APB 2

    Why are you peeps so eager to die?
  10. foscor77

    APB 2

    Hey why did my post got 3 dislikes!!! I hex All the people who disliked my comments! They will die by over eating!!!
  11. foscor77

    muzzle brake even do anything?

    its the most useless gun mod. i tried using it on multitude of guns but didn't notice any fqing change in recoil. Nobody even buys it!!! im trying to sell it for 30000 and nobody is buying it....fq u!!!
  12. foscor77

    recommend me some games

    does it have player vs player match mode? not co-op or battle royale.
  13. foscor77

    recommend me some games

    alright thx, it looks promising. your the fifth person who recommend me this game...guess i'l have to try it. if only fortnite not had building mechanism.... i searched this game and im getting weird results....can you post a link of its gameplay video or something? not really into city building games but thx anyway
  14. foscor77

    recommend me some games

    does division 2 have player vs player match mode? not co-op.
  15. foscor77

    recommend me some games

    criteria- -online multiplayer shooter -pvp (players vs players not co-op or player vs computer) -not battle royale -third person view -3D thank you.