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  1. stop giving a fuck about what others say and do whatever you seem right. Stomp those stinky bronze,greens and Ts!!!! And insult those golds!!
  2. This is just so false and im pretty sure its the opposite. Its the so called 'lower skill-based player' that actually harasses,abuse and shit talk all the time on district chat and rage whispers to high lvl players accusing them of hacks,insulting them, raging etc. As for advising,i dont remember a single time where a new player have asked a question no matter how stupid or simple and did not get answered. This game is only toxic for people who are new to apb or online shooters in general as they fail to understand the huge skill gap present in apb which makes them think everyone is a hacker or paytowin cuunt. As you progress through the game you learn to not give a shit and actually enjoy the game.
  3. i wouldnt be playing apb if i wanted to do battle royale shit. Where are my racing districts or daily events?!
  4. my apb launcher is taking forever to download the latest riot patch which is 600 mb. i get 2.5 mbps of download speed but the launcher is downloading the update at 50 kbps and the speed is also gradually decreasing. Any way to fix this or can i download the update file directly from google and update the game manually? thanks.
  5. no plz its just going to end up broken if devs decided to tweak it so just leave it the way it is and instead focus on other guns underdeveloped guns like snub nose or that long ranges secondary gun colby rsa.
  6. i fucking hate sane people. a huge reason why i came back to apb was cuz i like drama and toxicity.
  7. join Jericho. Rarely any br or russian speakers. Most of the time its the english speakers. Although population is lower than citadel but its enough to have a good time with back to missions.
  8. Great! just the way i like. Good n'ol APB!
  9. any new codes? or important updates like buffs or nerfs? or some other free shit? thx in advance. JERICHO IM CoMING!
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