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  1. HELLO I'm very excited for this patch! Finally a breath of air from this heavy PMG meta. Personally i think rather then nerfing the snubnose, put a bolt-timer on all shotguns. I'm not saying that this isnt something you've thought about and maybe is to come, i really hope it is PS. please buff norseman pretty please
  2. He will never be the same as he was before moving to San Paro....
  3. HELLO Here's my little contribution to this thread with my 2 main characters.
  4. SkrotN

    Dirt bikes.

    HELLO dear CookiePuss, i'm flattered that you're concerned about my post, but i think this matter is out of most importance and i would love to hear EVERYONES most honest opinions about dirt bikes and bikes in general if they were to be implemented in APB: Reloaded. If i would like the thread to be closed, i will of course ask for that. But not yet!
  5. SkrotN

    Dirt bikes.

    I can assure you that I'm VERY sane and quite intellectual.
  6. SkrotN

    Dirt bikes.

    HELLO So i have this sudden urge for dirt bikes to be implemented into APB and i want to know what you guys think of this idea. My concept of this would be that you can get shot while riding a bike but also maybe shoot with your secondary as you're riding. (Also pull sick wheelies) I think it will fit in APB perfectly, see examples below: (APB players in their natural habitat but with bikes.) PS. i want horses.
  7. SkrotN

    Gender Change

    Can we please get to change gender of our characters? i wouldnt mind if it either was an armas marketplace purchase or just in the character editor.
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