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  1. The team has been made aware of the servers being down, but for now we are not able to share any eta on when this will be resolved. ~@mayii
  2. Amayii

    Impossible to login

    Hello, Thank you for posting about this in the section for another game. I have moved this thread to the APB PC Bug and Tech Issues section. Can you try the workaround posted by @ComFeyer ? Please do let us know if this has resolved the issue for you. ~@mayii
  3. For those getting just 1 download failure on "BugReport.English.xml:StatusUnzip". Try placing this file directly into your game files at the following location. APB Reloaded\Launcher\Localization\English This may resolve the issue for now, if it doesn't please provide a screenshot of the errors you're seeing. ~@mayii
  4. Thank you for posting about this, as mentioned in my other post the team is looking into the issue. ~@mayii
  5. Thank you for posting about this, as mentioned in my other post the team is looking into the issue. ~@mayii
  6. Amayii


    The team has been notified of the issues, but as not everyone seems to be impacted this is a trickier issue to identify and resolve. They will continue to investigate the issue and work with our partners to resolve it as quickly as they can. ~@mayii
  7. Our IT team is looking into the issue. That specific error can happen when you're not cleanly disconnected from the servers, our apologies. ~@mayii
  8. The servers are online and accessible, I will forward to the team that the notice on https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/patch-notes is not correct. ~@mayii
  9. There was a maintenance, but that has ended in the meantime. If you try again now it should work for you. ~@mayii
  10. Amayii

    i dont cant trading

    If you are unable to submit a ticket through the Support Portal, you can send in a request by emailing it to support@gamersfirst.com. ~@mayii
  11. This thread has been moved to the APB General Discussion section of our forums. The game has been back online for a number of hours. ~@mayii
  12. My apologies for the confusion. The maintenance yesterday didn't suffice to allow us to fully bring up the event, so we have to do another one today. This was mentioned by @Emily on our discord yesterday. ~@mayii
  13. Yes, we are currently in a maintenance window as was announced. ~@mayii
  14. Amayii

    Can't buy Item

    This thread has been moved to the APB Reloaded Bugs and Tech Issues section of our forums. Something you can try is adding the pack to your cart from another character and then switching back to the one you want the items on. Should that fail to bypass it, it's best to create a ticket with our Support Team so they can try to re-enable it for you from behind the scenes. ~@mayii
  15. This thread has been moved to the Game Suggestions section of our forums. ~@mayii
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