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  1. A number of replies had to be removed from this thread due to not being a part of civil discussions related to the topic at hand. While we understand the frustrations from various sides, keep the discussions civil. ~@mayii
  2. This thread has been moved to the PC Bug and Tech Issues section. ~@mayii
  3. This thread has been closed. ~@mayii
  4. As this issue has been resolved I'll mark it as such. ~@mayii
  5. This thread has been moved to the APB PC Bug and Tech Issues section of our forums. This is due to an ongoing issue we are experiencing with GTX 16 - series, RTX 20 and 30 - series cards. A lot more information on this issue can be found in this thread: At this point in time, we are not able to offer a guaranteed solution, though lowering the ingame quality substantially has been shown to help relieve some of the issues. We are working towards upgrading the game to 64 bit, which will remove this issue. The progress of that can be followed here: ~@mayii
  6. The advanced launcher can still be used, you can download it from our website. ~@mayii
  7. Our team is looking into this issue, I would like to advise anyone experiencing this issue to contact our Support Team so they can check in with you and try to resolve the issue with you. ~@mayii
  8. As this issue has been resolved, I've marked it as such and locked the thread. ~@mayii
  9. Amayii

    Found this bug

    This thread has been moved to the PC Bug and Tech Issues section of our forums. The issue itself is a graphical loading issue can be more frequent in some configurations than others, but is overall still quite rare. ~@mayii
  10. This thread has been closed as per OP's request. ~@mayii
  11. We had to remove a number of posts that were not related to the topic at hand/the game. Try to keep somewhat to the topic at hand and related to the game. If there are issues with certain players please report those through the appropriate channels. ~@mayii
  12. This thread has been moved to the APB Events section of our Forums. Gungames are announced on the forums and discord ahead of time, but at this point in time we have no set schedule for the next gungames. ~@mayii
  13. Our CM just posted on this issue in a different thread, ~@mayii
  14. As it has become clear that posting within a reasonable context is not possible, this thread has been closed. ~@mayii
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