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  1. This topic has been discussed at length in a prior thread and the person you're proposing a second chance for has stated before that they don't want it. As a result I will be closing this topic. ~@mayii
  2. Amayii


    I have moved this topic to the PC Bug and Tech Issues section of our forums. I'm very sorry to inform you that due to issues in the past we are still working through the backlog of tickets in an effort to bring down the response times as quickly as possible. The most up to date info I have on that is at roughly 2 weeks: ~@mayii
  3. Those 3 temporary weapons that were mailed to everyone upon logging in are indeed so that you can test out the changes in the weapon Prototype district. ~@mayii
  4. I have moved this thread to the Game Suggestions section of our forums. ~@mayii
  5. I have moved this thread to the Game suggestions section of our forums. ~@mayii
  6. The information being referred to is in the Nekrova Migration 8-15-19 thread, more specifically: ~@mayii
  7. This thread has been locked at OP's request. If you see posts that are against the rules I would like to ask that you report those to us, we are only human and it can always happen that we miss a post. ~@mayii
  8. I have moved this topic to the General Discussion section of our forums. Until an official statement comes that says otherwise, you are allowed to use the advanced APB Launcher. ~@mayii
  9. Amayii

    Donate problems

    I fully understand your frustrations, We are working hard to cut down the support response times as quickly as possible. The last update I have on that is a response time of roughly 2 weeks, but I expect an update on that to be coming in the near future ~@mayii
  10. Thread has been locked at the OP's request. ~@mayii
  11. As this is now resolved, I'll lock this thread and place it in the resolved issues section ~@mayii
  12. It should only be a maximum of 2 weeks according to the latest post in the thread: ~@mayii
  13. Contacting our support team would be your best option, they are able to help you unlink your account from the steam account so that you can then link your 'main' account. ~@mayii
  14. As mentioned, the compensation will be given out in the following days and not during this maintenance. I'm not sure if the migration process has fully finished yet, since we haven't had a post about that yet. ~@mayii
  15. While I very much understand your frustrations, we share them too. I'm sorry we weren't able to communicate this to you all earlier. ~@mayii
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