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  1. Not sure who downvoted you, but it wasnt me. Im only active on forums like once a week. Regardless average wait time is still around 4-6 months.
  2. LOL this guy, thinking they'll respond to his support ticket in 2 weeks. Average wait time is like 4-6 months
  3. Pffffft, a month would be if they were drugged out of their mind on speed, coke, and a limitless pill lmao. Try like 5-6 months, that's a bit more in the norm, lets be honest
  4. They're the definition of a Superiority Complex. They think just because they havent seen them, that they must not exist at all and that only their experience is truth and nobody elses. Cheaters aren't rampant like people say, but theres definitely a specific few who are being obvious.
  5. That was just what I've been told. AFAIK it could be issues with functionality, art, music, I dont know. Regardless Matt's already acknowledged that it's on the roadmap at some point since everyone loves it.
  6. This has been suggested so many times already, even I've suggested it. Matt already said they're looking into it, however obviously it's not really a priority, not to mention a bunch of licensing bullshoot to work through
  7. If it was being developed around the same time as the Growl, it's more than likely they've at least got some concepts drawn of it. Possibly a model, just without mechanics.
  8. Eh, said it in the discord the other day. I actually hackusate only maybe 3 people or so. I just accuse them often because the same behavior is repeated.
  9. Kek, this boi was teleporting around the map and was undamageable. But hey you can be salty about my accusations all you like
  10. Yeah I figured they're likely just understaffed, not an uncommon sight among a lot of companies. I mean the least they could do is bring on a couple more people to help with it, at least as temporary employees if they don't have other skills to contribute to LO with. Hell, Id take a temp position lol
  11. I mean it took them 6 months to get to a possible cheater report with included video from me. It sure as shit feels like they're either not allocating enough people to support/not willing to hire more, or they're pulling people off support to work on updates. I refuse to believe that they're "swamped" with so many tickets that it could literally put them half a year behind without any forethought.
  12. Egocentric people gotta brag somewhere, right?
  13. Jesus nevermind the entire rest of that clusterfuck of a comment, that was the cringiest thing I've read this year plz stahp
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