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  1. Explorer is too close to the Sentinel and the Civic is too close to the Han Veo. Plus the Mirage I think is supposed to be another high level sports car like the Growl. Probably a Lamborghini-esque and/or Bugatti-esque one as the Corvette takes cues from Ferrari so it would need to be enough difference between them,
  2. sees Hazardous's incredibly negative scoring Huh, it's almost like Im not surprised at all lmao
  3. Oh, I thought the FAR series was a Carbine reskin, that explains some firerate questions lol. DB Shotgun would be nice, 2 shots only, semi-quick reload. Problem being, make it kill in 2, 3, or 4 shots? Could be like the strife where it 2 shots, but with a double barrel having a dual-action trigger, it would mean zero chance of survival if you got close to them, although perhaps that could be countered with sharp damage dropoff starting at 10m and zeroing out at like 25-30m. That was all you have to do is not get close, pretty applicable tactic to most shotguns here anyway. Dual pistols would be nice, but Ill have to create a Neo outfit first lol
  4. Reading your notes, it seems that a lot of guns would be better suited to pre-nerf G1 stats. Makes sense, I wasn't around much those days so I don't remember them well. Anubis could use a small crosshair rework. Wonder what their plans are, after the engine patch.
  5. Imagine being dumb and useless enough to not even contribute. Grow a brain and actually discuss it then.
  6. Fu** I forgot about that, reeeeeeeeeeeeee Although tbf actual MP40 mags were 32 rounds
  7. Wanted to contribute, spent way too much time on the comment, decided to just make a post instead:
  8. In my opinion, here are the guns that need different re-balances. COMPLETE REWORK -Hazardous (Remodel too. Make it the M1 Thompson, so it's different from the Typewriter series. Give it a unique mod or something. It's just a garbage Typewriter with a "special" skin. Perhaps the unique blue mod could be the box mag the M1 came with, 30 rounds but much faster reload time?) -Anubis (I legitimately have not seen anyone say nice things about this. Also Id love a normal Armas-based WA2000) -Reaper (There's a reason this thing is next to the Hazardous in MP price. Regular Scout is better in pretty much every single way.) -Hitchhiker/JD. (Although JD is still useful point-blank. Never seen anyone use HH, like ever.) -EOL Series - (This whole series has just been garbage from the beginning. The only useful one is the Kickback and even that becomes obsolete when you get the OPGL or Low Yield normal grenades. -Not legendaries, but holy balls the entire Revelations pack needs a rework. The Misery, Strife, Oblivion, and Curse are all just awful. (Although you can kinda-use the Strife. And the Misery is semi-usable fully-modded.) But seriously they should be way better than their current state. MODERATE RE-BALANCE (STATS, MODS, ETC) -Cap40 (Higher fire rate or higher normal damage, it seems pretty lackluster in any performance other than shooting through a dumpster or a glass wall.) -Thumper (I guess it applies to all shotguns, but performance with all have been lacking. Constant issue so probably just the overall shotgun balance pass would fix it.) -Ursus (Some people say it's damage is too high, or its not really a technical legendary. That'd probably be a finicky one and rely on usage stats.) -Volcano (2 rockets? Skipping the impossible/improbable ballistics behind that, they do far too much damage per rocket. It should still kill in relative vicinity using 2 rockets, but they should only do like 50-60% damage, not the 80-90 per rocket it seems to do currently. That being the most obvious among other things I cant think of right now) -Nano (Outclassed by other automatic sidearms. Cant tell you how many times I've killed someone who was using a Nano when I was using an NFA or a JD. I know G1 nerfed it post-release as with most things, but if I remember correctly it was also OP as hell when it released. Likely as G1 intended to boost sales before nerfing.) -Firework Launcher (It just doesn't have a place since you can get the Flare Gun. Maybe make it have an extended detection range but less ammo? Not sure how one could really change this off the bat.) -Duck (Its literally just a Scout with a Duck tagger. Gun skin itself is pretty awful too. Same issue as the Reaper overall, just not much of a place among other Armas weapons.) -Thunder (Likely just another general shotgun issue. Haven't seen anyone use it in recent months.) VERY LITTLE RE-BALANCE NEEDED, OR WEAPON SEEMS FINE AS IS. -VBR Huntress (It's good all around. With IR3 it can do damage at mid-range easily, with CJ3 you can spam it in CQC and win relatively often as long as you get the first shot. Perhaps could extend the dropoff range a bit.) -Ogre (It's speed makes up for the general shotgun issue, still performs well in close quarters. Perhaps when a shotgun buff comes, it might need a bit of a reduction, perhaps in pellet amount or something.) GUNS THAT I DONT HAVE ENOUGH EXPERIENCE WITH TO DETERMINE -Condor -Colby Commander -Corsair (Heard this is pretty useless all around. Only seen a few people use it so far, with poor results.) -New Glory -Medusa -FFA R&D III (I think I've only seen a couple people use this before. But there's a reason it's worth what, 15-20 million APB$, if not more? 3 mod slots on that must be pretty good combined with it's rarity.) -Yukon (I know this got destroyed in the nerf it received. Only seen 1 person use it in the last 3 months and they switched after getting killed a few times in pistol matches.) -Bloody Mary (Never seen anyone actually use it.) -OSCP Series (I've heard that these are just awful.) FEEL FREE TO DISCUSS. THESE ARE SIMPLY MY OPINIONS ON WHAT I'VE EXPERIENCED SO FAR.
  9. I don't know what you're referencing. But you cant tell me the event is actually worthwhile considering it literally only rewards you with titles. It serves no purpose.
  10. The event is garbage anyway. Waterfront spawns are awful to begin with and the Egglauncher pushes them back another 300m. Me and a couple other guys spawned literally 600m away from the egglauncher. People kills bunnies and chickens specifically so nobody else can get them. The event has zero order and is just a massive clusterf**k. ON TOP OF THAT, it completely killed Action districts. I haven't seen more than 6 people on a single action district in over 6 hours (8AM-2PM). Granted it might rise in a few hours when people get out of work, but it shouldnt be completely dead regardless. And for what? A bunch of uncreative titles that people will use for a week before switching back to something else? APB's events have always been trash and always will be. Just like the Corsair JMB, this was a complete waste of everybody's time and should have never been done. Focus on the Engine Update, fix this buggy trash, then you can start introducing stuff like that. For god's sake, the gas station car spawner by the south parking garage STILL cannot spawn 2 cars at the same time. Been that way since RTW release as far as I remember.
  11. The event is garbage to begin with. Killed the Action Districts, the spawns away from the Egglauncher person are anywhere from 100m to 600m while being like 200m away at least from the nearest car spawner, the entire event is just this awfully-assembled piece of trash. Why they ever wasted any time on it astounds me. I also see people just going around killing bunnies/chickens to prevent anyone from getting them. The entire event serves no purpose and should be removed.
  12. Either way we can all agree this is a dumb thing do to and literally nobody in the community wanted this as it does nothing to improve the experience and just milks this garbage even more.
  13. Dont do that, dont give me hope. But there's no way they're doing that. I mean this thing is seriously low-effort too. All they did was reskin an NL9. No remodel, nothing other than a few stat changes that could be done in a single day's time and a skin that could be made in a few hours' time. They're just trying to milk it like G1 did. 3 JMB's with bad reactions from the community for all of them. If they really wanted to get people interested in JMBs again they'd remove those absolutely god awful 3-day guns from the boxes.
  14. Same. Its that one gun I was never able to learn and baffles me when I see people (and myself) getting clapped by it. The .45 and my NFA are nice tho lol, nothing like a good mini-brrrt point blank
  15. Oh its Yood again, who got rid of the parental restrictions on his computer this time?
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