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  1. Yeah I legitimately wouldnt mind a character merge. I dont think my ms would be much higher anyway. Maybe like 70-150? I grew up with like 270-300ms average so thats nothing lmao
  2. Oh I didnt necessarily mean it like right this second lol, like when both servers are actively ready. Then merge them, when there wont be a production conflict.
  3. They shoved Han in Jericho, why wouldnt Jericho-Citadel merge be possible. Also, you seem to be extremely negative on the forums. Not to mention not really coming back with anything that could help Jericho.
  4. Having personally witnessed the awful decline in population over the last few years, I think its safe to say Jericho, or what remains of it, needs to be merged with Citadel. Its Tuesday, and as of writing this at 5:19EST, this seems to be the highest pop of the server time at 38 players, with 14 of those players being in social district, and the other 24 being a pretty even 11-13 split. Earlier today around 2PM it was 20 people, with 8 of them being in social. I personally think we should just rip off the band-aid and do the merger. There's no sense in dividing what little population this game holds among continental servers.
  5. Itll even itself out, assuming it regains population. Like the similarities with DayZ, there are plenty of servers that just hand you everything so you can PVP without a grind or anything, however those servers retain either a very specific-minded community, or just cycles through people who try it, dislike it, and leave. But with every private server that hands everything out, there will be geometrically more servers that will retain the normal game style. For DayZ as an example, there is maybe 10 private servers that focus purely on PVP that retain any consistent population. And yet, theres several THOUSANDS of other servers that remain the normal game, or a more hardcore-style game. The cheaters will still be a problem, sure, but thats MMO's for you. However, theyre surprisingly rare on DayZ. Maybe because BI does a good job with BattlEye, or maybe because theyre all on the PVP servers. Either way, theres ways to combat cheaters.
  6. Do they really still have it in the character creator stage? Then what the hell is stopping them from putting the main menu back lmao, since apparently the resources are still there. Hell, the entire old main menu system is probably still in the files somewhere, just waiting to be called on
  7. Without a doubt. I remember a game, I dont know what it was, but the studio was dissolving and going bankrupt, and as a last ditch attempt to keep the game alive despite the studio dissolve, they gave everything to the community. All the source code, all the tools they used, every bit of info and tech they could think of. And the community used to all to the max and kept the game well alive for more than a decade. Ill try to remember what it was sometime
  8. I dont know how to actually input the video into the forums instead of just linking, RIP Man, I remember my very first memory of playing this game. I was maybe 12-ish. My character, as per the comical norm, was a grossly fat man with an afro. I ran out into the road, having unknowingly gotten into a mission. No idea what to do, and then proceeded to get run over by a car. Didnt know if it was traffic or a player, couldnt tell what was going on. It was chaos and it was perfect. Then I started learning, and having the most fun I had ever had. Some of my best memories in gaming still lie with APB. Days long gone...
  9. Considering exactly this happened to DayZ Standalone, after the studio inside Bohemia Interactive that was handling DayZ effectively collapsed it became a mostly community-produced game. Many vehicles, guns, systems, etc, that shouldve been in the game years ago all got made within the span of a few months by dedicated people who wanted to see the game's vision thoroughly, and made quite high quality stuff. Take the Namalsk map for example. Sumrak built his own cold mechanics, frostbite mechanics, AI, spawn systems, etc. He alone changed the entire course of DayZ through his release. Unfortunately for APB, that kind of community doesnt really exist here anymore. Im sure theres a few who can probably make some stuff happen, but APB is spaghetti-coded to oblivion and outdated by a long time. DayZ was at least relatively modern and used the same mechanics as the ArmA series so a huge amount of people already knew their way around the code and knew what to do from the start. I think it'd be hardpressed to find many people capable of community-producing this game, much less people willing to learn. Dont get me wrong, I like the idea and think it'd be a good move to at least give people the access to create shit for the game, but Im not sure theres much that can be done at this point.
  10. Explorer is too close to the Sentinel and the Civic is too close to the Han Veo. Plus the Mirage I think is supposed to be another high level sports car like the Growl. Probably a Lamborghini-esque and/or Bugatti-esque one as the Corvette takes cues from Ferrari so it would need to be enough difference between them,
  11. sees Hazardous's incredibly negative scoring Huh, it's almost like Im not surprised at all lmao
  12. Oh, I thought the FAR series was a Carbine reskin, that explains some firerate questions lol. DB Shotgun would be nice, 2 shots only, semi-quick reload. Problem being, make it kill in 2, 3, or 4 shots? Could be like the strife where it 2 shots, but with a double barrel having a dual-action trigger, it would mean zero chance of survival if you got close to them, although perhaps that could be countered with sharp damage dropoff starting at 10m and zeroing out at like 25-30m. That was all you have to do is not get close, pretty applicable tactic to most shotguns here anyway. Dual pistols would be nice, but Ill have to create a Neo outfit first lol
  13. Reading your notes, it seems that a lot of guns would be better suited to pre-nerf G1 stats. Makes sense, I wasn't around much those days so I don't remember them well. Anubis could use a small crosshair rework. Wonder what their plans are, after the engine patch.
  14. Imagine being dumb and useless enough to not even contribute. Grow a brain and actually discuss it then.
  15. Fu** I forgot about that, reeeeeeeeeeeeee Although tbf actual MP40 mags were 32 rounds
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