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  1. Well if there was a way to make something NOT a required question, Id have done that. Since I can't, I just edited the second one and removed "if no". Cool your feminine features, cupcake
  2. Just to present the general consensus here. It's been debated over and over again in comment chains, but lets just put it to a vote and call it good, alright? That way we can focus on other useless things to argue about lol
  3. Pro-tip: Don't try and communicate in any other language than your native one if you don't actually know the language. Google Translate is *not* your friend because it fails to take into account context and subtext.
  4. Edited font for visibility. This is exactly what I did. Don't get me wrong, I fucking love APB and what it used to be. Played it everyday, first real mmo I stuck with. But god fucking damn it's a putrid mess of shit now and it's actually painful to play it. Another thing, while it's nice to have a consistent community, I shouldnt be able to recognize literally every single name in the district. That shows that there's nobody new joining. There was new people for a brief period after LO's acquisition of APB, but that stopped fairly quickly. I should be able to come on and see names I don't know, low ranks and newbies, cars with original and new designs. I see none of that today. Not a single piece of that. Things need to change, now. Engine Update, advertising/marketing, etc. Fuck RIOT, it was a dumb thing to have ever even wasted time concepting. They claim "its not a battle royale", even though that's exactly what it is. It's a battle royale with slightly different mechanics. APB doesnt need RIOT, it doesnt need a new gamemode, it needs a new fucking engine that isn't made of broken crayons and dog poo. After that, it needs model and texture updates assuming that those arent part of the engine update. After THAT, we can focus on content. But the focus right now SHOULD ONLY BE functionality and engine. I pray that such a thing is realized before the rest of the community stops playing.
  5. Lol, I remember when they said we'd have Engine Update by last September
  6. Considering literally nobody asked for RIOT mode, I highly doubt it will succeed. People will play it, sure. But it'll die quickly once the "new stuff" feeling goes away.
  7. A lot of us grow up with shitty internet. I can play relatively well on anything up to about 250-300ms. Above 300ms I start to suffer quite a bit and it just goes downhill exponentially above 350-400ms. 400+ is the point where I have to quit and do something else lol. It's like having all-natural lag compensation lol
  8. Based on a study conducted by a company who makes profits off of this industry, they claim that their target revenue source will never stop producing revenue for them. Seems legit, like an oil company saying that oil is the best energy source.
  9. Im surprised you used any of your time at all considering what a worthless perspective you have on the issue anyway. Like a flat-earther trying to debate a geologic process.
  10. That part. That part is what irks me that you don't know what you're talking about. You say *MY* perception is off, yet you refuse to counter it with any sort of value. Any POTENTIAL (if any) damages I caused were extremely minimal in the grand scheme. The fact that you think cheaters are such a huge issue shows how completely skewed your perception is. Cheaters are visible in APB because theres less than 1000 players in the fucking game, meaning you have an exponentially higher chance of encountering here than say, Battlefield 4. And let me state here that I was counting the time of other players as part of the potential damages. Their time has extremely little value to begin with considering theyre using it on video games. This isn't their job, it isn't their livelihood. I wasnt impacting their lives or forcing them to do things that bring about a negative affect to their lives. The whole rant of yours alone shows that you have zero grasp of the concept of industry and business. All this shit about the industry "growing old enough to consider cheating a crime". The game industry is over 40 years old already. Cheating is a crime in countries where cultural lack of education about cheating persists (see: China). Also, Cheat Developers != Cheat Users. Cheat Developers have a much more noticeable impact (obviously) than the user. Either learn how the fucking industry works or don't participate in the argument at all, as you have provided absolutely nothing of value. ILL REMIND YOU THAT I HAVE BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT, YOU HAVE NOT.
  11. Apples to Oranges, kid. Try your useless comparisons on someone who didn't study law. (Business Law at that) Ill give you the very basic rundown of why online cheating (that doesn't directly involve business affairs, for example: cheating in video games as compared to online gambling, which is a direct business-related affair) isn't an actual crime in the US Courts: Because the resources spent finding and punishing those who do it far outweighs the industry effects of the cheaters. That's extremely basic industry/law, you should know that. Think about it, Ill use myself as an example: I cheated on APB for roughly half a year, if that. I probably caused a couple dozen people to ragequit from their session. But, the actual revenue impact of that? I'd be surprised if I even cost them a single dollar of their revenue stream. DDOS'ers take out more revenue than a cheater ever will, which is why DDOS'ing is an actual punishable crime, because it can significantly affect a digitally-based company. So why would a court waste some undisclosed fuckload of resources, manpower, and money, to track me down, and fine me....what? 30 cents in damages? You see how useless that idea is now?
  12. I think the point that he's trying to make is that your point is far-reaching at best. Cheaters actively damage the industry, yes. But the damage they do is incredibly minimal in the grand scheme of things, not to mention the many active countermeasures available to deter cheating. US Courts will never find cheating an imprison-able crime as there are more than enough deterrents available to all companies. They'd majority rule that if a company's revenue or production is severely hampered by cheating, then the company isn't doing enough to prevent it. We're not a communist regime. We don't burn books and we don't imprison cheaters simply because they choose to cheat. We tell the companies to grow the fuck up and use the countermeasures that they all have access to, or develop their own.
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