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  1. Oh please you're about as apologetic as a repeat violent felon lmao. My evidence? Blue quote = Fake apologetic Orange quote = Terribly veiled insults poorly hidden within an brownnosing apology. Green = Honestly just brownnosing to the Xth degree. Come on kid, you're not good at this. You literally just attempted to ask for zero punishment by brownnosing the christ of out any mods who might look at this, and then continue to attempt to insult multiple times. And yet, you still dont see why you're a hypocrite. Guess we can add narcissism to the list now too.
  2. Re-read, for the Xth time. Ill make it bigger this time so your blind clown eyes can read it. cough cough You ready? ahem BECAUSE I CAN BE.
  3. Are you fucking blind, kid? *My account is permanently banned, its not coming back, I do not care* I dont know what part of that you don't understand, honestly. Also, for an American, you have a very terrible grasp of basic spelling.
  4. Ah yes, there you go, completely ignoring the horrible things you just said and deflecting. Man, you really need a new strategy. Ill just paste it here again so you can keep re-reading your own words and maybe youll realize what a idiot Something something civil rights movement called, they want their rights back.
  5. Everyone pretty much is NPC's when we're online. Are you suffering from Main Character Syndrome? If you cannot differentiate the real world and the real people you deal with from some random internet folk who you really shouldnt pay any mind to to begin with, then thats your problem, not mine. Maybe you should learn to not assign emotional value to things that are completely arbitrary and intangible. If people never "inserted themselves into communities theyre not welcome in", which is a horrible take thats way worse than anything I ever said, guess what? We'd still have racial segregation, the Romani (or gypsies, as you'd know them), would've all been imprisoned long ago, Jews probably wouldnt exist in anywhere near the capacity they do today, gays would never have had any basic human rights, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc. You want to talk about the severity of things you say, yet you're preaching the exact mentality of the thing you hate so much. For someone whos so personally offended, you sure have a really bigoted take, how ironic, and hypocritical. This isnt a good look on you, bozo. Yeah, you're not the one who should be trying to convince anyone of anything. You're about as much of a hypocrite as they come. You couldnt teach a rabbit to eat lettuce, much less try and indoctrinate someone with your piss poor worldview and awful perspective.
  6. Where did I claim that this is what I wanted? Please, link it. Because I have the Freedom Of Speech and because I can? Last I checked, you're in no power to do anything otherwise Is that Copium and Seethium Im smelling? Oh jesus christ bless thy Lord for He has decided to be merciful with all of his completely non-existent powers. Come on buddy, and said something about me being a bozo lmao
  7. Kid, I get it, you're new to the internet. But re-read what you said in the first line. Its shit talk. People talk shit to each other. It happens when you're not a fragile little flower and other people aren't fragile little flowers. Jesus, a COD multiplayer lobby would eat like a swarm of locusts. And again, I really do not care. My account is gone, forever, whoosh, bye bye. And what? The game itself has less than 1000 players. It hasnt changed since roughly 2013. Its getting too dated to be sustainable to begin with. Im not going to miss this. Maybe you would, but thats because you dont have other interests, I assume. Im not as attached to this game as you appear to be. Apparently Im still welcome here because Im not banned here lmao. Ooooooh and also because I dont bend to the whim of some virgins on the internet who cry and mald like Tumblr users who just saw their first swastika. I don't do it in person because I actually care about the people Im around, not because of the penalties for what would happen. You'll understand when you find a friend, of course you gotta have one first before you can understand. I follow the speed limits IRL, not because Id get arrested otherwise, but because I dont trust other driver's ability to actually drive. It's not the consequences that drive someone. At least, not when that person is capable of even remotely complex thought. Guess you dont fit that category. You only claim I dont have a logical answer because none of the ones I give, and none of the ones I ever give, will ever align with your own perspective. Thats called bias. And also called me not caring. Dont agree, Im not trying to convince you, Im simply explaining what happened. And again, because for whatever reason your reading comprehension is terrible, I never made any claims that what I said was right. Just that its nowhere near as bad as fragile little bunnies like you think it is. By all means, I'd like to see you personally force me out of the community lmao. What a joke.
  8. To you, perhaps. I've taken advantage of everything the game has to offer. I made and sold themes, symbols, vehicles. I learned and became very experience in the designer and had some of the more complex designs in Jericho aside from the once-major clans that paid people for their work. That societal progression your talking about extends to you, btw. You're automatically assuming my lifestyle because of one trivial insult in a videogame. The only one who needs to grow or improve their lives is you, if thats how short and shallow your thinking is. Especially is this day and age where assuming things will get you cancelled by the mass media. Bold move Cotton, we'll see if it pays off. No, but I also never claimed that it did. Don't try and fluff up your opinion with things I never claimed, it wont work. Or he did it because he lost the match and he's petty and wanted to see me punished to make himself feel better. Given the APB playerbase, which is more likely? Im going with the latter, because its APB, its not known for being full of nice and honorable people. Ignorance of what, exactly? I called you a clown because you have a clown take. Honk honk, buddy. Did you think I didnt expect you to do exactly what you did here and quote that? Come on buddy, thats just being predictable. K?
  9. Yes, and this is a video game. Where everyone is anonymous. Things change in the digital world, chief. Im not assuming, actually. Because these things get turned into huge lawsuits, at least in the US. Was a big thing about a decade ago where there was a span of friends convincing their depressed friends to commit suicide. This is not that, and comparing the two is an invalid and irrelevant point. Perhaps, if someone is unable to handle things of such trivial nature being said to them on the internet, then maybe they shouldnt be on the internet. The broader internet does not have rules, thats part of the real world. Im sure in some picture perfect police state utopia, no insults would ever happen online, but currently the US is not one giant dictatorship police state where every part of the internet is fully controlled. A broad, unfounded, irrelevant, and just generally odd assumption to make, speaking of assumptions. Me throwing a generic insult at somebody does not equate to me being "bored of life" lol This is an irrelevant comparison. 1) Because marrying off children still happens in present day, in many countries. Yeah, its not great, but it still happens pretty much every day. 2) Telling someone to off themselves is not saying something that historically disenfranchises someone, like a racial or homophobic slur. I wasnt out here bleating the N-word, chief.
  10. Oh theyve already stated it wont be unbanned, hence why Im here. I dont honestly care about the account anymore, not like anyone's getting what's on it back. And with the way the game is going, there's nothing it really offers thats unique anymore. Sure, it can be fun, but some motivated indie dev could probably crank out an exact replica in UE5 within a single year if they wanted to match the current quality. For something by 2023 standards, maybe 2-3 years. Either way its not like I can lose anything now lol
  11. Yes, of course, but you're going to spend much more resources and time arresting a corrupt president than you would a chicken thief. Hell in most areas a chicken thief would probably just be fined and let go versus doing life in prison for treason and corruption. See where Im going with this? You realize sharing support tickets is against forum rules right? I dont particularly care about rules anymore, but I want to see how long this lasts. Also with everything thats been said in this post so far, how did you come to the conclusion that Im a cheater, out of nowhere? I literally admitted to telling someone to off themselves. This has nothing to do with EAC lmao, although I do believe its about as useless as ever. The game itself is fundamentally broken.
  12. Sounds like they must be pretty bored at work then lol Who'd imagine, they do a week's worth of work every 12 months lol
  13. Fun fact buddy, thats exactly the point. That there is no point. Which also proves my point that you have no idea about any of this and you're only hopping on the bandwagon about "reeeee glad youre banned reeee". Would you be able to quote exactly where I said that? I dont remember saying that at all. Im simply saying I dont believe that in any way what I said justifies a permanent ban. 8 days, 30 days, 6 months, just temporary wouldve been enough. But I guess some people took "thin skinned" and decided to be "transparent skinned" instead. Also just pointing out how weird it is that I got far less punishment for cosplaying a German WW2 soldier than I did for telling someone to off themselves. Is being in the Wehrmacht more acceptable than telling someone to off themselves these days? Im confused. Also, incorrect usage of the word "law". Law implies a legal regulation in the real world. Not some company's 2023 Politically Correct Terms Of Clownery. I never said it was "wretched". Im saying its normal. Average. Common. Menial/Trivial. It doesnt matter. If you had half a brain to use, you'd have been able to figure that out by now. Which proves my other point about the general APB playerbase not being the brightest bulbs from the factory. And I feel gratification every time I blow a load. Ironic how you mentioned something earlier about not having a point.
  14. Its because I legitimately have never seen you before so you claiming all that bs has zero basis to me. So I figured by proxy if youre making claims like that, that Id probably recognize you at the very least, and I didnt. Which then meant either I didnt know you or you were using a forum name different than your ingame name or under an alt char. Never heard that term before, neat. But honestly I do have a filter, I just didn't see any reason to use one especially in this regard. I save my profanity filter for people and things I actually care about lol. Either way, I was heated earlier about losing my account, but after a bit I kinda just accepted I was gonna get tired of the game and take another year long break, and that the game is probably never going to be in its promised state, or that if it ever is, Id probably just want to start over anyway, so I just dont care anymore.
  15. I already made a ticket. They denied it. Do the math, rain man. Aint that complicated. Also, pretty sure Im not the only one whos ever insulted LO. Remind me how many promises they broke since they acquired APB? Hell I still remember them talking about adding a new car lmao
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