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  1. Lmao cry about it, oh wait you already are. You really think a couple mean words in /d are worse than the rampant cheater problem? Cool, then I guess you're part of the problem then. Degenerates like you who are incapable of handling a couple "mean words" but completely fine with aimbotters shawcopter'ing around every waking hour of the day are why Jericho and this game are dead, congrats, you're a saint. Ah, your whole profile consists of sucking off APB at every given opportunity. Your mentality makes a lot more sense now. Dont worry bro, Im sure the devs will see it and reward you or something lmao
  2. Lmao I got perma'd for using just talking shit to the enemy team while they had a blatant aimbotter. Yup, you read that right. For telling someone to uninstall, and to stop playing with their "friend" if they cant play legit, I got perma'd. Oh, and that cheater still hasnt been banned, even after I sent very, VERY obvious video proof to the support team and got told "they'd look into it". (Which is just code for "fuck you we're not gonna do anything lmao"). Dude was literally using a stock SHAW and spinning around killing everyone like the SHAWcopters plague back in 2012. Im sure cheaters are probably 90% of their income base by now. Nobody legit is gonna spend money while they're getting ran down by cheaters constantly and LO hasnt updated shit in 3+ years. The game is officially/unofficially dead, and good riddance honestly
  3. Lmao right. At this point, as much as I hate to say it, Id rather a company like Nexon take over APB.
  4. Lmao, so things that should have been done well before the vehicle ever fucking released are going to be looked into? Oh gee well thats reassuring lmao. Its almost like they should have done literally basic entry-level Quality Assurance to make sure it wasnt a flaming pile of dogshit PRIOR TO RELEASE first lmao
  5. After seeing the other post with how bad the render quality was on it, I was half-expecting that they'd just skip animating the fuckin thing and it'd end up like the black placeholder vehicle model you'd get sometime when the game would have issues loading sometimes where nothing on the vehicle would move or animate XD
  6. Anyone who legitimately thought LO would spend any quality time on this car really should evaluate their Critical Thinking skill. They're just desperate for money. They dont care about quality. They dont care about testing to see if it functions or looks good. I've seen 12 year olds make assets that look better than this pile of dogshit. Glad I involuntarily dropped out of this game so I wasnt tempted to buy it lmao. But then again, I dont feel sorry for anyone who bought it. Anyone whos still giving this company money in 2023 is a fool. They've done absolutely nothing to deserve it. I made this post back in August. In this entire time, they've managed to do 1 task. Just one. And it was the new car. And they couldn't even do that properly. They couldn't even half-assed it. It was like, quarter-assed, or eighth-assed lmao
  7. So this is the mystical "Mirage" after all these years? Yeah, it's definitely fitting of the name, cause Im gonna need a "mirage" to cover up that fuckin dumpster fire from my vision lmaoooo What a fucking pile of shit. Pretty sure there's better FREE assets on the Unreal asset store they could've modified in a quarter of the time and it wouldve been infinitely better. They must be really desperate for some form of income.
  8. Oh yeah this test will be fantastic for all the fuckin >200 people that still play this deadass game lmaoooo. Even the forums are dead now. Theres only been like 1 post since November started. Shit, even I just came back here to comment because Im drunk and wanted a fuckin quick laugh at yall Good luck matchmaking with no players lmaoo
  9. Hah. Good luck finding any company with the funds or will to do that. You basically kill 98% of all possibility just by saying "shouldnt have p2w elements" lmao. That's a requirement for all the big corporations these days, LO included because they're scum. Its a nice thought, but thats about as far as it goes. To essentially remake APB from the ground up, even if you were to just directly copy the map layouts, character names, hell even copy the sounds just to save time and money; you'd still be spending probably upwards of 10-20 million USD just on developing the game for today's architectures. Don't get me wrong, an APB clone in UE4 or even UE5 would be stellar, but things like that cost money, and it definitely aint cheap. Easiest way to get started would be by permanently shuttering LO and their claim over the APB intellectual property rights. That way you could at least grab some basic drawing-board stuff to go from. 90% of the work would just be developing the systems required for usage on modern engines, although honestly for a basic clone you could probably use pre-made systems designed by other people and work around them, but that brings in legal challenges. In summary: Keep dreaming, that's about all you can do.
  10. Couldnt have said it better myself, chief. Perfect explanation.
  11. Lmao I dont even have an account with the game anymore, so same as me. To remember the good times, and laugh at how stupid we were to believe in LO's fuckin savior-complex when they were just as predatory and greedy as G1, and how they're gonna go down the shitter just the same.
  12. Doesnt matter. Just open source it regardless. Im sure theres plenty of people out there with general knowledge of how it works who could probably tie some stuff together and actually implement some proper fixes.
  13. Negativity is ironically good, because it helps them to recognize that their stupid fucking FOMO scummy desperation sales where they drag out the FFA and Temptress to milk whoever is left, wont fuckin work lmao. The silence is deafening. There hasnt been any progress in years. The only "progress" they ever made was the 64 bit. Even the "legendaries" they made were old G1 templates that were just never released lmao
  14. Lmao yeah thats definitely some pure Heisenberg-grade copium right there. Theres a reason they stopped doing the devblog updates too lol, cause they have fucking nothing to show for it.
  15. Hiya kids, I'm feelin like havin a laugh at LO's expense right now so seeing as we're 3/4 of the way through 2023, figured I'd dust off LO's 2023 roadmap and see all of the 0 progress theyve made, point by point. Key: Completed(this literally isnt used anyway), Partially Finished, Nowhere In Sight. Highest Priority - Hosting Upgrade #1 64 bit implemented. Partial EAC support. Epic Services fell through as far as Im aware. - New Car Pffft nowhere in sight. Who honestly expected a new car to happen? -We also want to use the release of a new car to do some balancing on all our vehicles to make sure each one has a solid use case. The goal is to use a series of small buffs and adjustments to improve less utilized cars. Also absolutely lmao. No balance passes for any of the other cars are anywhere in sight. - Hosting Upgrade #2 – New Mission Queueing System, Improved Matchmaking, Phasing Fucking lmao do I even need to say anything here? ‘Mission Queueing’ -This means players can mess around with friends, spend time upgrading their items, or even editing symbols and clothing while they queue. Rather than taking a year to get the full system working, we want to roll this out in multiple smaller steps: Step 1: Matchmake across all other players queueing in your world. Force an exit from your current district upon accepting and into a lobby which allows players ample time to load into a new district. When all players are available, start the match, and force them to spawn on the map screen. Step 2: Do step #1, but with limited phasing where we keep the district type in memory along with all art assets. This means if you’re queuing for a Financial mission, and you’re already in any Financial district, your loading time will be significantly less. Once the lobby is full, we force all players to spawn on the map screen. Step 3: Do step #1, but with full phasing where we place the character in the same exact position the player was previously in, accounting for collision issues in the new district, eliminating the need to return to the spawn screen. Players coming from other district maps would go through Step 2. All of this is is vapor/non-existent. - New Contacts, Lynette and Lucas have already been revealed to the community, and we are hoping to release them after EasyAntiCheat and Hosting Upgrade #1. These contacts will be added as optional Tier 3 contacts with requirements similar to Tier 5 contacts – they are meant to fill the gap on existing content that hasn’t been historically available through progression (The NSSW, OCA Nano, and HVR ‘Scout’) and to offer new progression points for veterans (new modifications, cars not normally available through progression, etc) Contacts are a lot of work – they require a lot of data entry, voiceover efforts, lore creation, and most importantly rewards. The last time APB: Reloaded released mainline progression contacts was nearly a decade ago with Gumball and Aletta. Nothing to be seen here at all either. - Hosting Upgrade #3: Multi-World District servers We will migrate the existing worlds to ‘regions’. Each region will host their own game servers and characters. These are grouped by location and latency to keep things as fast as possible. The idea is to have more, smaller regions vs. less larger worlds. Ditto as above. High Priority - Anti-Griefing Options / Streamer Mode Kek. Teamkilling is another serious problem – for streamers and regular players. While these issues can eventually be handled by customer support, there is generally no immediate resolution to a situation and often it’s easier for a player to log off and not play the game than it is to have it properly dealt with it. Kek x2 We need to make sure that the moment a player enters a mission, that they are not harassed by outside sources or intentional in-mission abuse. We’re looking into options such as: - Disabling out of mission collision contextually to prevent objectives being blocked. - Disabling collision on player-commandeered cars nearby that players have not interacted with in-mission interfering with objectives. - Hiding out-of-mission players while in streamer mode. - Flagging players as griefers so they are deprioritized from matchmaking – and potentially placed with other griefers until their behavior changes over time. Kek x3 There are potential abuses outside of these cases that we know we cannot address fully – no system is infallible – but with queued matchmaking combined with better cheat detection and deprioritization of griefers, we hope to lessen the impact on streamers to help the game grow. Kek Kaioken x4 or some shit idk - New Events and Holidays In 2018 and 2019, Little Orbit tried some rather unsuccessful ideas to replace our holiday events. I’m not afraid of making mistakes or trying new things, but I think it’s a tragedy that we didn’t iterate and try again. It’s time to try some new ideas and give you guys new rewards to earn. We will be redesigning the yearly cadence of events alongside expanding our LiveOps team to make sure we have enough new content in the pipeline to keep things interesting. There are plenty of mechanics that we created for Epidemic, Slay Bells, and RIOT that I would like to revisit to see if we can polish them a bit more. Lets be fucking honest here, out of all of the possible options listed here, we all expected LO to go straight for the only progress point that could generate actual potential income regardless of how greedy and predatory it'd make them look. (cough cough midsummer sale with desperation Temptress and FFA sale) Even though RIOT was hot fucking trash and just a dumpster fire attempt to piggyback off of PUBG. - Upgraded Tutorial / First Time User Experience (FTUE) Our current tutorial simply isn’t great past character creation. The tutorial itself needs to be modernized. Players are thrown into the Financial district after character creation with a menu that explains a bunch of text but never teaches them what to do contextually. They are also bombarded with popups and get lost and overwhelmed with all the information they are given. We currently rely on other players to ‘fill in the gap’ on information. We need something interactive that players can complete, while also teaching them about the game and mechanics that aren’t properly explained in-depth, such as leaning. This is a tricky area to improve. We will post more details as we get closer. Something that could actually help newbies? Whattttttt? Lmao, that could never happen. They have to suffer like everyone else. - Server-side anti-cheat alongside EAC The plan is to re-integrate FairFight as a server-sided solution to compliment EAC as our client-side solution. While there is never a “silver bullet” for cheat detection, we feel that multiple anti-cheat solutions can operate in different avenues to help us keep the game clean. Server-side analytics gives us a full anti-cheat loop to help inform the client where to look better and detect cheaters who slip through the cracks. We want to detect, prevent, and deter cheaters from entering and interrupting our game, and FairFight fits the bill of that process. However, we will not be publishing any individual public ban lists – we feel that the previous usage of FFBans glorifies cheaters, and doing so only increased the level of toxicity of the game. I legitimately almost shot my coffee out of my nose laughing at this one. - Vivox Reintegration Vivox used to be integrated as our voice chat solution. Vivox changed their hosting configuration and we needed to upgrade our libraries to fit their new hosting platform – we were historically unable to do that, as Vivox did not have 32-bit versions of their new services. A lot of the work on Vivox has already been done in APB Reloaded 2.x – we need to backport this work to 1.30, as being on 64-Bit allows us to seamlessly integrate the required work. Everyone just uses Discord now, chief. Although an ingame voice chat would be nice, Vivox is hot garbage and always has been. Medium Priority - DirectX12 Rendering System We would like to eventually replace our existing DX9 rendering pipeline with a DX12-based rendering system. Newer operating systems are supporting DX9 less and less, and our engine will continue to show its age until this gets completed. Lmao. - Xbox and Playstation Ports of 1.30 Hand in hand with the upgrade to DX12, we want to re-port the console versions of APB: Reloaded. The current console ports are based on a code base we have abandoned due to its bugs and performance. It is our hope that by adding console support to 1.30, we can significantly improve the performance and stability of those platforms. Lmao. - Premium Revamp We have made APB’s premium subscription model free since early 2020. We did that because I feel like the game is much better for all players when they have all the Premium features. Historically, APB’s premium system was based on how ‘freemium’ games operate which slow down progression or gimped design layers for non-premium players. We don’t want to do that. Premium players will get a special bundle of Joker Tickets equal to the cost of the subscription. Premium will also be able to queue in ‘Premium Only’ matches that we hope will free of reroll cheaters. This reeks of corpo-speak. Also, if they really wanted to fix the game feeling like shit for non-premium players, they couldve just upped the fucking rewards instead, right????? Im just confused here. Low Priority - Player vs Environment (PVE) Missions They can barely get one task done, the fucking ice sheets will melt before APB will get PVE. - Physically Based Rendering Pipeline PBR is already supported by later versions of Unreal, and to some extend in APB for clothes and cars. Our goal will be to convert the current models, textures, and lighting to a new PBR lighting pipeline. This means redoing high quality versions of map assets and to optimize the existing maps in the process while increasing visual fidelity and modernizing the look. This is very much a ‘nice to have’ features. But it’s on the roadmap. Just......no, I cant even laugh at this one. This would be far too much work for such a teeny tiny company. So uhhhhhh in summary whats been achieved? Oh right, jack and his good ol' buddy, shit lol. I didnt make this post for anyone in particular, or even to rant, I just made it cause it made me laugh as I wrote it
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