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  1. Oh its Yood again, who got rid of the parental restrictions on his computer this time?
  2. Switched phones and for whatever reason the App doesnt transfer the info when downloading the cloud backup. Sent an email to support. If a mod could close that'd be good
  3. Imagine uninstalling because you aimed so low that the rocket passed under the car. Under a car that is arguably the slowest vehicle aside from the dumptrucks in the entire game. Then on top of that, you dont fight back, or reposition, or do anything any half-decent player would do. And then You decide to make a flamepost about it. Jesus christ lmao
  4. How am I supposed to request for the 2FA to be disabled if I cant even log in?
  5. Realize how he stopped replying since being called out on the hypocrisy? lol
  6. M8, I dont even get up until like 8-10AM depending on what day it is. Even then, if I still played APB I probably wouldnt hop on until like 2-3PM. Theres just nothing to do now, nothing new.
  7. Good or bad publicity is still publicity. If it gets people talking, more people will eventually join. Granted they'll leave once they experience the shitshow and its horrible economics, but hey we arent the ones in charge
  8. Baylan is full of them because that gun is super easy to get the hang of. I had a harder time learning the Carbine than learning the CR762. Took me all of 2-3 days to get the hang and be decent with it. Took me longer to find what mods I wanted to use on it.
  9. From what I saw during some illegitimate-program videos a few odd years back, leaning doesn't change the hitbox size, or shape, it just nudges a little to either direction. From what I remember, if someone is leaning out of a corner, the hitbox just nudges out the same way as if their entire body shifted in that direction. The angle of lean isn't sufficient enough to change the size of the hitbox AFAIK. I could be entirely wrong however, but thats what I can remember.
  10. Lol. How quaint, the ant thinks it can destroy the colony.
  11. Here's how to counter that: 1) Get a decent driver 2)ALIG tapfire. OSMAW may have range and explosive power, but its easy to dodge considering the ALIG projectile is obviously faster. 3) Apply previous 2 points and get good.
  12. I got an idea for OP: GET GOOD WITH MULTIPLE GUNS INSTEAD OF RELYING ON THE EZ-MODE GUN. Also stop crying because you have no skill with anything else, that's on you.
  13. TLDR: OP is an idiot and gave away his legendary to a rando. There was no scam, no exploit, the idiot just handed it over.
  14. This has been I problem since before I even started playing APB. With the rate LO is taking to do the engine upgrade, I can't imagine this being addressed anywhere in the next YEAR at least. 2019 is already half over and the population is dwindling as it has been. https://steamcharts.com/app/113400#All May 2018, ~2000 peak players. July 2019, ~800 peak players, with an average peak of ~730 and an average minimum of ~320. If this, along with the myriad of other major issues plaguing this game aren't addressed within the next few months, APB will likely face its final death throes before it's shut down for good.
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