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  1. 1) Little Orbit. 2) Gamersfirst was bought by LO. 3) Yes. They could stop all work tomorrow if they wanted to. 4) What about them? They dont exist as an entity anymore. 5) See 4. 6) They have. Gamersfirst is still used as a namesake address. I hope that answers everything.
  2. Why tho? Also cringe, but what could you possibly do in terms of "fighting fire with fire" lol
  3. Ive seen the message already. "Nothing new, still working. Not really though. See yall in another 6 months when I copy paste this again."
  4. Where? Not the point of what I said. The point was that is an outrageous claim with no substantive basis to it. Like LO saying theyre working on the game when clearly theyre not, theyre just recycling old G1 events. I dont think you realize how many game companies these days constantly lie to their communities. Cyberpunk, Battlefield, COD, major AAA titles do it, why is LO any different? Its because they have no evidence. Just because they SAY they're working on it, doesnt mean they are. They could say that and just be jerking off and eating donuts at the office, not working a single minute. Because the system is older than dirt, dude. APB is still stuck in 2010, nobody would ever WANT the system, its so heavily outdated. Nobody wants to steal it. Also just because APB is an IP, does not mean it has a patent. Probably not, but they bought it with the assumption that they could fix it and make it a proper MMO and profitable again. Too bad they didnt have a fuckin plan whatsoever, so thats completely junk now.
  5. If I said I was working on a new Saturn V rocket for NASA, without giving you any evidence, would you still believe me? They have not given evidence in half a year. Nothing is happening, nothing will happen.
  6. LO is so far out of touch with the community they dont realize recycling G1's trash events that dont give fuck all for rewards is a bad thing. Its so laughably outrageous. No wonder nobody has hope for this game anymore. Putting all their effort into a shit-tier mobile game that nobody will play, instead of focusing their energy on the one thing that will actually make them money IF THEY ACTUALLY FUCKIN PLAYED IT AND FIXED THE ISSUES. Hell, the car spawner by Ty Durrant still isnt fixed and is limited to one car, not two as it shows. Literally all it would take is moving one over a tiny bit to fix the spawn size restrictions. But nope. Too hard and too bigbrain for them I guess. Un fuckin believable that LO still has the audacity to recycle these shit trash events in the wake of the zero actual work theyre doing.
  7. Thats just the Role relating to the "Hack" point. The Enf role is called "White Hat" and the Crim role is called "Black Hat". Maybe try to contact LO about it and see if they can manually unlock that for you since you're already well past even the max requirement for level 3 (complete).
  8. Wait theres moderation? Ive seen everything from nazi roleplay squads to actual insanely blatant cheats (cough cough Naming & Shaming removed. - Azukii or whatever his name is now). There appears to be zero, or extremely minimal moderation at best. Its probably only on the forums, not ingame
  9. I highly doubt its new content lmao. They promised that back in 2021 and didnt say a fuckin word after. Best guess is half the team or more just outright quit and theyre scrambling to find somone willing to work on this. Something tells me its along those lines.
  10. When are we gonna have a legitimate update? Even the engine development blog hasnt been updated since December, dude.
  11. Dont worry, we realize you cant enjoy the simple things in life. Its because back then, this game had consistently full servers, there were tons of new people. People were learning and having fun. The game isnt like that anymore. Its usually just sweaties with nothing better to do, people who are still trying to level, people who just want to relive the fun days, or the genuinely new player who leaves after an hour because the sweaties dont know what "fun" is.
  12. A reminder of the glory days. I still remember when they said we'd get this back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsqJXGvUKt8
  13. Its been 5 months without an engine blog, I think its safe to say its been dumped. Either that or theyre doing something big like Hello Games did with NMS. Although Id say like a 0.51% chance of that being the case. If its any evidence, I literally only check into this forum once a month and every time I'm disappointed and nothing new has happened.
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