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  1. It's been 2 years and there is still not fixed, dont try to lick them any further, the game won't get the new engine either. Still a lot of cheaters, and overall a toxic comunity.
  2. what do they change? They don't even listen to the comunity at all, there is still cheaters running around aimbotting without any problem at all. Maybe it's time to wake up LO?
  3. not a bad idea, that would be great actually.
  4. It's not a terrible gun at it's current state, but it confuses me that it's listed as a assault rifle and not as a semi auto rifle, you still have to tapfire it though.
  5. Maybe you can fix the god damn bug on VAS Crown? My character won't use the handle but he holds in front of the damn thing. And add more ammo in the mag on the COBR-A weapons, 20 is way to low for a assault rifle
  6. Still a bunch of cheaters, spotted a group of 4 aimbotting and speedhacking yesterday.
  7. More likely to be W+S to do a burnout, Handbrake will stop it.
  8. Roblo

    Scoped CR-5

    Would be fun, but there is no scoped cr-5 but there is scoped ntec and a scoped vas, would be fun with a scoped cr-5 aswell
  9. Roblo

    Scoped CR-5

    fucking devs won't do it anyways, they don't ban cheaters and won't listen to the comunity.
  10. Roblo

    Scoped CR-5

    The first picture looks exactly like I envision it!
  11. Roblo

    Scoped CR-5

    Hello. Since there a scoped version of the N-tec and VAS, why not add a scoped version of the Joker CR-5? A scoped CR-5 with 3 open mod slots just like the VAS Scepter. I know this is a long shot, but imagine a Scoped CR-5 with a Silencer purple mod on it and two open slots.
  12. Not a bad Idea, it really would help people that doesn't have premium.
  13. Roblo

    Bring back Nekrova

    this game seems dead overall, on the evenings people seems to pop in though.
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