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  1. Roblo


    Okay, thanks.
  2. Roblo


    EAC keeps kicking me off the server. It says that I have packet loss but I don't have any and I don't lag either. Is there something that can fix this?
  3. Roblo


    Some more bullets wouldnt hurt though.
  4. Roblo


    Hello. Wouldn't it be nice if the Cobras had some more magazine capacity? I mean 20 bullets for a fully automatic assault rifle is a bit low.
  5. Just give us the engine already, fuck all the other balancing shit, you can do that afterwards. god damn it ' new engine is coming soon' my patootie.
  6. fuck riot mode, focus on the game engine instead, the least thing we need is another god damn battleroyal.
  7. Roblo

    Works on windows 10?

    What's wrong with this game, I havent been able to play at all today. And I spent money on this game...
  8. Roblo


    How was it racist? I didn't really talk shit about the russians, I just shared my 2 cents.
  9. Roblo


    Hello. Citadel will be invaded by russians. I don't know how we can handle it, will people quit, will it bring more people? All I can see in front of me is just a russian chat, no english in chat at all. It's bad now but I think that it will only get worse. I doubt that merging nekrova with citadel will do anything good.
  10. WTS True Ogre and Medusa on citadel eu. In game name is Zoblo
  11. Roblo


    Yeah it kind of does.
  12. Roblo


    Not the same thing, and it's not a CR-5. Sort off, just remove the handle on top of it.
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