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  1. Roblo

    Scoped CR-5

    Hello. Since there a scoped version of the N-tec and VAS, why not add a scoped version of the Joker CR-5? A scoped CR-5 with 3 open mod slots just like the VAS Scepter.
  2. Roblo

    COBRA improvement

    Hmmm, in my opinion it isn't too bad when you strafe. I get hackusated whenever I use it.
  3. Roblo

    COBRA improvement

    Oh I see, I'll just stick to my Scoped N-tec PR2 then
  4. Roblo

    COBRA improvement

    Why is it listed as a Assault Rifle then? It makes no sense that it's listed as one if it's not gonna be used as one.
  5. Roblo

    COBRA improvement

    Why the hell didn't they just make it as a joker carbine then?
  6. Roblo

    COBRA improvement

    It still doesn't put up in a firefight against a N-tec or any other Assault Rifle. And 20 bullets per mag is very low for a Assault Rifle, even if it's supposed to be a hybrid.
  7. Roblo

    COBRA improvement

    Hello. Could you guys please increase the mag cap and ammo cap at the COBR-A weapons. It has 100 bullets in total an 20 bullets per mag. It is very low and it don't sustain in a firefight against any other assault rifle. It can keep the bloom increase since it's a really good way to adapt to assault rifles in general. It would be divine if you could increase the mag cap and ammo cap to Ntec and STAR caps.
  8. If they don't speak english, why the hell are they playing APB?
  9. Or they could learn how to type in English, like everyone else.
  10. The chat is always filled with russians typing in russian. Kick them back to nekrova.
  11. Roblo

    4x4 Jericho

    Hello. I would like to make a suggestion to add a 4x4 Jericho since we already have a 4x4 Vegas. The Jericho tends to spin off a lot when you take corners even at a moderate speed, which can be a bit off a pain in the patootie. The 4x4 Vegas however, handles really well and is easy to drive with, so my suggestion is to make a 4x4 Jericho that drives similar like the 4x4 Vegas do.
  12. MY friend got hacked a while back, but it all got sorted out yesterday by the help of a in game GM.
  13. It's all cleared up now, we found a GM in game in a social district that helped my friend out, He has full access to the account and the email was changed.
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