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  1. Can you please submit a ticket to support so that we can try and assist you further.
  2. Please be sure to uninstall the game completely, including deleting the game folder, and download a fresh version, and install it again.
  3. Have you attempted to run the launcher repair? Have you downloaded the game directly from our website instead of Steam?
  4. We are aware of the issues with the Launcher. It is currently being looked into and worked on. Thank you for you patience.
  5. As long as the account doesn't have a Steam already linked to it, yes. After adding APB Reloaded to your Steam library, and launching the game, you will be directed to the game's registration page. Be sure to enter your login details for when you log in directly using the regular login.
  6. Hello, We are aware of the issue regarding Steam login not working for everyone. Unfortunately, this is an issue on Steam's end. You should be able to log in directly to the game using your login credentials. If you are unable to login or have trouble with those details, you can contact Support and we will assist you as quickly as we can.
  7. Hello Sayori, Can you please submit a support ticket from the account you are experiencing this issue with, and DM me with the ticket number? Stitchly
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