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  1. Thanks for your reply. Can you address the concerns in my second post if you know of course, on whether it's possible to connect a Steam login to a GamersFirst account (not having done so before)? There are no controls for this in the account management section, nor can I login with steam (website offers G1, PS and Xbox SSO) Thanks in advance
  2. Note: AFAIK you can't connect a Steam account to a GamersFirst account (at least after the fact) making this Steam account stuck and unable to login.
  3. Hi folks, For about 24h, users logging into the game via Steam Single Sign-On are unable to login with error 10017. Waiting didn't work. GamersFirst SSO works fine, so G1 accounts are able to login and play. Similar issue reported in 2018 in the thread below, received no attention or replies. I can't imagine how you're not setting up tests and health checks for login actions, honestly... Do I have to wait until Wednesday or is it a good time to trash the game? Issue (at least) happening in Citadel. Reproducible. Thanks in advance.
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