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  1. lmao. Come on dude, you still do not the address my question you said it's full of veterans but you play fbw to make it fair, you don't want to take candies from babies. Wasn't it full of vets though? This story of yours is just horse shi.t sorry. Things just don't add up. How about some logic and not feelings here? There can'be two types of districts because there are 3 types of threats(not counting green). You can't just lump two skill brackets together and expect everything to go just fine. But hey, whatever suits you, if you wanna farm silvers and complain silvers runaway and they "farm newcomers" and be hypocrite about it - sure, go ahead
  2. Dude, you said it's full of vets with legendaries(as if it means anything) and shit, volcano spam. So why exactly you go with fbw to make it fair? Sounds like contradiction. And those vets whom you refer to, that go "ham", they play against other vets. They are literally silvers and "fake golds". They can't f...ing play in their own district. Oh, noes, wait. I can hear "There are not enough golds to play in gold" excuse. Sure thing, lets go roflstomp the silvers! And where the silvers go? That's right - they go to bronze. I'm all in for newbie district though...except that those players will have to wait 30 minutes to get a mission. Must be exciting. All we can do is wait for engine update(lul) and cross-district matchmaking.
  3. Oh, no, not this again. Are you really going to complain about silvers going to bronze district because golds play in silver and push them to bronze? Or what about people who want to play with friends who can't handle the tryhards and cheaters(and tryhard cheaters) in silver districts? There are two options, dethreat and have fun with your friends or drag them in silver and make sure their playtime is miserable. Either way someone is going to get f.... so yeah, people will spare their friends. Shocking! What about people on US who have to dethreat to play in bronze because silver is empty? Now about your story, some things are just off. Why would you even (supposedly) bring new people into this game in its current state? Friends, mind you! You say it's full of vets but you claim you have played only with fbw to make it fair. Wait what? Weren't they all vets with hundreds and thousands of hours under their belt? Why do you need to make it fair? Didn't know you are such an owner ; ) And why didn't you make a smurf account in first place to go play with fbw in first place and help them? Oh, and I remember before you mentioned how you have made a smurf account to check out bronze, so you obviously knew what is going on already? Seriously, how difficult could be to see what's the culprit of those problems? Threat system is garbage, population is low, no proper way to play with low threat friends. Hell, some people escape to bronze to get away with the cheatfests in silver. Nobody is dethreating to pwn newbies(which dont even exist anyway). Dethreating may suck but sure as hell they are not killing the game unlike cheaters. Oh, and when I started I was getting obliterated everyday. Didn't quit...maybe this game is just not the cup of tea for your friends.
  4. Why? Because I want to know the system is at least trying to make things fair. It does matter. Just assume there's a serial murderer but suddenly the murderers stop. So it doesn't matter if they got caught or just moved on and stopped? Of course it matters. Sure, false FF bans were a thing but come on, when you are also VAC'd and have profiles on paid cheat sites...yeah, things really start to pile up. No idea really how would people react to the number of bans really. But can't be that bad. FFbans wasn't on the forums so you weren't forced to go and read it. It didn't breed toxicity, the toxicity already existed, it became outlet for it. lul, downright lies. APB is less toxic? Come on, try harder, my dude. Can you explain how am I causing negativity now? It seems to me that you are just throwing stuff out there without any facts and logic ™ When I played Path of Exile few years ago there was that guy who forgot he was streaming and turned on fov/zoom hack allowing him to see more of the map. People posted it on the forums and in 15 minutes the guy was gone. How do I post the twitch channels of those 2 particular russians who cheat on stream without getting deleted, banned and censored? One is nearly blatant because the bot sucks and he sucks at hiding it, the other is better, has a small fov. Well I guess they will keep cheating and ruining everyones time in the game. Gotta love the system.
  5. And how would I know a blatant was ever banned? Nice choice of words though...alleged cheaters. I like how some people have been banned about 15 times + vac bans...but you know...alleged cheaters. Damn that's some serious bad luck there People need to see bans broadcasted so they see LO is actually banning someone, not just reassurance from LO that they are on it because it feels like no one is getting banned. I fail to see the negativity really. There's nothing different right now than when we had FF broadcasts. And by different I mean in terms of toxicity. It's really worse now than it used to be but that's also due to the fact most decent people left and it's just edgy bois who grasps to their cheats so hard as if their life depends on winning in APB.
  6. Rainbow Six Siege broadcasts BE bans and I really doubt that Ubisoft is less competent in online games than LO. According to LO, the initial ban is temporary while being reviewed to avoid false positive then permanent once proven correct.. They can just broadcast it when correct. Please spare me that bs how broadcast bans gives cheaters publicity, this is just as bad as LO's disabling broadcasts because "it's toxic". I dont' see this game being less toxic, in fact - it's way more toxic than ever. The "community" needs to know who is ruining this game so legit players can outcast them. Oh, and it feels good when suspected someone in closetting and then you see the banhammer bringing justice.
  7. Well...I don't think it looks better than current live build but I know that proper lighting and post processing can improve it drastically. But why "benchmarking" at 4k resolution ? How many people are playing 4k right now? A fraction. The fps seems* acceptable though. Anyway I don't see how this will be done this year. Maybe Q1 2020, early Q2
  8. Your CPU is not bad, GPU is more than enough so how do you get such minimum fps? I'm running 8700k and gtx 950 and have almost solid 100fps besides the first 1-2 minutes after joining district. Still using advanced launcher though, I'm just used from the times I had a potato pc. Whatever advanced launcher does is not cheating but like others said - no fog and other various effects is cheating.
  9. Is this...sarcasm? No one should ever wait more than 2 days for any kind of payment/billing issues.
  10. Dude, do you read or you just pretend you do then proceed to bash the keyboard and see what comes out as a reply? I said tested
  11. Same people who tested Riot. It's going to be good then :^) "Abandon all hope ye who enter here"
  12. Some of the mods* are just a meme. I got 2 days ban for naming and shaming without actually used anyone's name but vague descriptions. Or when I got a post with picture removed but 5 other posts with pictures above weren't...and no picture wasn't offensive or anything and totally on topic. Worse than in G1 times. edit: * - community volunteers.
  13. Thanks for the update but this just doesn't make any sense to me. A couple of months after LO took over, you mentioned the new game mode and everyone called it BR. Now you say you felt you can implement it without spending too much dev resources but still it's been a long time already so this surely can't be the case. And on top of that you guys made press releases to advertise your sandbox for mistakes. Yeah, who cares if our sandbox for mistakes is a flop, APB is already surrounded by negativity anyway, some more won't affect it! /s Btw the 40% who have tried RIOT is still pretty low. I think maybe you need a bigger and better carrot. Waiting for the engine update(decent one) then maybe I can finally recommend this game to others. <Insert "It's okay, we didn't want this game mode anyway" meme>
  14. I don't have any performance issues or at least haven't noticed but have some crashes now and then + disconnects. As for EAC, don't have your hopes up, it's implemented badly, which is just amazing considering they had support from EAC devs as well. But you know, APB has never been better than it is right now :^)
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