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  1. The starter pack doesn't include people who replace A with V. Really low quality bait.
  2. BE is "ok" but not great. The problem is not only BE but Windows. For example it took a ridiculous time for Microsoft to patch lsass which was wildly exploited. The only thing that can't be exploited is server-side analytic tool like FairFight which I'm pretty sure ain't even running anymore...could be wrong, can't be bothered to check. So do not expect LO to crackdown on cheaters before engine update and huge population influx** because it'd be like shooting themselves in the foot right now in the current state. Gotta love a system where the scum is a protected class. Can't name them, can't broadcast their name when banned because "toxicity". Like...you gotta be really naive to actually believe this is the reason they don't broadcast bans. ** I'm happy they are trying to get this game out of the mud however I don't believe it will ever work. Happy to proven wrong later this year.
  3. Yes but they make you at least 7 times more edgy when you have a black hoodie and macro the carbine. a verb typed in lower case as a name adds 3x multiplier on top of that.
  4. That's APB for you. Angry little children or worse - man children. There's really nothing you can do indeed.But I've heard broadcasting bans was causing toxicity. Alas I see no difference, this game is still a toxic s.it hole. But hey, now we can't hold the company "accountable". APB is really the most toxic game I've ever played. ANd I've played almost everything that's available in the west.
  5. Or that's the only logical explanation? Because if you are the CEO, you sure as hell don't wanna kill the game before your revival project has been completed. But you can start banning people if there was enough players. Did you also know that the gov spying on you is a "some tin foil hat stuff"?
  6. BE can definitely kick your butt for using winapi functions. The thing is there are no automatic bans in APB, "the team" is "reviewing" and "reevaluating" every flagged account. Matt Scott is well aware of how widespread is cheating but if he's going to doubledown on it, the playerbase will get even smaller. He's probably waiting APB to get big through BR before cracking down ...which is never going to happen.
  7. I can finally enjoy non-toxic APB...Oh wait...it still is lol
  8. It's just plain and boring that after months of aimbotting and sh.tting on the game, the same dimwits get unbanned, get their accounts just to continue to sh.t over the game. LO, do you realize why population keeps dropping? No, engine update won't save your investment. If that's what you are hoping for but still reluctant to address the main issue, I can suggest you to find someone naive enough to buy APB while assets have some value(lol...) But whatever, let me put my rose-tinted glasses - everything is going to be ok.
  9. That guy has been banned multiple times from certain cheat sites. And the bar there is set low. You can imagine how insufferable is he. But hey, "LO banned me out of the blue". Please don't reroll, go makeout with your paper dolls.
  10. Randomly banned. Again. For which time? You must be so unlucky.... But seriously, stop downloading random free cheats.
  11. This is such a bs. It might be working in other games but most certainly it DOES NOT work in APB. As if people don't get banned like multiple times, reroll and buy everything from armas again. So 1. he will return 2. he was already ruining the game for everyone Just make it as painful as you can for his wallet.
  12. Supporting the game? You are part of the disease. Toxic af + cheetos.
  13. When you die and your whole life flashes before your eyes, how much of it do you want to not have ray tracing? Just buy it! And can we have a raven progressive matrices test which is required to be completed before getting forum post rights?
  14. As far as I remember LO themselves banned the will.io "bots" at some point ? Remember when MrEpicGoat used to spam whispers from hundred accounts at once? That's how it worked lol.
  15. lol, no, they don't. I've a ticket for nearly 2 months already. Let me guess. .. "It got lost in our system" ™
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