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  1. Yikes...one of the entries. At least ROXL is original and APB themed.
  2. Nice but he should post this ON the forums, not ON twitter where only a mere fraction will see it.
  3. Any news on EU servers? If this is not going to be solved til christmas, definitely not going to happen until January. Premium doesn't even matter for EU players, can't play with 120ms. What a giant clusterfudge.
  4. If you want your money back in the wallet/bank account - there's no chance. But it's possible for them to refund g1c to your g1c balance if you have bought something by mistake. I'm not saying they will but there's a change. At least I remember Tiggs did it once for me.
  5. People have been asking for a sale for awhile...and LO does it after black friday and before christmas. Classic LO
  6. Tiggs was a CM and then a Game Director. But she had nothing to do with the failure of Engine Update or APB because everything was coming from Techmech But she was doing much better job than LO when it comes to taking out the trash. Hence why the game is infested by emo kiddies dressed in black and cheating all day without repercussions. Now, she wasn't exactly professional but unlike current CM, I haven't seen Tiggs in twitch chat using the word "bruh" when referring to others. Not to mention other things...
  7. Nothing of course. It's the same old bs cheaters and cheater defenders spew in attempts to discredit someone when they speak up. One doesn't need to be Messi in order to be football referee. Or...you can know APB/shooters in and out but suck mechanically.
  8. #Deep Or you can do both at the same time because you dont have to leave the house?
  9. Ah, classic LO. Can't say I'm surprised that merge turned out a giant flop. Why would you guys initiate this migration if your hardware is not even in EU datacenter yet. Reminds me when you were about to wipe old names but then decided to postpone because your new mail service wasn't ready. There's a pattern here.
  10. If anyone is having a bad day it's LO's techops team who have to work extra, not the people who are already at home and rage over some downtime. Go watch a movie, series, play something else, read a book. Some people seriously don't have anything else in their lives than APB. lol, hell, it's not.
  11. blahblahblah, no arguments, no logic, only emotions. People lie all the time, they lie even when they are caught. Some get banned like 15 times and still swear they are legit. Just two months ago someone on the guildwars2 subreddit claimed he got banned for using an addon, managed to cause a sh.itstorm and made everyone grab their pitchforks...Until Security Lead came just to expose the guy cheating on dozen accounts(might have been over 30) I don't think support will just randomly lock an account without any suspicious cues like different login locations etc. Would be nice this to be resolved eventually and LO to come and say whether they were wrong or right.
  12. Lets be honest, most of the time when people unlink their accounts from steam it's because they are selling it. And showing a screenshot from the original mail also doesn't prove anything. Some people sell their apb accoutns with the email because you can't change the email unless you have both current and new email. Removed Xenophobia ~@mayii
  13. Yes, we are only allowed to make fun and meme on Christianity. The other religions have special status. Har har har.
  14. I never read a single line from the mails, can't imagine there's anything interesting. Most of us play just to shoot.
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