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  1. What are you talking about? They’re not loot boxes, they’re surprise mechanics, and they’re quite ethical!
  2. Got new ssd drive and cloned the old one. Windows 10 didn't ask me to re-activate however got trade locked in APB, can't even post my symbols on market. The detection system is seriously garbage.
  3. Speaking of redeem codes, I'd rather LO make the loyalty codes indefinite. "Here's your reward....but expires lulz". I have bunch of codes that expire this year. Canned food lasts longer.
  4. Unit Game exists, however it was registered just 2 months prior the acquisition. The sole purpose of this company was to purchase APB, nothing else. Matt Scott claims they have market from Taiwan to China and develop strong IP... yeah right, in 2 months. lol It's possible they didn't want to related their real company with APB...but why not? What are they hiding? Haven't found time to dig deep and figure out who really owns it but eventually will get to do it, or someone else will. I know it's none of our business but when after playing this game for 5 years I feel like I should know who bought it the IP. https://www.hkcorporationsearch.com/companies/2844609/
  5. If you are talking about a certain russian from a certain a certain cheating EU clan, then I think he got banned but bought a new account.
  6. Just renew your subscription if you are getting pounded too hard :^)
  7. Can you message me that youtube video, if there's a keylogger than it will be detected:) Once someone who used to run the "community" forums of a gw2's server had a beef with another guy. So he used his access to the forum database and decrypted the password. "Hacked" into his account and made some cringy video with threats. And yes, the guy used the same email and password everywhere. It's still possible he got hacked the same way. Also it's possible to be full of sh.t knowing the apb community.
  8. Absolutely atrocious and uncalled OBIR/FFA changes. Go nerf NTEC5 or something that is abused daily. Or maybe Euryale And I like test b longer fuse timer. Damage is ok.
  9. Literally no one asked for this. I'd like to see them nerf the ntec...forums will be flooded with tryhards complaining.
  10. He's talking about Western Europe specifically. 5% is old data. You can do your own research, my post will get deleted if I do post anything But I will say two things - fertility rate and birth/death ratio.
  11. When you get random group invite from a russian
  12. This is not very clear at all. Does it mean that if I login to play daily but I haven't used a character over an year* that name will be released despite that the account in general is active? edit: and why don't you guys make your own stream instead rather than promoting and relying on others? Same applies for discord. For example CCP have own twitch channel where they do streams rather than picking the "top" streamer and being unfair towards the rest. That's how it's done. Professionalism.
  13. Just the materials of iPhone alone cost about 450$ roughly. RRP is about 1000$, so...profit margin is 122%. But this is not pure profit, subtract labour cost, taxes, transport and the margin becomes "reasonable". Those cases cost like 2$ to produce(including labour), Razer sells them for 40$. 1900% margin.
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