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  1. I only play fc these days so I'm out of the loop. There are npcs on the street that will yell at you "de puta madre". I'm really not bothered by them, they are fictional. The problem is the actual players. Title seems fitting considering the above mentioned because it truly has no essence in it...
  2. Could you try to overreach even more? It's obvious what the context is here. But no, pvp doesn't necessarily mean it's competitive, otherwise you won't hear people say "I play xxx competitively". And when people do, the game has something that makes it possible. APB doesn't. End of story.
  3. As if APB is a competitive game. Maybe to a certain circlejerk of people who try to outcheat each other for several years already. Dislikes printer go brrrr
  4. I mean....there are lots of mentality unstable sociopaths in this game who would try to set up someone like that but I really doubt LO is so gullible. Another episode of "The dog ate my homework"
  5. No official source, just my observation after years. And knowing the sloppy work of RTW/Reloaded, I find it hard to believe someone did it..but also why would they? You are limited to 40 people to match against and that's best case scenario which never happens. Even in solo'q sometimes it may take awhile to get opposition. But if you know lots of bored people who wanna be labrats you can run tests. 2 4-man groups, 8 soloq players queue at the same time for like 20 times and see what happens. Of course everyone must be at the same threat level. Or Matt Scott can confirm whether this is right or wrong... or a dev after getting permission from Matt Scott to do so:)
  6. Pretty sure he means "soloqueue", not solo game as a singleplayer. And that's really how you get most fair matches when your team and opposition are soloq'ing. The system doesn't even try to find you opposition that consist of a group of your size, the logic is not there, it simply tries to find you ANY 4 people...and you end up against soloq players most of the time as that's how most people play. And lets be honest - with the current population(and future, this game is not going anywhere, more news at 11) this is the most "versatile" way for matchmaking; all those soloq players are like small lego pieces that you can put together anyway you wish. Cross-district matchmaking might help but not a lot. Best way to play this game is solo or duo que, that's it. But I can understand people who want to play with friends. As for the cheaters - nothing has changed. Same people, same clans, going 30-1, others stream and think it's really not noticeable, some get banned then buy new R255 accounts and the shitshow continues.
  7. Can't you just run the valentines weapons on armas til the end of February? Probably lots of people haven't got their pay cheques yet. Surely that won't hurt you, no need to suck at making money. And bring back gifting. Why do you even waste dev. resources to implement things like razer gold? Who is using this ?!
  8. So far I've only seen "benchmarks" that run "ok" on i9 9900ks and 1080. Surely someone who tests the game has somewhat average hardware and can share performance..the fact they don't means it's probably far worse than on 9900ks and 1080 You don't need swap/pagefile with 16gb ram for gaming but you can still allocate 2-3gb just in case(preferably on a mechanical drive)
  9. Oh, sweet and innocent, you really have no idea of this "community" yet.
  10. And it doesn't end here, there's more! I still vote Tiggs, if she doesn't want to deal with mentally unstable children then I guess you are alright for the job.
  11. > screw up the servers > launch the holiday event anyway > EU can't earn the rewards > add them on armas I know it's not intentional but seriously...
  12. Hopefully next GM will get LO out of that discord and make official one. Also bring Tiggs back. inb4 triggered people with 10+ bans
  13. Thew "new new servers" were supposed to arrive on 23rd of December. But it's reasonable to say it could be 24th due to delay. Nobody was working on 25 and 26 but there was plenty of time until December 30 to arrive at least. Not even talking about racking them up and getting servers up and running. Their communication with data center is slow or so Matt Scott says. Like...what? Data centers have 24/7 live support. I've never waited more than few hours to get back and I'm just a guy with a vps, not someone who's paying for colocation services. I really expected an update today but alas...
  14. Fair enough:) Hopefully next week that "playable" 125ms will be over.
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