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  1. They can "misrepresent" APB right now too. No need to have access to OTW. And to be honest the only thing that gets misrepresented often is the business model. So I have some doubts about that NDA theory.
  2. I find it hilarious they have put NDA so testers can't share info. Matt, bruv...this game has like 600 players across EU/NA. Why do you need NDA? I won't even recommend this game to a friend even if you pay me. This is how bad APB is right now so I can't imagine that I can get any more disappointed by whatever it's on OTW.
  3. lol. Thanks "god" I'm not that shallow to think that my self-esteem depends on my theme in a vidya game. Nobody likes their stuff stolen, not even the thieves but that's the reality. Once something is made in the digital world it's bound to be copied. And while we are at it, are you sure you don't have any pirated software on your computer? No pirated music? You never listen to music on youtube which is also pirated? ... Thought so And lets not pretend making themes is something very complex like real music production. But you are right, it's a free market, fools can pay whatever they want, but doesn't stop me to point out it's pure stupidity And to be clear - I don't endorse theme stealing, I just find i amusing how everyone is guilty of piracy but cries about others ripping their own work.
  4. Is back? It's been here always. It sucks but nothing you can do about it other than lower your prices and set them to something reasonable so people don't turn to "piracy". Stop thinking they are something special just because you are selling them for a million and only few edgy carbine esports players are dumb enough to buy them. They are boring and uninspiring. I've spotted few "unique" ones that were 90's house tracks before. I don't mean you personally but in general. tl;dr - change your marketting strategy so people don't sail the high seas.
  5. lol, I'm not requiring peoples police profiles. I only made a parallel in comparison of how rl systems works. How do you think any systems are designed? Of course they follow the same principles even in games. Or should. So calm down your tiddies. Falsebans are minority, like single digit percent despite how everyone claims their ban is false positive and besides LO has no way of knowing so it's just better to make "no ban history" policy. All I wanna know is whether those people will have direct powers or they will just relay the information.
  6. ^ title Read everything, can't see the powers listed? Is it just going to be reporting to higher ups or volunteers will have any powers? I sure hope they don't have direct powers because I don't trust ANYONE in this game. Also didn't see a requirement for clean ban history, only saw that people have to mention it if they were banned ever. Terrible idea to give such people powers. This is why if you have a criminal record you can't run for office or any gov. positions. Or be law enforcer. And finally, it's not the players responsibility to police themselves. It's yours, LO. Just like any state responsibility is to provide basic public services.
  7. It's not that bad, seen worse tech sh.tstorms. And no need to apologize, got new servers, (man-)children should be happy now.
  8. I find it funny how people who til few days ago were worshipping Matt and LO, now suddenly turn spiteful just because they are having server problems. When LO one day finally pulls the plug of this game I can just imagine the mental breakdown of the addicts here.
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