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  1. The mental breakdown is real! It's been a day, go outside and touch grass, play something else. You should be thankful for LO and personally Matt Scott for saving this game and allowing you to play for another 4+ years. Right now this game is not profitable and any cut-throat company would simply shut it down, I genuinely believe at this point Matt Scott is keeping this game up out of pity.
  2. Pro, hardcore, rage everyday. lol, your life needs better priorities.
  3. YouTube is full of "montages" of those clowns that are so bad at the game and are SO unaware of it that they think blatantly locking looks legit. The only thing more obvious is EpicGoat with SHAW I swear APB has the most mentally deficient and most mentally warped players I've ever seen.
  4. In the past week I have seen one player with Kevlar and that was in Asylum.
  5. Just shut down this game already if you can't deal with the cheaters at some respectable level. At least it's going to be satisfactory to listen to the lamentations of those brainlets. How are they going to live without their edgy non-sense 2 syllables names? What are they going to do? Is there a life after APB?
  6. There's a reason why everyone is using it now - too good. It needs higher ttk to match OBIR.
  7. So your email got compromised...and I assume you get an alert for login from a different location...but you do nothing to prevent further damage? But say you don't, lets dive into the possibilities. There's a data breach somewhere and Attacker gains credentials for your email. Attacker logins, finds out you play APB and decides put APB account credentials on marketplace. Are you telling me they went through every service to check the password? For hundreds or thousand of people? No...it's time consuming. - If your email and APB re-use the same password, Attacker would either have to change the APB's email or password otherwise whoever buys the credentials for APB may get access to your email....Attacker doesn't want this. - if your APB account credentials are different from the email, they still need to change the password so they can put it on marketplace. But here's what YOU said you realize something is wrong after you login...This implies the password was not changed because if it was you would already expect something to be wrong. So password WAS NOT CHANGED. Huge red flags in your story. And t hat's only the story, we don't know what bogus you have said to support Press F to doubt.
  8. There will be no unban wave. Trash will stay where trash is supposed to be - in the trash can. They always reroll, they are addicted and desperate.
  9. Lmao, the post would have been even funnier if you used Comic Sans font. How come it's always the same people that get banned lolololololol Get coitused*
  10. Ok, sorry, I was generalizing. Unfortunately it's so common to see forum posts or chat from russians, you know the usual stuff about .globohomo, westoid, gayrope, sorosoid, ukronazi. But the way things are going I won't be surprised if we entirely cut off Russia from the rest of the Internet.
  11. Mobile app + sim card for verification or use the payment info. While we are on it - ban the ruzzians, the vatniks hate us anyway but play our games.
  12. I think he sold it to save his skin. He made the terrible decision to acquire G1. LO has some private investors, I don't think they were happy that lots of money were wasted and no return of investment. Just a theory. They could maybe pull off APB "2" from the scratch with 1 map. Got voices, concept art, map design.... And with the modern development tools that make things easier than 15 years ago, they had a chance for some early access which would have been far better option. It's impossible now. GG.
  13. "Saved". Just like you keep a dying patient on life support rather than pulling the plug and saving them from the misery. Nothing was achieved in those 4 years. And I haven't played for 2 years because the RTX crash(30 minutes FC every few months). And I'm not the only one. RTX fix after EU, right? Oh, wait... Not that I believed there would be EU and even then I said RTX fix should be top priority. If people can't play ...they won't spend money. And lets be real. They didn't keep this game running because us but because they were naive or incompetent to spend millions of I assume investors money to purchase G1. They really wanted that return of investment. Doubt they are even break-even.
  14. This is not really surprise or news to anyone with a brain.
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