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  1. So far I've only seen "benchmarks" that run "ok" on i9 9900ks and 1080. Surely someone who tests the game has somewhat average hardware and can share performance..the fact they don't means it's probably far worse than on 9900ks and 1080 You don't need swap/pagefile with 16gb ram for gaming but you can still allocate 2-3gb just in case(preferably on a mechanical drive)
  2. Oh, sweet and innocent, you really have no idea of this "community" yet.
  3. And it doesn't end here, there's more! I still vote Tiggs, if she doesn't want to deal with mentally unstable children then I guess you are alright for the job.
  4. > screw up the servers > launch the holiday event anyway > EU can't earn the rewards > add them on armas I know it's not intentional but seriously...
  5. Hopefully next GM will get LO out of that discord and make official one. Also bring Tiggs back. inb4 triggered people with 10+ bans
  6. Thew "new new servers" were supposed to arrive on 23rd of December. But it's reasonable to say it could be 24th due to delay. Nobody was working on 25 and 26 but there was plenty of time until December 30 to arrive at least. Not even talking about racking them up and getting servers up and running. Their communication with data center is slow or so Matt Scott says. Like...what? Data centers have 24/7 live support. I've never waited more than few hours to get back and I'm just a guy with a vps, not someone who's paying for colocation services. I really expected an update today but alas...
  7. Fair enough:) Hopefully next week that "playable" 125ms will be over.
  8. What ?? If you can tell the difference between 30fps and 60fps , you can surely tell the difference between when your network latency doubles. And before you tell me I'm comparing fps and network latency, fps is determined from the latency between each frame the gpu pushes out. Delay is a delay and you can feel it no matter what context. What about server tickrate? I guess 50ms difference will be nothing too. "Playable". Usually my network latency is not higher than 50ms and I can surely feel it when it jumps to 80-100ms, especially if driving Vegas. So don't tell me how game is "playable". It's like running crippled. Some people need to take off their rose-tinted glasses finally. Legit G1 was doing better job running this game.
  9. Logged in to check despite no update on the forums. You got me.
  10. For what? Some game servers? It's waste of money and time. Data center guys will rack up their servers, install the os image and LO will connect remotely.
  11. Tomorrow is 30th. If they are going to do it, something may happen that requires more work but then it would be 31st. Nobody is going to do anything on the last day of the year. 1st January is out of question too. And Matt Scott hasn't updated the thread and let us know whether or not the correct servers have finally arrived. My prediction was correct, there won't be EU servers this year. Epic fail. Just wait to see how engine update will t urn out
  12. They gave everyone over 20+ days premium. You aren't losing anything. And I doubt you have paid for it, you can't even spell it correctly.
  13. 4 days since the last EU migration update. I know it was christmas, didn't expect someone to work during 25-26 but still... It's safe to assume it's not happening this year, which means EU will have less than 2 weeks to play the holiday event AND a solid month without servers. I've never seen anything quiet like this! : )
  14. Hardly any worse than a month with unplayable latency. Way to f. up the majority of the population. Even G1 didn't manage to do this.
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