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  1. I am aware the development team is very small and because I love this game I'd like to send some tips or awareness to the team that might help the fight against cheaters. This is just a extra layer of security FYI. From this video I watched, I am led to believe that Battleye doesn't require these windows security features to be enabled and if they were enabled then it could potentially prevent high percentage amount of cheaters. If a Anti-Cheat rep is suggesting these tips then why not take a look. Let me know what you guys think. Windows Security Features: -SecureBoot UEFI, not Legacy. -TPM 2.0 -HVCI -Preboot iommu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdyHnvZyQYo From 5:18 onwards.
  2. You're not getting the point. This is a extra layer of protection against New Cheaters and Old Cheaters. The mobile numbers I am talking about are the proper ones from the big mobile operators and not the online/other ones. If you're a old cheater and u get banned, you can't use that mobile number again. There is no reason to say no to this. You would want more extra layers of protection as much as u can get instead of having non. Absolutely no reason to say no to a extra layer of protection.
  3. Implementing mobile only accounts as a layer of extra protection can significantly prevent a big percentage of cheaters. This is a life saver for F2P games like Warzone. It will prevent a lot of cheaters without much effort. Smurfs who use alt accounts for either cheating or not can also be prevented.
  4. No crashes not even one. FPS is 150-300 max settings, 1440p. Happy with the results. Bit of work needs to be done on the hitreg. I7 9700k 3070 RTX 16GB RAM DDR4 3600mhz Win10 64bit SSD
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