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  1. Ok, sorry, I was generalizing. Unfortunately it's so common to see forum posts or chat from russians, you know the usual stuff about .globohomo, westoid, gayrope, sorosoid, ukronazi. But the way things are going I won't be surprised if we entirely cut off Russia from the rest of the Internet.
  2. Mobile app + sim card for verification or use the payment info. While we are on it - ban the ruzzians, the vatniks hate us anyway but play our games.
  3. I think he sold it to save his skin. He made the terrible decision to acquire G1. LO has some private investors, I don't think they were happy that lots of money were wasted and no return of investment. Just a theory. They could maybe pull off APB "2" from the scratch with 1 map. Got voices, concept art, map design.... And with the modern development tools that make things easier than 15 years ago, they had a chance for some early access which would have been far better option. It's impossible now. GG.
  4. "Saved". Just like you keep a dying patient on life support rather than pulling the plug and saving them from the misery. Nothing was achieved in those 4 years. And I haven't played for 2 years because the RTX crash(30 minutes FC every few months). And I'm not the only one. RTX fix after EU, right? Oh, wait... Not that I believed there would be EU and even then I said RTX fix should be top priority. If people can't play ...they won't spend money. And lets be real. They didn't keep this game running because us but because they were naive or incompetent to spend millions of I assume investors money to purchase G1. They really wanted that return of investment. Doubt they are even break-even.
  5. This is not really surprise or news to anyone with a brain.
  6. Matt Scott: Didn't he say 6+months ago that he's hiring some UE specialists who were also supposed to do some profiling too?
  7. They are all "color based" in APB, just different approaches how to do it. You can read memory using Windows API which is unsafe or do it in kernel mode. But most common, easy and apparently safe way is something like AutoIt which is no-brainer and it's the most widely spread here. Changing the crosshair system would definitely help, most of those people will not move to something else or if they do, they will get banned. (or at least better chance to get caught than autoit) I don't see how this would punish legit players. If you are color blind just use some crosshair program until LO adds custom crosshair colors.
  8. Definitely not me. I had the same issue last year, someone on the forums said they experience the same thing. It was gone after awhile and it wasn't across every district. Maybe it's gone now too, I haven't bothered to check again. Oh, well. I'm still waiting for the Turing's GPUS fix.
  9. What's not clear to you? Driving is unresponsive. It's very simple. Cars don't even move at their full speed and controls are not immediate as they should be. Taking a 90 degrees is a nightmare. Generally it feels like driving a tank, not 4x4. And it's really not only 4x4, it's the same issue with the other cars. Just logged it again to see if it's any difference - well it's not. I know it's not me, neither it's the first time this happens. And apparently servers are running at 33ms(30fps) but pretty sure this is not the case. Even G1 was better.
  10. Logged in, joined a district and hopped in the 4x4. It was impossible to drive like last year, felt unresponsive and just slow. Joined a gold district - it was even worse. My guess they have allocated less resources for it or it runs or shittier tier server. But don't worry guys, once they finish the engine update they will fix the rest. Have 1660, 2000 or 3000 series nvidia ? Hope you don't mind few more years.
  11. So it's not coming until 2022 and people with Turing GPU architecture won't be able to play really. Okay.
  12. Haven't watched it but I stumbled upon someone on twitch who was "training hand"(his words, stream title) for CET by... cheating in aimlab, guess that might probably sum up the whole tournament. Probably don't need to mention the country
  13. Of course it's political. The spinning LO is trying to do now is as hilarious as the way twitter and facebook try to spin the fact they tried to censor the fact Joe Biden is tied to corruption on a high level. / Signed, Russian Troll #6969
  14. 10+...more like exactly 9 because it came out with 2nd gen Intel in 2011. There are not many games that use AVX, and ones that those let you toggle. So yes, turning down AVX was the better choice, pretty sure Matt Scott can see what hardware most people have.
  15. Are you saying that Unit Game that was registered in tax haven Hong Kong, just few months before acquiring APB is suspicious? Nah.
  16. Imagine asking this question then answer it yourself by calling the people in question "fake golds".... Yes, if they can drop to silver by losing 2-3 games they are not gold. Maybe too good for bronze district and too bad for silver which overtaken by legit golds and people whos whole life revolves around cheating. Then people with a dozen of bans show up to tell us how dethreaters chase away new players. Nah, people quit this game because playerbase is toxic, full of cheaters, no tutorial etc. Just stfu. ( you know who I mean)
  17. Finally the sweaty APB nerds can touch themselves to their UHD characters.
  18. Nah, it's just the summer. Ignore the fact a lot people are at home because covid and every online service has gains. /s
  19. Better be bad and silver than having extensive ban history and still pretending to be competent :^) kthxbye
  20. What if I tell you that LO is the bigger company and with deeper pockets so your comparison is just not correct. Please stop riding LO's d... so I don't have to defend G1. They quickly realized the task is kinda out of their scope, let alone making a sequel, hence they sold the IP because I doubt the investors were quite happy seeing what a money pit APB is. They probably broke even after selling the IP and maybe even a bit on the top to fund the rest of the UE update and hope it's not going to massive blap so they can have additional revenue source...nothing wrong with it btw. Matt Scott is already pre-emptively making posts about the sh.t performance that's going to be in 40/40 action districts. If this game doesn't generate enough revenue after UE you can be sure they will pull the trigger.
  21. What? The thing is that you can turn RTX on and off. And even in 8 years when technology is matured you would still be able to turn toggle it. Just a guess based on Steam's hardware stats and the clock speeds... probably 10% don't have avx . APB doesn't need neither can afford to lose 10% of the playerbase. Very lazy solution from LO. Can't think of another game(let alone 10 years old game) that just drops AVX mandatory requirement on its players, even most consumer software takes advantage on it depending on your CPU. Sure in finances/big data that might not be the case but it's understandable. And like said earlier this could be completely useless depending no their migration approach.
  22. Nice logic there. Tomorrow they might decide to add ray-tracing without option to disable it. Then what? Are people supposed to get RTX card? Really first gen i7 ain't that bad for APB, if someone is just going to play that. Lots of modern software utilizes AVX when available but DOESN'T ENFORCE IT.
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