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  1. So it's not coming until 2022 and people with Turing GPU architecture won't be able to play really. Okay.
  2. 5Ghz 8700k, 1660 Super, 16GB ram @ 3000mhz With 2 highest settings, performance in financial with 8 people population is...well....trash. Getting dips from 100 down to 30 when 2-3 cars explode and everyone is shooting. Just driving around also makes fps dip. It's worse than Live. The overall aesthetics of the game is also trash, Live looks better. What the hell is this even? As for CPU usage, one of the core was at 50% and 2 others managed to hit 25ish%, the rest were from 8-15. GPU didn't struggle much, don't think it was any more than 50%.
  3. Haven't watched it but I stumbled upon someone on twitch who was "training hand"(his words, stream title) for CET by... cheating in aimlab, guess that might probably sum up the whole tournament. Probably don't need to mention the country
  4. Of course it's political. The spinning LO is trying to do now is as hilarious as the way twitter and facebook try to spin the fact they tried to censor the fact Joe Biden is tied to corruption on a high level. / Signed, Russian Troll #6969
  5. 10+...more like exactly 9 because it came out with 2nd gen Intel in 2011. There are not many games that use AVX, and ones that those let you toggle. So yes, turning down AVX was the better choice, pretty sure Matt Scott can see what hardware most people have.
  6. Are you saying that Unit Game that was registered in tax haven Hong Kong, just few months before acquiring APB is suspicious? Nah.
  7. Imagine asking this question then answer it yourself by calling the people in question "fake golds".... Yes, if they can drop to silver by losing 2-3 games they are not gold. Maybe too good for bronze district and too bad for silver which overtaken by legit golds and people whos whole life revolves around cheating. Then people with a dozen of bans show up to tell us how dethreaters chase away new players. Nah, people quit this game because playerbase is toxic, full of cheaters, no tutorial etc. Just stfu. ( you know who I mean)
  8. Finally the sweaty APB nerds can touch themselves to their UHD characters.
  9. Nah, it's just the summer. Ignore the fact a lot people are at home because covid and every online service has gains. /s
  10. Better be bad and silver than having extensive ban history and still pretending to be competent :^) kthxbye
  11. What if I tell you that LO is the bigger company and with deeper pockets so your comparison is just not correct. Please stop riding LO's d... so I don't have to defend G1. They quickly realized the task is kinda out of their scope, let alone making a sequel, hence they sold the IP because I doubt the investors were quite happy seeing what a money pit APB is. They probably broke even after selling the IP and maybe even a bit on the top to fund the rest of the UE update and hope it's not going to massive blap so they can have additional revenue source...nothing wrong with it btw. Matt Scott is already pre-emptively making posts about the sh.t performance that's going to be in 40/40 action districts. If this game doesn't generate enough revenue after UE you can be sure they will pull the trigger.
  12. What? The thing is that you can turn RTX on and off. And even in 8 years when technology is matured you would still be able to turn toggle it. Just a guess based on Steam's hardware stats and the clock speeds... probably 10% don't have avx . APB doesn't need neither can afford to lose 10% of the playerbase. Very lazy solution from LO. Can't think of another game(let alone 10 years old game) that just drops AVX mandatory requirement on its players, even most consumer software takes advantage on it depending on your CPU. Sure in finances/big data that might not be the case but it's understandable. And like said earlier this could be completely useless depending no their migration approach.
  13. Nice logic there. Tomorrow they might decide to add ray-tracing without option to disable it. Then what? Are people supposed to get RTX card? Really first gen i7 ain't that bad for APB, if someone is just going to play that. Lots of modern software utilizes AVX when available but DOESN'T ENFORCE IT.
  14. Almost as if I didn't say some people won't be pleased when they find out they can't play because AVX or game MAY* run even worse because AVX-SSE transition penalties. Although from what I've seen performance is definitely not impressive considering the high end hardware it was tested on. And mind you, this was only Asylum. It's yet to be seen on full 40/40 action district. Congratulations I guess. https://software.intel.com/content/www/us/en/develop/articles/avoiding-avx-sse-transition-penalties.html
  15. So the codes indeed expire but last time I made a thread about it, some genius said they don't and the dates just refresh.
  16. As long as you go out and don't try to betatest, you are not going to regret your decision. I'm going to make drinks and watch the train wreck from a safe distance, then wait for people with non high-end gaming to find out performance is worse is about the same or even worse for them because avx.
  17. It's nice to see someone whom I reported with 4 videos(shaders, nosmoke, triggerbot, aimbot) 1 year ago still running around doing 60-x(single digit number btw) consistently. Why even bother with this game anymore...
  18. He wasn't banned outside the ruleset at all, but the ruleset had stuff that probably shouldn't be there and he replicated the conditions. I've played(and majority of playerbase) under FairFight for thousands of hours and I never managed to trigger it so I'm just going to say that this is rare and if he didn't know the rules he would have never been banned(most likely) Without clarification on what was the rule, how many people triggered the rule, how many times did they trigger it before getting banned(because bans were manual, except few), how many of them triggered other(proper) rules in combination, this statement is useless, it's a paperweight, stop throwing it around trying to discredit FairFight. And just because someone didn't cheat on their main accounts, doesn't mean they didn't cheat on alts and got busted. Btw playing properly doesn't include glitching under map during events. Just saying....in case you ever did that
  19. No, it wasn't good enough as server-side anti cheat is never going to be good enough. If anything, those quotes from Matt Scott prove that FairFight WORKS because he managed to trigger some really stupid and rare rule by replicating the conditions that had to be made. Of course it's an issue, but since he doesn't say how many times it was triggered and by whom it's just not good to use the statement to prove whatever point. So the issue is the rule, not like FairFight is not good.
  20. You forgot something very important, but it's ok, no need to post it because it's against your narrative I guess... If this rule is so very specific that chances to trigger it are thinner than lottery, he knew about it, did what it had to be done. And I'd say this was very rare rule to trigger considering majority of players didn't get banned but certain people...some over and over again. This really invalidates the entire test... But hey, lets keep getting things out of context.
  21. Your ticket response time is not just where you don't want it to be at the moment. it hasn't been for 2 years. The current response time of 3.5 weeks is simply unacceptable. I was sort of keen on that, until I read a report from 2015 which states LO has almost 100 employees and 50 million USD annual revenue. So this is clearly not "LO is small company and doesn't have the resources" Anyway, glad you give perma bans...if you detect any decent cheat that is. My expectations happened - influx of cheaters, old names and "new" names, same people going 20+:1 in FCs. I still see that guy whom I reported a while ago and got response you will investigate? Guess not going to happen since he's SPCT , right?
  22. Say what you want about G1 but at least they had a forum post about it and events. A true american company who loved America. That ain't happening with LO. But it's ok, they would make "Community standards" thread and bring divisive politics and make donations to BLM so they bail out arsonists who have assaulted other americans and their right for private property. So happy independence day to all americans who love their country and don't destroy statues inb4 post deleted and I'm given a warning for bringing politics even though they do it themselves
  23. For 3 days ban I'd say it was for toxicity, bu then that permaban makes me think you got a warning for cheating. Make sure your brother didn't have access to the laptop ... or Clara. Damn Clara. But personally, I'd ban you for buying 2000€ laptop too.
  24. The game uses api to communicate, so I highly doubt it's nvidia's fault per se. And I can't even find any other games with this issue. The whole "64-bit" theory is just lol. You have 64bit cpu and windows 7/10 64bit and you are able to run 32 bit software... LO better finally look into this and say something because. If you guys wait for the engine update so this problem disappear, you are going to have a bad time - it's not coming any time soon.
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