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  1. Yeah I'm using Google Authenticator, it used to be all weird but, it works 100% now.
  2. For the record I'm not using Authy as it's straight garbage, I'm using Google 2 factor.
  3. Just being in the CIA helps... jk I used an online morse decoder.
  4. WE CAN'T DO THIS ALONE is what I've gotten so far, then there's this weird other distortion in the mp3 that I can't figure out for the life of me.
  5. I used to have to enter in my 2FA codes almost as they were going to expire for them to work properly, not it appears fully in sync for me.
  6. Seriously though, up until recently trying to use 2FA to log in was a nightmare and I very much appreciate that it seems to be functioning properly now, lots of stress relief whenever the prompt appears now.
  7. I've gone ahead and enlarged the QR code looking thing and noticed something weird. This could easy just be from compression or something, but I figured I would take a shot in the dark. If you look closely you'll see there are darker areas of white, like I said that might just be from compression or maybe it's a hint to darken those areas to black to complete the QR code and make it valid? I'm not very good with this kinda stuff so, sorry if that sounds like a stupid idea.
  8. Basically Matt said there's a vulnerability in the solution LO is using for DDoS prevention.
  9. I wonder when they're going to make me delete my profile picture because it can be considered some sort of offensive. "middle fingers that's bad!"
  10. I wound up loading into free camera mode trying to connect to a district. It's bad.
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