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  1. I feel like part of the cause of this is the fact that Silver district winds up being populated by mostly golds, most of which are those that played since day 1 and kept playing, the kinds that a large portion of the playerbase hackusates when a good chunk of them are actually just that good. That winds up driving most lesser skilled players into joining the district that the "permagolds" aren't going to shit on them in. Now I'm not saying that's an excuse, or that justifies this behavior, but the lack of population makes this hard to even try fixing. Locking threat to district would only cause more de-threats, and more smurfs, and removing threat all together probably wouldn't solve new players getting thrown against 13000 hour veterans. I don't see this even being something that gets addressed pre engine upgrade unfortunately either. LOs lack of staff means there likely won't even be any type of monitoring for this activity. Of course we can ban de-threaters, but what's to say you didn't get unlucky and put against the same pre-made of gods fifteen motherfucking god damn times in a row. I don't know, this wall of text probably has all kinds of flaws and all sorts of "being stupid" so, whatever. I wish this game died and the one I had thousands of hours in lived instead. Or that there was another game I enjoyed the gun mechanics in, everything these days has the most braindead ways the guns work. plz downvote me
  2. Edit: I'm stupid, could a mod please move this to the proper section? I figured I would make a thread where people could throw in suggestions for some weapons they might like to see added into the Joker store for permanent purchase. The ones I would like to see are the following: OCA-EW 626.2-SD "Silverado" STAR 556 'LCR' "Old Glory" I think they might make neat "exclusives" to the Joker store, considering they were retired a few years back.
  3. If only we could get this in an all in one package with Jericho actually being stable. I've kinda started falling off playing again though, sunk some decent hours into Black Squad lately.
  4. I agree that this would be nice, however it would require quite a lot of work to actually get working as far as I know. Maybe we wouldn't be asking for this if constant DDoS attacks weren't continually draining NA of its already small playerbase.
  5. It's a cluster, generally a large one, of infected computers that are essentially being remote controlled all at the same time. Think of it like getting attacked by a giant swarm of bees. Or fire ants, fuck fire ants.
  6. TL;DR - DDoSing is bad mkay (Try to read it though, I tried to be as constructive as I possibly could) So, I know this is nothing new at all, and that the vast majority of our current playerbase is fully aware of the current problems that Jericho experiences with DDoS attacks. I'm making this thread as a concerned Jericho player, since this is having an impact on the population for the server. For the past few weeks, I've noticed that there have been less and less people playing during what are normally peak hours for Jericho, which coincidentally are when these attacks seem to take place the majority of the time. There will only continue to be less people choosing to log into APB if this keeps happening, especially if they usually log in during those peak hours, knowing that's when the server population is at it's highest and that it's much easier to find matches. I am aware that there have been mitigation improvements to the servers to help against these attacks, and it's quite nice not having the servers crash completely and remain in near constant offline states while these attacks happen. However, this doesn't mean the stability of the servers is unaffected during these attacks, the attacks are still causing great instability and causing the ability to play the game in a reasonable fashion to be near impossible at times. The fact of the matter is this problem isn't solved, and isn't over, this has been a long standing issue with the game, and new players who haven't played before, or are familiar with the games history, are not going to turn a blind eye if one of their first experiences with the game is their experience being that of the inability to play, followed by halving to more of populations by the time these attacks end. I know it's not as simple a fix as turning on or off a switch, but this is something that should it continue, the population will continue to slowly decline as more and more people decide they've had enough, and just move on to other games that don't experience these types of issues. I'm not trying to say that Little Orbit has done nothing, or isn't trying or doesn't care, I'm trying to say that this issue, is what I believe to be one of importance in rectifying should the longevity of the game be an important factor to LO.
  7. NA/EU merge would piss off lots of people, and only alienate more of the dwindling playerbase.
  8. I just kinda report whoever I see that I believe is using a macro, not like I have much more control over any more than that.
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