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  1. I'm down to see more additions to the Joker store like the Classic in the future.
  2. This actually happened to me a few months ago, not sure if it was the same mission but same idea one of the steps was bugged and the clock was stuck at 0. I'd recorded a video and sent it to a support team member to forward to the proper people that could figure out the cause and apply a fix.
  3. It was mentioned that this would be happening a bunch lately, so probably best to wait it out and goof around on another game.
  4. Access to released names could be given in tiers. Week 1 = Player accounts with combined playtime of 750 hours Week 2 = Player accounts with combined playtime of 500 hours ETC Hell, even add modifiers like factoring in playtime during the last year, or 6 months as a deciding factor so old unused accounts won't appear and act as sponges to hoard other names. Honestly, every game has this problem, and most don't give a shit, either this is that situation, or this community is so bad they've brought the problem upon themselves with their actions and intentions. Personally, I don't give a shit :/. As long as it doesn't break things, do what the fuck ever.
  5. This might be a silly question considering it's minor, and a decent portion of the community probably does this. But does modifying the directory files include renaming things such as the Vivox voice program and the themes folder to effectively disable those two things? If doing those things too are something that can result in a ban, it would be good to know.
  6. Old model needs to come back, gun needs to be balanced in a way that makes it not completely useless compared to the non-scoped counterpart.
  7. So, just in case you haven't noticed, I'm not exactly concerned about whether or not people support this essay of shit I threw together in a fit of rage. I'd say almost everything I put into the post, was either inaccurate, pure opinion, speculation, and in the end, a rage post because the god damn game kept booting me to the login screen (still does that shit by the way) while other games work just fine. I mean the first 2 words in the thread title are in fact "vent" and "rant". But you're allowed to think that I do care enough to make a brand new account, on forums that I almost never bother to use, to reply to a thread that I expected to have 95% of people react negatively to and call me mentally deficient, misinformed (probably both true), and everything else in the "APB: How to insult in a dead irrelevant game 101" user manual of forum justice.
  8. So, "Almost every single person I've talked to who had their ban reversed, has admitted that at one point they cheated. Every single one." That wasn't exactly very clear in what I was trying to get across. What I should've said, was that every single person that I've talked to, who I knew had a ban with FairFight and had discussed with the person what the ban was for, had down the line, admitted to wrongdoing at one point or another. Clearly there are people I've talked to over time who I was not aware had bans with that anti-cheat, therefore invalidating what I'd previously stated. Now, obviously that's not fair, and that's my own stupidity. My point had been, that judging the statistics by who I'd actually discussed a persons bans with, more than just in passing, they'd all wound up admitting wrong-doing either prior to FF, or even post FF. Edit: "admitted to wrongdoing at one point or another" Basically, not limited to just cheats, could be RMT, could be banned for anything else that was an actually bannable offense That's my fuck up, sorry.
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