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  1. Stop nerfing guns and buffing their competitors at the same time.
  2. All of the content bundled in there was a lot to read. This is a big step in the right direction when it comes to having a link to the community.
  3. tl;dr probably better than apb everywhere except symbol creation + how those symbols apply to clothes and cars As someone that's played the previous Saints games, they don't appear to have done anything revolutionary, it seems like a few extra things here and there on top of what was already very good customization in the other games and probably a large number of preset items. Not a bad thing, it was already good to begin with, at least from what I can tell they haven't tried fixing something that wasn't broken.. though won't know until the game actually comes out. This is one of few game franchises I have had any faith in rivaling the freedom we have in APB with customization, and they're going to do it better in most areas no doubt. Most others do pretty generic stuff. Our ability to use the symbol creator + the way symbols created there can be applied to clothing and vehicles is still going to be something unique to APB. I'd say someone should just rip off the way APB does customization but do it better, but then how are they going to sell people a 15$ pair of socks in their microtransaction store when a player can make ones that probably look twice as good. Honestly the way APBs customization works is a threat to selling preset outfits etc like most other modern games have started doing. Hope Saints is good Hope they bring back Protect Tha Pimp and maybe throw some other modes in too..
  4. Except for the elephant in the room being this is entirely not enforced. Opening up Twitch will put that fact on display.
  5. It'll be an excellent quality of life addition and money printer go brrrrrrr. Themes, Symbols, Vehicles, Weapons, Clothing, Modifications ETC all that stuff. I would love to know before/after player mail database size if this ever actually gets added. Just for lulz.
  6. Refer back to the post by NotZombieBiscuit they beat me to the punch
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