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  1. put everything u LIKE and DISLIKE about apb here Yes - what you want to see in engine update: A tangible improvement on the games performance, ease of adding new content, ease of modifying variables to allow changes to things without requiring an entire patch with 6 hour downtimes. What the engine upgrade is supposed to do. - wacky things you think they should add to apb: Demo derby rate apb 1-10 based on : - performance Without Configs: 3 With Configs: 6 - gameplay 8.5 - community 3 - guns 7 - items 6 though could be higher or lower, not super sure what kinds of items this means - how much u love the GMs
  2. Game refuses to run in native resolution. Runs worse than live. Took me 5 minutes to figure that out, took me 3 seconds to log back out and forget about the game again.
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