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  1. Almost every match I play has at least 1 scout in it idn0 doesn't seem like it's struggling to me. #MakeIRSRecoilNonCumulative
  2. Hypothetically the community members running the 'open source' projects, assuming more than 1 succeeds, wouldn't hide their source code and install malware on peoples computers that beat them 1 time in a mission. I would never let a community ran version of this game touch any hardware or virtual machine that I have control over lmao.
  3. Not skipping being on the beach drinking for any of this sorry.
  4. Can confirm this guide will work for an Arch minimal install using LXQT + Openbox desktop environment on the Linux kernel (Not hardened lts or zen. Haven't tried those) A couple of things to note is before installing the drivers as per the section in the ProtonGE tutorial, install the linux-headers package first If you're on an nvidia card and you've followed the OPs directions etc and the game launches and the splash screen appears, then closes after a few seconds, try uninstalling the amdvlk package. For some reason it shows up after going through this tutorial at least it did for me. Everything else should be identical to the tutorial posted here at least at the time of making this post.
  5. If I'm correct it's a desync that can happen where the player hitbox disconnects for a moment from the player in certain situations after exiting a car, leading to someone having to shoot where the invisible hitbox is rather than the physical player model. At least that's the one I assume they're referring to, and hope they're referring to. HIGHLY annoying and meme tier that it existed this long.
  6. We have fixed character positioning when getting out of their vehicle. They would occasionally be seen exiting their cars and assuming the wrong model position, and we said: "Absolutely not!" Only took 13 years and several studios 1 going under and 1 being entirely absorbed single clap
  7. Stop nerfing guns and buffing their competitors at the same time.
  8. All of the content bundled in there was a lot to read. This is a big step in the right direction when it comes to having a link to the community.
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