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  1. Except for the elephant in the room being this is entirely not enforced. Opening up Twitch will put that fact on display.
  2. It'll be an excellent quality of life addition and money printer go brrrrrrr. Themes, Symbols, Vehicles, Weapons, Clothing, Modifications ETC all that stuff. I would love to know before/after player mail database size if this ever actually gets added. Just for lulz.
  3. Refer back to the post by NotZombieBiscuit they beat me to the punch
  4. APBisms lmao Fun fact if you have an APBCompat.ini file that has a high quality character and vehicle preset, and also has one with playdough untextured characters and vehicles, you can achieve an effect where only your currently equipped outfit and vehicle customizations load by loading into an empty district with the high preset, then switching it to the playdough one, and joining any other district. If you do this while any other characters are loaded they will also have their stuff loaded so if you encounter them elsewhere in game their stuff will be visible too, hence the empty district part. This is probably well known by certain parts of the community, or not, idk, I don't associate with people enough to know if it's common knowledge or not xD I ran into it while trying to force the character models to not load and remain as the "default" model totally not wildly offtopic x3
  5. Oh 100% But I'm very doubtful Little Orbit is going to outright remove them, even though it'd benefit the game as a whole.
  6. Consumables are get out of jail free cards for poor choices like standing in the middle of a street with no cover or rushing 3 people thinking you can win then turning tail to flee. Sadly they're here to stay so you're gonna have to deal with it like everyone else.
  7. The secret is you have to have a shirt with the KEKW emoji covering every part of it, not a pixel of vanilla shirt can be showing. Then you have to put a vanilla jacket on that covers the entire shirt and color it 0-0-0 black.
  8. There was a time consumables didn't exist in APB A better time. They're get out of jail free cards for bad players making bad decisions who want an easy out.
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