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  1. hmm LO employee... friends with cheater... Why would someone risk their "career" for a friend? Then again, GM's should have an actual contract with LO to prevent that. Hopefully not another Byrt thingy, if I recall that correctly. (wasn't much of a Colby person) Maybe have it so that X amount of escalations require X amount of GM's to approve the ban or something.
  2. not just statistics but also an active GM that can take out the blatants, but let the anti-cheat deal with the closets.
  3. iRawwwN

    [PC] PATCH NOTES 1.19.7 (1074) discussion

    Better be a 4x4. nvm. what makes it so that people won't just remake it ;; nice to see some sponsors/advertising possibly getting done
  4. You're totally right! Just let these blatant players get to R255 without being bothered by a GM. Their recent site/domain being registered in Oct. 2018, before that they had a .tk domain. They weren't hiding it, and I'm sure if LO went and actually checked logs etc I'm sure they'd see something. :^) I guess we need private investigator AngrehNerdz back. :^((((
  5. These guys are selling their cheat to players, and they're just gonna drive more players away. BE hasn't caught their cheat; they'll still sell their cheat too even if they get banned. Resetting their progress will just make them start at the beginning again. Unless they're gonna go buy an account. Manual banning is the only way to get the point across. They're not trying to hide anything, which is the reason why most cheats go unpunished for a while to catch a bigger net of people. These guys are just blatantly showing it off.
  6. Yeah, "waiting" is only so long until these players get to R195+ while blatantly cheating week in - week out. It's getting annoying seeing the same blatant cheaters in Asylum every day without fail. There aren't even many districts that need to be checked on the weekend. Bronze districts? Doubtful that there are real cheaters, WF+Fin maybe not. FC more than likely has cheaters on Citadel. 1 full silver district on Jericho max to check and maybe a FC. There are players that have been cheating for MONTHS now. They even have a website for their cheat that has been advertised. I understand banning these players means nothing as they'll just reroll, but resetting their progress will at least do something. They have tons of APB$ from playing for so long, and have legendaries. I'm assuming the main reason why something hasn't happened to them is that LO is afraid of DDOS'ing, which these players would probably do. :^) Game is borked. If these players can stay unbanned without the intervention of GM's or BE and the Engine Update doesn't fix anything this game is done.
  7. iRawwwN

    I Just Want To Say Thx

    finally someone who sees the meme and doesn't downvote me for being sarcastic owo
  8. iRawwwN

    ingame gm's

    cheaters been on Citadel Asylum all day :^) guys should have been dealt with months ago btw
  9. iRawwwN

    I Just Want To Say Thx

    no we need BR is only way of save game
  10. Don't worry guys, businessman Pound got the future in his hands.
  11. iRawwwN


    @MattScott so, not sure if you even read this on a Sunday/Monday night, but there's a ruski cheat that got released recently. fix game please
  12. New content is always welcome, something else to grind towards. Will the contacts be coming out before or after the new engine? Not sure how many people will stay much longer without new content... but also not sure how many will care about new content as long as we have this engine.
  13. iRawwwN

    Random Banning??

    oh shit its ray taylor would never have guessed
  14. iRawwwN

    FPS Drops

    nah, im getting like 120fps out of mission, then 90-100 with HUD and shit on missions but it feels like 60... then with the actual christmas event i get like 50 haha
  15. iRawwwN

    APB Bug Report faiL

    I got this last night haha instead of closing the game and reopening it to fix it i just quit and went to bed haha not worth the effort