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  1. surely you can spend an hour of your time in district and maybe get one mission... :X
  2. no, more like all that's left is the bridge and an alarm going off... no controls left on the boat
  3. idk, that is something I can see LO actually enforcing. pleb gets upset that silver wont fight, they record and submit their issue to support and then support goes and looks at the account and sees it's stats... believe it or not, ban. i can see many apb players, even cheaters, using support to get people banned for not vs'ing. APB players are a different breed.
  4. bans dont matter when LO will just unban in 2 years time again lmao
  5. nope, i bet my left nut that ffa has built in aimbot, to reward the big spenders /s
  6. lemme tag @MackBOLAN he will let us know
  7. I'm watching yet another triggerbotter (at the minimum) streaming live on Twitch after LO released all the bans, even the accounts that should never seen the light of day. Matt, you can't even afford some poor 3rd worlder to monitor APB livestreams on twitch. I'm sure theres someone out there that will do it for 50 pesos a month.
  8. 100k+ kill sniper role triggerbotting still going strong soviet chris kyle is back
  9. my first post was complaining about cheaters that day 1 kept cheating and how you should have active GM's the day you do something like that. today imma log into fightclub and if there are still blatant cheaters I will make another post, i s2g.
  10. russian roulette, either your ticket goes to support or it doesnt LMAO
  11. no patience here man i had to log off tonight just log on to asylum real eyes realize these players are not real, they see through walls r255 no shame
  12. Sure I'd love to spend some more money on your game so I can just go into a 16-14 Asylum that has 6 cheaters between the two teams hacking me down for DAYS and DAYS. r30's, r160's, r255's. Weeks on weeks with no ban, not even a GM around to kick them. Matt, I'm not paying your bills anymore until we see action.
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