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  1. ok ban the rest of the config users and enjoy ur 30 pop game
  2. thanks for reminding me of where apb should be had g1 not stunted the development of the game from 2013-present. (ye ik 2 diff companies idc)
  3. i remember when g1 told us that they couldnt debundle items due to how they were made LOL
  4. idk sorry to say but i feel like the switch to BE failed, and u guys just look at the numbers of players banned and say "yea thats good enough"... Last 30 Days 390.8 average, that's a sad statistic... idc about the "but what about the players who dont use steam" argument, it's just sad thanks LO for the past few years of keeping the game afloat u guys done ur best
  5. 1hr 20 mins of trying to get in. I had hope for this Beta. I had to go do IRL stuff and I was looking forward to coming back to the forums to people actually talking well about it. Talking about how great it ran or how fun it was or how excited people are for the future of APB. Now, I'm just like whatever. Time to ride the wave my dudes see you all on the flip side.
  6. Was looking forward to the beta, but login issue after issue...... yeah not a good look. Who's idea was it to import all the characters on the day of the release? Why not do it the day before, this way one less issue would be prevalent. 1hr 30 of trying to login, it I'm done. I got IRL stuff to do, thanks Matt.
  7. nice, thanks Matt. can we still trade/sell the legendaries that we get through Anne?
  8. yesterday 3 missions, 3 dethreaters /exit today join asylum, 2 blatant cheaters.. missions might be better? 1st mission blatant tbotters /exit thanks, Matt, fix ur game please. give me the money instead of BE and I will patrol the apb servers 24/7 with 99.9% accuracy
  9. IMO, the game needed these new contacts as soon as LO took over, even if it took a month or two from the engine upgrade. (i mean game needed these contacts yeaaaaaars ago but whatever)
  10. negative, the worst thing for apb was old G1 (techmech and tiggs etc) deciding to take a quick cash boost and have it go to consoles first :^)
  11. Nice to see you working on the Joker Store. Still a lot more can be done for it but it's a start.
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