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  1. my guy i think you need to step outside for a minute and get some fresh air
  2. There are fewer players who are using macros than you think. It isn't hard to learn how to click in a rhythm. Not saying people aren't using it, just some people have function over their appendages.
  3. gl, not the best decision u guys could have made but u gotta play the hand you've been dealt. ur tutorial is garbage btw, no newbs will stay more than 2 missions, if they even figure out how to play. will be on the lookout for pop rebound. lol
  4. revert to 2013 patch, release new contacts. release unused names locked behind dead servers/accounts. bring 50v50 too. thank
  5. Matt bought APB yes, don't forget he also sold the IP to some random HK (chinese) company [Unit Game] that has little to no info on it. They cannot just "make" APB 2. Remaking APB with current technology and an updated Lore/Story would be great, but I don't think LO has the funds (or in-house skill) for such an undertaking.
  6. game still gets ddossed game still freezes and d/c's goat actually got a decent job iirc, so he moved on game still goes down now and then nothing is different, just fewer people care and spend time on this game XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Never forget "You'll get sick of us communicating" XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  7. They have other projects on the go that they are contracted for, so apb isn't the main source of their income. apb probably doesnt get worked on unless someone has nothing to do. :^(
  8. nope dont you know, we are all to stop playing this game and then slowly forget about it.... that way LO wont look bad when they fail to deliver on some pos 10 year old game update :^)
  9. Sadly rhetorical questions don't always make out over forums. I couldn't even get a reply from the community manager after quoting them. Their silence is harrowing, but I can see from the consistent drop in /pop that they aren't equipped to handle such a "large" game!
  10. Since you posted this in August 2020 the population has continued to decline. How much discussion do you need from the community? (you let this "discussion" continue for 11 pages.... 11 pages of drivel LOL) From the discussion of the community, which I believe you read each post, have you decided what you're gonna do?
  11. https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2019/8/29/message-from-matt Still waiting.
  12. I want all yellow mods removed, and don't forget the shield. just remove everything (minus weapons + clothing) g1 has added since the 2013 contact's patch... then release new contacts.... then release character locked names... then release engine update.. ez
  13. exactly. if LO were to show something or release something to bring players back (eg contacts) and new items, I for one would spend money... but this game just doesn't have any gas left in the tank.
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