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  1. 50v50 city wide point hold while also having to deliver items to drop offs... there's something that can work 100% with something like that
  2. See this is why I love a Noob_Guardian post, the guy just knows his stuff.
  3. phasing sucks and is not the solution that should have been chosen. also when i leave one district to join another, then another, then another my UI ends up all fucked. matt you gonna solve that issue or?
  4. dont worry about apb lore they've removed n5/p5 and people want the to make it so your faction doesnt count red-vs-blue style
  5. meh tons of changes in the pipeline to make apb feel less apb-y. okay thanks matt edit; can i see who my opp is before i accept the match? i dont wanna play vs some people... if not, can i packet sniff character names so I can decide if i want to waste my time or not?
  6. We wanted them to fix the game, G1 wanted to milk the game and move on. xd
  7. thanks bro i bet LO didnt know a single issue about MM until your thread. you're right my guy my bad
  8. ? You don't change the MM so that the population increases... You add content for the game to make it not the same fucking game as the past 8 years so that players have a REASON to come back. Then after you work on content THAT IS WHEN YOU TOUCH MM. Maybe both get released at the same time but YOU CANNOT FIX MM WITH 400 ACTIVE PLAYERS. STOP BEING DUMB ABOUT IT.
  9. i already get ran over by npc vehicles and now you wanna give them ROCKS to throw at me? HELL NO better npc vehicle AI would be sweet tho but only a little
  10. oh fuck not you again. Yes, it can be easily fucking fixed but the population is not there to sustain it. We need more content before you can think about molesting MM. no you just dont get the issue. OF COURSE MM NEEDS TO BE FIXED. NOW IS NOT THE TIME. GREEN THRU GOLD SUCKS. GREEN 1-5, BRONZE 1-10, SILVER 1-10, GOLD 1-5 (OR 10) would be great if we had actual population to sustain it.
  11. mm cant be fixed unless we have a healthy population ?_? like u said there are 400 ppl online what do u expect
  12. im setting an ahk to take box#0001 so you can be box#0002
  13. no it sucks old bounty with a rework is the only logical thing to do bounty system was fun
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