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  1. iRawwwN

    Let's talk about FC

    FC is great for when I don't want to commit to doing missions if I have no friendos playing. FC is just fun, I don't need to worry too much about objectives etc. I'm not looking forward to the Battle Royal thingy that G1 were supposedly working on if that's what you mean you're working on.
  2. iRawwwN

    APB Roadmap

    @MattScott Will there be anyone looking at the current ARMAS clothing packs/bundles and de-bundle them so we can pick and choose items? I find that I like certain items from different packs but I am not willing to buy various packs just for one or two items I want. This results in me not buying anything instead.
  3. wow. that is all i gotta say. d e d i c a t i o n
  4. The way I read it was that people who committed fraud and other such ToS violations won't be allowed back. More than likely repeat offenders who cheat on a constant basis probably won't get unbanned either.