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  1. Not too bad, very nice of them to help you out so fast. Usually Support is slow, but you got lucky or else support has caught up with their huge list.
  2. Yeah, stable frames would be great but I'm not interested in a console experience. I want high frames and performance to match it, as I'm sure everyone wants. Very few people will continue to play if this game plays at 30fps but stable, Shooters/Competitive games aren't all that fun at that frame rate.
  3. Already running clay model graphics, don't need to worry about that. Let's just hope they don't bugger up performance too much.
  4. If you played before the server merges happened (both EU together and both NA together) you probably missed out on the character merge part. I have a feeling that they still have all the correct information on all accounts from before that time as you are unable to take certain names as they are 'taken' but also not taken. Not sure if LO even know how to read their database
  5. APB has been the most enjoyable game I have played over such a long period, even though it has its frustrating moments. I can't make myself spend any more on this game though until I see concrete proof that LO are actually improving the game in a positive way. (No, I don't think RIOT will be positive until they sort out the mess that is the current engine upgrade.) It's been said so many times over the 9 years this game has been running, there is so much potential with the APB IP, but RTW and old G1 squandered it. I'm afraid that LO will meet the same fate.
  6. I heard the public theme duping cheat was patched but there was a private one. It could also be someone trading/selling notes to songs.
  7. Only played two rounds this time around, while it's neat it's not something that I feel is going to be good for APB. The population really isn't large enough for it. Unless somehow Jericho/Citadel players can do RIOT together I don't see it working out well for the NA population. It's nice to start with the FBW, grenades needs to be looked at. I spawned with grenades once at the start (very first round) but never again after that. Grenades should be taken out to be honest. Weapon loadouts should also be removed.
  8. no then it's harder for me to join a FC because no one is gonna join a 5/5 fc and they'll do something else bring 30v30 baylan please
  9. If you are talking about the little plaza area between the GA5 station and the ammo vending/crim contacts all you gotta do is just give the obj a tap with a car or something and it will unbug it. WF is a snooze fest when people pull hvrs
  10. just always make sure u get out ur car while it's in a powerslide so it messes with your character and fricks ur enemies aim up!
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