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  1. this game will never see ue4/5 you might as well just face the music now.
  2. there will be no new apb, matt sold the IP some some Hong Kong company that has no history of game development or any history at all lol future is dead
  3. ah yes playing the same gamemode for years on end is f.u.n............... oh wait all i do is fc because everything else in the game has been the same for years on end. sadge
  4. in game moderation ecksdeeee maybe if there was even an active community manager the game wouldn't feel so dead, and maybe people wouldn't be hesitant to put money into a game they enjoy playing. instead g1/lo have created a negative feedback loop that just causes the game to spiral downwards.
  5. no i meant what i said to sound like how it came across. would have been awesome but Matt sold APB's IP to some random Chinese company that has no information on them LOL WHAT A BLUNDER
  6. so there was a blog post 8hrs ago, yet no one posted it to the forums lol sick management https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2022/1/29/apb-2022-roadmap nevermind, was posted just on the second page revert game back to 2013 and start development thanks
  7. There is nothing after this. Matt Scott sold the game to some random HK (read; China) company. He isn't allowed to do anything else with this game besides upgrade the engine. There will be no remake, this is where the road ends. There were other paths this game could have taken, but the inexperience of everyone who has touched this game brought us here. I truly hope that Matt succeeds with his endeavors of this game, but I cannot see it happening. Maybe after moass I'll make Matt an offer for the IP and we can rebuild this game. :^)
  8. my guy i think you need to step outside for a minute and get some fresh air
  9. There are fewer players who are using macros than you think. It isn't hard to learn how to click in a rhythm. Not saying people aren't using it, just some people have function over their appendages.
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