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  1. iRawwwN

    Nice WORK Support

    I mean there /should/ be different queues for different topics, and people dedicated to the most busy ones... and then there should also be preferential treatment for people who actually buy stuff/are premium over those who are f2p.
  2. Why? They're unopped missions. No one loses anything by people /ab'ing them. Not everyone enjoys VIP missions, Fast & Incarcerated, Bang for Your Buck and a plethora of garbage hack sat. misisons with 270 degree of view.
  3. iRawwwN

    Nice WORK Support

    22 days waiting. Uhm, I just want to give u money LO.
  4. iRawwwN

    Genger change

    meet me outside on the football field @ 3:30
  5. iRawwwN

    Genger change

    waow ur rude get out of here im reproting u
  6. iRawwwN

    Genger change

    frick u loser
  7. iRawwwN

    Nice WORK Support

    tell me about it
  8. iRawwwN

    Nice WORK Support

    Created - September 29, 2018 11:10 Last activity - September 29, 2018 11:11 (me updating it) Id #83875 :^(
  9. iRawwwN

    uhh fix this thanks

    please fix L.O
  10. Uhm, I started to get that error after like 5 minutes of gameplay when I was messing around with the no cache configs. DefaultEngine.ini -> m_bUseDiskCache true m_iMaxDeferredRequests 2 is what they should be. You might have them set to false and 0 respectively. W10 Home, English, 64bit.
  11. iRawwwN

    New FragMovie Part 1...

    i didnt watch his montage fully so didnt notice that... lmao
  12. iRawwwN

    New FragMovie Part 1...

    11 seconds ?_? p.s. lit macro ^_^
  13. iRawwwN

    So this is a thing now

    Probably has to do with the fire hydrant fix. straight up fire hydrant glitch on steroids