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  1. usually it happens when you join a district after joining a FC
  2. Your thread is based on the first post you made, hence my reply. Had you of posted the other images in your OP maybe I wouldn't have said anything... but ya didn't. I'm not trash talking you. I'm just saying that's nothing impressive, especially if you're "working your patootie off" for that money. It's not like I'm no-lifing APB either, considering: And like 5hrs of those were yesterday while I was playing Civ: 5 and doing IRL things. Yet again, yeah the game is dying. I don't get why you've made so many threads over the past few months about it, as if we're not aware. Maybe just don't play the game if you have such a problem with it? Is it really that difficult?
  3. Yeah, but it won't mean much when there will be like 20 people in Gold haha. If we had our old 2013-ish Pop and if old G1 had actually done the threat-segregation properly we could have Gold only districts. They didn't do it correctly though, hence the Gold Rush event, hence the low population. :^(
  4. I'm not saying you're wrong, the game is dying on both servers. I'm just saying you arguing about the population for not being there while, again, THE MAJORITY of people don't work dumb shifts like that. Wow, you work your patootie off for so much $!!! Wow, crazy!!! 600$!!! amazing! I really don't care about how much you earn, or that you 'bust your patootie' for. All I'm saying is that you are in the minority, therefore you shouldn't expect that there will be a ton of people online. It'd be me playing some Korean game at my regular time and me complaining everyone is in school or work. hahaha you're delusional to think you're being reasonable.
  5. If you really want to make bank without having to worry about people taking your stash you could do the cheeky way. Get two PCs (or you and a friend) 1 Enf - 1 Crim Raid with crim then give the stash when it's near 2.5k to the enfo so he can keep it "safe". (pray you don't get DC'd) When you reach like 500k or more go N5 and kill the Enf near the drop to minimize the chance of getting witnessed. EZ money
  6. That wouldn't help with much at the moment due to the lack of population. You can't just raise the requirements and then somehow that would fix match-making, there won't be enough opposition for the higher-tier players. There will be two different reactions. 1. Players will 'tryhard' to get back to Gold. We'll need an active ELO system that removes ELO from inactive players constantly or on a daily base. (which might tax the servers more) 2. Players will then just play for fun and no one will get better as there will be no reason to face the top players. If you want people to STRIVE for something you need to make Gold something you want to play in. It's like just playing competitive match-making on CS and then thinking "hmm maybe I could get better by playing FaceIt/ESEA". With the top tier of those platforms players compete for cash prizes, so people strive to be really good at the game. If there was a bonus for being Gold and playing in a Gold district eg. Joker Tickets (now that there are actual permanent weapons), bonus contact standing, bonus APB$, weapon trials selectors, skin selectors maybe players would want to be Gold. As I've said before about Bronze districts/Silvers(Piss Golds) in Bronze:
  7. game is dying ?_? there is no excuse for that lol just a really poor argument/reason to complain about low population during a time where the majority of people have IRL things to do lol
  8. Posted Friday at 08:21 AM maybe go get a job, or go school/college/uni or something yeno?? most people actually have something to on a Friday at 8am instead of playing video games (this was prolly like 7am or earlier your time which is dumb af to post tbh)
  9. it's funny how u can park it next to a spawn location and it gives u perm 2d radar hacks ! gr8 game
  10. i get better reg on EU than NA noice
  11. cool, there's progress. game still has cheaters, lower pop and is stale. hope u guys fix it :^)
  12. It's worth having an RFP 'Fang' and a primary, eg. JG instead of running an OBIR/CR762 and an FBW. The Fang can compete with many primaries... when in reality it shouldn't. An OBIR should not be having problems vs a Fang at 45m+, yet it does.
  13. I have a .zip file called 'APB Care Package 4.5'. I'll upload it now and then DM you. It's like 800mb though, if you're okay with that? Here's some examples of what is inside it:
  14. It kinda sucks that it takes so long to get the skin on Jericho. I'm still rank 3 on Citadel, I don't feel like doing it for all my characters. The game mode itself isn't actually that bad, well once all the major fixes were implemented. It's still not what APB is meant to be though. There's tons of other avenues to bring players to (and back) the game, which is new contacts, new map (maybe after engine upgraded) and then of course the engine upgrade itself.
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