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  1. https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2019/8/29/message-from-matt Still waiting.
  2. I want all yellow mods removed, and don't forget the shield. just remove everything (minus weapons + clothing) g1 has added since the 2013 contact's patch... then release new contacts.... then release character locked names... then release engine update.. ez
  3. exactly. if LO were to show something or release something to bring players back (eg contacts) and new items, I for one would spend money... but this game just doesn't have any gas left in the tank.
  4. was that from Obeya or Patriot? the selection of servers we took for granted...
  5. yes, move on move on as in move to another game. there is little left here for players to do.
  6. if u guys release all the char-locked names that haven't been migrated over ill reinstall the game and spend some money
  7. he's part of the same group of dudes that have been cheating for years lol, yet somehow i constantly see them on 195+ accounts. with how few players are left, i guess LO just sees them as bots for us to versus so we can get missions lol
  8. nah i dont sit in social ? i dont want to play the game in the current state, and I was just replying to someone. not my fault
  9. nah, slorp will never be max rank. ive just uninstalled the game yet again, im done playing for now 'til something changes.
  10. that is a lot to accomplish with the current state of apb, but i hope you pull it off. this is a good game, but there are too many negatives associated with it to make it popular. please fix
  11. ok ban the rest of the config users and enjoy ur 30 pop game
  12. thanks for reminding me of where apb should be had g1 not stunted the development of the game from 2013-present. (ye ik 2 diff companies idc)
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