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  1. hahahaha what a garbage excuse hahahaha
  2. I thought the H-9 Curse was a good weapon? Last I knew putting cj3 on it was better than an OCA. never used it though
  3. get good bud? just learn how to play the game and frag B) then u wont need to be in the bronze districts and u will have fun!
  4. Will this fix the recent issue of the game freezing and then the server ms goes to 36/37? Happens now every two or so minutes, worse for some.
  5. Also, the players who abuse the warping when getting out of a vehicle that is sliding against the character... which bugs them out. Some players intentionally abuse this.
  6. yeah, vets say they want new content and what that means is APB content. i doubt any one who wanted apb content wanted BR content. many a game done it better than apb could have ever. missions. contacts. districts. all the stuff we fell in love with when first discovering this amazing game.
  7. Little of EAC, little of low population. Game is the same as it has been since 2013/2014, just with fewer players. Besides a few weapon balances/nerfs, nothing is different.
  8. apb needs more pop so new players can vs new players and accounts that have more than 100hrs in game time should not be able to vs new players throw all the silvers that plague the bronze servers in with the big boys )
  9. Skimmed the post and saw this; you're delusional. Most Rust servers are like maybe 200-300 pop... a lot of ones that aren't 'mains' have sub 150. Plus, there is more than 1 developer working on Rust. nice thread lol
  10. i still have a fond love for my nokia 3310 midi tunes
  11. [size=14] text pls edit: makes sense as to why everything is all over the place wrong wrong, again that's a long rant about... cheaters? abusive gms? GM's should not be messing with players, unless the GM makes their intentions clear AND the player is okay with it. Under no circumstances should they intervene in a mission that is currently in progress, it's just poor form.
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