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  1. no what i want is a cheat free game with active GM's that has new content that makes the game fun again, not some half-baked vehicle. they'll just rework some vegas sounds in audacity and sell it for 15$ anyway id rather give my money to amazon, and I hate bezos.
  2. no cheaters in this game, we got easy anticheat the best in the business i never see any cheaters, never ever ever ever, not even in asylum, not dropping 75+ bombs each map, because if they were cheating they'd have ZERO deaths bad gamers cheating on a 300 pop 14 year old game imaggggggggggggggggggine
  3. is there gonna be another ninja nerf/buff or have u guys got ur patch notes in order
  4. iRawwwN


    just play oscar
  5. i play too much as it is, and on eu id play na if there was ever a full asylum
  6. this is a pvp game mack, u cant just be looking at the item and defending it... maybe be useful and kick a door or two down and you won't get kicked
  7. matt is trying to find funding for this game, cant have a bunch of racists running around with flags, think of the children o wait it's an adult rated game.
  8. Sore losers, if you get upset about being VIP in FC maybe you take this game a little too serious. funny it's always a certain group of players that will leave, on rotation.
  9. NA has now been merged with EU, except u gotta roll new characters. :DDD
  10. EAC probably can't tell the difference between high ping players and speedhackers, given how easy it has previously been to spoof player location within the game for speedhacks. LO should have someone log on more than once in a blue moon and dole out bans for association... but everyone is friends with someone that cheats so we'd have no opp
  11. wow, that's something else hahahaha never knew that was an issue...
  12. GUYS JUST STOP CHEATING srsly like never got false ban, u guys got some hardware issues that u need to figure out
  13. how about you add blacksky to the in game menu, now that most ppl are using it and you don't seem to be bannering for it its soft on the eyes, i love it
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