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  1. Whilst it would only be a minor change, colouring the different classes of weapons could be somewhat useful for helping to identify what you are selecting due to the colour standing out more. Examples: The only downside doing something like this currently is that certain elements of the UI react differently to the colour codes being applied, for example, if I am buying something off of the marketplace in-game or from a contact, the popup in the bottom left that notifies you have a chat message works correctly and shows up with the weapon / mod and the correct colour however, going to read the actual chat and going into the mailbox this is not the case and instead of showing up with the colour, you get the bare code of what the colour is supposed to be. **Ignore the 'days days' this is a localization issue on my part, I haven't fixed it yet**
  2. Version 1: Saturated Version 2: Less Saturated Here is my entry, a classic joker store red checkered style. gl everyone. Backstory: Lynda Hyart is a woman of god, she believes for what is right and wouldn't wish anything bad against anyone. Well, she would if she wasn't one of the hottest racers out of Midtown with her Bishada tuned to the highest spec, she is one of the leanest and meanest racers known in the Midtown district melting through the competition. She dreams of becoming San Paro's top racer and to be crowned the Queen of the Joker Distribution Racing team. For where she comes from? She grew up in a rough part of Midtown, where constant riots would break out and violence would be hard to escape from. Despite these short comings as she went through school she began to plan for her future and what had really inspired her as a kid was how successful her father was in racing, she had gone to many of his races, watching all of his victories and short comings she really wanted to become him, he had become her biggest idol. From that point on after she'd finished school she decided to study to become a mechanic in college and further education so she had a vast understanding of what she had later hoped to become in life. Beyond her education she got a job at a local mechanics shop and spent her days fixing and repairing thousands of cars. Once she had enough saved up and had a stable income her dream was about to become a reality, she had purchased her dream car, a Bishada Rapier Sport S4. Her goal beyond this point was to 'pimp' it out putting the best kits, best performance mods etc. After she was done with a mod she would enter street races and after long she would soon be known as one of the most ruthless and cunning race drivers around the whole of Midtown, grasping at her fathers legacy.
  3. Iazer


    100 % serious dude, this addition to the game would make it insanely good
  4. Iazer


    We need horses to combat car gameplay, just imagine riding one of those ontop of your enemies Pioneer roof, thing would collapse in seconds. Horses mean horses because horses are horses
  5. PMG - Yes very nice I agree ATAC - What about also increasing the bloom of it so you are more reliant on tap firing at distance HVR - Not as fun as removing it but Volcano - Whilst it would make it more in line with the OSMAW that is a hard nerf to it, and yes I know they are supposed to be 'Micro-Rockets' but maybe instead of 550, 650-700? Spotter - Remove it but then possibly have it come back as a method for pinging a players last known location? Remote Det - Press 5 Get Kill NO REMOVE for real though, the Firebomb has a 2 minute cooldown, why doesn't this?
  6. How sure are you of that though, they aren't exactly gonna be playing on the same names that you see on the forums, Discord etc.
  7. no you, just cause its a crutch to give epic gamer content doesn't mean it doesn't need a nerf.
  8. >.> @Kevkof lowkey doing the biggest face palm right now congrats <.<
  9. The issue isn't necessarily the range of the grenades, its players reliance on them. If you have the chance to throw splash damage at someone before firing at them for essentially a free kill then why not take it? It was similar when low yields were overpowered, you had 3 chances to throw splash damage at someone to deal quite a decent amount of damage. So whilst frags do now cater for that purpose you should just find a work around for that play style, there isn't really much you or LO could do to stop people relying on their splash damage.
  10. you say that, however there is actually quite some performance, both single and multi-core, to be gained from upping the clocks on the infinity fabric for AMD CPUs
  11. After reading the engine upgrade thread, I have noticed that for the AMD systems the clock speeds and were not listed and the Intel based systems only had the base clock listed. It would be nice if they could be formatted slightly differently. Example for Intel: (CPU + Clock Speed w/ Game Running) - (RAM Amount + Speed) - (GPU) - FPS Data - Player Count Example for AMD: (CPU + Clock Speed w/ Game Running + Infinity Fabric Speed) - (RAM Amount + Speed) - (GPU) - FPS Data - Player Count Whilst I know getting all this information can make the post longer and seem a bit unnecessary I have been playing around with @KyoukiDotExe on how the infinity fabric clock effects APB and how much of boost that can give performance wise. Similarly for Intel where just having a higher clock speed across the board will give APB the single core performance that it desires to run well.
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