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  1. Whoops looks like something was missed from that hotfix ;D
  2. but I wanted sorting by cost in the clothing designer to crash me and I wanted Anne to give me free Resupply Boxes every 5 days
  3. Iazer

    Dirt bikes.

    but this is a very serious topic that @SkrotN would love to have a discussion with the community about
  4. Iazer

    Dirt bikes.

    I can and will vouch for this man, he is "VERY" sane and "VERY" capable of making flawless forum posts that will discuss serious and good things about All Points Bulletin: Reloaded originally created by Realtime Worlds superseded by Reloaded Productions (GamersFirst) superseded by Little Orbit.
  5. Iazer

    Dirt bikes.

    Yes I too agree that this is a very good idea but you know what I think we also need? BUSES PS. WE ALSO NEED ATTACK HELICOPTERS. PPS. THIS IS A VERY NICE DISCUSSION THREAD
  6. R-2 Harbinger: 25 -> 28 (Buff) Would still rather this thing be more like a Colby RSA than a weird ACT 44, RSA hybrid that isn't usable at all in any situation
  7. Iazer

    More React Emotes

    I require the flushed face and the emoji please and thank you
  8. 3D Glasses = ) Skinny Jeans Leather Belt Ringer T (White) Striped Grey Sleeved Long-Sleeved Shirt High Tops (White Soles)
  9. I mean if you want proof that it was the patch on Saturday then here. Result '2020.08.01-03.07.22-13816.log' Min: 72.1712 ms Avg: 78.94527 ms Max: 97.1886 ms Result '2020.08.01-03.19.46-14256.log' Min: 71.3041 ms Avg: 85.4222 ms Max: 116.7852 ms Result '2020.08.01-12.26.48-9680.log' Min: 133.9454 ms Avg: 151.3152 ms Max: 164.065 ms Result '2020.08.01-12.40.40-2708.log' Min: 132.7322 ms Avg: 154.2306 ms Max: 183.7335 ms Result '2020.08.01-14.31.30-8732.log' Min: 144.9759 ms Avg: 165.2323 ms Max: 199.3094 ms Result '2020.08.01-16.21.26-9260.log' Min: 135.9506 ms Avg: 157.4573 ms Max: 225.9577 ms
  10. Ryzen 7 3700x @ 4.2GHz 1.8GHz IF Clock GTX 1070 16GB DDR4 3600MHz Ram Windows 10 Pro 2004 Game on stock settings for me did run like a potato around 70-90fps, meanwhile after going through and messing with the graphics settings I could get my game to run at a constant 120+fps with no dips from garbage collection. There are some real weird bugs and annoyances that I've found but I have been told they are all noted so no need for me to put them here. As I sort of expected all the high FPS numbers that I had been seeing all over the place would have been lower the more players there are in an area but I will say it wasn't as big a drop as I had thought it would've been. Also that font, please for the love of god my eyes (I know this is going to be changed but )
  11. not even gonna begin to say how many brain cells I lost after reading that
  12. "I love Wednesdays" - rooq "I now also love Wednesdays" - lazer
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