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  1. Iazer

    Packet Loss

    Playing the game is literally impossible right now with half the people in the district getting constant packet loss ranging from 3-50 sometimes even kicking you. Please fix or the game is gonna die even faster
  2. throwback to when missions were playable and the most you faced was the odd tbotter or macro user here and there
  3. yea and even if you have completed everything previously guess what? you have to do it ALL over again :DDDD ...... for what reason? none other than to ruin your life
  4. Iazer

    Female Heart Iris

    Males have 6 total options for irises which is one more than the female and the extra is a heart shaped iris, why do females not have these I want to ERP with my cute red heart eyes
  5. how long are the valentines weapons supposed to stay on armas for? (and why was there no xmas classics bundle considering there is a halloween and easter classics bundle)
  6. omg don't even, I hate hearing people say low quality is cheating, the only thing that would be cheating would be removing particles from the game which gives you an advantage and disadvantage but SOME people just don't seem to understand
  7. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hsSuEyIemp9ikNyScOOxnUwZ2kZhvT5PTDR3WpvVArI/edit?usp=sharing
  8. Iazer

    Armas Items

    There is a lot of items that are in a limbo state where they are either only in-game or only on Armas, for instance not all of the 99 G1C items are in the joker store. Why? To add to that I would like to see a few weapons that are only available in-game currently on Armas available for purhcase account wide, this being the N-TEC 5 Dvah Stock, OCA 626 NFCP 3 Stock, JG-1140 Tactical. These are the only 3 slot weapons that are unlocked through progression outside of an event that aren't on Armas, disregarding explosives and LTL ofcourse. Finally why has the weekly Armas content not changed for at-least the past month.
  9. Testing this myself after changing character 5 times I lose all icons, I believe on the 4th time it was partially broken with some showing and some not and the occasional few randomly appearing and disappearing
  10. we'll start by making sure that SLORP is max rank
  11. 1. No xmas dump trucks. 2. Being stunned in the nutcracker event whilst holding a snowball gets it stuck in your hand if you don't die and just stand back up. 3. Achievements are hidden again. (EDIT. Or is there none? Where are the ways to get skins from previous years?) 4. No holiday contacts in Financial. 5. FPS stinks for some reason. 6. Dynamic Event Financial and Waterfront are showing up for some reason. 7. The 12 deaths of xmas role overlays over itself when maxed (see image below)
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