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  1. nej, hiding threat and having red and blue rank symbols based on faction would be much better and provide a much less toxic time
  2. Iazer

    Game won't start

    Right so seems to me like someone is missing something from the game or their Windows install
  3. Iazer


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    2. Boxo


      xaxaxxaxxaxaxaxxaxaxxaxaxxXAXXAXXA sug en xaxaxxaxxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxa

    3. Iazer
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      suck a

  4. "Alig stopped being good years ago" you ok bud?
  5. rooq

    thanks for plugging in the eu servers lol

  6. Boxo

    i blame lazer and kev

  7. Heard Niemi was a fan of Kermit so here's this special made Ugly Sweater #UglySweater Name: Iazer Server: Citadel
  8. Boxo

    what to do without apb men

    1. Boxo


      kinda gei, ngl but ❤️

    2. Boxo


      it isnt a problem untill you try to kiss me.

    3. Boxo
  9. My addiction is really getting to me. I'm creasing right now
  10. Boxo

    Im just gonna go ahead












    and blame you. thanks for coming to my tedtalk

  11. It has come to my attention that on the latest additions to Armas the weapons showcasing the Halloween skins on the classic pack include the Showstopper 'Thunder' and the Colby Commander / Classic *unclear on which* so was wondering whether this is a hint towards the future addition of being able to use different skins on legendaries or just a marketing technique for showing off the skins.
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