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  1. the engine upgrade was an ancient myth that was only rumoured, passed down for generations and then turned out to not happen
  2. and yet I still don't see my classic Christmas items
  3. I saw those 2, but the whole point is that I want all these items to be purchaseable acc wide on armas. We have one for Eaters and Halloween but not Christmas and I don't know about you but I really do not want to be rebuying all the content I already own on one character on another
  4. Christmas holly skin Christmas snowflake skin Santa's sleigh skin Candy cane skin Santa's hat clothing Santa's jacket clothing Santa's backpack clothing Elf ears clothing Elf hat & ears clothing Reindeer antlers clothing Snowman head + nose + eyes clothing WHERE THEY AT????
  5. I still do not see my christmas classics bundle on armas. what's up????
  6. go to the elf contact in the event district, it might be in there
  7. Iazer

    Forum censorship

    upvoted for you. I believe in free speech too.
  8. but will there be an xmas classics bundle on armas?
  9. and you're one of those people that cares about realism of weapons in a game that is fundamentally an arcade shooter. lmfao
  10. but like, why is the jg still able to fire as fast as it can?
  11. Iazer

    Weapons on Armas

    When it comes to what weapons we have ingame vs what we have available to us on armas there are a few that I would like to see on Armas that are currently locked behind progression for no forseeable reason. The 3 weapons in question being the N-Tec 5 Dvah Stock, OCA NFCP3 Stock and JG-Tactical 1140. Compared to all other roles you unlock these specific guns at level 16 along with the chrome skin however on machine gunner, sniper and marksman you only get the chrome skin. At the same time I also wonder why the icon for the PMG shows there being a stock folded out however the model that you use ingame has a folded in stock.
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