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  1. Heard Niemi was a fan of Kermit so here's this special made Ugly Sweater #UglySweater Name: Iazer Server: Citadel
  2. Boxo

    what to do without apb men

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    2. Boxo


      it isnt a problem untill you try to kiss me.

    3. Iazer
    4. Boxo
  3. My addiction is really getting to me. I'm creasing right now
  4. Boxo

    Im just gonna go ahead












    and blame you. thanks for coming to my tedtalk

  5. It has come to my attention that on the latest additions to Armas the weapons showcasing the Halloween skins on the classic pack include the Showstopper 'Thunder' and the Colby Commander / Classic *unclear on which* so was wondering whether this is a hint towards the future addition of being able to use different skins on legendaries or just a marketing technique for showing off the skins.
  6. Good thing I'm not currently playing
  7. Iazer


    Could be caused by a routing issue where your ISP is taking you on a bizarre route. Or does this happen when you are trying to connect to a district when this happens because if you are trying to enter a district and its full such as social, the game more often than not will just boot you out to the login screen
  8. Boxo

    I blame iazer

    1. Iazer


      I blame Kev's Coffee

  9. I am very much concerned for Iazer's witches hat
  10. New pumpkins :pog: now I have to search for them all across 2 characters again
  11. iazer is now following you


    creep 4Head


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