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  1. Lazer we are very popular it seems!

  2. https://imgur.com/a/sTOoNfD
  3. #Freethebox/cardboard/plastic/metal/rustedmetal/etc.
  4. 🦀Matt is gone 🦀

    1. trouble-maker-enthusiast420


      "Stop seeking attention, its not the right type silly"

    2. Iazer


      Poor guy can't get what he wants, thank @Kevkof 🙂

    3. Kevkof


      Well, shouldn't be bringing up his profile then. What did you expect me to do ... not open it?

  5. Stop seeking attention, its not the right type silly 🇸🇪

  6. Iazer

    FeelsBirthdayMan Happy Birthday FeelsBirthdayMan

  7. You are a sponge sir

    1. trouble-maker-enthusiast420
    2. Iazer


      Just making sure, signed profile 😠 naughty naughty boy

    3. Iazer


      You no get reply xaxaxaxaxa

  8. Could you just leave and not come back? JK me love you long time
  9. He did change quite a few things to get that sort of frame rate and he along with me did the course that was used for bench marking by Little Orbit for a similar amount of time, wish I had the same files but sadly I do not
  10. yea I know by @KyoukiDotExe has a i7 2600k @5GHz and gets much better fps than me, if I had the benchmarks he sent me from his PC I would post them but his 0.1% lows where significantly higher around 60-90fps
  11. Seems to get lower than my normal client Average framerate : 131.2 FPS Minimum framerate : 83.4 FPS Maximum framerate : 144.4 FPS 1% low framerate : 82.0 FPS 0.1% low framerate : 9.8 FPS i5 7600k @ 5ghz 16GB DDR4 Ram 2900MHZ GTX 1070
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