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  1. I'd go check the store it is only SLIGHTLY already in there https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_Pistol_ACT44-GM_Joker
  2. One form of free wallhack gone Spotter gone
  3. best thing you can do then is send a ticket to support and they will tell you what they need to try and resolve your issue
  4. I'm assuming you used Steam to install the game. Can you go to the games install path and shift+delete the APB Reloaded folder to make sure its completely gone then reinstall it fresh again?
  5. right. did you install the game entirely fresh or was there files left behind from when it was previously installed?
  6. what background processes are running in the pc when APB is running cause that cpu usage seems abnormally high
  7. would you by any chance have an RTX GPU / 1650/60/ti/super in your pc?
  8. This is epic.... I say we get it right now.
  9. does that mean I can ERP in social with premium and make symbols for my e-date? :O
  10. not sure that's how it works
  11. another year I have to wait to get the valentines weapons never have the money for the things
  12. sure on that one? Not seeing the EasyAntiCheat startup when the game loads or?
  13. Fair enough I just wish this shotgun would be more mainstream cause I doesn't feel like it exists atm
  14. They already have a planned fix for the OBIRs ability to reverse quick switch so it will be gone eventually just have to fix one little exploit first then it will be gone
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