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  1. Christmas Classics Bundle Christmas holly skin Christmas snowflake skin Santa's sleigh skin (was a reward from a previous event but was added permanently to the weapon skins list) Candy cane skin Santa's hat Santa's jacket Santa's backpack Elf ears Elf hat & ears Reindeer antlers Snowman head + nose + eyes Xmas symbols Ability to wear pieces of clothing gear typically requiring a holster without the holster, it doesn't always look perfect but it can work for some outfits depending on what you're trying to do
  2. that is 9999900000 on both lenghtofdayhours and lengthofdaymins, there was some other lower value I messed around with and still got that result with lighting, from what I remember it started somewhere around the 200000 point
  3. yea so how about we don't use those values there are a lot of map elements lighting that is tied to time of day, especially noticeable in asylum. In missions, without extensive testing only the water splash particle seems to be broken.
  4. For an inital base this is really good. Only real bug that I came across was alt tab and alt enter ceasing to function forcing me to either ctrl shift esc or ctrl alt del to tab out. Everything else was already a known bug so not worth mentioning 5900x (Adv PBO |+200Mhz Max Boost | EDC Lim 120) - I am also running APB on it as if it's a 5600x through Process Lasso so it only has half of the total cores available but this didn't effect performance on this build of the game. 32GB 3600C14 3080 In Financial when I played in a ~20-20 district was averaging between 170-220fps on a modified max preset (no dynamic shadows). With ~17 or so players around it was dropping down to more like 100-120fps and with particles from true ogres it was of course dropping as low as 70 but with a reasonably sized mission in an area the ~150fps average you get is acceptable. Social was bouncing between 300-500 on the same modified max preset.
  5. Iazer

    Armas Holiday Stuff

    The items only appear on the home page under random unorganised categories or in the advertisement at the top? Also don't we have a classics bundle still I want my santa hat acc, weapon skins and clothing acc wide
  6. no no. it's all a part of the plan. you just don't see it yet. you shall see the light. just give it a bit more time. all. apart. of. the. PLAN!
  7. idk what you mean BE is working flawlessly
  8. "What's next? We have a thing or two in our drawers, ready to address. A brand new Message from Matt is coming soon with more details on what's in stock for APB in the incoming period." Not sure what everyones definition of soon is but I would say 2 weeks at most. Still waiting
  9. the engine upgrade was an ancient myth that was only rumoured, passed down for generations and then turned out to not happen
  10. Wow they're so colourful! I want them all!
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