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  1. There are a lot of packs on the Armas Marketplace all of which are either cross-faction or single faction packs. Some of these however aren't where I think they should be as they are placed under the Packs section on Armas. DISCLAIMER: Some of the packs listed below are already on Cross-Faction Packs so have basically have a duplicate. List of packs that should be moved: -Heavy Duty Bonus Pack (Enforcer & Criminal) -Heavy Duty Bundle (Enforcer & Criminal) -Halloween Complete Bundle (Enforcer & Criminal) -Halloween Clothing + Artemis (Enforcer & Criminal) -High Roller Bundle (Enforcer & Criminal) -Dress To Kill (Enforcer & Criminal) -High Roller Clothing Bonus Pack (Enforcer & Criminal) -Dress to Kill Clothing Pack (Enforcer & Criminal) -Urban RX Bundle (Enforcer & Criminal) -Armoured Bonus Pack (Enforcer & Criminal) -Guerra Libero LE Bundle (Enforcer & Criminal) -Paramilitary Bonus Pack (Enforcer & Criminal) -Tactical Gear Bonus Pack (Enforcer) - Criminal Pack already under "Cross-Faction Packs" DISCLAIMER: The packs listed below are also present on the packs page as is so is basically just a duplicate of what we currently have. Cross-Faction Packs to move back to only Packs -Cyberpunk Clothing Pack -Cyberpunk Uber Bundle For any remaining packs the colour of the background could be changed to follow the same as in-game and to show that it will work on both factions have one half of the design be red and the other blue as to make it obvious as to which factions can use it. Also might be a good idea to separate the packs out into a section with packs that include vehicles and a section that includes packs that do not come with vehicles. That way it is easier to identify what you are looking to buy. Any further additions It would also be nice to possibly get a search feature for Armas and at some point a complete overhaul of the stock for sale on there as it can be confusing at times as to finding what you want. For instance finding the clothing from the weekly rotations can be confusing at times as it is under Most Popular on the Gear tab but also on the home page so there could be a section specifically for weekly specials.
  2. No, I mean more like what you would see in a Battle Royale where you are able to have more control over the camera such as following the exact view of the character you are spectating and being able to change who you are spectating as currently there is no way of doing that
  3. Having a way of changing camera angles on the spectator cam would be nice as it would give more control over what we are viewing. Respawning with a Snubnose Revolver isn't the greatest when there are multiple players in the respawn vicinity with weapons that are able to over power it. Some weapons also seem to spawn in areas that the player doesn't have access to due to either a ladder that is typically there not being there or it just being out of bounds in general. A way of being able to tell how long the match has lasted and a way of seeing how many kills you have rather than opening the scoreboard would be helpful as it could ruin some of the competitive edge having to check the scoreboard. Vehicles do appear to also sometimes spawn inside each other (possible known bug) and seem extremely scarce in some areas of the map that the player can spawn. Overall the event itself is quite cool and unique and would be great to play with all of the minor issues ironed out and put to rest.
  4. Iazer

    Riot test!

    Thanks. Guess i'll be back to level 9 When would that have been cause I don't recall seeing one (might be because I didn't often check the forums)
  5. Iazer

    Riot test!

    Is there a new OTW server that we will have to create new characters on for EU as anything that has been made previously has been only NA correct?
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