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  1. Not to be negative nancy but.. Everytime you try to create an event, no more than 4 people are interested in it and yet you still keep trying.. My way of thinking would be hmm no one really cares so why would I waste my time on this.. What makes you think people will be interested in this even this time?
  2. Cuve

    Remove /abandonmission

    Aren't you the guy that has a very low amount of kills on a reasonably high ranked Bronze character?
  3. It's one big hole, nothing else around it.
  4. Cuve

    Remove /abandonmission

    Why do you always hit the nail on the head man How is it being abused? I literally don't want to play with silver bots on my team or sometimes I just don't feel like playing Crème de la crime or a VIP mission... Abandon Mission is the greatest thing APB Reloaded has to offer, don't try to take it away from me
  5. If you kept your eye on the population numbers in the past year, you don't need a source ^^ The population really has not decreased by that much since they've disabled the segregation. Sure it has had a hand in it but to fully blame the games death on that is a bit too much.
  6. *sigh* People that have had faith in LO to actually release the engine upgrade (let alone a properly functioning one) gotta get their selves checked out... It's never been in the picture and it'll never happen... Not under the current developer team.
  7. 1. You're looking at nothing saying Steam charts. 2. Population didn't drop by a lot because of the removal of segregation but because most Covid restrictions have been lifted. 3. The game would be even more dead if threat segregation was still a thing. If shit isn't to your liking just don't play the stupid game, how hard is it.
  8. Thanks for this review, I now do not have to read it.
  9. Besides that it is also using the old map
  10. I know a completed highway never existed in APB but that doesn't change the fact that the part at Gumball is like it used to be back in the day so idnO why the map looks like this but I guess it's indeed an oversimplified map from way back.. which is not what I am looking for... If you see the greyscale map that looks semi 3d, that is what I am looking for but either fully colored (or without any icons on wf) and without cut off/out bits of the map.
  11. In a way that the skatepark at Gumball isn't there and that the highways are completed.
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