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  1. I can name a few players that already know this as the only way of playing APB regardless of friendly fire
  2. Just quit like every normal human being. Sh*t has no future regardless of groups being disabled or not. Groups are the only tiny bit of fun people can have in this wank game.
  3. Only things I heard the past year or so in that chat was some angry Russians. Don't really get why people want to use voice chat in apb.
  4. I wouldn't wanna see anything less than APB's growth but both you and me know very well that the chance of Little Orbit succeeding is slim. I just don't see Little Orbit coming close to fixing all the issues that the game is undergoing right at this very moment, because the present is still the most important subject here. That whole engine upgrade thing is for a later date.. It's bad.. It looks bad, it runs bad it's just bad in every single aspect and I don't see them solving all the issues this year (as they projected in their 2021 roadmap). As far as the present goes... I don't play the game but stories from friends and looking at streams occasionally really show that there is a massive cheating problem once again, it was bad back in June when BE got re-introduced, then it slightly died down but ever since January it became real bad again (hence why I stopped playing). It really looks bad, it gives the game a bad reputation, the community a bad reputation and potential new people won't be interested in giving APB a try (If they do, they probably wouldn't recommend it to their friends unless they're psycho). Even though you say that the population doesn't matter now, it's still very important for the future and I really do not get how you could say that what happens right now doesn't matter at all... If everyone stopped playing right now, there wouldn't be an APB Reloaded to begin with ^^
  5. The whole "we can't add anything to the current engine" is such a load of bs as well. *poof* new Legendary. *poof* new jokerstore contact. I'm sure they would be able to add at least some new cosmetics. Not those default preset clothing items but actual new hairstyles& clothing. Same goes for a new contact, I'm sure they'll be just fine adding a new contact in to financial or waterfront to level up in the current engine. And it's literally what you said in the previous post (the one before the one I quoted you on). The new engine runs like crap, they really haven't shown any improvement ever since I was able to test the first closed beta. That whole project will possibly next to keeping Battle Eye be the thing that'll fully kill APB Reloaded. They'll literally have to release it soontm without any issues.. And let's be real, that won't happen. Of course current pop should matter.. More people that play = more people joining = higher pop = better playability populationwise. Shame that the tutorial is such a sack of sh*t and that there's a bunch of cheating apes running around right now, add some dethreating people that are bullying away completely new players from the bronze districts. APB is in a terrible state, that bad that there might not really be a way to fix it.. Just shut it down ^^
  6. EAC by a mile lmao. BE has literally been useless ever since it came back to APB once again last year.
  7. Love how you made the Aston martin F1 safety car design.
  8. I don't really know what to tell ya mate. The game isn't that hard to learn, you don't need to kill people and be a god to play a weapon, you get used to these things within a matter of minutes. Once again.. Fightclub is great for if you actually need that extra bit of time, so you can just shoot non stop. And if you really really can't aim / use a gun... There's this great thing called Kovaaks Not like external aimtrainers help but hey, you can always give it a shot ^^
  9. The best way to get better is to play against people that are better than you Fightclub is a great option ^^ And if you want to know the damage and more stats of a weapon, go to www.apbdb.com ^^
  10. The man that can literally make anything ^^
  11. People buy things from the marketplace? Damn...
  12. I'm so sorry :^) 4... 4 is the number out of the 20 kapp. See now here is the thing. Apb does have many weapons... But the majority is a reskin, so they don't have "that much" to change. Let's take the weapon changes of mid last year (?). Most weapons were perfectly fine (besides the weak stuff like the Norsemans), they recently nerfed the n-tec slightly by removing the ability to jumpshoot with it and bla bla bla. The only weapon at that time that was causing issues was the PMG, the thing was a laser, you could beam someone on 50 meters with an SMG, insane! So they decided to nerf it, which was great and it was a great nerf as it's still very viable these days (unless I missed a change in the time I didn't play). Now then the dumb thing comes... They nerf the one weapon and yet buff the other weapon, in this case the OCA, it's direct competitor... When I brought this up to an SPCT member / Weapon Balancing team member, I simply get yelled at that I'm an idiot and I do not understand sh*t about balancing, which I do not, but I played the game on a daily basis so I can see what is weak and what is strong. Then when I read all the other changes they kept making suck as a far nerf, an n-tec buff and then a nerf again, a scout Buff then a nerf followed by another buff, making the heavy HVR useless compared to the scout, buffing the carbine, adding more ammo capacity to the Obeya Cr762 and then even buff the Tommy gun by reducing the recoil by 50%... Yet you leave weapons such as the pepega FBW as is with it's huge ammo capacity, no recoil, barely any bloom, no punishment what so ever, and such a low TTK. I get it's a beginners pistol but give me a break... (of course that's not the only "unbalanced" weapon) Then about your solution. Making the base versions of guns available to everyone... They are available to everyone, you simply have to progress through the game to obtain better versions of them, hence why reskins are in the Armas market place to be purchased to be able to access them faster, LO has to make money, and giving everyone all the base guns will not make them any. (plus you can now purchase plenty of the guns in the Jokerstore) I don't have to get in to what you said about the crosshair colours, removing them from apb is not a solution, Cookiepuss already explained to you why. About the "minor" balance changes... They were not minor, the OCA buff was huge, the 50% recoil reduction on the Colby was insane (shame the gun by itself is doodoo) most of the other changes were very much un necessary, all they had to do is nerf the PMG slightly (and buff all the useless things like the Norsemans), the OCA was in a great place before there was no need of buffing. All these changes are simply made by people that do not play the game.. Heck 1 SPCT member even said "There are not enough SPCT members to test these changes on the OTW servers" (literally have ss's of this). Then don't push changes! Stop touching weapons and fix the real issues like the Engine and the Anti Cheat system.
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