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  1. So where does it start? Doesn't it start at LO having a proper Anti Cheat in place? If that were the case, there would be close to no "cheaters" thus whose ruining the game? Little Orbit is by still using a heavily flawed easily bypassed "Anti Cheat". Don't blame dumb people that are bad at the game for using some software to give them an edge when LO are clearly allowing it to happen
  2. Really depends on who you're asking. You should ask LO about that, providing evidence which clearly shows someone opening and actively using a cheat is apparently not enough to get someone banned in APB:Reloaded. It's already been showing that Little Orbit really doesn't give a rats patootie about their own Terms of Service. Everything they do seems to be opinion based. As Battle Eye does f*ckall we'll (currently) have to solely rely on "suspicion" which isn't reliable at all.. Which brings you back to "Really depends on who you're asking". But once again, providing video evidence doesn't matter to Little Orbit support employees apparently. Banning with proof and genuine software detection would be great but will never be executed properly, they'll always find a work around but BE makes it mad easy to do so, especially when it's not even turned on in this god forsaken game Maybe if they actually cared, which they don't. It's not the player that cheats that ruins the game but the devs that are not willing to do anything about it. With the announcement of the re-instatement of Easy Anti Cheat they finally have shown that they are willing to do something about an issue that has been putting the final few nails in to APB:Reloaded's coffin in the previous 2 years.
  3. Literally f*ckall. There have been people literally showing themselves cheating on stream and nothing happens (that's not me hackusating but it's an actual thing). Heck even when you send support all the evidence needed, nothing gets done. Battle Eye is just pathetic and useless, hence why they want to go back to Easy Anti Cheat (which they should have never gotten rid of to begin with), still not perfect but a LOT better than Battle Eye.
  4. Wrong. BE has never detected anything.
  5. 1. Asylum is just an overall faster paced map with easier to earn Joker Tickets + It's boring and annoying to play against HVR andies on Baylan specifically some guy starting with x and ending with k. 2. Don't even bother with either of those rifles, they're both useless.
  6. Just grab a dictionary and list all the words in there.
  7. Odds on Datpaper420 being silver and blaming "cheaters" for ruining his Gold?
  8. Matt doesn't owe us anything. All of you are just overreacting whilst the "smart" people just move on to different better games. I've spent a load of money on APB myself but with "investing" in to a game you should realize that you're always going to lose that money. 1. You'll never get it back anyways. 2. Not a single game will survive your entire lifetime. 3. You're spending money on an account that isn't even yours. I genuinely do not understand why people care so much for APB or anything Matt does, they clearly do not have the resources to accomplish the goals that they had set when they took over nor the goals that they have set in the previous months. It's mind boggling that there are still people that genuinely think sh*t is going to get done and APB:R is going to be a big hit. Just wait and see, they don't owe you guys anything no matter how much time and money you have invested in their game.
  9. Nice, getting screwed years back by BE just for you to re-instate an actual functioning Anti Cheat. 10/10
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