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  1. Are you sure they are actual people at this point? :v)
  2. These bastards always start the event like a week or a few days before Halloween starts... and then run it till like bloody December. Unlike all the other games which start at like the beginning of October and end beginning of November.
  3. Literally everyone knows the PR2 is better and you won't come with any proof that the PR1 is better. Come on show us in a video why it's sooo much better
  4. You are trying so hard to justify your terrible purchase huh?
  5. It's genuinely insane how deluded you are. There's just no arguing with someone that only thinks of it in one way and can't understand that his or her way is completely wrong. The PR1 is a good gun, but as far as it goes to which you should buy, the PR1 is never the right choice, the PR2 barely blooms and there's barely any negative effect from it. No matter when you pull the trigger will most of the times hit if the crosshair isn't fully closed even though the crosshair closes mad fast. It's not that I don't want to learn kiddo... It's that I don't have to learn and actually have done my research before I made my purchase, perhaps you should do that too before there will be another lost argument you're trying to win. It's not even personal preference, PR2 is the best out of the 2, end of. Statistically the PR2 is better and it shows in-game, I'd indeed love to see any evidence on why the PR1 would be better, but I have a slight feeling it'll never be uploaded ^^
  6. Perhaps Eh, can't really get any valuable out of you so I can't even be bothered with you. If you are comparing a Macro to a Triggerbot, to Wallhacks or an Aimbot there must seriously be something wrong with you. Generally the weapons in APB are easy as hell to click and a Macro won't make the gun shoot any faster so how exactly do you gain an advantage? At this point timing a Macro properly for each gun requires more work/effort than actually learning the small selection of guns in APB. Now back to the point where you're trying to compare a Macro to any other cheat such as Wallhacks or an Aimbot.. With an Aimbot you don't have to aim = Big advantage With a Triggerbot, you don't have to click at the right time as it's done for you and will 99% of the time hit = Big advantage With Wallhacks, you can literally always see your enemy where ever they are = Big advantage With Macro, you don't have to click yourself, YET you still have to aim which is for the majority of you silvers the biggest issue... = Not such an advantage at all. The point is.. Using a Macro will NOT make you any better at the game unlike the usage of the cheats named above. I've already been in contact with LO a while ago about Macro's and got the answer that Macro's are barely seen as cheating and the AC will 99% of the time not even pick up on it. Go ahead and set up a Macro and see if you're getting any better at the game You won't get banned / kicked for using one anyways, what is there to lose? Your dignity?
  7. You're literally just trying to justify your bad purchase choice lmao. Anyone who plays or has played APB for a fair amount of time and is in any way decent at the game knows that the PR2 is the better choice. Stop being delusional and just accept you've made a bad purchase and buy the proper DMR ^^
  8. Literally who the hell cares about bloom? If you can't 2 tap a dude with a DMR (or 3 on closer range) you should just quit playing DMR in general. There are 0 logical reasons to purchase the PR1.
  9. My guy... I played & quit in the days that everything was fully populated and came back to a dead game. Most of the people that play the game right now (till a few years back) really didn't have a choice of going in to the gold districts. Silvers had fully migrated in to bronze and golds had fully migrated in to silver district, who was to blame first?! If the game had a decent population I'm sure people would go back in to gold districts (which is never happening ever again but still). There are not enough bronzes, silvers and golds to fill up all the appropriate districts and be able to actually play non stop in prime time. Removing the threat segregation really was the only way LO could make it so people could play any time at cost of the total population. If you have a problem with it, just quit the game it's as simple as that. The devs are destroying your beloved game if u like it or not, deal with whatever you have to play against or don't play at all, simple as. You could also look at it from a different standpoint, playing against better people will actually improve your own gameplay
  10. For that they'd need a capable SPCT team, which they don't have as barely any of them actually play the game properly.
  11. Do you have any idea how boring it is to play against bronzes and silvers? It's not like we're having fun all the time lmao.
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