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  1. No body said anything about customizing and JT for the screenshot contest. It literally says:
  2. Anything oversized and not preset thanks.
  3. April fools came early didn't it? Arguably the best Modification for the CSG is Improved Rifling 3. You are already selling an Improved Rifling 3 CSG for literally HALF the price of what you're selling the MK2 for. How does that make sense in any way?!
  4. "We apologize for the inconvenience. " Little Orbits motto at this point.
  5. Financial - PMG (Harbinger Secondary) Waterfront - PMG (Harbinger Secondary) Asylum - PMG (.45 Secondary) Baylan - Carbine (.45 Secondary) Beacon - PMG (.45 Secondary)
  6. Glad I spent 100+ euros on some 3D glasses just for LO to add them for a 10er
  7. To be fair.. They once banned me for 30 days, didn't wanna tell me why either but they unbanned me as soon as I asked about it. LO be weird like that.
  8. Finally getting my undeserved ban lifted now! Right? Right?....
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