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  1. You missed or confusing the old Obeya or the old joker carbine. They were all another thing compared to the actual ones, G1 started the semi-autos statistcs nerfs from them for the fact macro are difficult to recognize from a veteran player or one using them. Certainly someones are still good, but automatic in pair range, they perform better. Semi-autos at the beginning have a lot better stats in accuracy and TTK and several of them perform a lot of better than automatic ones after u have got the right way to use them
  2. Yeah... maybe...sure...not.. ok... I dont care at all but "you started this game" , but I like the fact you decide to stop it, I like you, good choice .
  3. Agreed If I have to tell one out of the choice list, I will add " the balance of new contenets" ( I mean New NPC, missions, "story lore" etc)....
  4. Thinking I used to main Oscar... Talking of this game based on "self assumation", thinking bad I may arrive to the conclusion "you are just one of the others" macro users want to leave the state of things just like that because to have your own little advantage using secondary weapons full auto. I bet no one of you care of getting a macro for using a joker carbine, what at end you all aim are the secondaries, the best ones are semiautos and pretty untouchable in TTK and accuracy during the ages. Main reason and nobody/ you will never admit it, but it doesnt need a genius for it, so I dont care your answer or if u really used it at the end, we both know the truth around it About the Joker carbine, with the actual stats it is very far from a assault rifle, and also it doesnt in decent tier , it's one of the most incostitent and rng weapon of the game comparing to others. Ah another tip/ advice for others, @_chain is already using macro, "probably" so he doesnt need it, but the most difficult thing in tapfiring with semiautos isnt learn the click interval, but tracking/ predict the movement of your opponent while firing. Bye
  5. Nothing to add.. (still a little upset for some shotgun change, DOW is bullpit and CSG has the fire rate of a star while in cqc the media is around 0.67 in cqc -_____-'' )
  6. just turn semi- auto weapons in automatic weapons or give the option in game to autoset macros such as others games after people complain for gaming mouse or carpal tunnel disease. G1 and LO have already or let underpowered the TTK or range/ accuracy (or all both) of all semi-automatic weapons for the macro issue, without count "recently" in past LO got some kind of sponsor from a mouse company, it seem a lose battle, just need to make it clear and simple Lo promise for some better crosshair or rework, I would like to see ( soon possible) what they will change
  7. What I have in mind is to add something similar of the grenades, or better adding the same mechanic for damaging depending from radius players or vehicles. Their damage is due of how much you are far from center of where the grenade explode. I dont see it too applicate with detonator+ Explosive 3, also predicting it if the opponent is decent, very rarely I survive at the edge of the presumed blast radious if I dont have a excellent cover, and especially a lot of times you arent enough so fast to espace cause of the big blast radious. Nope
  8. Someone will be always baited (poor souls didnt have the chance for testing it before v.v)
  9. I love this part, finally I could use Vaquero and Coywolf without my teamates insulting me because it cant load heavy cargo, lost several missions just for this detail XD. Just some doubts about this patch: Yep I have the same doubt, I dont see any sense about it. ok, maybe? PLEASE do something about this: Detonator need absoluty a little rework, then I have to add the damage radius is very high and oneshot you also being at the edge of the explosion radius. It's not very funny play against a pair of members clans of tryhard of my knowledge ( a hug to them ) spamming remote detonator one by one for all missions XD
  10. Dow was quite fine in my opinion before the "last balance patch" for shotguns, after that simply it doesnt worth because is too incosistent (unfortunately same speech for other shotguns..). As I and others told below, I dont see any reason to use it, not a big surpraise if now it is selled for barely 350/ 500k nowdays, complety trash.
  11. I dont know if it's for the last rainings but servers are kinda lagging, spark lagging and drop until 500ms+
  12. Add CLANWARS.... (or something fun or worth to make in groups for both factions) Seriously.. this feature it was proclamed since APB beta and we are still waiting for it If not possible above change me the APB money in my characters in real money and give me, I will happy too
  13. Just put some money contest... for people like zombie some milk is ok I will not partecipate because I have already money and milk (and I suck at costumization -,.-) I will tell you a secret. Zombiebiscuit isnt a real person, it's creepy forum itself who want to communicate with its subscribers
  14. PingOVER9000

    Vbr Temptress

    I would love it if LO may make it for FFA 3rd too...
  15. Oscar... cause I cant use it "so good" as before for the crap connection I have.... If above is not valid, so it's Dow... nobody used it and I showed my its mighty to all tryhards teamates while they were dying such as snails under salts and blaming me for using a crap weapon continuing to order me the fist minutes to switch weapon, while too also opponents thinking I was a easy target... I showed all them its mighty coming through as a freaking cargo train. DOW, aka (my dear ) Dont Oppose the Wagonmaster.... We spent a lot of good times dear buddy, you will always in my memories, especially in my painful right hand, I hope one day LO will re-give your seat between the legends, you have never been excatly popular, but you were the dark king behind ignorance and especially dark corners perfumed of ambush that gave to this your humile disciple a lot of satisfactions. So long
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