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  1. PingOVER9000

    What gun should I buy?

    Far is so random CRAP...As assault rifles there are better weapons don't buy it, use ntec suit his role as best medium range weapon, if u want something better at close range take a ATAC For other weapons , follow what CookiePuss has told about them
  2. PingOVER9000

    SBSR coroner and IRS

    They are so bad.... then add... -the fact the statistics description is so distantly incorrect and CRAFTY -they haven't add a trying option Tell a lot for how at the end it's thought out these weapons... After months, Still waiting for a reimborsament(or tickets answer)... -____-
  3. As you told, The change of IR was good and LOGIC for balance the game, but organized bad because you have made it without care for the weapon preslotted with IR, without caring for people has made purchase in the past, also present, until now u haven't changed the TTK , weapon description ETC fooling your costumers(that were your biggest MISTAKE) Just make the IR actual change valid for WHERE IT'S BROKEN, THE ASSAULT RIFLES AND SUB MACHINE GUNS(the weapons of these category with it already preslotted u may have just remove it...) The idea seem interesting, but if you make a little calculation, u will come at the conclusion for example a NTEC with IR3, reach the TTK of a obeya/obir that sharing the same range. The idea was good, but IR is broken only for weapons that have as their strongest POINT, his versatility same for obir vladstock, legit!
  4. These more and less.. add also the fact that "suspect cheater" Alone kill 3 or + opponents in a short time and a lot times times in the match up( of course supposing the opponents aren't novice players) Then if you have already some doubts, record your match and check it in slow motion, if u see him/them for example using a ntec and kill u/your teamates every time with a ntec with 6/7 shots , probabily without change mag...
  5. PingOVER9000

    Community Discussion Topics

    I have to be sincere.. I am quite happy for the changes and care of the game. The fact then the pubblisher/administrators is constant interested, in person, for the opinions of his costumer, it's not only very professional, it's rare. In my opinion what need a resolve it's that : SHORT PERIOD -Make something for these tickets, here the situation is really embarrassing -Weapons in Armas haven't clear stats, and at the same time someone of them don't have the option TRY IT, resolve this problem please, I as others have got tricked from that -CHEATERS are a damn problem, if them are the cancer, the hacksellers are the VIRUS, report need to be activate and study/work properly, a GM for what I understood can't get any action immediately although without tell name happened it was clear that a player 200+ was cheating in front of his eyes. IN FUTURE??? -Maybe more events or add some activity? the game is quite dish, need something for diversify like running race or the old legend to implement, war between clans... that's will make finaly a sense for join and stay in a clan IR changes are good and balance the game perfectly as it's now. What do you want? NTEC etc, aassault rifles with a range of 60m without losing nothing, it's not logic, then... I would to see if really exist a assault rifles with a more and less caliber of a NTEC used efficiently at 60m+ Bye
  6. PingOVER9000

    Rate The Music Above You

    I don't know, It's almost like to head the sea sing ... I liked it, ty for share it- 8/10
  7. PingOVER9000

    BLOODY MARY/ JERSEY DEVIL need a buff?

    Update, added a little poll
  8. PingOVER9000

    BLOODY MARY/ JERSEY DEVIL need a buff?

    Ok I update the first message with a summary of more and less we have told until now for making a little order and copy/paste it again here. 1) They require (absoluty..) you have to go into marksman mode (and in close range not really a good option for time loss..) 2) Full auto firing ruled out the weapon for the bloom, need tapfiring for having not accuracy lost 3) Its good as a finisher weapon, when your enemy is tagged to 60 or 70 4) Another problem is when you are facing every semi auto pistol like fbw (7stk) , .45 ap( 5stk), more precise and they would be taking down with less efforts (0~35m) 5) Full auto secondaries like sas pdw or nfa9 give a tough competition and they are better in this role ( 0 ~5 m) 6) The only problem is, the secondaries are hipfired or fully auto'ed, they dont want you to go into marksman. 7) All the UL3 suffer a lot from SPREAD or shoot in motion So at end the best way for using this weapon is from covering or standing still/ crouch/pray and spray I have to tell I haven't used a lot the Jersey as the bloody mary right now, I focused a lot with the BM , now I will try to focus it... strangely I found the Jersey devil a little more precise than the BM, despite Jersey has precision debuff shot after shot.. lel If I may ask, use the BM before tell a opinion, not I don't believe you, but for vanilla gumption. I dont got it about the OSCP, I found it a downgrade of the FBW in every way, a little little better maybe sometimes at full auto, but the FBW is faster.
  9. PingOVER9000

    BLOODY MARY/ JERSEY DEVIL need a buff?

    I am agree with you, the Hitchhiker is bad and the frog are quite narrow for the only 10 m damage dropoff, but try focusing about the weapons discussion. I haven't told the jersey and bloody are bad, but just they aren't inconsistent and not exactly competitive.. so at the end the conclusion the UL3 weapons are quite useless.
  10. PingOVER9000

    Rate The Music Above You

    not my genere, troyboy... 2.5/10
  11. PingOVER9000

    BLOODY MARY/ JERSEY DEVIL need a buff?

    Bah for real, I don't ever know why I am still answering to you, maybe this free time let me sometimes curios about the mind of nongeneric people, I dont know why me also, maybe because I am little passionate person. So I will try to make a analogy or better a example just for your easier understanding, but I have already presume is in van. I am quite young but as job I am a mep site manager, until this time I have worked with also people with 30+ years of experience in this sector, still now I have to teach many people how to work properly with quality in this sector, a lot times I give lesson to these people that don't know how to make several works, several times happen also someone have the though that after several years of experience that was the good way for making properly a work, a lot of them also after showing the illogic of their errors, they struggle and got mad for that, but not for all the damage they have done after all these years or their incompetence, but because they haven't reason. Sometimes happened some young boys showed me a better expedient or it can make better some mansions, I am glad for having met and listen these people, because this mean everyday I can learn and making something better of better. This conversation remind me a little of what happen in my daily life, this is a forum of a random game but let me tell if someone has the mentality to tell that after some times you haven't nothing to learn from others, I can confirm no one will go a lot further, at least not as one has the facolty of thinking to confront with the others. Enjoy your brainless, my conversation with you is finish, if you want to talk with me anymore use PM message, don't mess up this treadh. Bye
  12. PingOVER9000

    BLOODY MARY/ JERSEY DEVIL need a buff?

    Oh finally a (complete) comment about the weapon, not about how much someone is good/noob in game. ok now, after around 200 hrs I have used UL3 weapons and I have come to some conclusion and I am agree with you, especially the points I have bolds in big characters. These weapon are inconsistent, don't offer nothing of worth than other secondary there are in game, UL3 are quite unprecise and gone markmanship in close range isn't something worth , in fact all the weapon good at close range you haven't need to go in markmanship mode for decent gameplay (expect maybe the Manic) Well I tried. Enjoy being bad. With all the respect, I suggest you to try being less S A L T Y my dear and maybe you can enjoy being more polite , I have just asked to make comments about the weapon, you are almost complety out of theme. I was waiting people with experience and KIND (for what I remind ) like you give a help, but I don't got it why this manners, bah fine.. Something to add?
  13. PingOVER9000

    BLOODY MARY/ JERSEY DEVIL need a buff?

    At this point everybody can tell there is the swtiching option, a grenade, but again we are out theme, as one brainy soul told some posts before... TTK means nothing and all, at this point we shall use the NFA9 and destroy everything until 30/40m, with all the respect you are continuing at the same situation, there isn't a logic sense with your words here. Or maybe We can talk for example of the NTEC URSUS that after the update strangely with IR3 became a laser gun and overdestroy everything 25/30m+(lel also close range sometimes), although it has TTK lowered, but again we are out theme... so avoid please. the UL3 weapons shall be a mix between a NFA9 and SAS PDW, if I remind correct, I can use quite good both (obv at close range), but I found weird these weapon has this spread/bloom/low precision at close range, tapfiring or not. Without tell name, The problem here seem some people are thinking he is PRO and the rest of the world isn't good at nothing, it's a game so... Maybe the right question is why is so unused or almost anybody use them, I am nothing special than someone retain PRO here, I am a casual player, but the game is old and there are a lot of people with years/ k+ hours for logic sense tell the weapon is weird and not suit well, competitive the role for what they are designed. Bye
  14. PingOVER9000

    BLOODY MARY/ JERSEY DEVIL need a buff?

    if I have to burst with cover I use a sniper at this point...didn't ya? Please get answer with a little of logic(and in my country we tell the logic is the mother of the knowledge, with your answer I have to guess u never used any of them weapons) and analyze about the effective of these guns and their role..otherwise evade to write. Thanks again
  15. PingOVER9000

    BLOODY MARY/ JERSEY DEVIL need a buff?

    yep, me too I (everyone) can do it very easily , if the opponent is off guard and he didn't see me. This told from a T-back master u.u If I make kills with bloody mary as normal way, 90% is from assist or co-kills(tired and weird of see +85 assist everytime v.v)