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  1. The only "nerf" I will be positive to add, it's just make the RFP more and less unable to use when it's not in marksmanship mode, so something like weapons as ntec or other weapons where the bloom increase a lot during movement, also a little delay for switching to marksmanship mode. As pratical person, I am disponible for a test as Texan Duel, you with a Hvr vs me with Ursus, in open field at 70 then 75 and 80. I bet my win 8/10 at every distance., contact me if u are interested. Bye
  2. Agreed. Who is/was a lamer player and after making bad the game and the game sessions to other players with his actions, we shall have the confirm he got what he deserved I advice the the thread opener to set a poll, Bye
  3. 1) Rfp is fine. Fang is a direct upgrate and it's certainly one of the best secondary of the game, competitive but not better than primary weapons with same range. For that, I have difficult to understand why someone assume it is overpower. It is not necessary to nerf the RFP, what needs to be done it's just a slighty buff for the other secondary weapons, especially the other ones for medium/long range (act44 etc) 2) - Ntec with IR3 is the main problem, especially the URSUS for his "special mechanichs" until 75/80m every bullets make full damage with the same TTk... and kill with one less shot... PRETTY WEIRD FOR WEAPONS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE A ASSAULT RIFLES AND WORK AS A MOBILE SNIPER. I guess Little Orbit have tried with IR debuff to Nerf the Ntec too also, but make it easy.. nerf directly the damage range drop off for BOTH until 45m. Ntec Ursus has to be as to be conceive, a direct upgrade and a assault rifle (no a possible antifck everything ) that just kill with a less shot. 3) 90% of the weapons are uncompetitive.. Need a general rework for each one of them..
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