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  1. After 1 year abudant, I guess, we may consider the poll complete and we may throw the ball to LO, always if actually they are in good mood.... Thanks all for your time and considerations, here we may close. bye
  2. .... for what I see until now, seem the matter how it is all managed these balancing.... I mean, after just spit out a weapon balance for a certain tier, "someone" just jump to another one, assuming the previous balance is well done and complete. spct or who make test/ change dont care about feedbacks, complain, or better manage a poll after some time the change, I didnt see nothing of at all for what I see after a first try, the change is permanent or 98% of times if there is a next changelog, it will just ruin (or at best incostitent) more the weapon/s itself (shotgun tier, far, rfp, thunder etc docet) , dont dare to tell your opinion or waste your time, until competent LO team get the time for doing it properly and shut down people such Frosi and Ghost seem we will see incostitent change for a long time. of course honestly not all it is such a waste, the cars change is a cleary exception and a well done balance
  3. PingOVER9000

    Med spray.

    Right.... I am against a nerf but in case they add a + 35 %/ 40 % vulnerability to bullets for 3 seconds and one of 50% vs explosive weapons for 5 seconds (I like a lot this last one and has more sense ) , I will like it give a try.. Anyway, I know why a lot of you want to nerf it, stop being mad because I and the 3 brothers in arms of mine spam fart + med spray animation in districts directly your face in all our mighty after a so deserved arrest
  4. One of the problems, and I repeat one of the several ones, seem seeing the result, and in kind words, we have some stubborn cocky SPCT members spamming bullspit after one as a machine gun, without curing about the crap let at the floor before to recharge the magazine and shoot another unfortunate one (in this case I mean the several crap of shotgun balances in these last 2 years leaving at the end pratically just one weapon competitive ..) I am telling is it so easy? no of course not, but not also a so difficult task eh, just reminding someone of them spct in theory they shall rapresent the players but prefer spam eyesore speeches, seeing the results someone there dont understand a freak zero of balance include someone in the game team because is still listening these ones probabily. Ah no problem, as others and a lot of better advices, I will be ignored or the reply I will receive is for complaining the reality "insults" (nor my intention..) not the cause. Bye
  5. nerf also to 750 too I dont care... just buff the freak walk modifier, move a little w-a-s-d and it's a miss 60% of time at least, very frustating.
  6. Nah... I am just a little upset for these weapons balance patches, still disgusted from shotgun one and seem I lost any hope... Of course no one will replay about it or better just half ignore the fact going trough a way without count the stink let at the bottom or the corner of it... Then I mean, LO make money from Armas and legendaries etc.. what's the point having 8/9 on 10 weapon so useless or utter spit compared to the same around 10 competitive ones, FOCUS to buff them in a way to make them compared to them, a PROFiT for all, you LO and players
  7. One shall a little silly to do not appreciate the sweet warm cuddles witches in a glory night of Halloween night
  8. No, the issue is buffing the ntec and meanwhile nerfing the far .... no logic no sense At this point one sane person for comparing, he should have expected a buff to the Far too for comparing the Ntec buff, not instead a more nerf to its accuracy/ TTK Same speech for the other AR too, I understood all the thought was around to remove the ntec from indisputable throne of AR while still being good and having a fair competition with other weapons same role, but what I see until now it's a fail, FAR is a example, it become worse than before . Then again, Ursus precision nerf while moving in markmanship mode is an another bullspit.
  9. Short answer: Just do it as below.... My question: WHy use the far if I have the ntec is better in everyway for its role, a precise assual rifles for medium range? Why increasing the bloom and adding less precision to the Far while having the weird mechanical horizontal recoil inherited from the star? Dont get me wrong, the jumpshotting nerf for FAR it was a good one, but the other changes around for some other weapons too I am speechless. Agreed... Agreed, but I hope LO will not touch or adding it "Nerf the walk modifier - so it's accuracy break to shit once u try to move while firing" for other weapons. The actual Ursus has my total disgust for it. LO shall focus a little too for previos Old (un)balanced patchs such as for shotgun... just there killed 3/4 weapons without a reason.
  10. UL-3 arent excatly to avoid, but it's not a bad advice get your hands far away from using them.. Slight exception the jersey devil, but the nfa9 is 10 times better and less costly from npc Ursus is total rubbish after the last nerf where it's accuracy get freaking worse while moving a little in markmanship mode, other AR>>> Ursus Condor is fun if you want to play stealthty but it's kinda mediocre. Yukon is meh.... same its armas counterpart Showstopper Thunder is meh.... total destroyed after last shotgun updates/ spct suggests DOW Thumper... same as above Cap40 is ok, very fun when your opponent forget you can hit him in covers and a little oppressive when u die for being hitted after u were covering yourself behind a wall and you tumble down like a sack of potatoes because u forgot about it. Firework launcher is so nice if you are with a premade team otherwise you are wasting slot and playing without a secondary. Volcano is a must or just pay 40k per 10 days. osnaw 3 slot in joker's ticket store is solid option too. Other legendaries are meh or rubbish in disguise. Call it mediocre, it's an insult for all the people after they purchased it for then they resell asap in around 10/ 20 min after trying it Well about nano, I'll give you about that.
  11. Interesting. Must be what that other stat i was looking at then. Scoped has less marksmen but also has a shorter recoil time. Actually appreciate that, thanks. Anyway that doesnt make the scoped ntec better or in pair than the normal one. in addition to the less marksmen, The main matter of the scoped is you have just to press a little or accidentally w-a-s-d for complete ruining your accuracy and starting to fire bullets in horizontal and meanwhile your recoil recovery is also become a lot slower. The normal Ntec is still better, the recoil is mainly vertical and especially doesnt suffer of movement penality while in markmanship mode, so more versatile and rewarding if you spent a decent time with it, scoped ntec actually is a sadly mix of Ntec & Ursus with 6 shots per kill than 5. I wish "someone" at LEAST removing is accuracy penality while moving in markmanship mode or in trade adding more range for both ursus and scoped, both of them haven't any sense to be used with the actual Ntec, one has always be and ursus become too very frustating weapons to use.
  12. for hardware change do u mean too a different computer than my usual one logged in my account?
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