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  1. Agreed!, but what we have to tell also a good teamwork may make some substantial difference than just blunt rng Surely need some rework, but in my weak opinion, what doesnt make the riot liked from the community were weak rewards and game Voip isnt still working . I respect it, just I didnt know the reason, homie
  2. Why not? Basically is well done, the matter is why a player have to join for just some random skin? I see a lot of potential on it for example: they may do it available just at some days or weekends, as map for COMPETITIVE GAMEPLAYS OR CLAN WARS -who win gain something better than just random skins, for ex. some random weapon for 1 week -joker tickets -Consistent rewards from 25k apb $ or above -Clans with more wins streak/victories in a month, get his name in Social in proper hall of honor and may sell/buy for 15 days without tax fee I have just throw away some idea, but surely a develop team may come with something really amazing and creative, your develop team surely spent a lot time for making this gamemod, DON'T SURRENDER AND FIND A WAY for making it attractive to MAX
  3. Yeahh.... Just... LO Add better rewards, no one want to join for it uff
  4. In your opinion for next week the situation will be more stable?
  5. Yeah, I LIKE THIS idea, it's is quite funny... it shall be nice some match scenario's such as you suggest, with maybe two criminal team fight against each other, then a phase of the mission where Enforcers join and there will be such as gang bang/Battle royal between the three teams for getting the gas trucks AHAHHAHA.. Maybe a idea may be good (for a hypotetical) pve missions too..
  6. Thanks, I have read it months ago, but then I can't find it again for asking the question. Bye
  7. A good year to Apb community and LO, I hope satisfactions and engine/game upgrades are soon ready
  8. What he has wrote seem reasonable, I would like see someone contradict something about above.
  9. This is a old discussion in steam, old of 2 years, until now none of the staff denied it. https://steamcommunity.com/app/113400/discussions/0/1733207382032831332/ Tried to asked kindly the same question here, I got trolled and I am still waiting for decent answer. Summing what I see in game and the silence about this question here, so I may assume I am not too far from the truth, I'm not saying I have 100% reason, but According to an Latin proverb, who's silent .. consent it. Bye
  10. We dont need a Gm, or better it's not necessary one thousand of them., then sincerly there aren't so much cheaters, but it's true someone we have in game, also in high ranks. We need a report system that it's working and efficiently working, players too may cooperate for making the game good. Reported for several months, until someone told me the report we have in game it was a leftover of a old anti-cheat.. bloody tasty news that was ahahha
  11. Seeing the good report and viruscans, surely I will try it when the Eu servers will return back, a like and a thank you in advance for your efforts
  12. Opgl is a weapon so... situational Quite shine in close spaces, but risky too at the same time for yourself and teamates, it's not certainly an Op weapon. As every weapon, it has his pros and cons. I dont get it from where come all this arrogance, you are talking such as a low tier player, strange after all these playing years ( or maybe just "low in brain" in that day, out you seem a good/fun guy ), you just didn't realize it, if u lose frequently against OPGL users for ex. in open field there's something wrong in your playstyle. Maybe thinking now, let it only simple available in Armas is a little too much, but purchasable from characters R195+ seem more rational, adding it also exchangeable in Joker tickets trade same as Golden Osnaw What he has wrote seem reasonable, I would like see someone contradict something about above. Bye
  13. [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXdmvOXqOgc[/youtube]
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