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  1. For "someone" Super-agree with it Sad, but that's the truth (not actually for several reasons but yep that's it...) That's also very Sad! LO shall give more Power and freedom to the SPCT team aand, at the end of the year to every SPCT as Christmas gift and salary, a a perfect replica of one car they have created with their barehands in game. Of course the cars must have all the optional dreamed and requested, and all made from the marvel guys of the West Coast customs (don't worry for the SPCT Guys in Europe, they also work in Russia and Germany XD )
  2. Hi everybody, artists with skilled hands full of inspiration and madness. I have a request, I dont know if it's the right section, someone in Citadel may make me this song APb, please? (I will pay off handsomely and he will have a place in my heart during my Apb time v.v) It's a soundtrack of youtube series made by fan, I am also both patreon of the artists has made it and the artist has made the dragonball absalon serie, I advice you to give a look, it's a nice one really! Thanks in Advance
  3. Yep, I am using it too in the same way... Then when the rng's god decide instead to let no my patootie bad, I remind the Obir (with IR3) I cry a let less XD
  4. If you are so afraid of our social disorders, gimme everyone us 50 euros Sincerly I dont get your speech... only ones cant use explosive weapons are low rank players or havent purchased it in armas...
  5. Add me too to the club... Than last week I see a little less spike lagging but the situation is more and less the same....
  6. Totally agree. Suggest to change the name from Apocalypse pack to Taking-the-Piss pack
  7. Yep, you have reason directly my answer it has nothing to do with the topic, but indirectly it may resolve the matter we are discussing. The matter is low ranking or new players, and I suppose he is the guy has opened the topic and maybe you too, they cant use explosive (COMPETITIVE) weapons or mods as car surfing This is clearly a big advantage for players having a higher levels against lower levels in several missions. Make as suggested from the topic's author and in partly you, it's not the way in my (little) opinion, as noted from Nabiki and Solamente, making some limitation to weapons are purchased in armas or high Apb $/ high spending of Joker tickets in game, it's not FAIR towards them So if we may just "isolating" them from players has the advantage to have the acces to higher level mods and weapons, we may resolve not just for ex. this matter we are discussing, but also several ones Bye
  8. My (weak) opinion: -just give A SENSE TO GREEN SERVERS and make it avaible only for (presumed new) players until 140/150 rank and weapon restriction for explosive weapon such as volcano I dont remind the level for using for it... -Same as now, The players or smuf ones that switch to create a new one inherit the level as already we have now( I mean you are a silver or gold one in your higher character, you new ones will inherit it too). -Bronze ranks or servers for people with bad connection/ low skills (they CAN'T JOIN GREEN SERVERS after 140/150 rank) -Silver ranks or server are in the middle, for casual players/ players are and want improving and may choose to join in gold servers - Gold ranks and servers for experience players or looking for competition (They may join silver districts but with some Hp loss) -Add more restrictions or rewards about gaining money/ranking than the actual system we have now while choosing a district different than your rank. -Add more gaining/rewards in gold districts in $$$ and joker tickets, better players are playing harder match ups deserve more rewards Yep, there always will be smuf players, but at least it's a beginning LO has to STIMULATE AND PROTECT more our new player base, you cant throw up new players against people with 5/20 k APB hours that starting shooting you from your spawn because after ages you know without thinking where they will be or where they will be come from...
  9. ah my bad...Maybe if I explain like that it's more clear, for "this level" I mean something that is inversely proportional to my level of English, especially in early morning I hope now, it's more clear
  10. Yep, he is but It's also true we don't see nothing of so drastic cuts/ just action or kill than switch to another one.. you can see also some gameplay time on the video of 3 min and over, he surely have taken not a little time for reach this level (then APb has its age... there are a lot player with over 10k game hrs....)
  11. Sorry if I correct you, "it was easy", one of the reason there arent a lot of people using scout or jump shotting as him, it's because they nerfed the accuracy during jump shotting and the quick switching during several patches in these years. The fact he is using (or abusing ) so well this game mechanic also after the several nerfs, in my opinion doesnt mean he is a playhard, but a really good player that can be take as a example for mastering the sniper role in Apb Bye
  12. I bet this guy can teach you (and me ) something how much you are disappointing in your consideration Mastering skill as sniper in Apb ask more than a little time, but surely it's rewarding, my apprection for skilled player as him and others
  13. Thanks for your effort and well done video, in barely two minutes you make clear about something that someone here is discussing for days in several Threads, also Matt praise it and give us some nice information for the future. Then as costumer and player, I am REALLY PLEASED for what Matt wrote and his intervention, we are all in favor of new content, but let's not forget the quality. I hope you will get a tons of subscribes, you deserve it !
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