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  1. Still I fatigue to understand why u are so mad for a (pretty right) nerf where at the end lose what Ntec has lost is the accuracy when jump shotting in CQC..... (not only this has quite no sense but also made this weapon quite unforgiving versatile) The if the fact u are mad it's because u spend a lot of time for improving at jumpshotting for then arriving at the conclusion you have just wasted time... then Ok I give u credit, probabily u were one of the best if not the best in Citadel to use (abuse ) this mechanic. Weapon balacing is a mess, TOTALLY AGREE, but eliminate totally the RNG isnt the answer in my weak opinion.. Take a example to a Scout/HVR, if you remove that "little RNG" during jumpshotting, we have again people with them while going around in servers jumping as grasshoppers and bishotting from 80m Aww I dont totally dislike that old times, but what to point to have Smg, assault rifles, shotgun etc when I can running wherever with a sniper?
  2. Absoluty no, if I have to compare in car terms I choose a range rover ( that I damn like it and I own), it a car I like because it's not excatly fast, but I can go with it almost anywhere and with some effort of good checking/ care difficulty disappoint me, my apoligize for misunderstaning and for my bad english.
  3. LO has kinda of failed with balancing weapons.... not totally but almost: - Ntec change was right and limiting his high versality in CQC (jumpshotting) at the end right, respect other main assualt rifles I see more balancing between them, but there are several ones very bad already. - Oca change shall be OK but PMG need a range nerf, differently than assault rifles the SMG weapons is a total mess - Shotguns changes... LO started with the first change were buff to too Good or OP some of them ( ex DOW, Shreader, showstopper etc ) after the last one update, where we see some of them lose also they bare competitivity, Thunder and showstopper for ex... NOBODY ASKED FOR CHANGING SHOTGUN, it was the """solidest"" weapon compartment of the game(comparing with others..), if I was LO it was my last to need a rebalance. I suggest to leave the rebalacing to a TEAM OF polite PLAYERS that play APB, know something about APB as players, and like to play fairly APB for representing the players and act as an intermediary between players to LO, for ex. the SPCT team as we may see and from their words,They are close to USELESS, it's like having a RANGE ROVER that can make and go everywhere, and instead it used a disabled car, for making an analogy.... I mean in my weak opinion, Worth a try and doesnt cost nothing, there are a lot people of good will between players make self server events, Youtubers and in the SPCT team from where fishing someone. About thread... Someone told to revert Shotgun about pre-LO (and I kinda agree with it for a restarting)...someone may remind me how CSG and Shreader perfom, I remind they were quite bad at that time... Bye
  4. In my weak opinion LO (as a lot Game companies) has to copy from Blizzard and his behaviour against hackers/ cheaters.. for ex when they took several times LEGAL WAYS against hackers sending them in jail and paid a quite fine, an example below. https://techcrunch.com/2018/06/25/overwatch-hacker-seoul-jail-time/?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAF0srSXFTQKjiSjeJQH_ae5sukV4HdyzDLK1GGbwWKJfaHig_OS_5LxZ0pdYMg-aGNbMlFr9pdi_4EVJ0Na8mteF7DuNqDBA2RmI4WZx1Zm43cxvBNEq7i460-PqEWAaDi4oc1ewf91mFK_XCNo-dWNGGlbYFlMYQt-A3AK35Awf Talking to others.. actually in EU is not so bad, if actually u look at or compare with a game such as TEAM FORTRESS 2 OF VALVE. After 2/3 min every server is invaded from several sniper bots headshotting at sight and a lot of players with a little knowledges of codes/ buying hacks are FREE TO AIMBOTTING too, they will admit too in their account, Valve seem doesnt care at all X( , u will be spechless of really mean when a game is on the hands of hackers
  5. Found it quite bizzare you have just discovered the APB community is quite TOXIC after ages, in EU "generally" (I dont mean all of course ) russians/east people, French are a little step above others..... but also others ones have nothing to envy than the first ones XD It's not just a matter of weapon, it's the community the matter... same with the reason you opened this discussion, I bet what it's bothering you it's not the insults but the weapon too Am I right?
  6. Below, me reading this and the same time, what I was thinking while I was talking with myself : |
  7. It may have sense with JG, but with CSG having a tighter spread... I fatigue to understand the reason for having the same mechanic, thei role is similar but a complete different weapon at the end than the JG....
  8. interesting... thanks for sharing this knowledge with us. Now there is a question is disturbing me... what's the reason for the pellet behaving a lot of times so edgy than being at center of the square? I guess CSG work more and less the same but with a tigher square ( that will explain a lot why is so kinda RNG...)
  9. No idea sincerly so what's happening lately... Btw it's not the first one write something about this matter.. and I bet that guym as a lor, he is still waiting for an answer. @MattScott or other staff's members shall give more of an proberly answer than me or anyone surely....
  10. Same when I purchased a Fr0g thumnail. I guess LO removed the 35% discount these lats months, in exchange for the free premium... kind fair if u think a moment...
  11. I dont know now because Pellet spread is kinda random, not always the same, at least with JG. But in past I can confirm you at 20m of several cheaters can do it( and pretty fast of course wtf)
  12. First.. Yep, my bad.. I speak 3 languages and half and anyone of them of all 3, I can call as my first language, I have still a lot to learn, my apoligize for my level. About the assumption, of course I wasnt 100% sure but it was easy, or better, it's not difficult to guess why you, and same speech for Flaws (and a lot), why the ntec nerf is a bother and that's it because LO nerfing the accuracy while crouch-jump shotting, ntec lose one of its main point to enjoy this weapon and quite part of his versatilty in cqc against other weapon. Then you confirmed it with the several argues for then finishing, you have started to list also other weapons with fun mechanics, "casually" the last one it was the scout, which "casually" got to nerf its jump modifier such as story about Ntec now. Probabily you will continue to not admit it, but it doesnt matter, it's black on white one may get his assumption, another one his ones, and also that, it doesnt matter at all, we are discussing in a game forum, and someone may tell me/you to spend better your/ my time, but there always is something to learn( also if it's unuseful meh), and although if I dont speak your first language so well, I remind you the human natura it's always the same, even if you speak english or chinese. At the beginning, eveybody deny but then at the end, and a lot of time without concerning, with their action/words they betray themself. And when it is in black on white, it's more difficult as you can see, and unfortunately for me, even if it was for a good cause I learnt it by experience.. v.v So quit to behaving such as a mad fishwife in a forum and tell your thoughts from the beginning, it doesnt matter anyone at the end.
  13. Now, I guess to understand why @Flaws and @Abduct / Devote are so mad about the last changes. Probabily they will never admit it, but especially the change of Ntec, in particular the jump shotting, is one of the reason because they are so mad. Not because it make the ntec "a little overpowered", but the fact of some mechanic and, in probabily prevision maybe in future for other mechanics/weapons will be remove/change, removing this mechanic make the use of the Ntec much less enjoyable than in past (sadly I am agree XD). This happened a lot of times with several weapons: scout, old osnaw without delay time (yeppp, dear car's rocket jumping I miss so much you ... that was so fun ages ago XD) etc if it's that reason, a part of my heart feel you guys, but my mind as yours I guess, it will think there were something not a lot logic with jumping with an assualt rifle and crouch/jumpshotting in full accuracy
  14. ahahhaah This is I dont like of human kind in general... give a little kindness especially periodically, and in change soon after they will think it everything is due, without thinking maybe how you much it may cost you. The only think attractive is you arent spending an penny, boi.
  15. OH A KEEN EYE, Finally ! I was waiting one as you (too bad I havent already finished the tests XD) When I posted the image for the hitboxes, I have had the same doubts, so I have made some tests with chracters covering behind pallets or wooden walls as that one in picture. Sincerly talking the wooden walls as covering I have always find them terrrible, while I was making a test It was so at the maximum "acceptable" after 40m, I guess they were designed for being "EMERGENCY/DESPERATE COVERS". Now I was making some test with cars... the hitboxes of them are kinda awkward.... so I am meeting several problem here.. Then probabily reading this upside you may tell something like "Yep boy, who care about headshots when you can shoot under cars" XD I would like to deepen about it but seem kinda It will require quite a long time, I guess I will need some help of kind soul....... For now of "well done", Tried some test with 3 friends of mine with the shields from consumable items, one with max height, one kinda medium, one smaller possible. After around 30m, shooting one at the head is kinda difficult, I barely hit 2 times on 30 shots with High Magnification scope and taking all the time I want to make a "perfect heashot" and angolation at around 45 degree than the target. One shot performed on the taller characters and another one on the small one. At 20m, on 30 shots especially at around 45 degree and more I got a lot more shots, at the end 14 hits , a lot of them from 30 degree and above. I will continue to make some test ( slowly.. my friends get bored quickly unfortunately and after 10 mon they start to insult me in 2/3 languages <.<...) So We may tell about the shields, the "headshot" rate is undirectly proportional to the distance between the distance, the sniper for headshotting shall be angled or perfect timing for heashotting. A little disappointed about it cause I have always found them too handy and a little op with that slow recharge time... Ok, thank you @404 Bye
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