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  1. To add something to the discussion, congratulations for having lowered some prices, it may be probably just my case, but I wouldn't to tell that under all these "discounts", there are a bigger greater difficulty to obtain legendary from some joker boxes. If you think, it's can be "good" way to "equate" in marketing. The case of roulette BAH.. talking like that you gave me the impression you have little/ never go round in a casino, but at least I think you have heard of sentences the house always wins, and for several reason. A time, there was the coppier that with his ability put the magnet under the roulette, now (decades) there are, generally, usually 2 PLC, one for the red ones, the other for black that send an input message to a magnet under the roulette wheel and attract the ball magnetizing it by sending it to the number. So childrean, more and less here how are the rules of it, forget about roulette in case you will make a trip around (or again) My dear LION keyboard or WARRIOR KEYBOARD, I don't remind now the right name now, as well as suffering from school gaps, you just have to suffer from memory or senile dementia. Thinking you have just to read what you have wrote, I suppose you have NEVER WORKED ONE DAY IN YOUR LIFE, but in my country, before insulting one's work, one thinks twice, even more without reason. I am a passionate person and so many times got from the moment I happen to be wrong with some people, but for someone like me has more or less a cult for its work (like 90% ), being insulted by a fool douchebag is always UNACCEPTABLE. If you want to have a chat with me about my background / trade or the random send me a pm and let's talk about skype or whatever face to face, let's AVOID having your Bullshits here, didn't add and hit anything with the discussion. Again, another LION keyboard with the same QI, the point was precisely that, lower myself to the level of your SWAIN FRIEND primary school education, but WHO are you? WAS I TALKING with you? you too are welcome to make a call to 3 with your boyfriend above, maybe you 2 will make a whole brain. ah CONGRATULATIONS for adding a post, closer and closer to the Punch line of 10000 messages, I suppose another lost opportunity to go out and maybe look for a course of Galateo, you would need it
  2. I have just done a example, and you are just a ignorant, study and learn to read, you have to start from it, already before to tell to me or anyone without knowing if a person is competent or not. Every gambling has his rules, possibility so mischange and success. I am not angry, I have just wrote I remind the possibility to get a legendary was easier for that I remind. NOW THAT I KNOW HOW MUCH IT'S SO LOW IT, IT PROBABILY MY LAST TIME I WILL TRY TO "GAMBLING" OR PURCHASE HERE, GOT IT, CAN YOU READ?, I HOPE YOU GOT WHAT I WROTE. if it's not enough big the character or you need someone to explain again what one wrote, I suggest you to retun back to elementary school. Bye
  3. My dear, I will tell this as engineer, the random as you intend doen't exist, in short words it's just number calculated in a range for example from 1 to 10. If I put or increase this range numbers for example for 1 to 1kk, it's all another point . It's not a matter of random, it's A MATTER HOW MUCH THE "RANGE" OF THE THIS RANDOM IT'S SETTED
  4. Around 30k G1 spent for more and less 500 joker boxes for trying to take the thunder... NOTHING I remind was a little more easy get a legendary...
  5. OMG, another one... for a sniper weapon is so overrated... A obir or Obeya will do the work 10 times better without mods
  6. This weapon is so overrated in my opinion... I suppose the only ones tell it's a good weapon are those are playing in american servers against people with 200ms+
  7. 20 dollars aren't so much for fun.. For renting 3/4 times at week a football field we spend around 20 euro, playing painball more and less we are there, you want a drink we are there price. You complete miss the point.. If you like and enjoy playing, why is wrong to spend some money for it? Money for enjoying aren't never waste
  8. I don't have particolars problems against oscar players, in my opinion it's just a weird RNG gun... sometimes using it, u will do 30 kills in a row other times u manage to make all assist kills or just 1/2 kill at all the match..
  9. Far is so random CRAP...As assault rifles there are better weapons don't buy it, use ntec suit his role as best medium range weapon, if u want something better at close range take a ATAC For other weapons , follow what CookiePuss has told about them
  10. They are so bad.... then add... -the fact the statistics description is so distantly incorrect and CRAFTY -they haven't add a trying option Tell a lot for how at the end it's thought out these weapons... After months, Still waiting for a reimborsament(or tickets answer)... -____-
  11. As you told, The change of IR was good and LOGIC for balance the game, but organized bad because you have made it without care for the weapon preslotted with IR, without caring for people has made purchase in the past, also present, until now u haven't changed the TTK , weapon description ETC fooling your costumers(that were your biggest MISTAKE) Just make the IR actual change valid for WHERE IT'S BROKEN, THE ASSAULT RIFLES AND SUB MACHINE GUNS(the weapons of these category with it already preslotted u may have just remove it...) The idea seem interesting, but if you make a little calculation, u will come at the conclusion for example a NTEC with IR3, reach the TTK of a obeya/obir that sharing the same range. The idea was good, but IR is broken only for weapons that have as their strongest POINT, his versatility same for obir vladstock, legit!
  12. These more and less.. add also the fact that "suspect cheater" Alone kill 3 or + opponents in a short time and a lot times times in the match up( of course supposing the opponents aren't novice players) Then if you have already some doubts, record your match and check it in slow motion, if u see him/them for example using a ntec and kill u/your teamates every time with a ntec with 6/7 shots , probabily without change mag...
  13. I have to be sincere.. I am quite happy for the changes and care of the game. The fact then the pubblisher/administrators is constant interested, in person, for the opinions of his costumer, it's not only very professional, it's rare. In my opinion what need a resolve it's that : SHORT PERIOD -Make something for these tickets, here the situation is really embarrassing -Weapons in Armas haven't clear stats, and at the same time someone of them don't have the option TRY IT, resolve this problem please, I as others have got tricked from that -CHEATERS are a damn problem, if them are the cancer, the hacksellers are the VIRUS, report need to be activate and study/work properly, a GM for what I understood can't get any action immediately although without tell name happened it was clear that a player 200+ was cheating in front of his eyes. IN FUTURE??? -Maybe more events or add some activity? the game is quite dish, need something for diversify like running race or the old legend to implement, war between clans... that's will make finaly a sense for join and stay in a clan IR changes are good and balance the game perfectly as it's now. What do you want? NTEC etc, aassault rifles with a range of 60m without losing nothing, it's not logic, then... I would to see if really exist a assault rifles with a more and less caliber of a NTEC used efficiently at 60m+ Bye
  14. I don't know, It's almost like to head the sea sing ... I liked it, ty for share it- 8/10
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