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  1. That's Bonkers... At this point anyone here can only come to the conlusion you are just trying recreate the same LOOP- HOLE of these last ages using as excuses this last "update" for milking the gamers and smart the expire date of APB reloaded. The game is old, it was close at this limit 5 years ago and already something to be classified old 5 years ago, spending money, time and efforts Now for something we'll see after other years at this point it has no sense at all, it's so U N R E A L S T I C and anyway .... If it was true you wanted to created new contenets for the game at bare minimum, We've may have had seen people like @Ellix of Project MidTown or some devs worked for Project Pheonix or Nekrova like @BrandonBranderson joining and be in your paycheck. Please Be Realistc, Be H O N E ST stop playing the crafty fox and excuse for scamming with bs speechs us old players, People aren't stupid, it's clear there havent been new contenent and there will be not no contenent now or later now it's has no sense nor potential for being profitable enough.. at least contents surely worthy enough like new maps, new missions etc
  2. For the ones know that "thing" of image above... Yes nothing new, Indeed sigh...
  3. My weak opinion but really Dont get mad with Azuki, compared to a lot forums, academic included -.- , he/she(?) is a gem of a moderator with a lot of patience and common sense... the fact this post is still here and not fulminate removed togheter with your account and others complaining means something Noted what happened to others but also myself , The only times when my post or threads get cancelled happen when only casually when one or more SPCT get quite colorful riduculed while defending LO.. yep casually, we've already know LO doesnt care and doesnt read the forum as much they dont care and know the Client support sucks, so we can assume they go C R Y to Azuki for take actions, otherwise for real Azuki let them cook for well as much deserved/ right. YEA Indeed, the culpript call in cause himself ...
  4. Forget it. Otherwise people like @Ellixwill have been already since ages in LO paycheck
  5. Nobody will come play in your private APB server cuz u're a freak
  6. what do you mean puss? But what you know and say've the same value of the snow fall from last year
  7. Until I dont see the sauce I can pretend you assume regularly meth aftermeal and any toilet break
  8. Instead of whining (I am not telling you're totally wrong, but same speech valid for other fella above) .. try thinking of a way for preserving the good of the mod, this mod is too fun for just being suddenly removed. In my weak opinion, as the catalyst for activing the mod is jumping and standing still for a while on the cars, just adding a debuff speed or just disabling sprint for 2/3 seconds after jumping everytime (barriers or obstacles with F keybinds include maybe ?), it will be a interesting comprimise to test, enough to piss off someone from full stacking/ using this mod... .Another way is making other blue mods more appealing... they totally balance charm sadly
  9. Lmao with the same Loop, oh just cut it, you're so boring, you know nothing except spamming bs and if not... Where is my update biatch ?
  10. Sigh... not just this one, Probably the thought of 99% of people reading your comments @CookiePuss Bruh, just cut it out, you're better than just spamming the same bs/ half truths everytime
  11. if you're sharing the contenent of a private chat, I dont think you'll have problem showing a screen as an evidence of what you're saying .. I am not doubting you, but you know... it's quite some time we're waiting for some answers from dear Matt not that we don't have them yet, the silence has own way to talk but you know ..
  12. Bruh you've probabily read the reviews new or old of years telling the same things while downloading the game, so you knew it already, so Enjoy YES, Any new players after trying APB for half hour (or any LO games)... and then decide to continue playing for years, W E L C O M E
  13. Interactions with LO are divided in 2 types of people...You think it's you who is purchasing or owning LO in some little way investing in their games or you think you're "in equal position" to deserve at least an sincere explanation when something is off. FORGET IT. since the moment you show interest in their business/games if you let them manipulate you, it's like without knowing the reason seems you have come in a jail and become weak helpless little girl. left to their mercy/lies and you to believe only them... what you should've asked yourself and LO months ago it should've been something like that: Why no one devs or LO staff've set at least an approximate release date from the beginning? The game was already complete and finished from Descent studio, the big matter was about the item shops market.. seeing the delay, legit asking.. what bs are preparing there?
  14. Short answer, No they are totally different games, mechanics and ambientation everything except being both third person games.. you can't compare them with Apb, and APB can't be compared with them at all, that's why there was and there is no reason APB should has similar movement Gunz is neither about aiming which a FPS shall be, no better saying you arent AiminG at all XD , it's just about movement and reacting properly at the best time... surely badass and Unique third person game if we dont count glitches andhacks everywhere sigh Ganz was pratically a game where your character seems more something come out from an action anime with swords and guns than a more casual realistc fps game. S4league..well it was the sort of "younger brother of gunz" and more and less I think the same I wrote above.... as you described, a really good game with movement firstly... skill demanding but huge fun rewarding.. simply a epic game if we dont count the flaws, but it's still fantasy/ futuristic ambientation, so your comparing is totally out of the chart from the beginning @Ketog
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