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  1. Well I guess ( ? ) you desperately needed a preacher cicerone saying that . . . WelComE to that mentioned " APB 2 Braincells Club" of yours pal You're welcome
  2. For godsake... add a godamn OPGL 3 slot in armas or joker store, or bare least make a quick or little scouting in game suggestion section before selling something . . . Probabily almost nobody will buy the weapons exclusive on limited time, we've already them in game or armas better versions Or just finish balancing the weapons. there're tons of scam weapons in armas need just that little improve for finally becoming competitive and finally worth for being used and purchased from players in game.
  3. October 27th, 2024 . . . Bet the "source" are something accurate such as the bullsh*t posted in reddit and massivelyop like below -_______- Don't worry, it's very hardly it may happen in short period, at bare least LO has release STFU and see what happen, as publishers APB it's their most played games
  4. Says the guy who complain all the time... then he purchased in Armas the most bugged car EveR despite the reviews for just then having aGaiN a reason to complain AgaiN Yeah right... you give a total new defination to "NeW Sense"
  5. Me below , after reading what wrote above Anyway . . . honestly, but for real you believe Lo is giving attention to FE? For consistent attention I mean what they promised years ago like developing new contenents, better graphis etc... 4 ReaL? if you, You really believe it send me your iban or anything, I'll send enough for buying 100 mirage but still not enough for restore judment or bare common sense sadly. IF NOT... why complaining? it's all a LOOP you've seen already, You know what's happening
  6. Good . . . now Go buy another Mirage in Armas @ninjarrrr
  7. Car Flipping If I remind well, for a short period there was mod or something similar in RTW or at the beginning of the game... it was sort of kinky and fun, but also very buggy Gun/Economy Mechanics What you wrote let me guess you've never complete the tutorial, which I dont believe it's you case, anyway players may already receive a permanent weapon with 0 slots. For the rest, Forget it, not because is a bad idea but the reasons behind how it's developed the game itsels . . . The system is designed for pushing players purchasing weapons in armas (or sweat grinding ) Matchmaking & Missions I want to say one thing; Devs sit and didnt consider for years doing nothing and developing nothing with one of the most interesting and underused tool of the game: CLANS Nope they haven't neither tried doing something, so we have clans but nothing worth to justify their presence, like CLAN WARS, rewards etc... so Forget it anything new about matchmaking/missions except little adjustment of the current ones, actually reading last Devs've said their moving in this path you suggested, but you know Spawns It has grossly the same flaws for years . . . so Forget it, they'll keep the same ones or getting worse. Misc. Features Better Waypoints/Markers: Good one, also It will be nice they added a feature for group/ team leaders where they can add in the map a TEAM SHARED MARKER for regrouping... but no, so FOrget it RTW Shaders Option: ""Super unnecessary, but god I'd love to see that button that enables it one day"". FOrget it You probabily dont know it, but Game & Forum Suggestion is just a joke from G1 for swindle players, LO as worthy scammers as them, continued the tradition.
  8. Can I open a thread without getting banned again, Asking a friendly petition for changing the name of @CookiePuss to @ScamPuss
  9. Forget it . . . the Game & Forum suggestion is a joke
  10. I think he meant the fact semi automatic weapon were designed with players firing this fast as automatic ones. In vanilla from the FBW to other primary semiauto were mainly much stronger for that reason... ""exploiting with mousewheel"" and macros remove one key disadvantage It's not a bug as you say but afterall, I think he has a point, calling him straight idiotic with his post it's a little overkill .
  11. He was fired last month. So after that and all the silence over the last 3 months I am not letting LO off the hook. They need to tell us whats going on. Nobody fire directly a CEO, neither "in secret" as you've said, lmao...one of the biggest bullsh*t I've ever heard and read.
  12. No idea why we continue "see people "not-in- Lo- Paycheck" bore to answer in behalf of LO staff , before it was just about Cookie/Frosi and their silly BS coming from nowhere, now a new mytomaniac-challenger is approaching Anyway whatever, if it's not the facts, it's always time which debunk the hypocrisis of certain supposed "accurate informations" . . . Luckily for LO, for what they care aka nothing in this case so LMAO, you're not officially in their paycheck and I hope you'll have not the displeasure of working/manage in sales/clients for someone in present & future time, because honestly writing something like yours it's like pissing in windward, seeing the frequency and how much time has passed from last time, you've basically said LO staff is terrorized to directly relase official informations nowadays.
  13. For "efforts" . . . No freaking idea what you're talking about. If a team is seriously working and following a planned agenda: efforts become actions/progress, then actions become results, bad or good they may be . . . the matter here it's, the community barely've seen any action at all, MucH LeSS Efforts
  14. LO answer: Yes, Keep dreaming I am doing something more for this game
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