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  1. Here we go again... at the end it always the same freaking trend to repeat everywhere and everytime aka moralist are crusaiding while toxic are invading...
  2. Then nobody will use it.... but Car surfing seems something so edgy, fun but also quite tiring at first sight no right? so.. What about instead stamina debuff of the character of about .. I dont know 50% or 33%, so from 1000 ----> 500 or 670 stamina ? ... an indirect buff for LTL or high stamina damage weapons (which both are utter crap generally ) but also grenade and explosive weapons, .. the last one may seems a little overkill because they are already strong, but hey, every fun or playing over the edge has its price and anyway you become just more vulnerable to be stunned not killed
  3. Well also that game above is literrally dead... it's the community or its vets playing since long years mainly keeping it alive.. it's the same for APB Reloaded .. also the player have returned in APb are also mainly old APB players too! Both games situation have something in the core they make them more similar than we think... streamers/youtuber are the end sort of enterprauners hungry for visualizations from viewers and viewers are like a boungustatio gourmet at their prefered restaurant... they go for eating their preferred food but for dessert or second dish, they will try something else.... something like this video above is something different and creative, that's why that youtuber despite his stubborness commenting and playing a dead game, he is quite successful... and indirectly talking good or bad he is keeping alive that game.. so it's a WIN WIN situation for him and TF2... But that's not exactly what I wanted to talk about, if LO make a sort of more direct support to these youtubers or people making contenet, they may do softing about the shaming on presunt cheaters/ hacker with clearly evidence, it will be better. ANTICHEATs are sort of bitter cheese filters with holes everywhere, some biggers and some smaller around there where exploit memory adress etc, but it's proved and the only way to work is with admins or GM servers/ a community supporting it, We have jocker tickets sytem too.. why not further develop and take advantage further beyond?,,. it may use it for REWARD players in case of having reason to have reported a suspected cheater? For example they may integrate it or add NEW ARCHIEMENT COUNTER, in case in 15 days or one month you have reported 10+ people using cheats, you receive a reward of 50 joker tickets on your mail character. Then add a second counter, which count how many cheaters you have successfly reported which every I dont know every 25 cheaters warned/ banned thanks to you, you receive 100 jocker tickets or other rewards. I remind only a game used a system quite similar like this one above, and make it a good promotion for the game on the game industry, and also more contenent youtuber or people may work around for make contenent. Hackers and cheaters are an infinite plague you are right @Mokoezh, the only way to block them is using an anticheat attached to the Kernel core, checking full time the PC and your privacy, or let the community do the work, rewarding them, while Developers have just to update regularly the anticheat... it's past two weeks sort of and the servers slowly slowly are swarming again with cheaters again.
  4. So what you are pratically trying to say, it's your good experience alone denies or overwrite the other hundred-thousand negatives or mixed feelings ones.. That's pretty bold my dear (anyway Sincerly me too I havent had exaggerated problems with support and I guess the only reason is because I have been honest and thinking my own business and ofc main reason... I used to shower this game with money..) EDIT: the author of the tread, @MATHEU5, I guess probabily he is still waiting for an answer from the support and seems he is over the 15 days... I am not defending him but not seeing recent updates, take yourself why the ponderings about support.... well Ofc not in line with experience of yours/mine or minority but more with the feedbacks experience of the majority... sadly for all About this "abuse of power" That's interesting... from what I remind they told me something like, GM can do nothing, they cannot ban and they are just sort of reporters but just more credible but also ignored.. finally changed something?
  5. Need a petition for LO make a coinventure with some CREATIVE Youtuber for instituite an APB Hacker police with much of videos, analyze etc.. especially if the framed one is a youtuber/ streamer too and blunty cheating. IT WILL BE A SUCCESS! (well if it will be something like below)
  6. Wondering if someone is still waiting remind about for machine gun cars missions wandering in APB roads (damn you G1)... sddsds I doubt you or anybody here will use the inside of cars for any worthy purpose, "banging your opponents or flashy ones" included,,,
  7. Well.. I have mixed feelings giving any buff to the STAR 556, lately it also received some for a better CQC, anyway about just making the STAR 556 more viable with red mod/IR3 I dont see anything bad too...you have reason, It would be nice some devs give some thought especially thinking about the huge baits are the premodded stars in armas... I hope indirectly also resolve tha matter for STAR LCR.. it's so horrible !
  8. Sigh.. you are right. A candle for all the SUV and Pick-up cars tough as the italian paperboard shoes during the WW2 in Russia Campaign....
  9. Bravo! it's nice to see a mortar main, I like the edits but especially the soundtracks of the last videos, Keep it on (if I may advice something give a look to the Enigma TGN, about soundtrack/ music they are criminal underrated) Let me know if you accept bet/ challenge, I have already one for you: Excell or " become a sort of main with secondaries too" (FBW or FROG make a good groom with OPGL ) do it and you will be finally a 360° Master Mortar Little advice: get a OPGL with 1 slot and set CJ3.. it's super worthy and trade mark of any devote mortar main!
  10. Good enough.. make more, dont care the whining weasel above me
  11. Well there is certainly a reason why you and everybody, we received it for FREE ... better they find fast the answer and learn it for well when they explode inside it
  12. No, remove all autoaim. Add mouse support to consoles. Nice advice! .... they may enable console play on PC DISTRICTS and reverse, if they have actived the keyboard+Mouse plugs or work to make some pvp servers distinction where it's limited for joystick or mouse+ keyboard while having Marina marketplace all in common... LO may manage and make events with a lot several limitations removed, with less people, less mess overall managing everything .. a WIN WIN for all. But Probabily it will never happen... playstation servers and other features are probabily quite different from PC ones....
  13. Here we go again.. Free N-tec 3 slots in game: https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_AssaultRifle_NTEC-Stock_Slot3_CopsBane https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_AssaultRifle_NTEC-Stock_Slot3_CrimSlayer LCR suck, a free to play player doesnt lose nothing having it or not.. honestly, I would like a reimbursament for how suck this weapon.. Get one free in Christmas, farm joker tickets or just wait new contacts Question.. why do shall you deserve the same BAIT "the same result " of one paying with cash exactly for avoiding the grind because they have not time for grinding or sustaining the game? You are cheap, you want to be cheap, so behave as cheap, dont be a whining bleeder. You are right, absoluty so right... but that doesnt change the fact you are just a pretender cheap. OFC I am not offending you, seems you are crafty one enough or lucky havent shopped in this game... until something big or decent incoming, knowing the situation, I can't see or advice no-one having any decent reasons for shopping in this game and it's about time WTF, they have milked enough us players with promise for years
  14. You are sort of "too condescending" to accept a verdict despite your claim of innocence.... a normal person in your case will do the total reverse... Interesting At the end, What I feel transmitted from your speech is regreat.. maybe regreat for having done something wrong and you know what it is? Anyway, good luck for everything, if I am wrong I hope you'll let me know so I may excuse later, instead if I am right I hope you'll learn something from this experience
  15. Just create a new character and play without your cool cars, mods, weapons. You will understand how miserable the new player feels. The number of districts will increase with the introduction of danger level signs. Let them be incomplete, but there will be at least some order in them. You also need to enter a nerve for entering the district with low skill players. And a buff of points for entering a district with a high level of play This was the case before, but this system was very weak and did not affect the player's choice. For this to work, much greater leverage is needed. Edited 7 hours ago by Yapopal Perfect answer, I put a like for it. Exactly what I and others told, you and everybody here, me incluse, have no choice except adapt with the current system. Anyway, I dont think the old system is good solution with the same settings , neither temporany setted, let's be realistic it has never worked well because there are several lacks/ developsholes and during the years Devs have never invested time for patch them or try several solutions ... We know actually LO devs are working on something, What I argue a little, we dont know exactly what they are working about, how and what they are planning to do about the new rank system, what their planning with machmaking seems a formula similar to game like Team fortress but other things are pretty unclear despite on the paper seems pretty promising, good if planned well at least for me then another probabily have other opinions but... it will still be a no choice, we have to take it or adapt to it I guess... I hope it will be something good. but .... Source: https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2023/3/8/apb-2023-roadmap
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