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  1. weekly maintenance 14 hours? lol i downloaded the game yesterday after a long time , hyped up to play this whole day and you guys drop 10-14 hours WEEKLY maintenance? im done
  2. Hello, so i am writing this from a position of former closed beta player (4/2011 i got the key). It almost tears me apart that my beloved game is almost completely dead, and i wonder if LO is willing to maybe try to change it? I mean, some advertising, bunch of new content, new district maybe? Or something like APB 2.0? Completely new game, made from scratch? I honestly don´t understand HOW, actually HOW there is NO company that would want to make MMO in such a classic genre as Criminals vs Cops is. People love Crims vs Cops, only game out there that is remotely close to APB is GTA Online, which is bulls*it, fighting on flying bikes etc... - no thank you. That´s what is making me wonder how in 2024, with all those possibilities, really no one decided to make something like APB is , as i said before - APB 2.0, completely from scratch. I´m no developer and i understand that making a game is not an easy process and takes long time, but maybe it would just be a better decision than trying to somehow revive APB:R .. It´s insanely sad to me, as i am expecting complete APB shutdown in next few years, which scares me... There is no point for devs to put their money and their time to a game that is being played by 200 players, if they dont have some ace up in their sleeve, some kind of a "surprise" or anything like that.. I dont know maybe it would be enough to just advertise the game a lot , i remember times when this game had 1000-1500 players and it was actually more than enough, every rank had their district server, everyone could play. Nowadays, if a new player starts this game he propably get smacked from goldies in first 20 minutes, and propably never turn it on again. I dont know, im just being desperate about this game, as i really love it, and dont wanna see it die completely and get shut down, so i tryed to help myself out writing this post, maybe someone can relate? Or we can just discuss, y´know
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